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on October 12, 2014
Not just about Waco.
I put off buying this book for a long time because I only had a passive interest in studying the events of Waco. Recently, I added it to an order to fill my $35 for free shipping. Boy, do I wish I hadn't put this off!
This is a collection of very well-put, thought-provoking essays. Vin puts things in such a way that you just can't disagree with him, unless you're actually anti-freedom. His wording and analogies are a great resource for me now. He put so many things in such excellent, concise form! He takes a lot of the ambiguous, grey-area issues and expertly puts them in a black-and-white context. Very helpful
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on February 22, 2013
...and deservedly so. Even as government works daily to restrict your freedom -- there can still be hope. This should give you reason for hope. With liberty & freedom come responsibility, that is why most men dread it. Don't be afraid to live up to your expectations -- learn a lot about the potentials of living free. This is written with a bent towards the Libertarian philosophy -- and should be inspirational to any free-thinking person in America today.
Never be afraid to live free - this book will inspire & enlighten you. Highly recommended.
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on November 2, 2009
The "official" government reports about what happened at Waco is not even close to being true! Waco, along with Ruby Ridge, are government atrocities which must never be allowed to happen again. If you believe that our government is totally benevolent, you need to have your eyes opened to the facts. Whatever you may think of The Branch Davidians, or of Randy Weaver, you need to set aside your prejudices and take an objective look at the sanctioned murder of innocent citizens by the rogue police state agencies that are more than willing to "just obey orders" and commit murder in the name of justice and enforcement of the law. It is, or should be, very frightening to realize how easily the forces of your government can be turned against you. It will surprise you to see how small and insignificant a "crime" you can be murdered for, even before being tried and convicted! The BATFE is an especially dangerous rogue agency which is even more ruthless in its entrapments and enforcements than the IRS! And the IRS is certainly no friend of the people! Open your eyes, open your mind, educate yourself, and help reverse the ever increasing tendency of our government to turn the U.S.A. into a tyrannical police state. The old adage, "Ignore it and maybe it will go away" most assuredly does not apply to the Federal Government! Please remain vigilant, or wear chains!
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on July 27, 2007
Finally someone speaks out against the libtard Clinton dolts who were trying to ruin our lives. It is good, no it is stupendous literature that should be read by every American who does not want to be a zombie slave under a socialistic movement that the Dems are trying to pull about as we speak. Long live our freedom and individual responsibility, so that the lazy turds who want the government to think for them can move to Canada or wherever they want to be relocated to.
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VINE VOICEon July 24, 2003
Author and journalist Vin Suprynowicz has something to say about the political climate in the United States. He doesn't like the government's excesses of control, the lying, the manipulation, and the almost complete disregard for the constitution. A strong proponent of individual liberty and personal responsibility, Vin covers many topics in this book that relate to government run amok, all with an inspired fervor and a very Libertarian angle.
Starting with the first chapter, Vin talks about where Americans have gone wrong since the founding fathers established the constitutional framework that suited the nation well for so many years. Juries are now "stacked" in an attempt to control the outcome of a trial; guns are confiscated in direct violation of the second amendment; people are sent to prison just because they choose to smoke a plant; and school children are indoctrinated to ensure that they are all slaves to the supreme command of the state, from now and into the future.
After commenting directly on the miserable failure of these various government policies, Vin describes countless examples of how government power has been used to manipulate individuals and destroy their lives. You can read all about hard working Americans who had their rights trampled on by government, like a man who saw his farm business wrecked by government officials who declared areas of his farm a wetland, and refused to allow him to farm on it, then refused to allow it to be used for other purposes either, making it worthless. Another true story covers a woman who was harassed by government because she refused to lie (yes, you heard me correctly) and disclose inaccurate ingredient listings on her company's pet foods.
Vin also talks about the government debacle at Waco and he gives sound reasons for why, he believes, the government is solely responsible for the deaths of the Branch Davidian members. He talks about the failed war on drugs, pointing out how government has used this disastrious policy to erode individual liberty.
Suprynowicz is a very outspoken person, and his in- your- face style might make some people uncomfortable. He frequently resorts to sarcasm and he provides countless examples of how government has ruined people's lives through its ruthlessness and its total failure to follow the constitution.
"Send in the Waco Killers" is well- written and easy to understand. Vin is a skilled wirter who knows exactly how to take an ordinarily complex situation and state it in a way that will make sense to most anyone. This book is one of the best I have read, and it was even recognized by as the "Freedom Book of the Year" in 1999. It's a book that everyone should read, just to see how far government has pushed its will on the people and how we, as a nation, are slowly marching toward a police state as each day passes.
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on April 20, 2003
I was originally turned off by the title of the book. However, it had been recomended to me by a friend. I have to say that it turned out to be the most thoughtful, well reasoned, documented accounting of just how far out of control the Federal Government has gotten over the years that I have ever read. The point is driven home over and over again in this book that every Constitutional protection you thought you had can be abused, with no consequences, by the Federal Government. Think the money you worked hard for all you life is yours? Think again. Federal police, with local police support can seize it and any other property they covet with impunity. And the cop that takes it gets to profit in the transaction. Think you have a right to a trial by a jury of your peers? Wrong again. Jury picking has become an art, designed to eliminate anyone who may be sympathetic to your views. Think the Constitutional guarantee in the 2nd amendment means what it says? Well, you are probably breaking one of the 20,000 gun laws already in affect, directed against honest Americans like you and I, and don't even know it. And if you are caught by one of these "Special Militia" ( ATF, DEA, FBI that we were warned against over and over by the founding fathers) you will spend more time in jail than a bank robber. Think you cannot be murdered by the Federal Police without justice being done to the ones who murdered you or your family members? You are living in a dream world. This book should be required reading by every 9th grade civics class in America. But of course, as is pointed out in this book, these "Government Schools" will do everything in its power to ensure that your children will NOT understand the true meaning of our Constitution.
This is a Must Read.
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on February 16, 2003
While writing from a Libertarian and non-religious perspective, Vin takes us across the gamut of current attitudes and the hopes and aspirations of self-sufficient, liberty minded, and responsible persons everywhere. Vin really nails it as to the virus and bacteria infection that holds this land in an ever tightening grip as it chokes our very lives. What kind of virus is this?
1. The Public School. 1.6 Billion dollars later a Kansas City School still cant stop truancy and raise test scores. Vin finally says what many have screamed from years, that you cant fix the public school system because its ALREADY WORKING. Vin give you history of development of public schools, statistics, and then contrasts a public school with home schoolers who are doing tremendously better, at a fraction of the cost, and in fact raises test scores and perfromance across all class, and racial lines!
2. Gun control. I dont even need to describe this canard.
3. Unaccountable Federal Agencies. Whether its the DEA, the INS or even the Farm bureau, the activities of various 'protectors of independance', who used to leave us sorely disappointed, but who know take family farms and get people killed.
4. Restriction of Jury Trials and the rights of jurors to be fully informed of their 1200 year old right to judge not only the facts of the case, but also the law!
5. A lapdog press that does whatever a corporate or government interest dictates. This is why more and more Americans read European newspapers or otherwise use the internet to get the real news. Vin documents the attitude of the press and gives personal experiences with getting his own column published. You need to read Vin's article on the press to fully appreciate the fog let off with the current Iraq situation.
Now all of the above problems are such that they can be solved with the ballot box, and appropriate education. That is why this book is important. When the public propaganda school system is dismantled by default, when the jurisdictions of various government agencies are curtailed by consisten not guilty verdicts by fully informed juries excercising their rights to nullify the law, this apocolyptic revolution that every right wing crackpot spouts as being inevitable will never occur, thank God. ...
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on March 3, 2002
For the past several years, there has been a lonely libertarian writing a column for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and now his columns have been collected and sorted by subject. He and I don't agree about absolutely _everything,_ but then, we do agree about the important things, like doing something about the inexorable growth of the Nanny State into an all-devouring shoggoth. If the news media weren't so single-mindedly leftist, his columns would reach the wider audience they deserve.
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on August 22, 2001
I can't agree with everything the author proposes, but I can say that this book opened my eyes about a lot of things. Don't be scared off by the title. There is actually only a small portion which discusses Waco. The rest of the book has to do with America's drug war, public schools, the jury system, etc., all told with a Libertarian twist. No bleeding liberal would ever be caught reading this book which is reason enough that YOU ought to buy a copy and read it today.
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on August 4, 2001
Vin Suprynowicz's "Send in the Waco Killers" provides a crystal clear defense of individual liberty. He details the benefits of freedom, and demonstrates how excess, anti-Constitutional government actually hurts us every day.
His chapter on subjecting politicians and law enforcers to a random and daily dose of one of our nation's currently illegal drugs ought to be required reading in every police academy. If our government is going to have the authority to decide what states of consciousness we are to be permitted to enjoy, then perhaps it would be poetic justice to subject those who create and enforce our morally, legally, and historically indefensible War on Drugs to states of consciousness not of THEIR choosing.
After all, in denying a drug user the ability to purchase and consume the drug of their choice, these same government agents are forcing that person into a state of consciousness that the drug user clearly would not prefer.
Like a white knight surrounded by the enemy, "Send in the Waco Killers" offers no compromise. It places the virtue of liberty before the reader and dares the reader to re-discover the joyous passion for freedom enjoyed by our founding fathers.
After reading this book, read your copy of our Constitution, and start wondering how our government gets away with destroying our nation.
Government is the problem. Freedom is the solution.
Freedom works, each and every time it is tried.
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