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on April 9, 2010
Just recieved these headphones today and i'm pretty pleased with them so far.
They feel very comfortable i have to admit, not to loose and not to tight and my head is slightly bigger than the average person, lol and the sound quality is pretty awesome even with the bluetooth on. Also there very light weight and fold nicely together which make them VERY portable, they even come with a fancy carrying case .Overall, not a bad set of bluetooth headphones for the new lower price. I would recommend them to anyone as you don't have to use the bluetooth feature and could use them as regular headphones as there worth it for the quality You can download an app from the app store named "BT HELPER" its a special bluetooth app which connects through these headphones and you can now skip tracks (skip forward and backwards). I downloaded it today and it works great! Specially if you can enable the app to work in the background you don't have to use it directly through the app, but you have to have a "Special" Iphone to enable the apps to work in the background if you catch my drift ;-)

This review is for the IPHONE 3GS
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VINE VOICEon February 25, 2011
1. I'm not a hardcore audiophile, however I do know music and have tried various headphones over the years. The headphones I normally use are the Sennheiser PX100 II (excellent compact headphones). But once in a while, I have the need to use a wireless headphones but until I came across this pair, I was frustrated by either the lousy sound, lousy range and lousy fit of other wireless headphones. My most recent pair was the Sony (It's the one that wraps around the back of the head--> mediocre product, I think the model is DR-BT21).

2. Anyway, to get to the pros / cons of this unit:
a. Very good sound; no odd electrical interference etc... 1000 times better than the sony.
b. Nice quality build; much much much better than the sony
c. Ease of use; as with any bluetooth device; once you pair it, no problems.
d. The only con I have is that I wish that the headphones were... louder. Compared to some
of my other phones, it just doesn't get as loud; I'm sure I can do things to increase
baseline volume or gain coming out of my ipod touch (that's what i use it with). But
on the otherhand, the max volume on this unit in 95% of the time is where I would normally
max out at anyway; it's just to have the ability to go "beyond" once in a while.

3. Note: I know that sennheiser sells some attachment for the ipod, but if you have any modern ipod version (at least the ipod touch / iphone)--> as long as they're bluetooth capable, you don't need to spend the extra bucks for the attachment. All you need to do is turn on the headphones, turn on the ipod--> turn on the bluetooth setting and pair it up. As noted above, the range with these headphones is much much much better than the sony.

4. Great job Sennheiser.
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on November 28, 2013
Awesome bluetooth headphones, especially for the price. Even though this may be an obsolete model, Sennheiser has continued to use the same speakers and internals (as far as I know) even on the latest equivalent model, the Sennheiser MM400X.

What's even better is the fact that Sennheiser headphones comes with a 2 year international warranty. What this means is that if anything fails, you can simply walk into a Sennheiser service centre and get it fixed. And if they can't, they would just replace it for you with an current but equivalent model, and in this case, it would be the MM-400X model! I know this because that's what I've gone through myself when I brought mine in for a repair when I had some trouble with my headphones, apparently due to the logic board failure. I came out of the service centre a very happy customer.

Best thing I like about the Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones is the removable and therefore replaceable battery. This just makes the lifespan of the headphones longer then the battery itself, which is the problem with all the bluetooth headphones with embedded batteries.

As for the sound quality, it holds up to the Sennheiser reputation. But since it's over bluetooth, there is bound to be audio imperfections, especially to the audiophiles. To mitigate that, The PX210BT does support APT-X codec, but the downside is not all A2DP supported bluetooth device supports APT-X. Not even the iPhones. The MacBooks does support APT-X though and it sounded great when i tested it. Although I would have to say that to the untrained ears of mine, it didn't really seem to be much different compared to the default A2DP mode.

It's also a very comfortable over-ear headphone to wear. So no complains there. It's tight enough that it won't easily fall off your head even at a jog. But not too tight that you feel uncomfortable.

So why not a perfect 5 star? I think it's a little soft on the volume when I max it out.
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on March 29, 2013
These headphones are amazing... that's the short version.

Long version : I'm not a purist audiophile, but I do like high-quality sound. I've had many in-ear phones, Philips, Sony, Bose. I also own a Motorola stereo bluetooth headset (s305). I wanted a higher-quality set whichcould function with bluetooth (who likes wires) but also wired for when the battery dies, when on the plane, etc.

I found these for a good price on Amazon so I bought them. And I am blown away. They are just perfect for me.

The sound is superb, richer and more "present" than with my Bose headphones. Leagues above anything else. It just sounds good, full, well-defined. That's true with the wire and on bluetooth.

The headphones are comfortable and easy to adjust. They fold flat for transport and come with a carrying case. It would be nice if they had supplied a way to wrap the wire but a 1$ silicone "fish bone" does the trick.

The removable battery is a huge bonus, you can charge it while using the wire. Plus if it ever dies you can purchase a new one. It also uses the standard micro-USB port. It's quite hard to remove however.

Synching over bluetooth is easy and the controls are easy to find with your finger. They are all over the right ear.

Max volume is a bit low when using the wire. You get good sound isolation when the pads are on your ears, however, so that helps. with bluetooth the max volume is higher.

All in all, a great pair of headphones, I'm glad I got them!
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I was looking for a bluetooth headphone for my IPOD and my IPAD and did not want or need a microphone. This pair of headphones looked like a good answer for my needs. Here is what I like about the product:

1. Small and light weight.
2. Volume control and connection control built into the headset.
3. Lasts for hours between charges (averaged 11 hours before low battery warning).
4. Nice case to pack the headphones in and a charger. Headphones collapse into a very small size.
5. Has a cord so that you can connect them to a source that does not have Bluetooth capability.
6. Excellent range, I have been down stairs and 50 feet away from the source and they still worked well in my house.

Here is what I did not like about them:

1. There is no way to adjust the pressure that the headphones exert on your head. So, if you have a smaller head these will probably fit without exerting too much pressure. For me, the pressure is a little bit uncomfortable.
2. These headphones are not Bluetooth 4.0 but are Bluetooth 2.0.
3. There is a blue flashing light on the left earphone. Nice if you want to look like a Borg, but it would be nice if you could turn it off!

Overall, I like these and would recommend them if you want to listen to music without wires and without disturbing others.
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on January 6, 2014
Amazing sound quality, but at roughly $125 they should be! Easy to pair, use the buttons, comfortable, volume is adequate (despite comments to the contrary in other reviews). Probably the best music/podcast quality sound I've had in a bluetooth stereo headphone set! These are my everyday headphones and are light and comfortable ... might get a bit hot in summer.
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on December 18, 2010
I purchased the Sennheiser PX210BT Collapsible Bluetooth Headphones with Vol Control and Sony Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter for iPod (Black). Like so many other reviewers, I've been looking for a bluetooth transmitter and headphone solution so that I can use my iPod without the wire tethering. I evaluated several less-costly solutions and found that they all had either inferior sound, inferior range (as in: range from just my pocket to the headphones on my own body too long to transmit reliably), or inferior comfort (seems like every less-expensive headphone has either a rigid head- or neck-band, or flimsy earclips (and I hate in-the-ear "bud" phones...personal (non-)preference))...the closest I came to one that was "good enough" was the Best Buy "Rocketfish" transmitter and headphone, but the rigid behind-the-neck-band was just too tight for my size 7 7/8 head. Finally I came to realize that the only real solution was going to be an over-$100 combo. Enter the Senn/Sony combo I purchased.

The Sony transmitter had the best combination of reviews and price (and I located the "bulk packaging" version of the above for about half the price), and this Senn headphone was (is) a good compromise for price vs. performance and comfort. The sound is outstanding, it paired effortlessly with the transmitter, and the comfort is as advertised even for my big melon head (in fact, even this headphone is a little snug, but after a few minutes' use I was fine with it).

The ONLY reason I docked it a star on my rating is the fact that I would prefer the max volume to be just a touch louder; I often walk on walk/jog paths next to noisy highways in my area and need some more oomph when I do. However, I will point out that for the vast majority of people these headphones will certainly be loud enough.

You get what you pay for; swing for the Sennheisers and you will not be disappointed.

12/21/10 update: More goodness - I was out last night on my neighborhood walk using my Senn/iPod combo as reviewed, and I realized one of my XM simulcasts of one my favorite shows was starting shortly. I have streaming Xm on my Android phone. I turned off my iPod BT transmitter, activated pairing on my smartphone, and within 30 seconds I was up and running listening to XM from my phone on my Senns, no instructions required. How easy/cool was that?
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on May 30, 2014
I bought these phones as a present and ended up keeping them - what a treat to the ears !! They operate on bluetooth and came with a cord for those plane flights where you can't use wireless connections. Noise canceling is the type of headphone group they belong to and they fold up to fit in your pocket so you won't forget them. The soft leather ear cups fit well on your ears to drown out the exterior noise that you might hear at a lower volume on other sets of headphones. You won't go wrong with a set of these !!!
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on May 6, 2012
I bought these headphones to use with my Galaxy Tab 7.7. It is a great tablet but unlike an iPod Nano it is a bit of a pain to carry about in your hand while listening to music. With these I can leave the tablet in my bag and listen free of wires.

These headphones are one of the few that feature the apt-X codec, which is also a feature of the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Apparently this codec produces a much better sound over bluetooth and I was not disappointed. The sound quality of these headphones is excellent. I could not discern any difference between the sound quality over wired or bluetooth (these headphones can also be wired). They are not noise-cancelling (Sennheiser has a much more expensive version of these with that feature) but they are the over the ear type of headphone with cushioning that blocks out a lot of background noise anyway.

As for comfort, I find the headphones a little bit tight on my ears, but then I have a fairly big head (so I'm told). I wouldn't use these on a long haul plane trip because they push on my ears a little too much, but on the other hand the padding is quite comfortable, they are very light and the tightness does stop them falling off. I don't want to give the impression that they are uncomfortable though, they are fine for sessions of an hour or so, which is what I use them for.

These seem to be the only headphone currently available that combines apt-X with a lightweight, foldable, over the ear design, so if you are looking for those features this is the only game in town at least for now. Hopefully the concept of Bluetooth stereo headphones and apt-X become more popular so manufacturers start to offer a few more options.
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on December 6, 2014
Fantastic $80.00 headphones...but very lousy $300.00 headphones! I picked a pair of these up on sale and while they do sound okay for what they are, for $300.00, you can get get headphones that are much louder (lower impedance), have much better comfort, better sound isolation and of course better sound overall.

Put it this way, when you start spending $300 plus for a set of headphones, stay away from the big box consumer products. This is when you go to a music store and purchase a set of professional grade headphones. Most people don't even bother trying to compare...they see a set for $300 and figure they MUST be good....until the day comes when they hear an $80 pair of headphones sound just as good or better.

Lastly, as far as comfort goes, I have an average sized head and I find these to be a bit too tight. After an extended period of time, my outer ears start getting sore.

The take away: If you can get these on sale, they're worth snapping up. If you paid full MSRP for these things, take them back to the store and slap the salesman that just tried to screw you.
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