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on January 24, 2011
Sennheiser is known for professional grade headphones and even one of their cheapest models stands up to whatever music you throw at it. Bass and mid tones sound excellent while not becoming too muddled. I've tested these headphones with rock/pop (Arcade Fire, Broken Bells) and rap/hip-hop (Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) with great results. As long as you have high quality files there is no hiss (I mainly have 256-320 kbps files with some 192 kbps files). Sound leak was not evident because these are closed headphones (as opposed to the Sennheiser HD555's which are open). I have a medium size head and these headphones fit me perfectly. They have a slight warming effect on the ears which is not bothersome at all. Just to clarify, these headphones (HD 202 MK II) are the same as the original HD 202, with different packaging. These will work out of the package with any iPod, laptop, desktop and include an larger adapter for other uses. If you are still using the standard Apple earbuds or cheap earbuds (Joby, Skullcandy, etc.) and have never experienced the sound of a over-the-ear headphone, buy these for an inexpensive (but not "cheap") intro into an audiophiles world.

EDIT: For those who are having problems with the cord length - use the included cord take-up. There is a notch on each side to clip the cord into. The cord looks like it won't fit but it will if you position the cord sideways and insert it.
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on January 25, 2011
Im a 58 year young guy whose favorite music is music of the 60's,70's, 80'a with a little Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis built in for good measures on occasion. I like the old music. I could afford a pair of $200 headphones, but I decided to give these a shot for $14.99 special on Amazon. A great deal I just had to try. I have tested these on a MacBook Pro, a 4th generation iPod, and a Motorola Droid X. ABBA, Queen, Traveling Wilbury, heard notes I have not heard before. I must also mention that I am starting to get a wee bit hard of hearing and when my equalizer is properly set, these phones are awesome. For comfort they are ok not great, you certainly know they are on. I have to fiddle with them every so often as they seem to warm my ears a little. The cord IS long and a bit thin, but if you are careful it should be fine. I would definately recommend these if you are just starting with headphones and want a good deal for the money which I dont think can be beat.
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on June 22, 2013
Another great Sennheiser product! These headphones provide outstanding sound quality at a very cheap price. Don't waste your money with overpriced headphones like Beats, these are true high quality headphones that are used by DJ's and sound engineers all around the world!
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on April 15, 2011
I am a casual music listener with a varied taste in music. I most commonly listen to classical, jazz, or movie scores while I'm studying, but I have a large library of classic rock and pop music that is on quite frequently.

I bought these headphones because I was sick of wearing my earbuds for long periods of time. It was irritating to have to stop listening to my music every couple hours because of the discomfort in my ears. I searched the internet thoroughly to find a pair of cups that would fit my needs on a college student's budget, and these seemed to fit the bill.

I'm no expert on headphones, but these are great! I immediately noticed a HUGE difference in quality from my earbuds - the bass sound is fantastic, giving every genre of music a fuller, more robust sound. I can hear so many more details in my music that I didn't notice with just my earbuds. I don't know how they compare to higher-priced headphones, since I haven't tried any, but for my use, they're perfect. They are extremely comfortable. They are fully adjustable, and fit on a wide range of heads - my Dad tried them on, and he didn't even have to use the largest size to make them fit (he normally has trouble buying hats unless they're custom-made because of his big noggin). I wear them on and off for the majority of the day, and they haven't yet gotten uncomfortable. I think the longest stretch I've ever gone with them on is about 5 hours.

Bottom line: Comfortable, affordable headphones that bring up the quality of any genre of music you prefer. I highly recommend them!
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on February 24, 2012
I ordered these headphones because I wanted a good pair of reliable sturdy and affordable headphones. As a college student, I cant really invest in 200-300 dollar headphones (although the quality is worth the price) but these headphones turned out to be a great alternative. First of all, they are Sennheisers. The difference from using regular apple ipod white headphones to these headphones is like comparing laptop speakers to full sound surround sound. The bass has great response although it could be better. I am writing this review on the basis of its low price. For ~$20 they deliver great quality. The mid tones are clear and crisp and the bass is rich. The bass could be better but again, these speakers do not have an independent power source. The audio cable jack is extremely long. I believe its about 15 feet. They come included with a cable reducer though, which sometimes is a hassle but not too much. The one and only complaint I have with them is that after ~45 minutes of use, your ears become hot. They are not uncomfortable but sometimes they can get too hot. They are quite comfortable though. There is padding on the upper side of the headphones and the construction of the headphones feel like 100 dollar headphones. For the price, the quality is amazing. I would recommend this product for someone who wants to have the headphone experience but not if you want professional sound. Great product
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on April 9, 2011
These are easily the best headphones I've ever owned. I wanted something higher quality than ear buds that could reduce outside noise without having to spend a ton on expensive noise cancelling headphones. I also was looking for headphones that would be comfortable to wear for very long periods of time (like all day long) and had a longer than average cord so I wasn't tied really closely to my computer. I was expecting to pay around $100, but I'm glad I didn't because these are an amazing value.

Sound quality:
Their sound is all around amazing, I'm not an audiophile but I do notice the amazing quality from these headphones. I never knew what I was missing from my music and games until I put these on. The first difference I noticed that set these apart from any headphones I've had before was the bass. They actually have really good bass, but the mid and high tones are equally as impressive. There isn't any sacrifice in any area of sound quality.

Build quality:
I don't doubt these will last me for years to come due to their durable design. I've owned headphones in the past that wore out from plastic fatigue where they had to bend a lot, not going to be a problem with the 202 MK II. These headphones are designed in such a way that there is no major stress point to fatigue and weaken.

Smart design:
There are a couple of design features that I really love about these particular headphones. First of all, it is simply 3 pieces: two earphones and the piece that goes over your head. The earphones adjust on the headpiece in such a way that my hair doesn't get caught and pulled like many headphones tend to do. The pair I got are also exactly as pictured, the ear pieces do not touch when I'm not wearing them, so I don't have to pry them apart a long way to get them over my head, which means they don't squeeze and hurt my head like some other headphones. The cord is also very long, like over 5 feet, but the headphones come with a nice spool you can wind the cord up on and it has notches cut out so you can stick the ends of the cord though and it won't unravel. The spool also has a clip so you can hook it to your belt or clothes.

I'm a male with an average sized head. Unlike other headphones I've owned, these can be worn for several hours without even noticing them. The earphones and headpiece are all padded with a very light and airy padding that does not cause me to sweat. The padding does not have memory, meaning the foam returns to its original shape and doesn't become squished down and less effective. The only complaint that I have is I would like there to be a little more padding around the earpieces because they don't quite hold themselves off my ear lobes. If I don't have them positioned correctly they can hurt my lobes after a while. However, once I took some time to get used to them, I learned to position them correctly and now can wear these all day without any discomfort at all.

Best use:
These are great for people who want great sound while sitting for long periods of time. Movie buffs, gamers, or music fans will not be disappointed. I would not recommend these headphones for active people, as they are large (obviously since they are over-ear headphones) and the very long cord+cord spool may be inconvenient for walking or jogging around.
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on March 7, 2011
These headphones were a complete bargain at < $40, and I would recommend anyone on a budget to grab a pair and enjoy. My music collection includes jazz, afrobeat, hip hop, soul, punk, ska, reggae, and country, and there isn't a genre in which these headphones didn't perform well. The bass response is strong (but not so strong it drowns out other frequencies), and the mids and highs sound great too. I never would have thought music could sound this good in sub-$50 cans. I am listening to Marvin Gaye's Let's Get it On album in them as I type this and it sounds perfect. The sound is spaced out nicely and every frequency is clear and well-represented. Every instrument in the mix shines like it should and the headphones grasp all of that warm analog goodness of the amplifiers and recording equipment used when Marvin made the album. Buy these headphones and love them. They sound great and they are ridiculously durable. I am a graduate student and these phones go everywhere in my messenger bag and get at least eight hours of burn every day.
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on September 11, 2015
My coworker cannot stop talking and it pushed me to an extreme decision: 1) kill myself or 2) upgrade headphones. Another coworker let be borrow his pair of these headphones for a day and it was a game changer! For only $25 I am able to completely tune out the ramblings of this emotionally unstable soccer mom. No longer do I have to hear her talk about how unorganized her closets are. No longer must I suffer through her outbursts of frustrations because she "can't think" (her words, not mine). I was going to buy a fancy $100 pair of headphones but decided to go with these instead.. they sounds pretty good, do a great job of blocking outside noise, and are one of the more comfortable headphones I've tried.
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on June 26, 2015
The quality is absolutely amazing, especially for the price. Doesn't feel cheap either. Super comfy too. I first thought of returning them because the cable was sooooo long (no way I'm taking this snake to the gym) but then I'm like - I ain't giving up such an awesome product because of that - so I cut it and taped it back together. Now it's perfect sound, perfect comfort and perfect length. Check out how it looks with the shortened cable in the photo. Highly recommend!
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on March 30, 2011
I've been using these headphones for about six months now. I mostly have these connected to my computer for watching videos, listening to music, or playing a game. They've been great for everything I've used them for.

PROS: They're comfortable to wear due to the simple but nice cushions on the ear pads and on the plastic connector that wraps around the top of your head. They come with an adapter to connect to stereo systems too, which is nice. They also do a decent job of drowning out external noise; I live in a busy area, and these headphones do a nice job of drowning out sounds like my computer fans. They seem fairly durable, not easily breakable and I'm confident they will last for a few years. The cord is about 10ft. long, which is good (I'd rather have too much than not enough). I'm not sure how to word this, but I've had other headphones where, if you so much as touch the cord, you instantly feel/hear it in the earphones, like tapping the cord with your finger causes a bass-kind of sound to come out in the earphones; but with these headphones, that does NOT happen, so you simply hear what you want to hear. For only $30, they are a very good value IMO.

CONS: (really these are just things to note, not necessarily cons)

-The volume can be VERY loud if you don't turn volume down on your computer. Basically, if I want to play a video game or watch a video, I have to turn the volume in Windows down to somewhere between 10% and 50% depending on what I'm listening to. That's not a big deal for me since I can quickly do it with my keyboard, but it's still worth noting.

-(this one may not apply to you) If I use them for an extended period of time (more than an hour), my right ear starts getting somewhat irritated. However, this is because my right ear is weirdly shaped and sticks out a bit more than my left ear does (you wouldn't know it to look at me, but w/e). This happens no matter what headphones I use, so don't look at this point as a con, it's just worth noting if you have semi-unusual ears like me.
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