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5.0 out of 5 stars Pricey; paid for (almost) perfection
While these are pricey, the sound is by far the best that I've ever heard from a bluetooth headphone.

I'm not an audiophile, but I do like good sounding cans. I've got a set of ER 4Ps, SE 530s, Denon AH D5000s, Nokia BH 905, and now these. The sound is certainly not as rich as the SE530s or as Spacious and complex as the Denons, but the lack of wires... I...
Published on March 6, 2010 by Uche B. Amaechi

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3.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Build Quality, Rich Sound. Horrible Battery Life. Overpriced.
Updated, October 2010:

I stand by many of the comments in my original review. First impressions were mostly accurate.

I sleep with these headphones a lot, and they get a fair amount of abuse. So far, they don't show a sign of wear - well, not outwardly. And they have also loosened up a bit, and are not as tight as they were to start with, though I...
Published on January 26, 2010 by kerns

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49 of 53 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Build Quality, Rich Sound. Horrible Battery Life. Overpriced., January 26, 2010
Updated, October 2010:

I stand by many of the comments in my original review. First impressions were mostly accurate.

I sleep with these headphones a lot, and they get a fair amount of abuse. So far, they don't show a sign of wear - well, not outwardly. And they have also loosened up a bit, and are not as tight as they were to start with, though I doubt these could ever be as comfortable as a headphone which enveloped your ear entirely. Maybe that's the price of portability.

These cans are well built, and aside from the slightly awkward and less than ergonomic volume and shuttle controls, evoke warm fuzzies for many aspects of their design and engineering.

But one observation has me moving this product into the "Do not buy" category, and that is the battery life. It's atrocious. The battery is so small, and so poor at holding a charge that I find them frustrating to maintain. I have enough devices nagging for a charge as it is, I sometimes feel as though I am running a daycare center for gadgets - or a nursing home. That these can't even outlast a fully charged iPhone say a lot. And it's easy to see why - the battery is *TINY*.

I guess the good news is that the battery is user swappable, and can be charged outside of the headphones. So if you can get hold of an extra one, you could always just pop in an extra one that is charged. The bad news is I still haven't seen them for sale anywhere, though to be fair I haven't looked in a while.

Still - it's a shame and a fatal flaw of this model at least. I think they could have doubled the size of the battery without bulking things up.

----Original Review Below----

Difficult item to review completely as I've only had them a short time. Let me start with the things I know I like about these, and then move to the things I'm less keen on or just not sure about.

First, the very high build quality is what impresses me most about the MM 450's. Difficult to explain how something could feel so solid and dense without being heavy. The parts are just very well machined. They fit, flex, and otherwise feel exactly as you'd hope and expect from something at this end of the market. If you place a premium on build quality then I don't think you'll be disappointed in this respect.

The solid build supports what I personally think is a pretty stunning industrial design. These are very good looking headphones that walk the line splendidly between being compact without feeling miniature or downsized. Although Sennheiser clearly intended them for travel they are comfortable enough - and sound good enough - to make themselves useful in any setting. The ability to use them as wired phones, and the ease with which this transition is made (automatically disabling of bluetooth on connecting the wire), is one of the more thoughtful features, even if it is a feature held in common with headphones costing half the price.

I will quibble that they feel a bit tight to start with, and I must say my head is not particularly wide - so if you have a melon or a particularly wide head you might think twice. Having said that, I imagine they do get less tense over time. And If you placed them over a basketball for a night or two I suppose they would relax tension. It's probably better in the end that headphones start off feeling too tight rather than too loose.

As for the layout of the buttons and controls for pairing, activating Talk-Through, and controlling playback don't seem immediately intuitive or tactile . i.e, difficult to locate. But I think I need some more muscle memory to build up before I can evaluate it definitively. The overly integrated, low profile nature of the controls might also be part of the tradeoff for the streamlined look and overall design, in which case I'm ok with it. Having giant "PLAY/PAUSE" buttons printed on the side of an ear phone isn't an elegant alternative.

As for audio quality, the standard I go by when judging headphones is do they reveal details or aspects of music that I couldn't resolve or pick on before. These meet and exceed that standard without trouble. The bass tones and overall range are good and if you listen to music at bit rates higher than 256 kbps you will pick up the difference. Having said that, I have difficulty imagining they are are an order of magnitude better than other quality headsets that cost significantly less. They surely best anything you find at the low and middle segments of the market - but it's worth remembering that high end headphones from other manufacturers can be had at half the price.

So these headphones feel, look and sound great. But I'm left with enough doubt and misgivings about the Bluetooth implementation, and overall ergonomics of the controls that I have to call off the wedding for now.

The Talk-Though feature was a selling point for me, so I was disappointed to experience difficulties when using this with my iPhone. When connected to my iPhone it only gives me about 5 or 10 seconds of time before the audio automatically resumes playback. I actually thought this was the way Talk-Through had been designed until I tried it with my MacBook and saw that it actually does work as you would expect (without auto resuming audio after a short interval). You activate Talk-Through when you want to talk, and deactivate it when you're done. Maybe the problems I've experienced are something to do with the way Apple has implemented BT 2.1 on the iPhone. Or maybe I just need to restart my phone. The jury is still out on this one.

More troubling, the first call I placed with these using my iPhone seems to have been dropped by the headset. I've placed subsequent calls without any trouble and with good results, with the mic working pretty well and the users on the other end not having any complaints. I can't help being disappointed by the overall quality of the sound when in headset mode. Not sure how much of this is just what happens when you merge quality headphones with the low quality of mobile phone calls - but I had the same disappointment with Skype calls.

When I'm using the headset as headphones connected to my MacBook via bluetooth to, for example, listen to music from iTunes or to watch a film then the quality of the audio is very high. But when I connect them in headset mode to take a Skype call the quality drops significantly. This probably isn't the fault of Sennheiser or Apple, but more likely something in the bluetooth spec itself and the difference between headphone and headset profiles. Still, it's a bit annoying that I'll need a different headset to pull off higher quality Skype calls, that in fact cheap wired headphones together with the integrated microphone of a laptop would seem to produce a better result.

The more I think about it, it seems appropriate to think about the MM450's as two different pieces of hardware: as high-end wireless bluetooth travel headphones with noise cancellation, and as a bluetooth headset. Taken as headphones alone, I think they are fantastic, though almost definitely overpriced. The headset aspects are (to me) less impressive, but I don't know how much to blame on the spec and/or on Apple's implementation of 2.1 - or simply my failure to understand how to control them and to get the best out of them at this early stage.

I'm going to revisit this review in a few weeks once I have more answers.
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3.0 out of 5 stars First Sennheiser Product Disappointed With!, January 9, 2010
Aggie85 (College Station, TX) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am not sure where to start!

I own several Sennheiser products including the HD 580, HD 590, HD 600, HD 650, and PXC-450s.

Since I am using my smartphone (Nokia N900) more & more and it works well with bluetooth, I decided to try and replace my TWO year old Plantronics 590A.

The main reason for the purchase of the MM 450s was the "noise-canceling".

Well, after several days of use including in work areas with a lot of "voices" in the background, I have given up on the MM 450s. They sound great but the noise canceling doesn't work very well. I can hear other people's conversations quite clearly when I am in a phone conversation with noise-canceling on (I thought I had it off)!

The MM 450s have also disconnected from my Nokia N900 and Nokia N97 quite often (I have never had this problem with my Plantronics 590s which I currently use all day (+10 hours)).

IF the MM 450s were ~$250, I would keep them because of the great sound... but for $450, I want great sound + noise canceling.

So my set of MM 450s are going back to Amazon!

UPDATE 01/16/2010:

I replaced the MM 450's with my 2nd choice, the Nokia BH-905s! After several days of using them, I think they are almost as good as the MM 450's and the price was only $209.00 delivers (much better than the $450.00 for the MM 450s).

Comparison between both:

Sennheiser MM 450:
+ Fold up smaller for travel.
+ Sound is best I have heard for bluetooth.
- Price
+ Battery is user replaceable
- Case is CHEAP
- Battery life with noise canceling on was about 10 hours.

Nokia BH-905:
+ Price is around $200 if you shop around.
+ Case while not small is very good quality (headphones won't get crushed in a travel bag)
+ Battery with Bluetooth + Noise Canceling lasts around 18 hours in my couple of days use.
+ Controls are better laid out (easier to use) than the MM 450s.
- Battery is NOT user replaceable.

Both models:
+ Both have top notch build quality
+ Both are very comfortable for long term use.
+ Noise canceling on both work when playing music.
- Noise canceling only so-so when in phone conversations (when there are periods of quietness). This is probably to be expected since both headsets are NOT over the ear.

In summary, my choice came down to price for what I got.

I am extremely happy with the Nokia BH-905s
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5.0 out of 5 stars Pricey; paid for (almost) perfection, March 6, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
While these are pricey, the sound is by far the best that I've ever heard from a bluetooth headphone.

I'm not an audiophile, but I do like good sounding cans. I've got a set of ER 4Ps, SE 530s, Denon AH D5000s, Nokia BH 905, and now these. The sound is certainly not as rich as the SE530s or as Spacious and complex as the Denons, but the lack of wires... I mean, it's like when I got my first iphone after years of running on treos: a breath of fresh air. But I digress (will come back to the wireless though). The sounds are head and shoulders above the Nokias. I actually bought the nokias first, after buying (and then returning) the PXC310s (which are the non microphone enabled version of the MM450s). i immediately fell in love with the 310s' sounds, but couldn't get over the lack of a microphone (using on my iphone). The sound difference (vs. the Nokias) was like the difference between the iphone and the treo 680 screens--not only resolution and color depth... but.. it's when a difference in amount becomes a difference in kind. Where the nokias didn't sound like bluetooth headphones, the sennheisers sounded like good headphones, period. I could still pick out the glass clicking and people whispering in the background on Ella and Louis' rendition of "Baby it's cold outside"--my defacto test for headphone qualitiy-- I was first (pleasantly) startled by these background sounds when listening to the recording on my er4ps years ago and have since used the recording to audition. The base is tight and punchy; the treble is clear and floaty, and when you turn on the noise canceling the sound is amplified and given even more depth.

Now back to the wireless. Once I went wireless, I find it hard to go back. These have replaced by SE530s. And while I still notice a sound difference (when I nostalgically don the 530s for comparison) the convenience of the wireless, especially in winter when I tend to have my phone in my jacket pocket, or even bag at times (and don't want to take the phone out when taking off my jacket or bag) is undeniable. No more ripped headphone cords or scratched casings from having them yanked out of my ear and dragging across the concrete for a few seconds before I notice (and they're dramatically scarred)<--true stories with my 530s...

So now I've got both the nokias and the Sennheisers. If there's anything I miss in the Nokias (which I keep at home and use with the computer) it's the incredible battery life. It's effectively double that of the sennheisers. But they look dorkish (in my humble opinion), were always loose around my head (and I'm a relatively large guy), and well, as is the major thrust of this review, don't quite make the leap from great bluetooth headphones to good ***headphones.

At the end of the day Sound and Convenience (fit) trump cost (savings) and battery life (which, admittedly can also be considered convenience).

Just my thoughts.
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The manufacturer commented on the review belowSee comments
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1.0 out of 5 stars Excellent in most ways but BEWARE: THEY DO NOT WORK OUTDOORS!, February 28, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'd really love to give these headphones a 5-star review. So far they've been the best portable headphones I've owned in almost every regard, but they have one major flaw, and that is a doozy.

These wireless headphones DO NOT WORK OUTDOORS. If you imagine (as I did) that you can, say, do yard work, mow the lawn, take a bike ride, or roam the city streets while listening to music -- think again. According to the advertised specs, the Bluetooth signal is supposed to have an over 30 foot range, right? Well, not quite. I find that outdoors, even if my iPhone is in my lapel pocket -- literally less than one foot away from the headphones -- the audio will cut in and out so badly that it's unlistenable. Apparently the problem is that, outside, there is nothing for the signal to bounce off of. This seems like a very weak explanation -- if it can take a much longer bounced path, why on earth can't the signal travel 1 foot in a straight line between the phone and headphones? Nevertheless, it's borne out by my observation that if I hug buildings while on city streets, there's no problem - I only lose audio when, for example, I cross the street. Somehow, the engineers at Sennheiser have managed to design wireless headphones that don't work when they're 12 inches away (in a straight line) from the source! This seems like such a titanic screwup to me that I can't bring myself to give the phones more than one star.

Now, other than this teeny little problem - these are truly fantastic headphones:

* They're a delight to wear. I absolutely can't abide in-ear headphones, but I've found that many over-the-ears model can be uncomfortable too. These aren't.
* The sound quality is excellent, even over Bluetooth. It's slightly but -- in an informal A/B test -- perceptibly worse than when using the included cord, which is unsurprising given that Bluetooth audio uses lossy compression. But it's not something I, at least, would notice in the absence of a direct comparison.
* Noise cancellation is quite effective. It seems at least as good as any other I've used (I've never tried the Bose ones though), but more importantly -- subjectively -- I find that the uncomfortable sensation of "pressure" that I have often felt with noise-canceling headphones is almost entirely absent with these.
* Battery life is so-so - I seem to get about 8 hours of use, with noise cancellation on, before the phones start their annoying periodic beeping, then give out a few minutes later. They won't last through a commute AND a whole work day of listening, but most work days I'm not listening all day anyway, so I recharge when I can. 8 hours is enough for a medium-haul flight, anyway. Also, I can imagine battery life might be longer with Bluetooth off, which is probably an acceptable compromise for a really long flight. The battery can, ostensibly, be swapped out, so a spare (probably ridiculously-priced) would also be an option for very long flights.
* The headphones interact well with my iPhone 4S. I can accept calls, make calls, use Siri for voice control (hold down the rear button!), use Skype and FaceTime, etc. all with no major issues. A minor annoyance: the noise cancellation seems to go out for short periods when I have the phone on but am not actually listening to music or making a call. As near as I can tell, it goes out (for a half second or so) whenever the phone starts to send sound to the headphones after an idle period, or switches modes (music and two-way phone conversations are handled in different ways by Bluetooth).
* I really wish it were simple to pair the headphones with multiple devices. I've been unable to figure out how to use them with, both, say, my iPhone and my Mac (short of a complete reset and re-pairing them). The headphones worked with the Mac once, but I've never been able to connect them since. It's not a huge issue for me as I generally want them paired with the phone, but a bit of an annoyance.

So is all this enough to outweigh the one huge flaw - that the headphones don't work outdoors? I don't think I would have kept them if I'd paid anywhere near the ostensible >$600 list price, or even the $439 they're being offered for here. For that kind of money, I want no major issues. But I paid less than half that, and for that much, they're a good enough deal that I'll keep them and use something else outside -- or resign myself to using the cord when I'm out and about, although that seems somehow like giving in. The simple fact that I can use the noise cancellation comfortably, without the usual "pressure" sensation, is almost as big a positive for me as the inexplicable failure to work outdoors is a negative.

Note: Sennheiser just introduced an updated model, the MM-450-X, with "apt-X" support - not a big plus for me as an external dongle would be required to use apt-X with an iPhone. I'd be interested to know if the new model cures the outdoors problem, though.
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The manufacturer commented on this review(What's this?)
Posted on Jun 1, 2012 7:28:12 AM PDT
Hello- Thank you for your review. The ~2.4 GHz radio waves emitted by the radios in the source device and headset operate favorably in an environment where they can bounce off of walls (propagation). You will find similar behavior with most Bluetooth and wi-fi devices with a personal audio application and thus a specific radio spec. In most cases they can be used outdoors, but expect varying results with basically any Bluetooth device combo when used outdoors.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pleasantly Surprised, August 29, 2012
Michael (London, ON, Canada) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sennheiser MM 450 Flight Bluetooth Multimedia Headset with Noise Cancellation - Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Electronics)
Well I actually had tried to cancel this order prior to shipment and I am so happy I was to late to do this as I would have missed out BIG TIME! The Sennheiser MM 450 Flight Bluetooth Multimedia Headset with Noise Cancellation (Black) ROCK............and for an old fart like me to say that must mean something. Last year I lost a pair of Bose Quiet Comforts (full size) and had tried a few alternative products which were poor imitations, which I returned in every case. So these MM 450's had allot to live up to against my prior favorite. But within about 30 munites they had me hocked and I am actually wearing them listening the Fleetwood Mac while writing this review (told you I was an old fart).

Comfortable fit combined with very light overall weight was the first thing that caught my attention with these headphones. But don't let that fool you as they are very durable and have a very high quality feel.

Sound quality is amazing with the tone range being very natural and smooth. The base notes come through very nicely (you know they are there),very balanced mid range brings your music to life and great sharp high tones make the vocals strikingly clear! The overall effect is an extremely pleasant sound with excellent volume level. These headphone feature "apt-X CSR" audio coding technology which is used by major broadcasters to transmit high quality audio signals wirelessly. This allows the quality of the wireless connection used to equal that of a wired signal. Works very well.

NoiseGard Sennheiser's noise cancellation technology works very well and does not disappoint you under all conditions I have tried it under. These head phones allow you to turn this feature on/off which is handy and increase battery life. Also these also function if the battery is dead which is a plus if you have ever owned any other pair of noise canceling headphones as this is generally not the case.

Bluetooth....okay this is what really makes these a great product. Look guys no heard me right these headphones will hook up to you iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc in seconds and its actually easy to do! Really! The range is great at up to 35 feet + so you can waltz around your office and listen to music and when you phone rings seamlessly answer a call. Yes these do also have an integrated microphone in the headset that works great as well. no echo or sounding like you are down in a tunnel talking up to someone. Very nice. In addition you can control your phone or other device from the headphones with a very nice set of controls on the right hand ear cup (sorry lefties you will just have to live with it). Answer a call, hang up, raise or lower the volume, fast forward or rewind or stop your device. Also if you are using a Bluetooth challenged device you can use the handy cable included with the MM 450 to connect to your device. Please note the microphone will not work with the wired connection.

Battery life is from 8-20 hours from a removable proprietary Lithium Polymer pack which recharges with the included standard USB cable from any computer or you can use the included wall charger that has an adapter plug for every know country in the world. The battery life seems a bit low compared to other options and when you read other reviews is called out by many people. I think its an area Sennheiser could improve on or even include a spare pack to improve the product. That said based on the fact you can charge while using this or use even if the battery is dead its a mute point. I just ordered a spare battery on Amazon and will deal with it that way alternating between the two. Spare battery is Sennheiser part number BA 370 PX for anyone that needs it.

To recap these are a great set of headphones and really do rival the Bose product. I am surprised I said that as I have been a loyal Bose guy for many years. These stylish, lightweight feature packed headphones bring the noise canceling technology forward several step ahead of the industry leader (Bose you better get off your laurels or you are going to be unseated!). The value vs quality equation is stacked very much in favor of the Sennheiser MM 450 Flight Bluetooth Multimedia Headset with Noise Cancellation product. For your hard earned dollars you get MM 450-X headset, BA 370 PX battery pack, USB charging cable, world style wall charger set, stereo audio cable, 1/4 inch audio adapter, in-flight adapter, soft case (easily holds everything in less than half the space of the Bose case) and manual. I'd suggest downloading the PDF manual from the Sennheiser website as the one in the box is more of a quick start guide and the full version is much more informative. Website is

Hope this review helps someone make a good decision and buy this great product.
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5.0 out of 5 stars BYE BYE NOISE AND POOR SOUND QUALITY, April 13, 2010
I have a JBL ref 610. Used it for just a month. They're great. Nice and crisp sound, bluetooth, but they're a little bit bigger than I would like them to be. Then I bought a Sennheiser PXC 310. It's same form factor of MM 450, with excelent noise canceling and sound quality, but I purchased by mistake a regular one, not the BT one. I did want a bluetooth, since I hate cables.

MM 450 is the only choice for the one who could afford its quality. Its expensive. Especially when your local currency (Brazilian Real) has an unfavorable exchange rate (R$1,761 = US$1,00), but they deserve every single dime I spent on them, plus S&H to Brazil, plus import duties (60%). The are small and I don't look like Mickey Mouse whn wearin it like happen when I use JBL.

They perform much above the average. Noise canceling is superb. They fit in my jacket pocket when I travel. If you could save on your mobile phone or MP3 player high quality files (WM lossless, WAV or 320kbps MP3) you realize what I'm saying.

Only thing I totally dislike is its bag. JBL's is much better, and much bigger.

MM450 is complete. You can use on your home system, with you mobile player and on travel. I believe I can turn off its blinking light. I don't like calling attention.

Speaking of calling, its sound quality is very nice on phone calls and nobody complaint about my voice over the line. SInce they're very new (2 days) they're a little tight, but don't make you suffer like if someone is trying to make juice out of your brain. I do not reccomend a dayly use as a substitute for you regular phone calls bluetooth headset, since they're much bigger than my Motorola one and both your ears would be covered by them. SO don't use when you're driving nor trying to cross streets!

People are not used here in Brazil to see someone wearing headphones on streets or shopping malls, but eventually they get accostumed to it. My first bluetooth headset long 5-6 years ago use to drive so much attention that sometimes I got embareced.

Speaking of sound quality, even thought I'm not an audiophyle I can say the sound is cristal clear, well balanced, perfect stereo. If you have a quality sound file you can hear several instruments and details on songs. I believe the are better on mid sounds, but trebbles are also nice and bass even tought poorer are perfectlly audible.

I hope Sennheiser or third parties starts selling spare batteries, since, acording to manual they do not last long feeding bluetooth and noise cancelling.

I rather prefer a close headphone than an over ear but MM 450 fit very well on me. I cannot say I have a small head, not a immense one. After several minutes of using - at least at this begining stage of use - you get a little tired, but I always get tired of using any headphones after while.

The box come with all needed accesories. You can use in a plane with included adaptor, on your home system (another adaptor), cable for non BT equipment, wall charger with some international adaptors (unfortunantelly not for the new Brazilian wall jack (3 circle holes uneven, one of a kind. DOes not accept any stand availlable, USB charger and a carring case made of poor plastic, not fabric nor leather)

Nice leather ear cushions and head band. Best thing is that they are sold on spare basis.

JBL does not have an exchangeble rechargeable battery. When it wear out on JBL Ref 610, throw way your unit. If got a Sennheiser just pray for the company sells spare batteries or buy a cheaper PXC 310 and withdraw the battery and keeping using as a wired pair of headphones.


Audio quality

noise canceling


small size



price again

spare battery not availlable

a litle tighter then I would like.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Best headphones out there if you have the money to spare, September 19, 2010
I debated for weeks before I made the purchase, but when the product arrived I couldn't have been happier. The MM450 charged up nice and quick, easily paired with my iPhone 4 and I was listening to music and talking on my phone in no time. Now let me tell you, the sound quality is virtually indistinguishable from a wired headset and it far exceeded my expectations as far as sound quality was concerned. I can already tell after just 2 weeks that I will never go back to wired headsets again. The built in microphone is a very nice bonus and my wife says it sounds crystal clear, even when compared to my normal bluetooth hands-free device.

Also contrary to some things you might have read, the bluetooth controls are fully functional on the iPhone 4, so you can pause, skip, rewind, and even use the voice dial function of the iPhone with the headset.

As for the noise canceling, it works just as well as any other noise canceling headset I have owned. Keep in mind that the canceling of an 'on the ear' inherently won't work quite as well as an 'over the ear' set simply by virtue of the design, which is obviously intentional to allow for more portability, and it sure is compact! Anyways, as far as the noice canceling is concerned, constant background noise is easily silenced (i.e. air conditioning, airplane engines etc...). Some people have complained about being able to hear voices, but I think they have never used noise canceling before because for the past 6 years I have never had a noice canceling set that can silence the sound of a persons voice.

Speaking of voices, the talk-through feature that they talk up is actually pretty impressive although probably not very practical. When you turn it on you hear voices crystal clear, but I have a feeling that even if you turn it on so you can hear someone say sitting next to you on a plane, they are going to think you aren't listening unless you remove the headphones. Still works very well though.

As for comfort, they hold nice and snug, but I can feel a little bit of ear fatigue set in after constant wear around the 4 hour mark. After taking a quick 10-15 minute break, my ears were ready for another 4 hours. All-in-all this set is simply amazing. It can do absolutely everything you are looking for in a wireless set. Yes it is obviously expensive, but if you are looking for a set to do EVERYTHING, then right now you have no choice but to pay the premium. From the bluetooth audio, noise canceling, wireless talking for phone conversations, and the talk-through make this my new favorite toy while traveling!

Hope this review helps. Happy shopping!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Not bad, alas, not perfect either, November 27, 2012
This review is from: Sennheiser MM 450 Flight Bluetooth Multimedia Headset with Noise Cancellation - Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Electronics)
Pros: comfortable, good sound quality, nice set of controls (volume, track forward/backward, pause, noise cancellation, etc.).

Cons: imperfectness of Bluetooth aside (sometimes there'll be interferences is not really a con (it's Bluetooth). One is a major con for me is the fact that the included battery holds charge for maybe about a day, and there is no way to check the charge status. I have learned the hard way that I need to recharge the headphones every night, or they'll die on me the next day. Which is a pain if you want to use them during the night. My solution: get a second battery. Having used an AA battery before, that in a wired model with noise cancellation lasted for ~month, I find the inconvenience of (rechargeable) proprietary batteries that day after a day very annoying. What's worse, the headphones will still use charge when connected by a cable, or when paused; the lack of some energy saving feature in those modes is an annoying oversight. On a final note, noise cancellation is so-so, it improves the quality, surely, but on a street you'll still hear (if muffled) cars, people, and so on. Haven't tested them in a flight yet, but don't expect them to do much with that crying baby... Oh, least I forget: dual pairing is a pain, and the device has unused potential (some long/short presses on buttons could've been set up do do more, or be customizable - but they aren't).

Overall, this is my first experiment with Bluetooth headset. The good news is that for the most part, it works: cable-free music is streamed without much interferences, most of the time. The major downsize is the poor battery capacity. Buy the second battery, charge them whenever you can, and carry the cable with you as an emergency.

I haven't been doing much pairing with the phone, it seems to work, but I use a tablet for music, and dual pairing is a pain. It is, however, POSSIBLE, to pair them properly (on Android, at least), but so far it was more touch and go for me. Need to test this more. What kind of works is pairing them as audio-phone for the phone, and general audio for the tablet, but the pairings tend to reset themselves, and frankly, I gave up on trying to have the headset paired to both devices.

Final note: this was not clear for me from the description and reviews read, but those are small headphones, covering only part of your ear (3-4cm radius or so).
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1.0 out of 5 stars Senheiser MM450 headphones a waste of $1000.00, January 28, 2011
I bought a set of Senheisser MM450 headphones about 6 months ago. I was after a top of the line set of wireless bluetooth headphones for a very specific purpose. I enjoy weight training & competitive bodybuilding; as such, I needed something where I could put my iPhone in a case on my hip and go cardio training up a hill or do my weights in the gym on a daily basis without having to worry about pulling wires out. The ability to receive voice calls straight to the headphones was a biggie as well, seeing as I rely on overtime in my job to make ends meet & thus need to be able to be contacted at any time. At first the headphones performed spectacularly, but after about a week I noticed that when I put my phone on my hip and went for a walk, the music would cut in and out. This got worse & worse as time went on till I was forced to take the phone out of it's pouch and hold it in my hand in order to get an uninterrupted signal. Then the music would cut out if I even so much as turned my head in one direction or the other. It was as if the bluetooth reception was wearing out. (if that's possible)? I took the headphones back to the retailer and had them sent away for repair / replacement. The importer replaced them saying that they were irreparable. I figured "OK, these things sometimes happen when an item is manufactured on a production line", hopefully my replacement set will perform as designed. WRONG! After about a week, same problem. I'm left with the overwhelming conclusion that these headphones are nothing but an overpriced pile of junk. It shouldn't be too much to expect a set of cans to be able to provide a clear bluetooth signal at less than 1 meter should it? Honestly, I've never been so disappointed in the quality of a product before. I'm going back to the shop on Monday and getting my money back. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.
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Posted on Sep 19, 2011 9:48:22 AM PDT

I am also wondering why you paid $1,000 ? Lastly they are not designed for workouts-- they are designed for travel use. The CX 680i is where you want to look for a workout headphone that cuts out noise and has a mic for Apple products. In larger wide open spaces Bluetooth radio waves don't have much to bounce off of to communicate with your source device, and thus it is being used outside of its intended application.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Functionality and Utility, April 18, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My main reason for purchasing this headset is peace and quiet at work, while having the utility of taking mobile phone calls, and naturally listen to music.

My concerns is effective noise reduction and ease of use in my office and while traveling.

This is not my first Noise Reducing headset, however it is the first with bluetooth.

The noise-reduction is as advertised, good to great, but the advertised 90% reduction seems a bit optimistic. The headset have a slight "white-noise" background sound in the headset when the NR is on, more in the left side than the right. (control box and probably the NR electronics, is on the right side.)

The so-called intelligent NR have a very different profile than other headsets I have used until now.
Fan noises, AC, street din sounds, is reduced quite effectively, yet still enough is left, that you know what is going on around you.
Voices somehow is reduced less, or seems less, than regular noise, which is interesting, because I find myself conduction short conversations without removing my headset.

* Actually I'm feeling a little concerned about the voice thing, because my old headset was brilliant at killing chatting kids on airplanes and while waiting in the airport.. I fear the Sennheiser may not do as well at this particularly mission critical task.
** The other interesting part is that if the headset is used in the passenger seat of a car, engine sounds are reduced appropriately, so is tire sounds, however wheels noise and some mechanical noises are not, in the end using this headset on a bus is not working as hoped. Oddly it seems to work well with sub-way train noises.

My reason for picking the Sennheiser over the Nokia NR Bluetooth headset, is the removable battery and what I feel to be better comfort when wearing it. I purchased a spare battery but have never yet used out completely a battery in one work day, including commuting.

The control interface is simple enough, with volume control and power for both bluetooth and NR. to be honest, the controls is not as intuitive as one could hope for. and turning on bluetooth and NR requires harder than average pressure on the buttons. Having paired the headset with my iPhone and iPad, it is now mostly a matter of turning on/off the Bluetooth on either and select the headset to use it.

Having said that, I'm enjoy using the headset, the noise reduction in a office environment is good, and the music reproduction is excellent. Being able to pick up a phone call on the headset is simply brilliant.!
While I know not everybody like this headset, as far as I'm concerned, it is well build, works as advertised, have good music reproduction, works well with a iPhone, and the iPad for that matter. the carry case is bare-bones, but does the job and I find it difficult to complain about that part, it is compact, and really, I don't know what else I would want in a carry pouch.
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