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240 of 263 people found the following review helpful
on February 28, 2013
What I like:
-This headphone will make your music sweet no matter what genre you prefer. Its highs are crisp and bright but not shrill or sibilant, mids are clear, and bass is just right (a little more than the Logitech UE6000 in passive mode). Timbre is also amazing. With that said, it is not for those looking for the flat response of a classic audiophile headphone
-Doesn't require an amp to sound optimal, and I'm not just saying that because it has low 18 ohm resistance. After hours of hooking up my Fiio E17 DAC/amp to this with my Lenovo X230, Galaxy Nexus GSM, and ASUS motherboard as sources, the DAC/amp made little noticeable difference other than being able to customize the EQ via its treble and bass settings. The amp on neutral settings doesn't really add anything to sound quality (soundstage, depth, etc.) and portable players are enough to get the volume to high listening levels
-So light (190 g) it doesn't even matter that there's hardly any padding on the headband, you won't feel it
-Compact yet extremely well-crafted from premium materials (leather, metal band, stitching)
-Earpads won't slide up or down accidentally unless you adjust them
-Plush genuine leather earpads envelop your ears in comfort, headphone doesn't move around unless you shake your head very hard
-The headband will loosen its already-weak clamping force on your head over time. You can also reverse bend the headband to make it even looser
-I actually owned the brown version for a little while before trading in for these. With the brown earpads, the skin/hair oils "aged" the brown leather making it black. Thus far I haven't had an issue with this set because they are black to begin with. I also didn't like the retro look of the brown one, but I love the black and red pattern of this pair. It appears modern and sophisticated (the red stitching is dark unlike in some stock photos) which reminds me of BMW's interiors

What I don't like:
-From forums, the earpads don't fit those with large ears
-If you wear glasses you will feel some pain after 2 hours as the earpads compress your ear against the legs of your frames. However, the Momentum is not the only headhpone to do this. The only headphones I have tested that don't have this problem are the Sennheiser HD380 and HD558 because their large earpads better distribue pressure and swivel to learn against the back of your head
-Leather headband may initially make creaking noises when it's bent. After several months of breaking-in (and with increasing summer humidity), the creaking has gone away
-Iphone cord works with Android only if you install headset control app
-Can isolate sound reasonably well around the household, but not bus/train/airplane. For those purposes get a pair of in-ear monitors with foam tips
-Earpads don't rotate to fold flat for storage
-Included case requires you to slide earcups all the way up if you want to store them

Sound and comfort when compared to competitors Sennheiser HD380, Klipsch Image One, Harman Kardon CL, B&W P5, Logitech UE6000, Bose QC15:
-Sennheiser HD380 has a much flatter response, good for monitoring but music will not feel as "alive" or "sweet" as the Momentums. There is also less separation among instruments in the HD380's. Noise isolation is best I've experienced in a passive headphone. Comfort is better for longer periods because the earcups are huge and will swivel to conform to the shape of your head. Keep in mind the cord, though coiled to make it shorter, is heavy and will weigh down your head
-Klipsch Image One is too bass-heavy. Comfort is merely OK because the cushions are so small they straddle the line between circum-aural and on-ear
-Harman Kardon CL has more bass, with clear mids and highs. Unique headband mechanism is comfortable for half an hour but becomes uncomfortable if worn for longer periods as its on-ear design pins your ear against the head
-B&W P5: Although this was by far the best-looking out of all the headphones, I found it to have a somewhat hollow/muddy sound. A very tight (and unadjustable) clamping force made listening very uncomfortable even for brief periods. That, plus the questionable durability (just go into any apple store and see how beat up the earpads get over time), made me feel this was overpriced at $300
-Logitech UE6000 will have more prominent bass with active noise cancellation function turned on, which I feel drowns out the mids and highs in songs. With passive mode it is comparable to the Momentums although the Sennheiser has better definition in the mids and especially highs. It is fairly comfortable (not as much as QC15 or Momentum) but is heavy and will move around on the head. Users may notice an audible "hiss" due to the noise cancellation
-Bose QC15 has the best active noise-cancelling effect (and does not generate any hiss/white noise). In terms of sound quality, however, it is the worst of the bunch as bass is one-tone and highs are so shrill they hurt my ears. Its plush ear cushions make it the most comfortable around-ear headphones I have ever used

For sound quality I would rank Sennheiser Momentum>Logitech UE6000=Harman Kardon CL>B&W P5>Sennheiser HD380>Klipsch One=Bose QC15
For comfort Bose QC15>Sennheiser HD380>Sennheiser Momentum>Logitech UE6000>>Harman Kardon CL=Klipsch One=B&W P5
For noise isolation Bose QC15>>Logitech UE6000 (active mode)>Sennheiser HD380>Harman Kardon CL>Sennheiser Momentum>B&W P5=Klipsch One

After testing all of the above headphones I finally settled on the Momentum, but keep in mind my preferences. I like pop, hip hop, alternative and the occasional piano piece. If I were to summarize the Momentum I would say it has sweet crisp highs, decent mids, and solid (yet not overwhelming) bass. Go try it out in an Apple Store or Magnolia at Best Buy if you're still not sure about the sound or fit.
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on September 18, 2014
I was very impressed by Sennheiser's newest headphones. The sound is perfectly balanced. Not too bright, not to bassy, and well suited to a wide variety of music. Better, dare I say, than even my Sennheiser HD598's. Sound isolation is great as well, with the leather pads doing a good job of keeping the sounds of the outside world at bay.It's hard to find a pair of truly excellent headphones that are made for portable music players, but the Momentum's low impedance means that almost any phone/ iPod can drive these well. Moreover, where as some headphones are very unforgiving with low quality (bit-rate) music, the Momentum's handle them with aplomb. The genuine leather on these is just fantastic too. The ear-pads are incredibly supple and glove-soft. The Momentum's just exude class and luxury.

That being said, what I wrote above will mean absolutely nothing if your ears are larger than the average 10 year old. I don't know why, but for some incredibly stupid reason, Sennheiser decided to put form over function and fit small ear-pads on headphones that are labeled as an "around ear" design. The pads are simply too large to fit on your ear yet too small to comfortably fit around them. After 15 minutes of listening, discomfort was evident, and after 30 minutes my ears were in pain. This wouldn't be so frustrating if the Momentum's weren't otherwise a truly excellent pair of headphones.

I've owned many Sennheiser products, and would recommend the brand without a second thought. But I have to urge the reader to exercise caution when buying these. As fantastic as they sound and feel, chances are you will not be happy if long term comfort is a priority.
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on August 28, 2013
I've put these through the paces through 4 listening devices: 1) Focusrite Scarlett 18i6; 2)Creative X-fi USB; 3) Zoom H4n; and, 4) Smartphone.

I also have and compared to Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro ($229), Sony MDR7506 (~$100) Soundmagic E30 earbuds ($40) Beats earbuds ($90) and Sennheiser CX480 earbuds ($40) and AKG K44 headphones.

The Momentums clearly sound way better than all of them. As other reviews say, they're sound is precise, accurate, tight, not airy like Sony's and Beyerdynamic. As other reviews pointed out, they don't have a ton of sub-bass. But it is there. When I adjust the lower bass frequency bands, it brings out the bass out and my whole head thumps nicely. In fact, these headphones are so flat, they respond beautifully to EQ on lesser powered devices, like MP3 players. They're my only headphones that sound better when using Creative's THX "surround sound" (set at 60%, it is sounds awesome). You will save about $100 not needing a headphone amp as these get really loud on smartphones and MP3 players. I can't even listen to my Beyerdynamics on them as there's not enough juice to make them loud enough for my tastes. And they don't distort at loud volumes. They beg to be played loud.

I didn't realize how mobile-friendly these were until I got them. They can be worn in public, on exercise machines, anywhere, and not look unwieldy. You will save another $100 not having to buy good earbuds anymore, coz the Momentums should be able to take their place in all situations. They are snug around the ears and provide more than adequate sound isolation. I also didn't expect to be able to mix my music for my You Tube videos with these, but they actually are perfect for that purpose, so there's another $100 bucks saved not needing a studio monitor pair of headphones like my AKG K44's, which I use only for mixing.

So there you go, these headphones just payed for themselves not needing earbuds, studio mixing headphones or a headphone amp. The only negative is that they do need a little EQ'ing to get the best out of them, and not every device has EQ capabilities, thus 4 stars, not 5.
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on August 30, 2013
I won't lie. I second guessed myself when I bought these. The price was so high, and I was worried by some other reviews about the comfort. I actually tried to cancel the order, but it was already out to be shipped, so I would've had to have shipped it back. I couldn't do that after I had it.

They have the highest audio of any device, speakers or headphones, that I have ever owned. It's kind of interesting, because I can also hear the difference in the quality of audio files that I play now. It had never mattered in the past.

They are also the most comfortable, being incredibly light and soft on my head, my previous headphones being the bose AEi2 headphones. They feel about the same for comfort at first, but with the bose my ears would begin to get hot after a while. I wore these for 3 hours last night and was as comfortable when I took them off as when I put them on. They have not fallen off or come loose while walking or biking, despite the low clamp force.

I am a little less sure about the sliding component. On one hand, it's a simple design, it keeps everything in place and is easy to change. On the other hand, I feel constantly unsure that they are even on both side. A detriment to my minor OCD issues. That said, it IS my only complaint about these headphones.

So yes. I greatly enjoy these headphones and am glad that I did not cancel their order.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
"Senns," as they are called in the audiophile world, are major players in the headphone market, and I trust their quality. I have an open pair, the HD-598, which are my favorite. I also own the less pricey 239 model, which are also circumaural and open-backed. The vented (open) design allows air to escape and the sound to be more natural (not noise canceling), allowing more nuanced, ambient sound in without ever getting distortion.

I don't have the language of these technical experts that are reviewing the same headphones here, so consider my review as basic, from a lay person's viewpoint (but I am a lover of sound!). On the other hand, I am baffled that some reviewers are comparing these to the HD-598 cans. Open-back is a whole different experience, which allows outside sound to leak in. I prefer them when intensely listening to music--whether rock, jazz, or blues. These Momentums are also circumaural (covering the whole ear), but closed-back.

In my humble opinion, the Momentums should be compared--for purposes of reviewing--to others in its type. Now, I believe that open-backed are generally superior, as they are designed for subtlety and naturalness, but my review reflects my expectations of closed-back cans.

I consider my ears to be medium-sized for a woman, and these fit me perfectly. Even when I wear glasses, the fit is superb. Some of the reviewers complain that these are too small for their ears; in that case, I can understand the sound being inferior for them. If the Momentum fit is ON your ear (supra-aural), instead of the way they are intended (over the ear), then the design of the Momentums will not be as intended for your ears. I agree that these could have had a bigger circumference. Most men are not going to have small enough ears for these to fit circumaurally. They are definitely smaller around than my 598s. One thing I have learned by experience is that if the cans don't fit, the sound won't be "it."

I broke these in for 72 hours. I use these a lot for movies and for casually listening to music. The sound is warm rather than bright, but I get a lot of clarity when listening to dialogue. If I am in the mood for The Dark Side Of The Moon - Experience Version, or Emerson Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery (DVD Audio), I will switch to my 598 open cans, definitely. However, the Momentums are perfectly capable, with strong and resonant treble, if I am in the mood for Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic,Billie Holiday Love Songs, Louis Armstrong's Definitive Collection or any of my classical music collections. These provide ample sound separation and rich texture. Movie sound is pretty nice and tight, too. I experienced no fatigue and am able to wear these for many hours.

As for construction, these are works of art. The ear pads are made from luxurious leather from British manufacturer Pittards and are a sensual delight on the sensitive ears. The mix with metal is a sexy combo. The sturdy hard shell brown case will protect the cans, and is handsome and lightweight to carry. I would probably not carry these around much, though, because I have smaller Senns that I can tote for my ipad/ipod. I will keep these for home. 4.5 stars rounded up.

"If music be the food of love, play on;
Give me excess of it..."--Duke Orsino, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, 1602

"‎We all go Do, Re, Mi, but you've gotta find all the other notes yourself."
― Louis Armstrong
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on July 25, 2014
Author's note - I am not a professional, audiophile, DJ, or any sort of subject matter expert with respect to audio and headphones. I'm just a member of the armed forces that likes to drown out the world around him and listen to music as a way of relaxing.

The Pros:
-Sound quality is far superior to anything that I have used previously (including Bose, Beats, and Sony). Very clear and crisp lows/mids and the bass is perfect, not overpowering...just...perfect. I can't say enough about this, you will notice the difference INSTANTLY upon listening to them.
-These things are lighter than can wear them for hours and barely notice them. Leather headband and earpads are very comfortable!
-High quality materials means it's very durable and can take lots of punishment.
-They push most of the surrounding noise out so you can listen to your music without hearing the world around you.
-Requires no amp, just plug and listen.
-Awesome carrying case. I can shove them in the bottom of one of the coyote roller bags we use on deployment and the case keeps them protected.
- Mic works very well for those of you that Skype/FaceTime or use phone apps like MagicJack etc. My wife can hear me better with these headphones than with any of the others I've used in the past.
- They look awesome!

The Cons:
- The earpads seem small for me. I have a big dome and big ears and the pads don't cover my ears 100% but I could honestly care less, they still do a great job blocking outside noise. I might be the exception here though... I'm pretty sure that, as a kid, if you were to drop me I would have glided to the ground. If your ears don't pick up satellite transmissions like mine do...then I wouldn't worry about it.
-Primarily designed for Apple products, not sure how the Smart Remote would handle with Android systems. It works great with my iPad Air.
-While they are noise isolating, they are not perfect. Louder noises can still be heard... (For the boys and girls overseas,or headed there soon, this may not be a terrible thing... IDF alarms, Bunker alarms, and Rotor wash from Chinooks can still be heard. But common noises heard throughout the barracks are drowned out).

Aces in my book! All around awesome set of headphones! Never owned a Sennheiser product before and so far I'm Very Impressed! Definitely worthy of five stars, in my humble opinion. When my buddies tried them, they were sold also...

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps!

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on July 9, 2013
I purchased this product as soon as I saw it had released. I knew with Sennheiser's legendary sound quality and known comfort, to see a pair of headphones that was finally in this price range, exited was an understatement. After my purchase, as expected, I had seen a lot of people explaining about how well the sound quality was, but the thing that worried me was how apparently small the ear cups were. The day they arrived I was frantic to try on the headphones and fortunately they won't discouragingly discomfortable. For long music sessions they do ware on the tips of my ears, but if you have large ears do be wary before buying these. As I spent the next few weeks using them to break them in, the high and mid range was only topped by the $1000 HD700s, but the low range bass was disappointing at first (Later on the bass had improved, but still didn't match as well with the highs and mids). The headphones have an unmatched sound quality for the price, and with the price being so low these are a great buy. On the down side, the headphones don't offer features like noise canceling or an easily replaceable 3rd party cord which you would normally expect from a $350 pair from Sennheiser.

My recommendation for purchasing these headphones is to know what your looking for before you drop $350 on a pair of headphones. If you travel or don't have noise canceling headphones, head more in that direction. If your an avid music and audiophile follower then these headphones will more that fit your needs for this price range.

The Audiophile Junkie
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on January 26, 2015
I have tested multiple headphones within this price range. Those ranging from Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Beats, Bowers & Wilkins, Martin Logan, Harmon Kardon, KEF, AKG, Beyerdynamic and V-Moda. The headphones that were closest in sound to the Momentums were the V-Moda Crossfade M-100. The Sennheiser Momentum is nothing short than amazing in sound and aesthetically beautiful. The treble is crisp and warm giving you that front stage studio sound, along with the midrange being detailed and vibrant. The low frequency bass has a nice smooth exertion that gives off a sense of depth, extension and tightness that has an organic sound. The headphones are very comfortable for extended listening and the supplied fabric hard case is really nice. There are two complaints I have with these headphones. The two audio cables provided are low quality silver plated connectors that also use a proprietary male connector that connects into the ear cup. Its uncertain why a pair of $300 headphones would not use a 24K gold plated audio cable. This frustrates me until I am able to find a better cable to use. I would also suggest being able to plug the male connector into either ear cups, as the V-Moda allows you to do this. Sennheiser, please fix this and provide better cables for your consumers spending this kind of money on headphones. My last complaint is partially the design. The leather headband has partially exposed wiring that leads into both ear cups. Both exposed wires can sometimes be snagged on materials or objects during travel or other reasons. Sennheiser should go back to the drawing board and design these in a way these wires can be hidden without exposure. I am aware Sennheiser does make many other models that do not expose the wires. The conclusion is these are phenomenal headphones that sound amazing no matter what genre of music you throw at them.
review image
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51 of 62 people found the following review helpful
on January 2, 2014
I'll keep it simple for those of you looking for the 'best' or 'richest, warmest' sound for headphones in this price range look no further.

The Momentums sound better than any other I tried. Including but not limited to Beats Pro, Bose QC15, B&W P7's.
You can find much more extensive reviews on all of these headphones already written so I will not duplicate all of their work.

I'll simply give you this quick summary of all of them.
Sennheiser Momentums (Best Sounding)
Bose QC15 (Most comfortable, Best noise canceling, but sound quality is greatly lacking compared to others)
Beats (Very bass heavy (No surprise) not bad sound, but loses in every other category)
Bowers & Wilkins P7's (Excellent sound, comparable to the Momentums, but more expensive and just a hair less 'rich' than the Momentums IMO.

If you want great sound BUY THESE, look no further. I rehash this point one more time because all the other reviews made it hard for me to tell how much better these might sound than the Bose, and since they get rave reviews in other categories I thought I would try the Bose. NO COMPARISON. Sennheiser's are FAR superior sounding.
If you want noise canceling and sound is a secondary thought for you (for example my wife thinks all of them sound the same)
buy the Bose QC15, They are both comfortable but the Bose QC15 are the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.

Hope this helps!
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on March 29, 2013
I spend lots of time researching headphones before deciding on these. A great place to get advice is and there are very knowledgeable people there. But I need a pair of closed back headphones that were comfortable for long periods of time while studying. I had the Phiaton MS-400 previously but my ears hit the grills of the headphones and hurt after a few hours. Before buying them I went to a Best Buy and tried them on. The padding is very thick which is very comfortable. The only issue is that the openings are small for people with larger ears. I would highly recommend trying these on before buying them. Also with the real leather used on the ear pads, they breath well and feel great!

The cable is also really nice and detachable. It comes with two cables. One straight and one with an apple remote. The one with the apple remote has a nice swivel connector that is great when your phone is in your pocket. And the case is great and will protect the headphones. The only thing is I wish the folded to a smaller size but that is fine that they do not.

Sound quality is amazing. The audio is warm and has just enough base. Unlike the Beats line the base is not overwhelming and drowns out the mid's. They sound very similar to the Phiaton MS-400.

Sound Quality
Real Leather
Detachable cable

Case large
Not foldable
Ear cups smaller than others

P.S. The V-Moda M100 are very similar.
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