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I was looking for phones that would pack plenty of punch without sacrificing any of the qualities of their full-grown, ostentatious siblings. Anyone who's even moderately serious about headphones knows that the smallest improvements come at a price. In the case of these phones, the cost is easily justified. I've compared them with several portables in the $5-10 range along with some full-sized models weighing in at $50-100. Conclusion: these are worthy of being your "front-line," and perhaps only, pair of phones. They're up to the task of distinguishing each of the instruments in a jazz rhythm section or reproducing the spacious quality of an entire string section. The treble is distinct and "alive"; the bass is, if anything, more than I require (and the PX 200's are supposedly the bass-heavy models). Comfort? They feel the same as any $2 pair of portable headphones--until the music begins, at which point "wearability" is not even an issue.

Be forwarned that no 1/4" adapter is included. Apparently Sennheiser wants consumers to view these as strictly low-end phones suitable only for connection to a portable CD player. Nonsense. My only real disappointment thus far is the awkwardness of folding and fitting the headphones back into their hard case. If I can get this down to 60 seconds or under, I'll probably revise my rating upward.
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on November 25, 2005
If I were only reviewing the sound quality of these headphones I'd give them 5 stars. If I were only reviewing the comfort of these headphone I'd give them 5 stars. After all, I've bought three sets of them I liked the sound and comfort so much. The problem is, that it was three sets in less than 18 months...

All of them failed in the same way: the right channel just crapped out from a cheap cord design. The first set I chalked it up to me not treating them right. The second set I was a bit angry about but I decided to try the warranty replacement. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to buy a 3rd pair while waiting on the very slow warranty service, which wound up replacing them with a completely different model of headphone to add insult to the whole process.

Well, yesterday, in spite of my gentlest treatment yet, set #3 crapped out in the right channel after only 4 months. That's it, I'm not wasting any more money on these headphones and I recommend the same to everyone else.
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on October 21, 2005
For the money you pay, these are great headphones!!! They art light portable, and by my audiophile standards have passable Sonics. Do not let this throw you off. As a lifetime audiophile, my requirements for sound are very high. Compared to anything I have heard at or near this price range these headphones simply rock. I purchased these for my laptop and also for a future mp3 player. My goals were to find headphones that were not only portable but sounded good as well.

Sonically, on a scale of 1 to 10 here are my ratings .........

Neutrality 8.5

Transparency 7.5

Space & air 8

Micro dynamics 7

Dynamic range 7.5

Base extension 7.5

Base accuracy 8

High Freq extension 7.5

High Freq accuracy 8

Headphone comfort 8.5

Freedom from listener fatigue 9.5

Keep in mind that 10 would represent perfect, so these are very good scores indeed. Most head phones in this price range would reveive scores of under 5. Audio sins here are sins of omission not commission hence the 9.5 score for low listener fatigue.

I hope this helps.
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on July 23, 2004
I bought these to go with my new iPod, and all I can say is "wow". I can't believe these headphones cost under $50. The folding action is very convenient, and the case that comes with it is top-notch. These sound warm and full, amazing for a lightweight set of headphones. They are the perfect complement for the iPod or any other portable device. Not quite as comfy as my Sony cirumaurals, but they fold up into a neat little case.
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on August 27, 2004
These are by far the BEST portable headphones on the market today. After spending several days deciding between these and the Portapros, I decided to choose the Sennheisers. I couldn't be any happier. While the Portapros are very good headphones, I thought the bass was a little too overpowering (not to mention it looked a little too goofy for my tastes). The PX100's, on the other hand, have tighter bass and allows me to hear the rest of the song instead of a constant "THUMP THUMP THUMP" through a bass-intensive song.

Granted upon first listening to these, the bass was kind of weak and the entire range sounded very flat. After burning in my headphones over two nights, these have really opened up! I was blown away by what these little things can do! They sound like headphones twice the size and cost. The bass is in my opinion perfect. Even when its hitting hard, I can hear subtle background instruments that i've never heard before. Of course, those of you who like more or less bass can adjust accordingly with equalizers. Personally, I like the Rock setting on my iPod mini.

Senn also included a trick hardshell case that looks like a glasses holder. The headphones fold up like a pair of glasses and fit perfectly inside, with the cord wrapping around the base. The case looks very sturdy and your investment feels very secure once inside. Some reviewers complain about how tricky it is to fold it up. Personally I think if you can't get it right after a few tries, you should probably to back to kindergarden and play with legos some more. Senn even included instructions on the backside of the case too.

Keep in mind that these are open-air headphones, so sounds will come in and your music will be heard by those around you. This is perfect for me at work because I need to know if the phone rings or someone is trying to talk to me from behind. If you want total isolation, then go with a closed headphone, such as something in Senn's HD line (the HD280 sounds amazing), or an in-ear like apple's in ear, Sony's EX71SL, or something from Shure or Etymonic.


Sound will blow you away

Very comfortable

Ultra portable

Trick case


Styling not for some

Jack is not gold plated

Bottom Line:

The best portable open-air headphones on the market. Period.

If you're tired of earbuds medicore quality and want a pair of tried and true headphones, these are the best ones you can get for your money. If you want to experience your music instead of merely listen to it, these headphones are the closest you'll get short of a live performance. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon August 16, 2003
I bought these headphones to take to the gym because I wasn't happy with my ... Sony earphones. The sound from the PX 100 headphones is absolutely beautiful. The headphones are extremely comfortable. I can use the cardio equipment at the gym without the headphones moving around. They have a sturdy metal headband that adjusts for the size of your head and come with a very handy carrying case. Sennheiser also warrants the headphones for two years and that is really nice. These headphones are a great value for the money and offers a really good price. I also own a pair of Bose Triports that cost ... and these headphones sound about as good for a fraction of the cost and are more comfortable.
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on April 4, 2004
I am pleased with these headphones for many reasons, all of which have been said already. First, they are very comfortable. The cans themselves have a ball and socket type action that comfortably flexes over the ears. There is also vinyl(?) padding on the top where the band goes over the head. The two wires going to the cans could be tightened closer to the chin to keep them secured.
I took these running (not jogging, hard fast running) and they stayed on comfortably without coming off. Very lightweight. When not in use, they can fold up like sunglasses and be stored in the very stylish hard carrying case it comes with. There is a marking "#1" and "#2" for which side to fold in first, and braile like dots on the left side to help you orientate them.
In regards to sound quality, these are as great as headphones this size get. Sounds good out of the box, and even better after a little regular use. My only complaint is that the bass is unexpectedly strong (but warm) sometimes, and the highs could be a little sharper. No big deal though, there is an EQ on every kind of gadget, computer, stereo, car and so on.
Those are the features that sold me, but these headphones lack some things, like a gold plated connector. It does look kind of flimsy for being so lightweight, but I expect that Sennheiser's renowned quality is solid yet decieving in this case. I would have also liked it to have only one wire on one side going to the headphones (less cluttered). Eventually, the foam cups will wear out and become torn with use, and it looks like it would be strange trying to replace them. They give me very slight squeeze head, but nothing like cheap headphones that come with CD players. Finally, they're not noise cancelling, and you can hear things around you, which is good or bad, depending on what you want. When loud enough, a person sitting next to you can hear the sound too. On my ipod mini, I can hear the sound audibly when I hold the headphones in my hand with the volume on maximum.
Overall, I say 4.5* because it balances comfort, portability and sound quality so well. I went through many head/earphones before I found this, the best replacement for my ipod mini.
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on October 3, 2005
The Koss Portapro and Sportapro have long been the most recccomended budget headphones. However, the PX100s certainly give the Koss phones a run for their money. The PX100 have the typical Sennheiser sound, with a slightly reserved bass. These phones work best on jazz and classical music and even classic rock. But those listening to bass heavy music such as rap may prefer the Koss Portapros.

These phones are extremely comfortable because of the foam cushions that rest on your ears. They are very lightweight and have a very clean response that does not fatigue the listener so they can be worn for hours at a time. They also fold down nicely and fit into a case only slightly larger than those used for sunglasses for carrying around. These are therefore ideal phones for the home or office where there is a quiet environment.

One of the reviewers gave these phones a bad review because they don't block out outside sounds, but they are not designed with that in mind! If you want to block out outside sounds because you are using the phones in a noisy environment, then look at the PX100's siblings such as the PX200 or PX250, or in the ear canalphones such as those made by Shure, Etymotic and Ultimate Ears.

The PX200 uses cushions to isolate external sounds. The PX250 go a step further and use active noise cancellation, in which a small microphone samples outside noise and creates a signal 180 degrees out of phase to cancel the noise. The PX200 and PX250 are designed for use in noisy environments, while the PX100s are not.

In summary, these are an excellent set of headphones for use in quiet environments; don't expect them to block out any outside noise and you won't be disappointed. These are an outstanding value made by one of the top manufacturers of headphones. However, if you want phones for use in the subway or on an airplane, look for active noise cancellation such as the PX250 or canalphones.
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on October 10, 2003
I purchased these in April 2003 for a good price (below retail); and for their cost they are a nice set of headphones. Not being an audio expert, they have excellent, rumbling, clear bass (surprising for their size) even better than my Grado Sr60. However compared to my Grado headphone, which is about twice the cost of the Px100, the mids and highs are a little bit weak. Still the mids and highs are very good and much better than any Sony or other cheapy Ive listened to. And if you are like me, sometimes the bass (without distortion -common with other cheap headphones Ive used) makes all the difference in how much a song works for you.
Pros: They are durable, with a very nice (lightweight) part metal part plastic headband (with attached compact foam). The metal is nice, and although plastic is used, it seems to be used in non-stress areas and Ive had no problems with breakage even with my big head. The cable is very thin but very strong. It folds up on metal hinges to become very compact. The earpads and headband is supposedely replaceable. And did I mention the bass is crystal clear?
Cons: Slightly weak (but still good) mids and highs (no distortion but not crystal clear).
Overall: very nice for their cost: for the most part the adage that you get what you pay for is true for headphones; but in this case you get possibly the best available for what you pay for. (if you pay more you will get a better set of headphones, but for this price its a bargain set of headgear). Fin
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As usual, Mr. Chell writes a wonderful review of these headphones. I, too, found the sonic quality very impressive, with excellent reproduction of lows, mids, and highs. I am a bass lover, and these did not disappoint. Music sound live and "present," yet lives up to the advertised "natural" sound.

That said, they're just a bit tight around the ears. You can adjust the over-the-head headband to loosen that, but then you lose just a little stability and comfort. However, lenghtening the headband is the most effective adjustment; it makes a substantial difference. Sennheiser should have added thicker padding under the headband, but that would have gone against the goals of foldability (works pretty well!) and light weight. I also wish they had indicated which is the forward direction, and distinguished the right from the left earpiece, but perhaps these are irrelevant.

To sum, these are great-sounding, lightweight earphones that hoop up easily to an Ipod, but not to one's laptop (at least, not my Dell). The slightly tight fit may ease after more months of use, or adjusting the headband length. Therefore, sound is a 5*, comfort is only a 4* (though heavier, the heavily-padded SONY MDR V6 is far more comfortable). At this point, I doubt I'd buy anything else in this price range--all the phones have their problems, and sound is heavily valued in this review.

Unfortunately, most of the manufacturer's at this price don't include much in the way of specs, so you spec-heads out there may want to look lover the following:

Frequency response: 15-27,000 Hz (most phones at under $40 cannot beat that)

Impedance: 32 ohms

THD (harmonic distortion): <0.1%

Transducer principle (type): Dynamic, Open

Cable length: 1.4m

Website for your perusal:
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