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on January 13, 2013
The central character is hard not to fall in love with. He's a hopeless romantic and cluelessly innocent. You can't help but cheer him on as his deluded optimism guides him through life and accidentally finds him fame and fortune. This book speaks loudly to the absurdity of celebrity and the misguided value that current society attributes to it. Very fun. Very funny. And touching at times. Highly recommended.
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on January 12, 2013
Slim Dyson is a character I fell in love with from the start of the book. His optimistic view on life is contagious and you feel yourself rooting for him while other characters try to take advantage of him when good fortune finally comes his way. This is one of those books you don't want to put down and you don't want to end. I highly recommend it!
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on January 3, 2013
Slim Dyson's story is gangnam style of novels. If gangnam style song could freshen up your day from gloomy, depressing, lowspiried moments, Slim's story would brighten up your day and make your happy instantly just by reading through his adventures in day to day life. Who would have thought that homeless brat can be so happy?

Optimism is an understatement. Read his life, the half empty glass would look like Cleopatra's pearl soaked million dollar wine. Slim is a superhero of this century in his own way. He is a must at these times. Arent you tried of this selfish world, screwed up economy, nevergrowing peterpan politicans, pessimistic people, overhyped celebrity stories, plastic, fake reality shows, hatred spewing media, violence infected society? - things like this affect our morale on daily basis, doesnt let us be happy. But take a journey with Slim these would affect you no longer and your life is full of rainbows and sunshine. He isnt a million dollar highbrow Chrisitian Grey to throw money or sign contract to legally rape some loser virgins, or an inbuilt astronaut-doctor-athelete but he is a very simple guy, he is a loser, he is a homeless guy but a happy happy guy. He is a very very funny guy. Can I call him Mr.Bean of Denver/USA?

He is a walking cornucopia of bad days, bad events, bad luck. Everyone has a little of Slim in all of us. We might NOT have sent our date to intensive care unit on first date, but we would share atleast one of Slim's bad moments, but never had his upbeat optimism to take everything with a smile. Read this book, you will laugh, say wow, awe, ewww, yuck, all the same time. His funny, purehearted, innocent sometimes gross antics shall make you laugh and cry at the sametime. You will laugh about his adventures even after days you had finished reading this book.

Slim is unique, funny, awesome and a wonderful guy. Just when you realise you had seen it all, he gets an offer from Hollywood and you would think that you are going to loose Slim and his innocence and his funny antics, but author had managed to continue the otherside of his life without loosing the taste of Slim, without derailing the essence of true one and only Slim. Slim is a lovable character, he is my favorite, he is awesome, he sure knows how to make your day gay and happy.

He is your honey boo boo, not the "laugh at him or laugh with him" kind honey boo boo. But a unique, intelligent, innocent and a happy next door homeless guy with a strong stench to make your day happy and with motto to help you to see world differently :)
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on July 22, 2015
In defiance of society's unfortunate inclination to hold its tender nose and lump homeless people into one faceless and inconsequential bit of annoyance to be avoided at all cost, this book makes a valiant effort to present them as likable individuals with distinct personalities. To that, I say, "Bravo!"

And let me tell you, Slim Dyson is QUITE the individual. He's certainly not like any of the homeless people I've ever worked with (and in some cases, gotten to know) over many years as a volunteer. Some of them, indeed, were living on the streets by choice, were pretty much content with their day-to-day lot in life, and rarely complained. However, none of them, except for maybe one or two of the mentally ill, even came close to being as unworldly or naive as our man Slim... who doesn't come across as being mentally ill at all. Just very very stupid. No... not even that. He's well-read, and has obviously had an education. Let's call him foolish. That's it. Fatally foolish, which no homeless person can afford to be. Their survival depends on having a certain amount of street smarts and a canny ability to read other people's intentions. A healthy cynicism is necessary for survival, so they suspect hidden agendas, and don't give their trust readily. They EXPECT to be shunned, and shooed away from the park, the library, etc.

Not so Slim. He is painfully foolish. Too trusting, too willing to believe what anyone tells him, and too convinced of the good intentions and friendship of others, no matter how mean and condescending they may be towards him.

BUT... in spite of the fact that he has never driven a car, he manages to drive a car 115 miles per hour on the highway... at night?

Okay, I get it. Slim isn't supposed to be a realistic character. He's more of a caricature in an allegory, an allegory that explores the conjecture that the road to happiness doesn't have to be paved with materialism and consumerism, and that being kind to others can be a lot more rewarding than selfishly catering to oneself. Agreed... and agreed.

Here's the bottom line: even though you may shake your head at Slim's gullibility, and desperately want to knock some sense into him... my guess is, you will genuinely like him, too, and will admire his relentless optimism. I sure did. Oh, and if you think this is just an interesting story about an idealistic homeless man with a heart of gold, you'd be wrong. Parts of it are laugh-out-loud funny.

All-in-all, a good read. Give it a try. Four and a half stars.
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on March 15, 2015
These authors never disappoint. A cleverly told tale about a man whose ignorance and innocence seemingly fade into intelligence and victory. Meyers and Pedas take the reader on a wild adventure, and the ride accelerates when you think it's going to slow down. Ultimately, I'm left smiling. Slim and Emmy are such warmhearted characters, I couldn't help but cheer them on. Woven into the story are painful moments of despair and sadness that call into question societal values, stigma against the homeless, the concept of "home," and more. I'm impressed by the detailed and true-to-life characters, intricate plot, and authenticity threaded throughout the story. I also appreciate the fact that we don't learn the hero's real name, and it doesn't matter. Slim Dyson is a winner.
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on January 14, 2013
....comes the most unlikely of stories. One would think that being homeless would take the fight out of a man, beat him senseless and leave him lying like so much flotsam in the rubbish bin of humanity. One would be wrong. Slim Dyson, whose character is stronger than his odor, overcomes this disadvantage to flourish in the ruthless world of publishing. Truly a Horatio Alger story for the times we live in.
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on January 11, 2013
I recommend this book to anyone who likes to be entertained. Witty and compassionate, i fell in love with the main character instantly! A quick read and one I was sad to see end - highly recommended!!
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on January 14, 2013
This book is riddled with absurd twists and turns that'll keep you engaged. Slim Dyson's naivety and innocence makes for interesting character exchanges and hilarious narrative. If you're a fan of original characterizations and would be interested in a fresh and funny view on the homeless lifestyle, I'd strongly suggest this book.
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on January 14, 2013
This tale of a hapless yet lovable homeless man is continuously inventive, surprising, funny, and has a lot of heart. Pairs well with a nice Belgian ale.
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on January 14, 2013
I was thrilled to see my favorite comedic blog writers bring one of their characters to life! Slim won't disappoint you, and neither will his antics. The writing these two come up with is, rather, absurdly sensational (in the best possible sense.)
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