Customer Reviews: ASUS VG278HE 27" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 2ms HDMI DVI-D VGA Ergonomic Back-lit LED Gaming Monitor
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on September 22, 2012
I picked up this monitor a few weeks ago to replace a 60hz Asus 27" monitor that I had. I have eyes that are pretty sensitive and after viewing anything for a few hours on my other monitor I could get a headache fairly easily. I used to never get a headache with my old 160hz CRT. When I heard Asus was going to take their 3D monitor, drop the 3D stuff that came with it and produce a 144hz version of their 120hz 3D monitor I was pretty pumped. And then when I looked up the input lag time (very important to gamers...and don't confuse it with the advertise grey2grey time (which is 2ms for this monitor) and the input lag for it is 3.6ms @ 144hz and 7.9ms @ 60hz (some games, especially on console are locked to that). That's amazing...especially for a high quality 27" monitor (my old asus was almost 20ms). Needless to say my headaches have now gone away and my reaction time is slightly faster since my input lag is significantly reduced (over 1 frame which in fps/fighting game terms is pretty huge).

So far I have nothing but great things to say about this monitor. It DOES NOT come with the 3D kit. You will have to spend 100-120 to get a kit with the emitter + glasses IF you want to run 3D. So keep that in mind if you're purchasing. This monitor is being marketed mostly to gamers who want a good advantage in regards to input latency and also easier eye strain.
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on February 18, 2014
I bought this monitor to replace a Samsung monitor that was black screening and flicking back on a off.lucky for me I got a square trade plan and they are sending me my money back. So I decided to get the ASUS Monitor because it would be better for gaming. This is a way better monitor than the Samsung I had and only cost about 40.00 more. What a difference love it pictures are nice a crisp. JUST A NOTE
TO GET THE •144Hz refresh rate YOU NEED TO USE DVI CABLE ( included with monitor )will not work with HDMI already tried.
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on April 17, 2013
I bought this not really doing my due-diligence with more researching first. I have owned multiple upon multiple ASUS hardware over the years and have grown to favor their products and expect nothing but quality. While I'm satisfied with this monitor I feel that for what you get out of it is not really worth $500 (after tax and shipping charges). The 3D viewing experience on this monitor is top notch! The 144Hz refresh rate is very satisfying and really a game-changer if you are coming over from a 60Hz display such as myself. However, IMHO I can not tell the difference between 120Hz and 144Hz when actually viewing fast-paced content or not. While that is obviously subjective I could have gone with the VG278H and been completely satisfied and saved money in the process. For the VG278H the IR emitter is built into the monitor and the 3D glasses comes with for ~$100 more than the VG278HE. Having gone the VG278HE route I had to pay ~$150 extra for the Nvidia 3D Vision 2 wireless kit which includes the IR emitter module and 1 pair of 3D glasses that brought my overall purchase to ~$660.

This paragraph has to do more with the technical aspect of the tech than anything so that those who don't know any better can hopefully get an idea and understand what is being presented to them. Given that this is a TN panel the viewing angles are not as graceful as it is marketed as. Yes, you can still see the screen and make out what is happening at a 160 degree viewing angle BUT the image quality is ugly. While being directly in front of the monitor if you move your head literally inches in either direction this greatly changes the contrast and color (simply stating, you can look up why this change occurs if you are curious enough). If you do not use the dynamic contrast (ASCR - set via the OSD settings) functionality then forget the "50,000,000:1" contrast ratio, you are really looking at about 1000:1 actual. Also, don't fall for the GTG marketed response time as a monitor being "fast"; you need to examine the refresh rate and response time together to get an better picture. The lower the response time the less ghosting will appear and the higher the refresh rate the smoother the rendered content will appear. The actual average response time when GTG (gray-to-gray) number is provided is roughly 3x more and about 2x more for black-white-black - this is the rule of thumb. Fast-paced gaming/movies are more suitable (subjective) with actual response times at or below 8ms (12ms border-line acceptable) for no noticeable ghosting; some ghosting is tolerable but there is a fine line. A perfect example of this is some IPS panel displays being marketed at having a 5ms GTG response time but yet even with making tracer-free value adjustments in order to achieve minimal ghosting it comes with picture artifacts and tearing. If you apply the "rule of thumb" the 5ms GTG response time is really 15-16ms which is quite a lot IMHO. Hope this helps some. The pixel pitch is 0.311mm which is acceptable but anything more is not desirable - you want the lowest number here you can get so smaller images can be displayed and images will look crisp. I sit about 2' from the monitor and because of a pixel pitch of 0.311mm the display doesn't look as crisp unless I back up farther - just to give you an idea.

Anyways, here is my summary.

- 27" TN panel
- 2ms (GTG) response time (~6ms average real-time)
- No dead pixels
- Up-to 144Hz refresh rate - experiencing content in at least 120Hz will make you NOT want to view content in anything less!
- Watching/playing 3D content is amazing!
- 300cd/m2 - quite bright
- No/minimal ghosting
- 0.311mm pixel pitch - acceptable but wish it was lower for a more crisp-looking display

- Apparent light bleed on all sides
- 1 HDMI, 1 DVI and 1 DisplayPort connectors for ~$500? I knew this when I bought it but I'm still wondering what makes this monitor $500 as I don't see it standing out amongst the rest? Hopefully the 144Hz isn't the answer?
- OSD is quite flaky to work with
- As mentioned, the pixel-pitch is not that high but acceptable
- Doesn't come packaged with the 3D kit like the VG278H which is roughly $100 more

Out of the box the display color is pretty bad. You can go to tftcentral (google it), choose articles then ICC profiles to get an ICC profile already done for you (nicely done in fact) if you want to 'calibrate' the monitor but don't want to do it yourself.

I know it sounds like I'm being overly negative about this monitor but like I said before I am still very much satisfied with it but if I would have known then what I know now my decision would not have been the same; take it as you will.
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on August 24, 2013
This monitor paired with a GTX780 should be banned from competitive mp. BF3 is just way too easy. On Crysis 3, I went from low on my teams list, to top 2, overnight. Period. It is definately an advantage. ANd I would bet, that it is not allowed in offical tournaments.

Color setting are spot on with standard/movie. Especially sRGB. The stand is great. Up/down adjustments, tilt, swivel. I use these adjustments daily.

Because this monitor is adjustable, the bezel gets handled alot, and being gloss black, it often gets smudged. They new that, assuming why the hard buttons are under the bezel. The buttons are well contoured.
review image
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on November 14, 2014
In one sentence I would say: Great monitor, gaming in 60+ fps adds so much to the games you already enjoy.

Once I take a minute to think a bit harder about my experience:

*Important note*: To get full resolution 1920x1080 @ above 60 you will need to use dual link DVI. The monitor comes with this cable, but you need to make sure you graphics card supports it as well. I first swapped out with my old monitor and used its HDMI cable with my brand new Asus. When using an HDMI cable everything was scaled down (one inch of black bars around the window and 60hz only). I read the manual very closely and on one of the last pages it mentions the operating max resolution and hz for each cabling standard. So just save yourself the time and use the included dual link cable DVI cable.

Another item that I have noticed is that on my AMD 7990 (I have heard it is a problem with other AMD cards) is that it will not allow full 144hz refresh when playing games. Any higher than 120hz it will crash when entering a game. There are ways to fix this by modifying some drivers but I didn't look into it any further than that because it was for an earlier catalyst version. You can however turn on 144hz on the desktop and it will work fine. Once you launch a game in full screen it will crash.

One last thing to note, moving from my I-Inc 28" monitor, I felt I had to keep the monitor very dim on the Asus for the colors to show up well. If I turned up the brightness, everything would wash out pretty badly. Because of this I used the mode preset button quite frequently for when I move between games and watching videos or browsing the internet. (Standard for browsing/movies, and Scenery for gaming).
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on January 7, 2016
I bought this monitor to replace the smaller 24" version. Both monitors are 144Hz, however the 24" has a screen response time of 1ms and the 27" (this one) has a screen response time of 2ms. I didn't think it would matter that much, but I can definitely tell the difference when playing fast twitch games like Call of Duty/Battlefield.

For the most part though, this is an excellent monitor, 144Hz really makes a gigantic difference. A lot of people (incorrectly) say that the human eye can't pick up faster than 60Hz, that is complete and utter nonsense. I challenge you to go from 60Hz to 144Hz and tell me there's not a HUGE difference. You can see a huge difference even when you're just moving your mouse around on your desktop.

I get an average of 120-150 frames per second (True FPS) when using this monitor. For those that don't know, if you're running a 60Hz monitor the highest true FPS you can achieve is 60 frames. Your hardware can artificially boost that number much higher, but it isn't true FPS unless your monitor can also deliver at 120Hz or 144Hz, etc.

If you love fast twitch gaming and you're looking for an edge, or some improvement, this is the way to go. Since you'd be seeing more than double the frames that a standard 60Hz monitor will produce, you have a competitive advantage.
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on September 5, 2014
- 27"
- 144hz - you'll notice a huge difference over any 60hz panel, even just moving your cursor around.
- Tilt, swivel, and height adjustments
- Built-in speakers - but they sound about as you would expect for small built-in speakers
- Fast pixel response = minimal ghosting even without Lightboost
- Enable 2D Lightboost using a 3rd party app (Strobelight) and you can have zero ghosting - looks like a CRT
- Works with NVIDIA 3D Vision

- TN panel - but at the time of this review, that's about your only option for 120+hz gaming monitors.
- My unit has some ATROCIOUS backlight bleeding on the right side, so bad that you can faintly see it even in full bright colored images. It's hard to ignore. To add to that, I have it sitting next to a cheap Planar 27" 60hz panel and the Planar has much darker black levels across the entire screen. The VG278HE lets a bit more backlight through across the whole panel. As such, games where you're in a dark scene, or for example, sitting in the cockpit of your car in iRacing, the darkness just looks washed out (with a greyish look) due to the backlight coming through, which no amount of adjustment can fix.
- Out of the box color settings way off - very cool color temp and way too bright.
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on May 27, 2014
I have been using a ACER GD235HD this is a nice monitor for 3D Gaming. Till I put this ASUS VG278HE next to it. The size is not the big thing I was impressed with it was the colors White is whiter the ASUS is a lot clearer than the ACER. I also do Digital Photography and I really like the quality of the image I get with the ASUS far superior to all the other monitors I have had. As I get older I find that the Size does help with being able to read print and to just see everything better Great Job ASUS.
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on February 12, 2015
I bought this as a upgrade from Samsung S27D360H.


1. Picture quality. I had a concern because it is TN-panel, which used to have inferior picture quality, uniformity, and viewing angle. But after I upgrade from IPS (technically PLS) panel, I don't see any significant inferiority. But yes, if you move side to side then bright white slightly shifted to yellow, but this monitor is for gaming and general use, not for publisher quality graphics. Furthermore, IPS (and PLS) panel have inferior response time, which make them not practical to be used as shutter-glass based 3D monitor or gaming monitor. And this monitor have good uniformity (former one-Samsung-have issue on the side edges-darker.)

2. Seamless stereoscopic 3D experience. It recognize 3D enabled mode and adjust its brightness to maximum when I am using 3D glasses (Nvidia only). This is a big convenience because I don't need to adjust brightness for 3D mode.

3. Dualink DVI cable included in addition to RGB cable.

4. It has full adjustment. Height, Tilt, Turn. (but no pivot)

5. 3 year manufacturer warranty. (I am not sure, but they do have a piece of paper in the box stating that this model is eligible for 3 yr manufacturer warranty)

6. 144 MHz mode is amazing.

7. Preset modes are actually useful.


1. It takes a bit longer to showing actual screen when turn on from off. (7~8 second, DVI)

2. Somewhat heavier and bulkier than ordinary monitors.

3. Power supply is integrated in unit. I have experienced power supply failure with other monitors. I simply bought another power supply to replace, but this design don't allow it. I hope they did extra effort to prevent power supply failure.

4. Connections (power and signals) are located on the bottom and facing bottom. It is a bit uncomfortable to reach when you connect it first time. (But I don't think this is big issue because you connect it only when you install it first time.)

Don't know

1. Sound. It have built in speakers but I don't use it so I don't have any opinion. And I am not sure whether it have audio pass-through from HDMI.


1. Factory brightness set too high. It hurt my eyes. I use 20% brightness for non-3D use.


Best choice for serious gaming and streoscopic 3D gaming. (But you need Nvidia 3D glasses, not included)
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on May 4, 2014
I am a very serious competitive gamer in terms of fps (first person shooters) games. More specifically, I play a lot of counter strike. I do not care about the color accuracy. It is all about giving me that extra edge in competitive game play. The 144hz capabilities allowed me to have a much smoother game play and improved my reaction times significantly. It is literally like night and day difference when compared to my previous 60hz monitors. I am very satisfied. Highly recommended.
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