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on September 17, 2012
What I Liked: 1) I still like the setting of this one. The tiny hamlet of North Hampton makes me think of Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls fans, anyone?) and I like the intimacy of it all. The small library where Ingrid works, and the local watering hole that Freya has made her own. It was comforting to go back to this setting. 2) Freddie was a neat addition to the mix. Because he's been in Limbo for a while he doesn't really know how to handle himself in their world anymore. There is a huge different between his maturity level and Freya's even though they are twins. But he brings some more chaos to their lives, and made the story interesting. 3) New humor. There was a lot of humor injected into this book with the addition of the pixies. They brought some much needed warmth to the rest of the story.

What I Didn't Like: Unfortunately, this book fell into the Book 2 trappings that I've warned against before. It seemed like the whole book was just to get us from book one to book three, without much substance. I'm afraid had it not been for watching Freddie's character develop, and the pixies, there wouldn't have been much of anything. The other characters didn't really pull me in very much, and the plot was a little stagnated.

Overall Thoughts: Serpent's Kiss struck me as more of a transition than anything. The plot was a little stale, and character development came to a near halt, other than the new character of Freddie. There was a lot of redeeming bits of humor though, and I absolutely love this setting, so I'm not giving up on this series. I'll be hoping for more from the next book, The Winds of Salem, set to release in June 2013.
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on June 13, 2012
Joanna Beauchamp along with her daughters Ingrid and Freya are happily practicing magic once again. The Restriction Against Magic has been lifted after a centuries-long ban, but practicing magic does not solve all the problems they encounter in SERPENT'S KISS. A long-dead spirit from the 1600s is haunting Joanna, desperate for her help to right a terrible wrong. Ingrid is in love for the first time, but her inexperience causes problems with her boyfriend, Matt Noble, and Freya is dealing with the secret that her twin, Freddie, has escaped Limbo and now accuses her love, Killian, of being the one who set him up for a terrible crime in the first place.

I was looking forward to reading this book. I had thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series, WITCHES OF EAST END and was eagerly awaiting what the tiny town of North Hampton would do with three practicing witches casting spells and mixing potions. While this book was entertaining in spots, I was disappointed with it especially how the author portrayed Ingrid and her actions with her cop boyfriend. Granted, Ingrid is a virgin, but her reactions in some of the romantic scenes was way over the top and unbelievable. I also didn't understand the proposed connection between Joanna and her would-be suitor, Harold Atkins. While Harold did come into play later in the storyline involving Freddie, he did not know that Freddie was back from Limbo when he began calling on Joanna. It seemed like he was thrown in with Joanna as an easy way to create tension between Joanna and her long-lost husband. The addition of the pixies though added quite a comical twist to things.

SERPENT'S KISS is a quick and easy read, but it mostly seems like this book was used as the set-up for the next book in the series, THE WINDS OF SALEM. There are two major cliff-hangers to solve, both of them essential to the well-being of Beauchamp family and I'm looking forward to see what happens next.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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on June 12, 2014
I read the Witches of East End book series after watching season one of the witches of east end on lifetime, of course I was worried, because as they say don't read the book after seeing the movie or the TV show, but it didn't matter with these books. The books are great, I enjoyed them as much as the TV series, they were different enough to enjoy. Being a Long Island girl born and bread it was interesting to watch t he series and read the books knowing that Shelter Island, NY, where my ancestors are from, was the inspiration for the location of these books. Definitly worth reading and also worth watching the TV series.
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on January 7, 2015
This book is soo good. I know that I didn't review the first book but I read the first book last year so I can't exactly do that. But this book is soo good. It basically continues off with the end of the last book where Freddie is having Freya spy on her fiance so that they could find his trident so that they can prove Freddie's innocent.

But in doing so we find out a whole lot of things. This book series is a lot different from the television series, that even though has the same name, is not the same as the book series. For one Ingrid isn't the same at all. A lot of is different and that is a good a good thing.

I love this book and even more so when we find out who actually took Freddie's trident and is still around just not in the same year/time of when everyone else is. But this book is a good one and it's just so good.

I will recommended this book to everyone that has read the first book. There is one other book and I so can't wait to read it after I get caught up.

To read more of my reviews please go onto my blog: [...]
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I fell in like with the Beauchamp women from the very first preview of them I received in Melissa's Ya series Blue Bloods and so far that like as held through the series.

While the start of this one was a little slower than the first book is still held pretty strong. Once again de la Cruz captures your imagination with her spin on witches and gods and goddesses in the second installments of the Witches of East End series, Serpent's Kiss.

Not only in this installment do we get the wonderfully crafty Beauchamp women but we get the men as well. Freddie has escaped imprisonment and with his escapement comes doubts on Freya's love and soul mate Killian as Freddie accuses him of stealing his trident and blowing up the bridge that held all their power world, weakening them all, so many centuries before. If that wasn't bad enough pixies are reeking havoc on the town and a ghost is out to get Joanna, the oldest of the Beauchamp women.

Once again we are thrown into their world of magic, mystery, danger and deceit. Where nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted.

Okay, that may have been a little dramatic but it seems there are constantly twists and turns around every corner and nothing really is ever what it seems to be. So much is happening in this. Not only is Freya trying to clear Freddie's name and keep him and Killian out of Limbo but Ingrid is trying to build a relationship with a man for the first time in her long existence and deal with why the pixies are suddenly in her world. There is a ghost lose that is demanding help and Joanna is still sorting through her feelings for Harold and Norman while trying to figure out what the ghost haunting her wants before it is too late. It is hard to know whom to trust and what is real and not real, whom are friends and who are enemies.

I loved that while Joanna was helping her ghost friend, we get more background on the Salem witch trials and how Freya and Ingrid were hung. It brought out a lot of emotions for her and made her deal with feelings she had buried long ago. In fact, we get a lot of background info on the whole Beauchamp family as the story unfolds. We get to see them fall in love, learn from past mistakes and grow.

This was slow in parts but nothing too bad and the ending definitely left me wanting to start the next book.
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on April 26, 2013
In book #1 we were introduced to mother Joanna and her two daughters Freya and Ingrid Beauchamp , each with the secret that they were witches. We then meet two brothers Killian and his brother who turned out to be in fact Baldor and Loki. Loki being the "evil one" that we read about in the myths and legends books and think about Jennifer Estep's series Mythos Academy. At the end of Book #1 we saw Freya start a relationship with Killian , Joanne strike a close friendship with next-door neighbour Harold and Ingrid - the librarian strike a friendship with Detective Matt Noble. At the start of Book #2 we see all their hard work going to custard as Joanna's husband Norman re-appears and is someone she has not seen in centuries and he's not the only family member to re-appear Freya's twin brother Freddie who was captured by Loki and placed in Limbo has escaped but wants revenge on who framed him and placed him in limbo and that revenge seems to be aimed towards Freya's boyfriend Killan. Ingrid thinks that she has finally found love but what happens when it is discovered that he doesn't believe in magic - can Ingrid be with someone that doesn't believe that witches are real when it's her true self ?
Discover all this and more when the sleepy town of Gardiner Island is all shaken up with Magic galore.
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VINE VOICEon January 9, 2013
Light, fun, and sexy.

It had been a while since I read Melissa De la Cruz's first novel of this series, WITCHES OF EAST END, but have no fear! Melissa must understand that her readers may not all have the best of memories, because she gives us the broad strokes of what happened in the first book before we move on.

Once caught up, magical mother, Joanna Beauchamp and her daughters, Ingrid and Freya, have three very separate conflicts in the beginning of the novel. Freya's twin brother secretly comes home asking his sister to prove his innocence and her lover's guilt; Ingrid is falling in love with a man who doesn't believe in magic; and Joanna is caught in a love triangle between a new love interest and her husband whom she hasn't seen in a century. Add in pixies, a dead spirit trying to make contact, and a little good old fashioned Thanksgiving mahem, you have yourself an enchanting sequel!

In my opinion, this is a perfect series for someone who enjoys a paranormal adult series that doesn't take itself too seriously. I read this book between two very serious and heavy tomes, and it was just what I needed.

Even though it's the second book of the series, one does not need to read the first one if they are too far down the waiting list in the library. That being said, I did enjoy WITCHES OF EAST END a bit more than I did the sequel, but this is a common complaint of mine, and it doesn't take away from the fact that this is a fun series.
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on June 1, 2015
this is a great book. i love getting to know the charecters better. i loved learning ingrid was a virgin.i loved the pixies in the story. also i loved freya and killian together. i loved that joanna was dateing another man and that norman her husband still loved her. it was such a good book. i suggest everyone read it
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I truly enjoyed the first book of this series, with its re-imagined take on Norse mythology (our protagonists aren't witches - they're goddesses!) And though I enjoyed this book as well, it had some negatives that weren't as noticeable in book one.

In The Witches of East End, we meet the Beauchamp Family: Mother Joanna, daughters Ingrid and Freya and estranged Father, Norman. Fryer, their son, has been trapped in limbo as punishment for a crime. He returns in this book to clear his name, by accusing Freya's husband Killian of the crime. Add to this a misfit band of pixies, romantic entanglements, and a spirit trying to communicate with Joanna, and the book is heavy with various plotlines and conspiracies. I was happy to see the world-building expanded upon to bring in more mythology and new characters, as well as add to the over-arching storyline. However, I was not so happy to see the angst-level skyrocket.

Book one was the author's first "adult" novel, which lightly ties into her YA vampire series. Unfortunately, this sequel read a lot more like YA. Every character's emotions were suddenly at maximum and they almost always acted without considering consequences, like teenagers. The angst was so prevalent it became distracting & annoying. I mean, you've just been asked to sign a contract in your own blood and you don't read the fine print?! Now, I do read and enjoy YA fiction, and such behavior is common for the young protagonists found in YA. However, it just isn't credible from these supposedly adult - heck, millenniums old - gods and goddesses.

Despite this problem, I still enjoyed the book. The story is engaging and the characters are endearing. I care about what happens to them. Plus, the promised return of my favorite villain makes me eager to read the next book. Recommended.
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Let me start out with the bad about this book... it left too much unanswered at the end. I don't mind a cliff-hanger here or there, but this one didn't have any type of real true ending and I hope the author spins out another soon or I could lose interest in this storyline quickly, which is, of course, the problem with series in general... keeping my interest.

I was sent a hardback review copy of this book earlier this year, had emergency surgery which threw things off, lost the book, but thought about it months later and realized that I did care enough about the story so I bought it for my Kindle and finished it pretty quickly. It doesn't hurt that I share last names with the main character's family, makes it memorable.

It's a well-written book with an interesting storyline. I never feel like the author is losing me or find myself thinking about what I should be doing instead of reading. Keeping my attention is difficult these days, so that says something! *laughing* Having said that, she seems to take a detour here and there. While it doesn't pull away from the story or lose my interest, it also doesn't do much to move the story forward.

Recommended for those that really enjoyed Witches of East End and are willing to wait for book 3.
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