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on May 16, 2012
Marcus was a student of mine when I was the Course Manager for the Naval Special Warfare Sniper program (Navy SEAL course). I also put his brother Morgan and Axelson through the course a few months prior to him showing up in 2001.

All were great students. I still remember his twin brother Morgan shooting me that steely eyed Texas glance as he said, "you going to take care of my brother when he comes through?", "of course", I said. I wasn't let down either.

I remember him being a bit hard headed at times, especially during the stealth and concealment phase. Most Texans I've met are like this in a good way, including our mutual friend Chris Kyle. Marcus was a great student and we became friends during the process, even though he got me quite drunk after graduation. My head still hurts thinking about it.

I'm still waiting for the hard copy of "Service" his wonderful wife Melanie is sending me. I couldn't wait, I'm impatient like that, and bought the eBook for my iPad. I'm a fast reader and don't normally read SEAL books but this was one I read in one sitting.

Marcus takes you through the rest of his career in the SEAL Teams and shares some excellent stories from Iraq that you would never hear about if his story was not told. Most importantly, he selflessly features other heroes and their stories.

All gave and some gave all since 9-11.

Marcus is a great story teller and you need to buy this book.

Looking forward to that joint signing soon Marcus. Great to see you and your family representing yourself and the SEAL Teams in an exemplary fashion as always.

"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"-US Navy SEALs.

Brandon out.

Former US Navy SEAL, Editor-in-Chief of SOFREP and author of The Red Circle.
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on May 8, 2012
SERVICE: A NAVY SEAL AT WAR by Marcus Luttrell is a gripping, captivating and at times, emotional true story about an American hero and heroes, fighting the war on terrorism.

Team 5 Navy SEAL Luttrell returns home after being deployed to several hot spots around the world, including Afghanistan. We, as civilians, can't even imagine what these young men and women have to endure and witness. He came home with PTSD, physically and emotionally a broken man.

This book questions why the US is so eager to send their sons and daughters off to fight in foreign countries, to kill and be killed. From Afghanistan, to Iraq, this young man shares stories of months of combat, special operations, rescues, sacrifices he and his others made, and the death of many team members.

This is a chilling war story that will leave you in awe. It is not for the feint at hearts as it is quite emotional at times. Highly recommended.

In closing, I salute all those young brave men and women who are currently serving or have served. Blessings.
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on May 10, 2012
So I just finished reading Service (in less than 2 days) and was not at all surprised to find it captivating and emotionally charged from the very beginning with his beautiful dedication to Morgan and Mel all the way through to the final acknowledgments. He cleared up so many questions that I had following the first book and also explained some things I didn't know that I didn't know (if that makes sense). The many amazing stories of his fellow soldier's valor and heroism were awe inspiring and heartbreaking and I thank God that we have such brave men serving our country. I loved hearing more stories about his friend Jon Tumilson and the amazing man and warrior that JT was, and I also thought the chapter by Amy and all the wives was very sweet and a poignant reminder of the many sacrifices that our military families make. I'm hoping that hearing these incredible stories of bravery will inspire everyone to do all we can to give back to our troops and their families since we owe them so much. Thanks so much to Marcus Luttrell for writing this wonderful book and may God bless him, his family and all those who served and continue to serve with valor.
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on May 10, 2012
Service chronicles Marcus Luttrell's return to the battlefield after the events of Operation Redwing in 2005 (see "Lone Survivor") in an emotional and informative look at one SEAL's experience at war. Luttrell opens up about his physical and emotional journey to return to the battlefield and seeks to provide insight on why he and so many others are called to serve their country. As someone with no military experience, the description of conditions in Iraq for our troops and Iraqi citizens was startling and eye-opening. The Warrior Queen chapter is an excellent tribute to the families serving at home. Luttrell was thrust into the spotlight after "Lone Survivor". It seems that spotlight has given him a purpose post-Navy, telling inspiring stories of his brothers-in-arms that just might change your outlook on life. Service is a must read.
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on May 14, 2012
"Service" by Marcus Luttrell comes to grips with both a soldiers point of view as well as the ladies on the homefront. His book was personal and open to the levels of phychological damage that one accrues while on dangerous missions abroad and at home. His true sacrifice for man and country were written about with class and deep emotional honesty that will hopefully help other service members heal properly with PTSD. The macho attitude that one may have to endure in special forces books was nonexistent in Marcus's gripping experience as SEAL and civilian. I highly recommend this book for both service members and civilians who have the desire to know what one truly puts on the line to protect the freedom and liberties of this nation called "America".
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on June 7, 2012
If I could give the people in the book 5 stars I would.

I read Lone Survivor and happily gave that book 5 stars. I continue to recommend that book to anyone who will listen.
This book did a great job of highlighting the roles of the different services and how they all contribute to the overall mission. I felt it was Marcus' attempt to thank everyone he served with.

The book seemed to jump around a bit and didn't have the overall story line that Lone Survivor did. It was a quick and enjoyable read (<2 days).

I enjoy the discussions on his brother and especially the additional background on his rescue that didn't make it into L.S.
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on May 16, 2012
I picked up this book and read it in two days. It was one of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching stories I have ever had the privilege of being told. The man behind the curtain of this oz-inspiring account of life in the trenches is a true American, whose love of his country, along with that of his brothers - men and women before, with and after him - has shaped our world. If you are a history buff or not, this is not to be missed. I found so many pages and passages I wanted to read aloud to my kids, to help them KNOW, to help them UNDERSTAND, to help them GROW, to help them SEE what life is about -- that is giving of yourself to your country for the world. Never forget. Never forgive. No man behind. Marcus, thank you. May G-d be with you.
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on May 16, 2012
This is another wonderful story about Marcus Luttrell and his life as a SEAL. He's a true patriot and his story, as well as so many others, needs to be heard by every American. This book, like The Lone Survivor, is told from the heart with honesty.
So many of the heroes mentioned in the book would have otherwise had their stories untold. I don't feel that this book was to "name drop" but to bring past due recognition to the heroes who have served America - by giving the ultimate sacrifice or by serving. The helicopter crash last year that took so many of our country's special forces was absolutely heartbreaking! I feel that having stories told in this book about some of those men will help them to be remembered for their bravery with a small look into the men they were while not at war. That said, this book is guaranteed to make you laugh... and make you cry - in appreciation for those who serve, in grief for those who have lost their lives or a loved one in the line of duty, and fill you with pride for these brave individuals.
Marcus, being a Texan, says alot of things that I appreciate while not being arrogant. I appreciate his faith, his humor, and his down to earth outlook. Thank you again for your service!
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on August 1, 2013
the first book is way better than this. the author was trying tie up loose ends about the first book and trying to wrap up his career in the military. most of the book was about second account stories about combat. if you are a big fan of marcus luttrell, this would give you closure. everybody else might want to pass.
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on May 19, 2012
I enjoyed the book very much. The reader can't help but feel Luttrell's passion for his country, his friends and family, and God. There are some interesting surprises late in the book that were a little unexpected, but serve as a sort of "bonus" to the rest of the content.

Marcus lives in this part of Texas, so I got a chance to go to his book signing at the local B&N. (They wouldn't let me in line because I bought an ebook. Hey, B&N, I like Amazon better anyway! And I use a Kindle!!) I did go upstairs in the book store anyway and was shocked to find that the line wrapped around almost every bookshelf in the second floor! Luttrell had been there for about 5 minutes at the time and people were still coming in the door.

"Service" puts you deep in the action in Iraq and let's you see what these guys go through that willingly put themselves in harm's way prevent the bad guys on this planet from taking over. The reader will also get to see the difficulties in trying to get the Iraqis re-take their own country and build a solid society where only dictators and thugs have ruled before.
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