Customer Reviews: George Foreman GR10B 2-Serving Classic Plate Electric Grill, Black
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on September 29, 2009
What did we do before George came along??
This was a replacement grill for Mom.... she burned up the cord on the old one (totally her fault) or that one would still be going! This one is VERY SMALL. Two boneless pork chops, two hamburgers if they are small, four slices of bacon, a few dogs, or maybe two pieces of fish. My hubby and I find this too small for us but perfect for one. It is good and hot unlike some of the in-between sizes that never quite heated up enough.
For one person or a dorm room (or if allowed) it's great!

Our favorite tip - after taking your food off and UNPLUGGING - soak a paper towel with water and place it inside the grill. When you finish eating, add a bit more water and clean up should be a breeze.
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The original review is below. Be sure to see the updates at the end. For news since this 2010 review, read on...

I've had a several variations on the small George Foreman grills. I have literally worn most of them out, and they last well when taken care of! I use them a LOT. They are great when making a meal in the summer. It doesn't noticeably heat the room like the broiler in the oven and I think it uses much less power all year round. They are just the right size for one or two people.

The grill takes just about 4 minutes to get up to temp (when the light goes out). This is usually just about what it takes to prepare broccoli or asparagus for the steamer and sprinkle meat or poultry with spices. When the GF is ready so am I. That timing works out perfectly and efficiently. When things go smoothly prep, cooking, and cleanup of a whole meal can be about 20m, total.

I have cooked steak, lamb, pork, chicken, salmon, tuna, cod, haddock, bluefish, trout, and a bunch of stuff that just isn't coming immediately to mind. It was all great. The biggest danger is over-cooking because it's so fast and cooks from both sides at once.

When cooking for one and there is space behind a steak or pork chop where I put sliced veggies like bell pepper and onions to cook with the steak. Behind the steak is a steamy spot on the grill and these veggies cook to grilled perfection.

The tilted design is great to get rid of grease and the hot plates nicely sear the surface to seal in juices and flavor.

With fish I like to use a very light coating of Mayo which seems to help make pink and white fish even more delectably moist and tasty. Even cooking a whole trout is great, albeit I needed to slice it in two at the ribs so it all fit at once. About 6 minutes between the plates and done to yummy perfection.

With steak and meats the grill works great with rubs and spices. I really like the Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends (this link is for Salmon Magic) line of spices. Yum!

If you freeze steaks, a 6 oz 3/4" thick steak frozen solid and dropped on the hot places will be done to medium in just about 10 minutes, in my experience A fridge cold steak of the same size/thickness is done to medium in about 5 to 6 minutes. Timing is just about second nature now.

The non-stick surface isn't perfect, though pretty good. Be careful with forks/knives and use a plastic spatula to remove fish as it has more tendency to stick than anything else.

Cleanup is oh so easy. While one must not put their little GF in the dishwasher or immerse it (I wish the plates were removable!) it's still pretty easy to clean.

Just after the food comes off I give it a quick hot wipe with a paper towel to get the bulk off. Just takes a second to do this. After the meal I finish the clean-up by hanging the front of the GF over the sink and using a soapy wet sponge. I thoroughly wash the plates and clean the catch tray. I then use the clean catch tray to rinse the plates of soap, then drain it and both air dry. Water all flows into the sink and it's really clean. It all takes a minute or two.

This is a great tool. If it wasn't so great why would I keep buying them? :-) I even have a spare on the shelf in case my current 4 year old one fails. I love my GF and it's saved so much of my time while giving me great food to enjoy.

Update March 2013:
I've used this little GF a lot over the last 4+ years. Maybe 5 days a week on average. It's held up great for such heavy use, but it's time to get another. The non-stick is starting to wear off. The one I have now doesn't owe me a thing! A lot of good eating came off those grilling plates. Still perfect for one or two people. Still cleans up pretty easy but it's time for another. I just hope they keep making them.

Update May 2013:
This model of the GF Champ was purchased for a friend. My own 5 year old model reached its end-of-life and I got a new GF champ. My current one has been really great.

The GF champ models are all pretty much identical aside from the different plastic shells. The new one reminds me that each does have some minor variations - the new one takes about 30s longer to get a steak to my idea of perfection. I see the same sort of variations with Microwave ovens.

I've given GF champs as gifts to many friends and family members. I have probably purchased at least one of every model made and cooked on most of them. A wonderful, predictable and consistent experience. Convenience, quick cleanup and the tasty food keep me loving the GF champ.

Update December 2014:
This fall I got a George Foreman GR136B 2-Serving Classic model from the Amazon Vine program. I've been using it side-by-side with my older 2 serving model.

This new GR136B model has a nicer non-stick finish in a golden brown color and is lighter than this model. It did not seem to get quite as hot in the first few weeks but now it seems to more closely match the cooking temperature of the older one which I like.

The one change I REALLY don't like on the new model is the length of the power cord is about 10 inches shorter: 25 vs 35 inches. This makes placement of the GR136B on my counter far more restrictive.

I'm putting my older GF away as a backup and the new GR136B is becoming my primary GF. If you can put the GF right next to the outlet on your counter the GR136B might be a better choice than this model. If you need a longer cord, this might be a better choice. They cook just about identically.
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on August 18, 2009
Inexpensive, small, portable for traveling to parties (along with my
mini frydaddy deep fryer), intended for one big hamburger or steak or
2-3 chicken breasts. Heats up fast, 1 minute. Easy clean up (use
plastic spatulas, metal will scratch teflon).

When I ordered, I assumed this was a standard size and did not know
it was mini version - look at the dimensions - but I'm an individual
so this is perfect for me. When I have guests over, I can grill 5+
hamburgers separately in < 30 minutes.
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on June 16, 2012
I've been using this Foreman grill for a couple of nights now and it is absolutely perfect! A couple of years ago, I purchased the bigger Foreman Grill (model GRP90WGR) as a Christmas present for my parents but the grill was hardly used because it was so huge. Also, I'm not sure how that product got so many good reviews because clean up on that grill was pretty horrible. You see, if you look at the grill marks/pattern for the top grill plate, you'll notice that the design is not your traditional grill lines. This makes manual cleanup of the grill very hard because now you have to scrub to get into the tiny cracks and crevices. Whereas in a traditional grill, the grill pattern/marks is in a straight line. It's hard to explain but if you look at the pictures, you'll know what I'm trying to convey. This issue made us even less reluctant to use the grill.

After some debate, we decided to go with the GR10B. For such a low price and more importantly at such a small form factor, this was the grill I should have gotten in the first place. Yes, this grill is very compact. You can hold it in one hand without any problems. There are no removable grill plates. This was initially a concern for us because if you had to pick, I'm sure many would select removable plates to fixed plates. However, it turns out that this issue was a non-concern after all. You see, the grill mark patters for the top grill plate is how a traditional grill plate should be. This makes a world of a difference when its time to cleanup.

Another thing you should be aware of that I don't see in much review is the fact that this grill have no temperature control whatsoever. You simply plug it in, wait for the orange indicator light to turn off and the food then goes in. The awesome news is that this grill heats up in no time at all. I'm being dead serious. You'll be ready to cook your food in no time. This grill is also very strong, which makes it all the more important that you don't overcook your food. Once you cook with this grill a couple of times, I'm sure you'll adjust accordingly in the future.

The grill comes with a mini trip tray to catch the oil and other messy drippings. It does not come with a spatula. As for cleanup, it really is a breeze and if you search around a bit, many people have come up with all kinds of methods on cleaning their Foreman grill. For the really lazy individuals, you can cover your food with aluminum foil and grill it that way. Once that is done, you simply throw away the foil and you never have to clean the grill. The second method involves placing a couple of wet paper towels into the grill immediately after taking the food of the grill. This steams up the grill to loosen the baked on grease and burnt food parts so that it won't be too difficult to clean up later. My favorite way to clean this grill however, is to simply use either wet paper towels or a wet cloth to wipe the grill immediately after taking out the food. When the grill is still hot, wiping off the grease is extremely easy. If you leave it sitting there however, it will be tougher later on as it will have time to get dried up. After a majority of the grease has been removed, I then use a wet sponge to more thoroughly wipe the grill down after dinner. Because there is no caked on parts or whatnot, it only takes a couple of wipes with the sponge and I'm done!

Once again, this grill is perfect if you understand from the beginning that this is a very small grill and can adjust accordingly. I can cook two chicken breasts (from Costco) in this grill with no problems. It might be a tight fit but it definitely is possible. With this grill, I am urging my family to eat more chicken breast because they are more healthier than pork or beef. This grill is really the perfect chicken grilling machine!
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on July 16, 2011
I had the old version of this grill (the white one) that came out when they first released this product. It was great. I used it for around 10 years, and finally had to toss it as the Teflon started to chip, but I got 10 years of use out of it so I was pleased.

I was happy to see this model, which looked exactly the same as the one I had and loved for 10 years.

I should add that I use my Foreman grill every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I clean it after each use. I'm pretty meticulous about that stuff.

Alright, so I get this new one and it works well. Cooks my chicken and steak just the way I like, and the Teflon surface appears to clean easily. It literally takes one or two swipes with a wet paper towel and everything comes off. Perfect.

Exactly 15 days later (I still have the receipt), I'm cooking a chicken breast and it smells like something is burning. I go into the kitchen, lift up the top of the Foreman grill, and the entire top of my chicken breast is black. It looked like a shingle from the roof of a house. The rest of the chicken was still raw, however. So I take a knife and cut off the top 1/8" of the chicken (the burnt part) and throw it away and let the chicken breast cook some more.

Two minutes later, the same thing happens. The top is burnt to a crisp, but the bottom is just fine.

Repeat this a few more times until the chicken breast is done cooking.

When I go to clean the grill this time, I notice that while the bottom still cleans easily, the top part is leaving Teflon bits on the wet paper towel.

If this were to happen after 10 years, like it did with the first Foreman Grill, that would be acceptable.

But when it happens after 15 days, it is unacceptable. The product is unusable now. I'm not sure if this is planned obsolescence or quality fade; the Foreman grill used to be a fantastic product, but either way now I can no longer recommend it.

Read the other reviews here. My situation seems to be pretty common. Most of the reviews that say "omg I love it it works so well" are from people who just got it and it hasn't failed yet.

Zero stars. Avoid, or do not buy without a great return policy, because after you use and clean it it about 20 times, you will need to return it.
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on October 30, 2011
Ive had this grill 2.5 months. Its my 2nd Foreman grill. I use it about 3 times a week. It works great but has one major flaw. The Teflon surface has begun to "bubble-up" and flake off after only 2.5 months of use (the first one lasted about 3 months but i liked it so much i decided to write it off as an anomaly and buy a 2nd one). At 3 times a week for 2.5 months use thats about $0.50 per use. That is unacceptable. Deterioration after 6 months use i could live with but not 2.5 months. I think i will look for another grill this time.
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on June 26, 2010
This was my third Foreman Grill, the 2nd of this model. My first one worked beautifully and lasted along time. Then I guess they cut back on the coating to get more profit. After less than 10 cookings the non stick surface was non-effective and cleaning it became a major chore and as noted in other reviews the top cooked faster and there were hot-spots so that it cooked irregularly. The center would be burnt with the edges still being somewhat undercooked. I went looking for a replacement grill and compared the cooking surface to the others in the store. Others were smooth and glossy while the Foremans were gritty, rough and pitted. Like an emery board. Definetly going to look at a new brand.
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on May 10, 2012
I bought this to replace a George Foreman grill of uncertain age. The quality has degraded markedly. I don't remember the price I paid for the one I replaced so it may be the cost has gone down enough to account for the diminished quality.

This thing is cheap, cheap, cheap. It weighs next to nothing and the plastic appears really flimsy. I'm no good with spacial relationships, so 36 inches square seemed like it might be OK. This size will not cook two hamburgers at once. The old one did. On the old grill two burgers just fit, on the new one the second burger almost fits. Both were the smallest size available when I bought them.

But the worst part is: it does not cook evenly! The middle of the grill is much hotter than the rest. Not only can I grill only one burger at a time, I have to move it around to get it to cook evenly.

I would return it if it were worth the trouble.
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on March 22, 2010
I was really looking forward to getting this since everyone raves about how great they are, but I was really disappointed.

I enjoy a good turkey burger from time to time, so that was the first thing I tried. It cooked up fast like it says, about 5-10 minutes (I don't recall), but the outside was cooked a little too much for my taste, and the burger left a huge mess all over the plates.

By the way, if you didn't read carefully, the plates aren't removable. And the unit can't be put into the dishwasher or even the sink. It recommends using a wet paper towel or cloth or something to wipe the plates off. It also recommends turning it on for a bit to loosen up anything that might be stuck on there too well. Seriously? All that did was burn the crap that was stuck on it. And there are too many nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean. I also had trouble cleaning the cheap, plastic spatula that comes with it. And the drip tray doesn't connect or fit into any groove or anything, it just sits there.

I tossed this grill into the trash.

All in all, my burgers turn out better on my stove in a frying pan. And the frying pan is a thousand times easier to clean afterwards. Maybe a more expensive model would be better. I know my family loves theirs.
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on May 17, 2010
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