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I don't know where someone get's the idea these workouts are ancient... I put production dates if I found any.

Time to Tone - 15 min stretching & kickboxing first by a marine/martial artist Robert Ferguson who also takes turns with Krista Clarke teaching you the correct way to use free weights & a bench. Very detailed instruction on proper posture, etc. whole body circuit training. Great for people who use free weights to avoid injury.

In The House (2005) - Shari Layne's Step workout cardio & toning & stretching. She seemed fun & sweet. This is still offered on Amazon. I am not into step workouts so barely looked at it.

D's Hip-Hop Routines/Aerobics (2004 wansome com) - Devora Canario done choreographer & worked with Janet Jackson, tv commercials w/dancing, etc. Availabe in 2.0 or 5.1 Doby Digital, she teaches in a gym w/about 10 talented backup dancers, 2 of them guys. It's 50 min aerobics that teaches each move a little slowly at first & then repeats it many, many times noromal speed before moving on the the next to build to one big routine. Since so many times before moving on, there should be no problem following. There's another 35-min bonus teaching in quick 8-count in only normal speed of more complicated cool hip-hop moves w/jumping, etc. for people in great shape & can learn dance moves fast with 4 backup dancers. On par with many other dance instructional/fitness DVDs. Very good teacher & very nice sounding, I had fun. Great dance moves. Great menu options. See trailer at shamiproduction com

D's Hip Hop Routines: City Style & Southern Style (2002 & 2003 wansome com) - Devora Canario again, this time City is 50 min & Southern is also 50 min. Each Style has an impressive amount of cool dance moves. She only goes through them 1-2x with just 8-count & left & right cueing in normal speed. It's built up to 3 different routines & repeated by adding new moves.

Since no slow speed breakdown, was a bit hard for me which I'm disapointed because the moves looked GREAT. Also available in 5.1 surround sound. Great backup dancers, all girls. Only bad thing was on the southern workout, someone had the lighting on too bright & you lost a little detail on her. Not horrible, but someone definitely screwed up. Great menu options again.

La Chica Fitness (1997 awool com/lachica html) - See picture of the VHS version on Amazon. Has great menu of the two workouts:

Yvette Quez's La Chica Fitness - Everything is taught in Spanish & English for every cue (watch it enough you'll learn some Spanish words, LOL). She has two talented backup female dancers & done at the beach & pool side. Great latin music, warmup is good & she teaches slowly 2-3x & then speeds it up. Mostly salsa, box step, cha-cha, hip circles, samba, merenge & other popular dance steps & some other interesting steps. The workout is 42 min. The 8 minute cool down is done at night by campfire on the beach which includes meditation. Great production quality. Surprised wasn't more popular when it came out, very good & fun.

Dance Party w/Franky Armas - teaches you the very basics of latin dance for 50 min in a studio with 7 other dancers who they introduce with detail. Makes you feel like you're in a dance class. The latin music is good, but slow & hard to hear. The quality looks VHS quality & again the lighting could be better, & sometimes goes b&W which is annoying, but you can still follow easily. He teaches Bachata, Cha-Cha, meringue solo & couple, salsa, mambo, cha-cha routine, salsa routine, etc. Great teacher, teaches each new move slowly & repeats several times & you keep doing it over & over til sometimes you get a bit bored. Even the most uncoordinated will get it.

Power Stretching (1994 modelfitness com/michael_wehrhahn html) - Michael Wehrhahn has long history of martial arts, gymastics & stunt work. He created this video & stars in it. He's in leotards on large gym mats w/a bright green wall. The music is elevator style. THERE IS NO WARMUP or COOL DOWN. He starts with VERY hard 90 degree hip stretch that even with my 3 years of yoga I couldn't do. I am VERY impressed with his flexibility, but he does NOT give any good cueing, advice, warnings, etc. Within 10 min, he says if you can't do a full russian split, you will not be able to do part B. He uses an assistant a few times as well, even on basic butterfly stretch he says to have a partner STAND gently on your thighs & PUSH your back down. (How does one stand their full weight GENTLY on your thighs?) I couldn't finish it though workout only 32 min. This should be used only by gymnists & flexible martial artists IF THAT, otherwise be prepared for an injury or just plain boredom.

Nantucket Pilates (2005) - Phoebe Finch's teaches 15 basic exercises for 20 min for the whole body at the beach of Nantucket, Mass. She has a very soothing, sweet voice. The music is almost non-existant & you can hear the waves nicely. She teaches moves at a moderate speed with good cues & in between she stretches those same muscles to keep you fleible & avoid spasming/tightness for a second which I think they all should do. There were great moves I haven't seen before that felt great. I surprising love it & will probably use it again & again.

I got this DVD mainly because of the price & because offered 3 different dance workouts which is the main part of my exercise regimine. I surprising loved the pilates also & sure others will like the step or free weights.
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on January 31, 2006
I bought this collection really not expecting much -- I just wanted some variety now and then, and this was a pretty good price. Well, I was surprised to find at least 3 great workouts on it so far! (I haven't done the other parts, cause I'm not into pilates, stretches or steps).

I absolutely loved La Chica Fitness. I've been trying to figure out latin dancing for ages, and this workout finally showed me the basics. The instructor is speaking Spanish and English and cues very well. My favorite part is that at the end of the program the music (which is very catchy, by the way) gets louder, the comments less and the girls just go through the routine. After doing the whole workout a few times, I've learned the steps, and now I'm really enjoying just dancing off. I frequently repeat that last part a few times. If I'm really into it, I'm soaking wet at the end with tons of energy.

I also love Devora Carnio's Hip-Hop aerobics and routines. I find the aerobics easier to follow, as she repeats moves many times before building on. It's a lot of fun, and I'm actually begining to feel that I can dance.

The city/country routines at first looked very intimidating. She doesn't explain the moves much, and if you never did that kind of dancing before, it might be hard to catch on. Then one day I decided to give it an honest try, with a remote. Well, about an hour later I could pretty much do routine number 1. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment, great sweat, and I just couldn't wait to continue. So I think if you want to learn cool moves and willing to do the stop/rewind -- this is a program for you.

I checked out and everyone of Devora's hip-hop programs sell for over $20. so this compilation is a really good deal, even if you were to ignore all the other workouts.
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on August 12, 2005
I also agree with the person that reviewed, "Not too bad for the money,".

Although I will never use a class like Power Stretching, wich requires much much much much much more flexibility that I can even dream, it's worth every cent.

Hip Hop and La Chica Workouts are fun and I sweat a lot. Pilates and Step classes are also very pleasant.

For this prize, get five in seven is quite more that I could expect.
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on July 22, 2008
Lena of Touch Remedy wrote an excellent review that detailed the workout types. I watch and follow along to many of Fit TV's shows and I go to the gym. I tell you that the workouts provided in this video are really good. As far as the look, I would say that these are not eighties workouts, and the single oldest one was late nineties for "La Chica Fitness." As far as being a compilation of cheap-looking productions, some sections are mediocre looking, but very easily forgiven since the workouts rise above that.

"Time to Tone" and "Nantucket Pilates" are my top favorites.

To add to Lena's review for "Time to Tone," the coaches on that workout are very warm and I feel like I have a good trainers working with me. If I had personal trainers that were as sympathetic at my gym, I would have engaged them for private sessions. To add to this glowing review, I love the workout because it is efficient by applying supersets with free weights, a great abs section that doesn't just have boring crunches, and there is a bonus section that breaks down all the moves individually, so that anyone interested could execute each move well. These details are not so readily forthcoming in TV programs, hence the value. All you need is a workout bench or a step with levels as a substitute of a workbench, as many sets of free weights that you can really handle, and press PLAY.

I like "In the House," very much and if I wasn't so new to step I would use it a whole lot more, so I have a goal to work up to it, after I work with a basic step DVD. "La Chica Fitness" is also very good and I was able to sweat while enjoying myself. I don't much care for the Hip/Hop section as a workout only because the moves were so smooth that I didn't break a sweat, but the choreography looks very good for the real dance floor. The Latin Dance Party was good too, but not intense and also good for live dancing.

"Power Stretching" should not have been included in this DVD set because those exercises should be done only by gymnasts with their coaches present. I just laugh and cross this out.

In essence, this DVD set is a great bargain for people who wish to at the very least, sample a variety of workouts. BUY IT!!!
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on June 29, 2005
I agree with the person two ahead of me that reviewed, "Not too bad for the money," - excellent writeup. Just ditto that for me!
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on February 26, 2008
I got this dvd set at Ross for like 7 dollars and I love it. I only do D's hip hop and on the other side is D's city style and country style dance routines which i love. (and you get a good deal cause usually u will have to pay for the city and country style separately and you get both of them included). I also do La Chica Fitness. I love latin dancing so this was right up my alley. And for the person that said they didn't get a work about must be used to working out 4 hours a day because with them workouts I listed above was very intense. It was worth every penny.
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on November 1, 2006
Do not buy this! It seems interesting and full of variety, but every workout was terrible! Y ou will get more out of walking for 10 minutes than you will get out of these "cardio" worouts; I didn't even break a sweat; I was bored and annoyed by them! Plus they are badly instructed and appear cheap.
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on January 16, 2014
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on May 19, 2005
is a fantastic dancer, and a fantastic dance teacher!

easy to follow, easy to watch, easy to learn.

a very smooth gal, and a very smooth class
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on July 15, 2005
This is put out by the same people who put out 10 Best Fitness. (also titled 10 Best Workouts) See the review for that title, its also a load of crap. These are old old OLD OLD O L D workouts, cheesy as all get out, worthless piles of crap. Don't buy this ! If I could give this 0 stars I would. DO NOT BUY THIS SET !!!!!! The workouts felt disorganized, cueing was bad and some of the production values were poor at best. CRAP is the absolute best word for this set. Sometimes, there's nothing better that can be said about something. Its crap. Crappy. Crappisimo.
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