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on April 7, 2012
Okay. By way of background, I have been a UFO fan since 1975, when I purchased Force It in LP form at the Wherehouse, a record store (what are those?) which is long gone. Since then, I have seen UFO live a number of times in San Diego at the Sports Arena, the Civic Theater and San Diego Stadium (before it was Jack Murphy Stadium before it was Qualcomm Stadium). I have (most) everything in my collection, including the BBC Sessions, Live at the Record Plant 1975, Live at the Roundhouse 1976, Live on Earth, the Strangers in the Night album as well as the extended Strangers in the Night CD. Before going further, if you have not already done so, you must immediately purchase three albums, excuse me, CD's: Phenomenon, Force It and No Heavy Petting. They form the troika of the band's best work. I should add, Obsession is also worthy. In short, I think that the latest UFO effort, Seven Deadly Sins, contains at least three tracks, perhaps more, that rank up right up there with the best that the band has ever done. I would nominate Nos. 1, 2 and 8 for this distinction. The fact that there is discussion among reviewers as to which tracks deserve this accolade only reinforces my thinking that this album (sorry, CD) ranks among the band's higher achievements. Given the otherwise sorry state of music today, I am relieved and grateful that UFO is still out there rocking hard and keeping the faith.
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on February 28, 2012
Burn this House Down is great and other Mens Wives is a good blues song along with Bag o, blues really good as well as the Starter track Flight Night I give it 5 stars nobody else plays this kind of music these days just give it a few good litsens it will grow on you Having read some other reviews Most of you need to realize that the old UFO is done lets appreciate what we have,give this a real good listen its a sleeper very good
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on March 7, 2012
I am a huge fan of the Vinnie Moore era of UFO and I think this album is the best of that era so far. That being said, even if this were the work of an unknown band, I would still say that it is a killer, 5-star effort. Moore has shown increasingly, both live and in the studio that he is far from a so-called hired gun. His playiing has become an integral part of the band. Having seen him live, he is respectful to the older material while still giving the songs his own stamp with clever augmentations to the originals. In the studio, his writing has gelled with Mogg's and produced 4 albums that have proven to be among the band's best, culminating (so far) in "Seven Deadly." This is, bear in mind, the opinion of a listener who credits "Force It" & "Obsession" as among the best hard rock records ever. One thing that amazes me is people who still pine for Schenker, saying that Schenker is more aggressive, dangerous, a rogue, etc. and, thereby, more exciting. Listen to me very carefully, people: Michael Schenker is a drunk, a loose cannon & a goofball. He is also one of my favorite guitar players of all time. If those 2 statments appear incongruous, understand one thing: Michael Schenker was all those things on the early albums that I love and treasure. The problem is that, on those, he was also a great songwriter and guitarist. He is surely no longer the former and his status in the latter is highly shaky based on his recent production. A band can change, metamorphose and still produce great material. A band's existance and worth is also NOT incumbent upon one member. In other words, worship this album or die. :) Just kidding about the last part, but hey, just saying....
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on March 7, 2012
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on March 2, 2012
The first reviewer is entitled to his opinion. I would just like to point out that he was apparently incapable of telling us why he thought it sucked. Did he buy the last three albums? If he did then why did he buy this one? I am not particularly thrilled with the Vinnie Moore era. He is a phenomenal player, but he is essentially a hired gun/muso. He is technically far better than Michael Schenker but I will take Schenker over him any day because Schenker has attitude to back up his chops. He is dangerous, volatile and exciting, where Moore is perfuntory. UFO has boiled it down to two things: Moore's rather pedestrian riffs and Mogg's 'I've read a few dime novels' lyrics delivered with his trademark growl. This is a decent album just like the other three, but it is cookie cutter hard rock. Moore records the guitars in one place and Mogg sings in another. Except for a rare background keyboard on one or two songs I doubt Paul Raymond even played much on any of these records. UFO were at their best when they mixed some pop with their rock. They dont have the budget to create arrangements for these songs so they compensate by rocking hard. This can get tedious at times but there are acouple of gems including Angel City for one. So the first "reviewer" notwithstanding, If you are a fan and have stayed with the band through the Vinnie Moore era, you know what you are going to get. It doesn't suck but it is more of the same.
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on March 16, 2012
I finally got it! It's pathetic no record stores carry UFO
in New Orleans! I'm on my 3rd listen and it rocks! Moore
does it again with the UFO style riffs and Moog with the
cool words and of course incredible vocals. Raymond has
writing credits and Year of the Gun is a UFO classic.
Andy Parker is still kicking it on drums! There isn't
a dud on this album. I like Wonderland, Last Stone Rider,
Steal Yourself but Bring your House Down is one of the
best UFO songs ever. Classic! I also love the 2 bonus
tracks Other Men's Wifes and the piano and vocal only
bag o' blues is incredible. If UFO's last it's ashame!
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on January 3, 2013
Seven Deadly - New Album
HAVE OVER 500 CDS LOADED IN COMPUTER AND EVERYDAY LISTEN TO AT LEAST 1 SONG FROM THIS NEVER GETS OLD AND KEEPS GETTING BETTER [update nov 23,2014] !!! overall my favorite go to of all time grows on you the more you listen, seems to me that ufo freaks like me are on another planet or decibel level but what's eatible to me this material is not followed by mainstreamers and vice versa, maybe not getting the proper education has left me this way, don't know why other people don't like this is my all time favorite go to maybe i need a brain exam but i cannot stop thinking about it the moment i awake its the only thing worth listening to. i read somewhere that england recently ranked this as #18 most important music, thank you mr mogg for given us some great music for the ones that appreciate it, this record and you are here i just can't get enough another masterpiece here and sharks third favorite and walk on water # 4 i don't know what happened but for me i like newer stuff better then 70's and 80's ufo, now that phil mogg no longer sports the long hair platform shoes and star studded shirts all the stuff you shouldn't worry about he can let his hair down so to speak and his solo album is nice also
listening to ufo since 1979 and when i seen them in concert 1980 i said where is all the concert goers? but never again did i hear mention of this group while journey stones zepplin foreigner whitesnake arrowsmith etc were being played on radio but would go and always buy the ufo cds thinking to myself this is my style and kind of music i liked listening to and was i right cause everytime i popeed in their music into a player it always made a part of me come alive that no other band or group could do to me, amen i was fadding away into the old timer crusty lifestyle but since this came out i refuse to go away quietly, who cares about schenker this cd is the best yet everything the flow composition the break-ins the voice the way it flows absolutely my favorite ufo album and i have almost all of them, i get into it so much i feel like that bag o bones dude on the front cover is me and so cool the riff in burn your house down almost out of tune so screetchy over the top i like it and at the end of waving goodbye i know its reds saloon but it almost sounds like waving goodbye to the last igloo which is haunting to me wow it is igloo
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on June 25, 2012
i'm going to make this short and sweet...UFO has been around a long long time..they love their can still see this at the shows..bands as in life there is the time to progress..and even regress..this is the process of evolution..if you dont like the product ..dont buy it..schenker is gone ..chapman is gone..etc with it..this is a fantastic album..UFO has changed with age..take a close look at yourselves..what were you like at 20..what are you like now at 40 ..and like myself at almost 50...listening to current UFO tracks..and watching their shows reminds me alot of the stages and changes i'm going well as many of their fans..i'll never abandon them..say down things about them..i'm just F"in thankful they have been there all they years of my youth..thru the more reflective years of my older age, its hard to accept change and wish for the days of yesteryear..but they are gone and you'll never get them back, its what you do with the current times that makes the Loyal Fan......
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on April 10, 2012
UFO is still producing strong albums after being around for more than 40 years. The songs here range from hard rock to ZZ Top style Texas hard rock blues (lots of lyrics about Texas and Mexico) to their ballets. A breakdown of songs.

Fright Night: Great hard rock opening track. Could have easily fit on one of the Michael Schenker 2nd era albums of about 10 years ago.

Wonderland: The hardest rocking song on the album. Real heavy guitar rifts. Phil talks about wanting the monkey, not sure of what that is all about.

Mojo Town - Another heavy song with a major Texas blues flavor. ZZ Top would be proud.

Angel Station: How did a Bruce Springsteen song make it on a UFO album? You really could close your eyes and think it's the Boss except the guitar solo is a little bit heavier. The longest song on the album and much different than the 1st 3 songs.

Year of the Gun: A southern blues boogie number. Not sure how UFO went from a hard rock British band to a Texas hard blues boogie band except that drummer Andy Parker lives in Texas now.

The Last Stone Rider: Another Bruce Springsteen tune somehow made it on to here. Good foot tapping tune.

Steal Your Range: Mid tempo ballard. Lyrics sound like a message to former bass player Pete Way who has been battling alcoholism and liver disease. ZZ Top influence shows through on this one.

Burn Your House Down: Dark brooding angry ballad. A concert staple from the current tour of this album.

The Fear: 70's mid tempo southern rock tune with harmonicas mixed in.

Waiving Good Bye: Great ballad with a nice hammond organ in the background. Lyrically it sounds like it's a message to Michael Schenker and that the rest of the band is moving on with references to someone's tanterums and mad men.

Other's Men Wives: Dark blues number about a guy finding out his wife was cheating on him. Not on of the stronger tracks on the album.

Bag O' Blues: Piano driven old time style blues number. There is just the piano here, no guitar or drums.

This is the second album of the UFO lineup of original members vocalist Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker, long time member keyboardist/guitarist Paul Raymond and guitarist Vinnie Moore. Moore has served the longest conscecutive term of any guitarist in UFO history being in the band for 8 consecutive years. Bass duties are filled in by session musicians on the album and tour.
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on March 3, 2012
I've been following UFO for years and this has received the best reviews I've seen since ...well probably longer than I can remember. The album opens with Fight night, which is a straight forward rocker a little bit like Hell driver from the Visitor.

You then get an number of excellent rockers some with a bluesy tinge like Mojo town and some slower crackers like Wonderland, which along with Burn your House down see UFO as good as ever. Overall a solid offering from a band that that remains true to itself whilst still evolving their sound.

Vinnie Moore is on top form and has ditched his shredding past for a bluesier sound, which perfectly matches Phil's soulfull voice.

Great album if you like rockin' music made by great musicians at the top of their game.
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