Customer Reviews: Seven Up (Stephanie Plum, No. 7) (Stephanie Plum Novels)
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on June 4, 2002
Although this latest Plum novel didn't have the humor and strong plot as the other I still could not give it less than five stars. This book went fast and was very enjoyable.
The end was a long waited surprise with Ranger! Stephanie calls Ranger for help and the heat is turned up on the relationship between Ranger and Stephanie.
Joe and Stephanie and speaking of the idea on marriage. Of course Stephanie's family is all for the idea!
Mooner, who was introduced in the last book plays a bigger role.
Stephanie and Lula are riding a Harley this book.
Even though the laughter was not there as in the others this book should not be missed. If you follow this series. If you are a new reader then start with the first book and work your way through. You will be glad and really enjoy it!
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on June 20, 2001
The wait until the next book comes out is maddening. Seems like I've twiddled my thumbs for ages waiting on "Seven Up" to be released....and the day it was, I was waiting at the bookstore ready to elbow anyone between me and the display!
Those yummy men are back to "play" with Stephanie; meaning Joe Morelli and Ranger. How is that girl ever going to decide between the two of them when both are so wonderfully male and magnificent? Then of course there's Grandma Mazur at her zany best and an estwhile little known family member makes an appearance. Stephanies "perfect" sister Valerie whose "perfect" marriage has bit the dust, leaving her to contemplate the possible advantages to becoming gay. Lots of laughs are evoked through her decision to make lifestyle changes while living with her and Stephanies parents. Mother Plum is menopausal and frustrated, Father Plum is trying desperately to stay in his own world and ignore the chaos around him and Grandma is, as always, looking to be where the action is! Throw in Bob the dog, and those pharmaceutically impaired space cadets, Mooner & Dougie and it's once again madcap insanity from page one to the last page.
I don't know if I agree that this book is not as well written as the previous 6. I know I laughed just as hard and if it were possible to give any Evanovich book more then 5 stars I'd do it....just for the laugh factor alone! You can't read a Stephanie Plum book and not walk around with a silly grin on your face for two days after you've completed reading it. If you know anyone that's depressed, give them a Janet Evanovich book to read. Doesn't matter which one....they're all excellent for a lot of chuckles!
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on May 31, 2001
Okay, I agree with the editorial reviewer who said this book wasn't as good as her others. It wasn't, but even that still merits four stars. It still made me laugh out loud, feel miserable and also cringe horribly (particularly towards the end).
She kills a car again. Can't have a novel where Steph doesn't destroy one or more of her cars. Wouldn't be right.
Grandma Mazur is still great and Perfect Sister Valerie and her two insane children (one is convinced she's a horse, the other knows it all) are a nice addition to the crazy world of Plum . I also love Steph's understated dad who takes it all in his stride. And her mum, in fact, and Bob and Morelli and Ranger and Lula...... I could go on and on....
Real interesting developments on the Ranger and Morelli front. Didn't really know how Ms. Evanovich would get Steph out of the situation she had between two very attractive and persuasive men without making her choice/decision uncharacteristic. And that choice is......
Not gonna tell you.
Once again we are left with the cliff hanger ending which, yes, is just as irritating as it was in book 6 (and 5) but that's more because I really, really want to know what happened than just being irritated with a deliberate device to get me to buy the next book (which, by the way, is SO working - I can't believe I have to wait a whole year to the next one).
Still, I think I'll just go read it again.
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on July 4, 2001
I will agree w/ others, this is not one of the best Plums on the tree, but it is definately funny (as usual). I read this book in a day and a-half. I was laughing so hysterically the first night that my husb asked if I was going to be okay. As usual, Steph and Lula get in some trouble, she kills another car, but ends up with a great ride.
The battle is still on between Ranger and Joe (I hope Ranger wins!) As usual, Grandma Mazur is just about the best character in the book.
It is a little long winded and I kinda got tired of the "who's got the heart", etc. But, it is a laugh a minute. If nothing else, it is a great beach read. Janet delivers again!
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on June 19, 2001
OK, I confess, I am a devout fan of Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter extraordinaire and her cohorts, wild and wonderful people who inhabit these tales with verve and humor! What's not to like in an eccentric (and armed) Grandma or a confused but devastatingly attractive cop? If you have never enjoyed a Plum adventure, you might want to try starting at the beginning (One for the Money)although each story is stand-alone fun! However, I think much of the richness of this book comes from already having met these characters in earlier novels and watching them grow - my enjoyment was enhanced by my history with these wonderful folks! Stephanie has her inevitable highs and lows in this book as she pursues eldery Eddie DeChooch for bail-jumping - Joe Morelli is still making Stephanie itchy, Grandma still favors Stiva's Funeral parlor viewings as her entertainment of choice, there are FTA's to be brought in, and Ranger - ah yes, Ranger!!! As we have come to expect (albeit with teeth clenched) Janet Evanovich has left us with another cliffhanger and it only took about ten minutes of screaming for me to get past it!!! Janet must be an amazing person to create such a delightfully funny, wild and wonderful world - if you love laughter with your crime and romance, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to all the Plum books, not just this one - you won't regret it!
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on June 25, 2001
Not the best of the Stephanie Plum books, but after waiting a year, it is still a quick, funny summer read. Grandma Mazur is still my "fav" in the book. The three,(at least), mistakes using the wrong names in the story were disappointing. The appearance of Valerie, though nice, was pretty contrived since she was mentioned 14 times before she arrived--it wasn't a surprise she showed up for dinner. The plot/mystery was ok. I, share another reviewer's disappointment about the romantic cliff hanger. I did enjoy Vinnie's turn as a bounty hunter--he should come out of the office and help more often. So, yeah, I am not sorry I bought it and probably I'll cave for 8. In the meantime I'd rather reread the earlier ones for laughs.
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on February 13, 2006
We devoted readers all know that Stephanie's cases are never easy. Something is bound to go wackily wrong everytime Stephanie's on the case. And SEVEN UP, Janet Evanovich's seventh novel starring lingerie-buyer-turned-bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum, is no exception. This time, Stephanie's case is deceptively easy: Bring in Eddie DeChooch, who's eighty years old, nearly blind, and has been caught smuggling cigarettes into Jersey from Richmond, Virginia. Since Eddie didn't show up for court, it's up to Stephanie to find him and take him to reschedule.

Seems easy, right? Well, the thing is...Eddie DeChooch somehow keeps alluding her. He's driving around town in a very visible white Cadillac, but he keeps slipping through Steph's fingers. When Stephanie's friends, the lovable stoners Mooner and Dougie, are kidnapped, and it appears DeChooch is involved in their disappearance, Stephanie starts to get desperate. She decides to enlist the help of mystery man Ranger--for a price, of course, and this time that price may be more than she's willing to pay (and more than her body can handle).

Pig hearts, motorcycles, mud wrestling, unwanted wedding dresses, car accidents, dogs with an endless supply of bodily functions, sexy cops and irresistible bad boys, lesbian sisters, perverted bosses and big black ex-hookers...It's just another day in the life of Stephanie Plum!

Okay, okay, I'll admit it: The Stephanie Plum novels are getting rather formulaic. But is that necessarily a bad thing? I've begun to think of these books as my "guilty pleasure"; I mean, c'mon, let's face it, it's not like they're haute literature. But that's precisely why I love them. When you open a Stephanie Plum novel, you know exactly what you're going to get: wacky situations, outlandish characters, lots of irreverence and tons of laughs...and what's so bad about that? It's nice to escape every once in a while. I say stick with your formula, Janet: It works!

SEVEN UP does a great job of expanding on the characters we faithful readers have come to know and love. Evanovich has definitely been upping Ranger's sexuality a few thousand degrees in the last couple of books. Morelli's character, too, becomes more nuanced as we readers begin to realize how much he really cares for Stephanie. All the familiar favorites are there: Dougie and Mooner, crazy ol' Grandma Mazur (who's actually starting to get on my nerves--she's a bit overwritten), Lula and Connie, Bob the dog, Mom and Dad Plum. There are even some new characters to enjoy, like Stephanie's sister Valerie, who's arrived from California with her two daughters and who, since her husband left her, has decided she's a lesbian.

And there's Stephanie herself...and well, she's one of the most remarkable creations in fiction today--in haute literature, or in any other kind. Brutally honest, winningly ditzy but also shrewd, charming and lovable, funny and just a little bit crazy: That's Stephanie. She's got a love affair with Jersey, an endless supply of tee-shirts and Levis, and a huge black shoulder bag filled with the flotsam of her crazy life. She's independent but also a little needy; she's hesitantly nurturing (at least to her hamster, Rex, and to Mooner and Dougie, who instill in her a kind of motherly instinct) and admittedly vulnerable. She's purely unforgettable and so real it's hard to believe she only lives in the pages of fiction.

Ridiculous and wonderful, sharp and sassy and written in that trademark witty prose her readers have become so familiar with, Janet Evanovich has definitely offered up another winner with SEVEN UP. And oh, just you wait for the cliffhanger at the end of this one!
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on January 13, 2002
Okay, sure -- the review title is shamelessly lifted from a recent "7 Up" ad campaign, but it fits the spirit of this novel and its sassy protagonist. I suspect that Stephanie Plum would approve.
As a bounty hunter, Stephanie is no Lara Croft. Her gun is usually left in her cookie jar, and her idea of exercise is a brief, early morning walk to allow her oversized dog to do its business on a rival's lawn. Although she has her flashes of inspiration and is starting to develop something akin to instrincts, her successes are based in large part upon her wide networks of family and friends, and an occasional rescue by her enigmatic (and gorgeous) colleague Ranger. Much of the story's charm comes from Stephanie's wacky relatives, and from the cozy if slightly off-kilter world portrayed. Stephanie accepts all these odd folks and befriends most of them, and she describes "the Burg" with such affection that you find yourself nostalgic for meatloaf, air polution and retired mafia.
At the heart of the series is hot-blooded Stephanie's on-and-off relationship with sexy cop Joe Morelli, and her fascination with Ranger. But the funniest moments come from the inspired pairing of Stephanie with former hooker Lulu. Their partnership brings to mind an updated Lucy and Ethel. And, like Lucy, Stephanie has a worried and patriarchal male fussing over her attempts to earn a living. The result of this interaction, however, is significantly different, and goes something like this:
Ricky Ricardo: "Lucy . . . ."
Response: "Waaaaahhh!!"
Joe Morelli: "Stephanie . . . "
Response: "Bite me."
This plot revolved around Stephanie's attempts to apprehend an aging and impotent mafia hitman. (She knows of the gentlemen's medical problems courtesy of Grandmother Mazur, who dates the old gent.) Comic blunders abound, the obligatory vehicles are destroyed, but this time Stephanie doesn't stumble onto the solution. She shows initiative and ingenuity, not to mention considerable courage. And her quirky compassion is much in evidence, from the first scene in which she talks a friend down off a bridge railing to the denouement, in which she dutifully admires the effect that good news has on the old mafioso. (This "good news," by the way, is wonderfully absurd and not without a keen ironic edge.)
I liked Seven Up a bit less than its six predecessors, but I still liked it very much. It's a chick book, and I mean that in the best sort of way. Reading a Stephanie Plum book is like spending a couple of hours with the Jersey-girlfriend we all wish we had.
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on August 4, 2001
Stephanie Plum, the "bounty hunter from hell" is back for her seventh book by Janet Evanovich. With all of her previous wacky, off-the-wall adventures, there is only one really important question left to answer in this novel: Will Stephanie blow up another car?
You'll have to read SEVEN UP to find out, but I will tell you this. She does finally do something with her hair. In this book, Stephanie is after Eddie DeChooch, an aging mobster who failed to appear at his court date for smuggling cigarettes. It's amazing how Stephanie can't seem to apprehend the depressed, next-to-blind senior citizen, but it wouldn't be a Stephanie Plum adventure if that weren't so.
All of the regular cohorts are back. The back-of-her-mind love triangle between the hunk-of-a-cop Joe Morelli and her hot professional partner-in-crime Ranger is blossoming quite nicely, and the cliffhanger at the end of this book will leave you speechless. Grandma Mazur is her same colorful, scene-stealing self, and we finally get to meet Stephanie's sister, Valerie. And does she ever make a great first appearance! Mooner and "the Dealer" are also back with more prominant roles, filling out a wonderful cast of characters.
As always, Evanovich writes a fast-flowing hilarious novel. Evanovich likes to throw you off guard every once in a while, whether it be with inept, bufoonish bad guys, a crazy funeral viewing a Stiva's, or even a small taste of mud wrestling. She is seemingly always on top of her game, and in touch with pop culture. Hey, for you professional wrestling fans out there, there is even a reference to the Rock. SEVEN UP will keep you guessing throughout, taking you on a wild ride. It is a very entertaining read.
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VINE VOICEon July 6, 2001
or is it her tale?
I'll admit that the back and forth tale of "Eddie DeChooch" (what a great, completely New Jersey name!)gets a little long & drawn out, but the mystery in this takes a back seat to Evanovich's crazy cast of characters! What a treat to have Steph's dysfunctional sister and her two scary nieces to thicken the stew of crazies that populate this series!
Just when you think it is safe to be on the road again, Steph starts driving a motorcycle. And, the thought of her transporting "human" organs around in order to ransom her grandma tells you that Evanovich must stay awake at night to top the last book in the series with outrageous scenes.
I confess, I want it to be Morelli, but I'm OK with still having a love triangle carry us from book to book. But the best, oh yes, are the scenes at the Plum's dinner table, where Mom & Dad are constantly reeling from the things they learn from the various members of the family over pot roast. "Just kill me now", each of them contributes when they learn of the newest craziness from Grandma, Steph, and now Valerie.
Not in the least stale, but perhaps Evanovich has to expand her horizons a little more....(Stephanie visits California?), while always returning to the "burg". Great read!
Postscript: I have all 7 of the novels, but can never lay my hands on more than one, because I'm in a constant state of "lend" to friends. A sure sign of a winning series!
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