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on November 9, 2004
There are very few bands out there that can turn listeners into fans after one listen; there are even fewer bands out there who can keep listeners being a fan after a hundred listens. Seven Wiser is such a band.

Opener "Life" jumps straight into the energetic and melodic rock that defines this band. Somehow, Seven Wiser is able to produce melodic music without being poppy; playing good solid rock without being too noisy; and most important of all, sustain interest whilst not being too variant in each song.

Killer tracks include "Take me as I am", "talk to me", "Losing grip", and "One in equal". The band resembles elements of Hoobastank, Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin etc. Melodic rock at its best.
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on June 27, 2004
Well, I took a gamble, I heard "Sick" on the Punisher soundtrack and loved it. Didn't know if the rest of the cd was good. Yes, I did have some trouble finding it, but I eventually found it at a Cheapo. I brought it home and five minutes into the cd my jaw hit the floor. This is the best cd to hit stores this year. I own well over 300 cds and this one is easily one of the best. It blows anything else completly out of the water. It is really bad this band doesn't get the respect they no doubt deserve. They need radio play, because they are by far the best band to pop up for quite some time.
Now, the songs...
1. Intro - It's just an intro, about 30 seconds long, flows right into Life, it's filled with great string work 5/5 (for an Intro)

2. Life - A great, powerful up-beat song to open the cd with. The vocal work showcases everything you can expect from the rest of the album. The chorus is quick and catchy, and the lyrics are down to earth 5/5
3. We're Sad - Another incredible chorus with a great showcase of the lead singers (Jon Santos)talent. 5/5
4. Take Me as I Am - The first single, though I doubt you'll find it on any radio station. An amazing song, lyrically and the chorus once again sticks as something you can sing along with, or scream along with, because of its raw power. 5/5
5. Self Esteem - Once again the chorus is powerful and sticks out. The song itself is slow, with a powerful standout chorus, another sing along heh. 5/5
6. Regret - A beautifully done slower song with a great hook to it. The guitar showcases a lot. So do the vocals once again (getting the picture, the guy can sing). 5/5
7. Good as You Think - Another great song as far as relating to it and singing along goes. A little depressing, but a lot of heart in the lyrics. One of the best songs on the album as far as meaning goes. 5/5
8. Lies - A quick paced song in the verses, and the chorus has a great feel to it, fits well with the song. This showcases another side of Santos' vocal ability. 5/5
9. Sick - The song off the Punisher movie soundtrack. Powerful, a little heavy, with a catchy chorus. This song fits SO well with the movie lyrically. And it's a fairly angry song if you think about it. 5/5
10. Love to Hate - A long chorus that fits perfectly with the flow of the song, a great song with a some-what down feeling to it. 5/5
11. Losing Grip - Another deep song, with great meaning in the lyrics. The vocal work and musically backing follow the lyrics perfectly, and the chorus stings. 5/5
12. One in Equal - A "why cant we all just get along" kind of song. The lyrics are much better than that though. A deep song that anyone can feel for, because it's something we've all probably thought of once or twice. 5/5
13. Talk to Me - Short, heavy, quick, and straight forward to end the album with a bang, showing that the band can rock. 5/5
All and all an incredible album. Vocal work rules, lyrics are deep and meaningful, and not whiny like a lot of music, the drum and guitar work follow the vocals well, and there are some outstanding guitar solos in some of the songs that really stick out. A great album. The best of 2004. A must-buy. Although, the songs are a bit short, the album is only 40 minutes long, but you are too involved in it to care.
Buy if you can find it...
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on July 20, 2004
Seven Wiser's debut album is a step in the right direction, and hopefully these guys will be around for awhile. Frontman Jon Santos is the driving force behind this band, and it is his emotional lyrics that make Seven Wiser seem more 'real' than a lot of other rock bands these days.

The album starts off with a brief intro that showcases Santos' appreciation for string arrangements, etc. It really gives you a good feel of where the album is going to go. The intro leads straight into the first track, entitled "Life" which is a decent song about, yes, finding the meaning of life. It could be better, but overall, it's not bad.

The next song, "We're Sad" is relatively forgettable, though not entirely bad. Up next is "Take Me As I Am" which is a heartfelt song about wanting to be accepted for who you are. The next two songs, "Self Esteem" and "Regret" are some of the best songs I've heard in quite awhile. Both are very emotional and are good to sing along to for anyone who's ever suffered some heartbreak (all of us, right?). "Good As You Think" is a sympathetic song that really ends up feeling rather trite. Once again, not bad, but not great, either. The next track, "Lies," is quite similar. Seems like it's been done before, but still good rock.

The eighth song is "Sick", which some of you will recognize from The Punisher Soundtrack. I like this song a lot, but it's a little bit old for me because I killed it way back when I got the Punisher Soundtrack. "Love to Hate" has an interesting concept, but is not done very well. Perhaps the weakest song on the CD. However, the next song, "Losing Grip" is hands-down the best song on the CD, and really will be a song I'll love for years to come. It's truly a heartfelt battle about dealing with lost love.

"One In Equal" is... well, it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the band's work. It's a change of pace that isn't exactly for the better, but it's still not a bad song. The final song, "Talk To Me" is also completely forgettable.

If you're on the lookout for some fresh new rock with feeling and a sense of truth, then Seven Wiser would be a good buy. If you liked "Sick" from The Punisher Soundtrack and you want more, this CD will definitely not disappoint.
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on June 11, 2004
Seven Wiser is an amazing new band from Wind-Up Records. They are totally mind-blowing. I first heard of them on the Punisher sdtrk., and then I heard another single on MVP Baseball 2004. I have been anticipating this album for a long time, and it was well worth the wait. This is one of, if not the, best album I've heard over the past year. The lead singers vocals blow almost anyone out of the water. And the guitar riffs are so badass. Wind-Up has some pretty amazing up and coming bands you should all check out including Edgewater, Atompship, Alter Bridge, Strata, and Submersed. Seven Wiser just happend to be the best one I've heard so far. If you're into bands like Fuel, Sloth, Finger Eleven, Edgewater, Breaking Benjmain, Atomship, etc. then you should definitely give Seven Wiser a chance. My favorite tracks include: Self Esteem, Losing Grip, Sick, Good As You Think, and Regret.
02 - Life - 4/5
03 - We're Sad - 4/5
04 - Take Me As I Am - 4/5
05 - Self Esteem - 5/5
06 - Regret - 5/5
07 - Good As You Think - 5/5
08 - Lies - 5/5
09 - Sick - 5/5
10 - Love To Hate - 4/5
11 - Losing Grip - 5/5
12 - One In Equal - 4/5
13 - Talk To Me - 4/5
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on June 8, 2004
I heard the song Take me as I am on MVP 2004 and was immediately taken. I tried to buy the cd, couldn't find it and learned it didn't come out until June 8 which was 2 months away.... June 8th rolls around I was at Virgin at 1030 getting the cd.. Listened through it and was quite surprised that I liked almost all of the songs on the cd.. Or at least saw the potential to like each of them when each gets listened to more than once. But for me to say I like a cd the first time through is pretty good... So pick this one up before the cd gets pricier.. its at 12 now probably because it just came out, and its there first album.. What are you waiting for go get it.
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on February 27, 2005
Seven Wiser combines the anger, hate, and raw emotion of a nasty fight with modern rock through words and music that are actual feelings, not just words. Seven Wiser especially thanks those who have put them down, those you've told them they couldn't make it...because that's what made them push so hard and get so far. I have more respect for this band over any other band because not only are the words powerful but the melodious rock is actually one of the (if not THEE) best I have ever had the privilege of hearing.

"Seven Wiser" IS the perfect album because I've just recently realized I own no CD in which I can listen to every track and not feel like changing it to the next. In "Seven Wiser", I can listen to every song and be amazed at how every song seems like it's their biggest hit-like their "title-track" when every song is just another song. There are 12 songs on the track (+ an intro) and each is awesome. The only way you wouldn't like this album is if you don't like real rock. Every song should be a hit.

The album cover is awesome! Their "7W" symbol on the cover is WAY better than the Breaking Benjamin symbol. The CD is black with a white astrological-looking dial on it. Very Nice. As far as profanity-there's d*mn, h*ll, wh*re. This album is not PA!

Take the drummer from Strata, add the singer from Breaking Benjamin, toss in music that could be a symphony, and finally put in the guitarists from Trapt or Crossfade and you've got SEVEN WISER.

Buy "Seven Wiser" so you won't have to skip tracks, because they are no bad tracks!

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on July 15, 2005
I bought this cd for one reason and that was the song, "take me as i am." I listened to more of it and realized that they sound just like their label mates, but it's ok becasue wind-up puts out this rock style. I was pretty surprised by how good the rest of the cd is. Submersed is another band like Seven WIser and is worth the pick up.
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on August 7, 2004
Yes Seven Wiser is a band that hasn't stepped on "new rock ground" but who says the genre is played out?

From the beginning to the end it's definately one of the best albums of 2004 and probably will be one of the most underrated.

We start off with some nice strings that lead right into the song "Life". Nothing special with the lyrics but it gets your body moving for sure.

Then comes "We're Sad," which if I didn't know better would think it was from a Puddle of Mudd CD. But still very good.

"Take me as I am" is the most radio-friendly song on the album and is also the BEST one the album. You can almost feel the situation with the lead singer trying to have someone accept him.

"Self esteem" sounds more like something from their label-mates Big Dismal, but it's one of the most emotionally charged songs on the CD. You feel all the pain in his lyrics and everyone who's been made to feel worthless at one point of another will be able to relate.

"Regret" starts off sounding like something soft but quickly changes and you can hear the anger in his voice as he sings the chorus and you can hear him about to snap on the person who chose themselves over him. This would make a great single just for video quality.

"Good as you think" is a very catchy, and groovable song... but when the chorus hits it's time to watch out for the bangers! A song about seeing it from the other side... another radio-friendly song, actually the first thing I heard of theirs through LaunchCash and made me want the album. The guitar breakdown is just killer and brings back the days of Air Guitar championships becuase it just makes you want to pretend you are playing it.

"Lies" sounds a lot more like something from Smile Empty Soul, and is undoubtedly the worst song on the CD. If you don't listen to the lyrics and just rock out it's dealable. Could've left it off the CD and it wouldn't have been missed.

"Sick" was the song they had on the Daredevil Soundtrack, and it sounds like Tantric and TRUSTCompany had a kid. Mind you I love both of those bands so thats a good thing. This is the song you're most likely familiar with so there isn't much I can say that will be new news.

When "love to hate" came on I thought someone had burned a Sevendust song onto the CD. It's a song that could've been left off and you wouldn't have had me crying over it.

"Losing grip" is a heart-wrenching song and if you close your eyes you can almost see Seether in the studio helping this one along... the song is another radio-friendly song and very catchy too.

Ah, "One in Equal". This is my 2nd favorite song. It's different than anything else on the album and is just one of those songs that you can't help but love. A shot against racism, tyranny, and bush.. well maybe not but it's sure asking for some equality that's due. And it has a Santana-like guitar break which makes everything better.

"Talk to me"... they really should've ended with "One in Equal" becuase this song was just in the wrong place to really sound very good. After "One in Equal" goes off you are in the mood to go do something else becuase the CD sounds over. Nope, they have a tantric like song afterwards... it's a good song it really is. Probably the best combination of lyrics and music on the CD... but just is in the wrong place.

If you're looking for the next new thing in Rock... well look elsewhere. But if you like good solid Rock CDs and bands like Thornley, Seether, Puddle of Mudd, and Nickleback then Seven Wiser is the CD for you.

4 out of 5 stars becuase it's a solid CD but they could've dropped the fat and finished it off right. Nothing spectacular but nonetheless, 40minutes and 32seconds of some good Rock
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on September 18, 2004
This debut album from Seven Wiser is one of the best overall albums that i have ever heard. I can not beleive that these guys do not get more respect. The entire album is awesome but still i have yet to hear one of their songs on the radio. The only way i found out about them was from hearing "Take Me As I Am" in MVP Baseball 2004. I relized that that was a great song and decided to give the album a shot. It was one of the best moves i have ever made. Every song on the album is great.(My personal favorite is "Losing Grip". great lyrics and tempo). When you combine the great lyrics, a good singer, and the rockin music (its a miricle, a new rock band that actually plays guitar solos), you get a can't miss sound that is Seven Wiser. I can listen to it over and over again and not get bored. I highly recemmend purchasing this cd.
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on October 23, 2004
if ur looking for Angry and sad songs get this cd

life: How Hard does it have to be to live in this perfect world

why is it so hard so hard to be who u want to be


Were Sad:I dont think you ever think about me your cold heart is melting sinking through me


Take me as i am:Here I Am without a dollar to my name will u take me as i am? im holding on


self Esteem:You smacked my face down to the floor kicked me screaming youre a whore left me striped of my self-esteem


regret: in this life im nothing but alone why everything for me is upside down you never gave a damn about me


Good as you think:i,i can feel ur pain the pain u feel inside cause i been there myself


lies: Im the one that was there for you when u cut ur self and started to bleed , And im the one u counted on for all the favors That u asked of me


Sick: Im Sick of all this pain So i drink it all away alone here in this earth Till my eyes closeand die


Love To hate: I Can not tolerate u I Love To hate you and i love the way u hate me So take ur self and go


Losing Grip: I Feel so useless everyday I Wake up so ashamed I dont know who i am anymore im nothing without you


one in equal: How could u take advantage of my situation , im fallin far in this world without a rope Or Someone to hold me up


Talk to me: How can u live with urself after everything u did to me?


Similar to Shinedown,Staind and Breaking Benjamin
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