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on November 18, 2009
Obama, the man who never did anything, but is now an expert on everything, is the direct beneficiary of the Shadow Party described by Horowitz and Poe. I began using "Ofraudobama" in the spring of 2008 because little of what the man said bore any semblance to reality. My bewilderment at Obamania was due to the fact that I deferred reading Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and "The Shadow Party" until November 2009.

Horowitz and Poe provide an excellent account of the antecedents which produced the coup in Washington in January 2009. While they focus on the influence of George Soros, their real contribution lies in describing the coalescence of disparate Statist special interests into a cohesive political force.

I did not verify the voluminous footnotes, nor can I comment on the precise role Soros actually plays. I can say the authors accurately describe an intricate web of well-funded Statist radicals who intend to redefine America. Some will call it a conspiracy. Some will call it a movement. Whatever it is called, it is in fact an elitist effort to impose their will through authoritarian government, to diminish the global stature of the United States, and to destroy the American economy. It appears they are succeeding.

The authors, writing in 2006, missed the call on Hillary as president. They do describe an element common to all three of the leading candidates for president in 2008: Clinton, Obama, and McCain all received substantial funding from Soros, his foundations, or affiliates of his foundations.

The authors provide a valuable service by naming individuals and organizations involved in the Statist movement, and the tactics they employ. Those same individuals and organizations are well represented in the Obama administration and intimately involved in the promotion of "health care reform" and "cap and trade". The tactics employed by this Statist movement bear an uncanny resemblance to those of Lenin and Alinsky.

The movement described by Horowitz and Poe has matured and has produced a president. Squabbles between "liberals" and "conservatives" are now irrelevant. The argument is now about a free society versus Statism.

The authors provide a road map for understanding this ascendant political power and its authoritarian objectives. Anyone concerned about individual and economic liberty would be well advised to read this book. I particularly recommend this book to those on the Left: what you think you see is not what you will get. If the Statists pass health care and cap and trade legislation, the American experiment in individual liberty and economic freedom will become a footnote in history.
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on May 23, 2007
This is a must read for everyone....but particularly Democrats who are not aware of the change in their party. It is not the party of your father.
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on January 22, 2009
This is a very interesting book which informs the reader about the current Democrat Party from someone who really knows what he is talking about. David Horowitz was part of the Radical Left, in the 60's, so he knows Radical Liberals when he encounters them, and Horowitz tells us that the Radical Left has found a new home in the Democrat Party. This book is an education in itself. A great read.
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on July 25, 2010
If you verify the well documented book notes for yourself, you will know that these authors present accurate information. I have yet to catch them in an inaccuracy. They adhere to high scholastic standards,too rare a thing in this field.

It is crucial, however, that you verify things for yourself, so that you know. That way you cannot be manipulated by propaganda or bullied by those intent upon doing your thinking for you. You will be able to recognise spin and disinformation.

This book will help you place the pieces of recent history, which you have experienced, into a coherent picture which makes sense and conforms to what you have seen and can verify.

Then you might want to go to the authors' discover the networks website and pursue the pages on Soros and Barack Obama. Look up the people and organisations with whom they are connected, and notice how many of these people and organisations have verifiable radical communist histories and connections. How can anyone have that many connections and close associations and not share the philosophy that connects them all? Why would they be placed in positions of power and influence, if there was not a radical change to communism planned for our government? Use your logic and street smarts!

You might also want to read "Shadow World" by Robert Chandler (ISBN: 978-1-59698-561-2) for the 2008 update, which ties in even more players and is extensively documented.

Remember, Marx was a dysfunctional sociopath, who bought himself new clothes and went drinking on his inheritance while his family starved. Several of his children died of starvation and two committed suicide after living in abject poverty while he read in the library and presented himself as a genius who could solve the world's problems, if he could just force people to obey him. How does that make him a scientific genius? (His PhD. was in Philosophy where they debate over how many teeth a horse has instead of counting them. He never used scientific method, or any available 1841 'social science'! His first major was Law! He and Lenin both were trained as lawyers who manipulate with words to get their way, not social scientists and they did not study government or economics at all!) All he did, was to create a system for other sociopaths to manipulate near-do-wells and unthinking populations into slavery, and get 100 million people murdered. They are experts in destruction only. Consolidating all the power centrally and at the top, so a dictator can appropriate it all, is a plan for disaster. Look at history. Look at real history not the post 1960s 'revised' history. This is precisely what our Constitution was devised to prevent!

Sociopaths are like robots in that they cannot feel, or understand, human emotions like love, compassion, or guilt. The things that make us human make them feel confused and excluded. Marxism is understandable and logical to them. It allows them to feel superior and fit to rule those easily manipulated by ethics, religion, and family considerations. That is why they want to abolish all that makes us human; our family life, our religions, our ethical bases for healthy successful interaction, which has served us for millennia and given us the edge over all the stronger, faster, fiercer animals. As long as we cling to these things (and our guns) they cannot prevail. Please read and verify what these authors are trying to explain to you.

Since writing this review, Soros has backed all three major contenders for President! Yes, even the Republican one. He owned every horse in the race. Obama has staffed his administration with publicly avowed Communists/Progressives/Leftists RADICALS (the same sort of radicals he has associated himself with his entire life!) and with far Left Professors (who,like Obama have never governed or accomplished anything in the real world of business or even balancing their household budgets), tried ONLY economic practices which have been PROVEN failures, dumped as much federal money as possible, snubbed small businesses (who provide 70% of jobs) and only consulted with giant corporations who contributed to his election, hamstrung small business with taxes (even the inheritance tax can destroy some of these)and threatens to regulate them out of business, has halted oil production so that all industry must pay, and charge, more and menaces everyone with socialised medicine which will make many small businesses unsustainable and giving all of everyone's medical information to the government where bureaucrats will decide who receives what medical treatment, if any, and there is no recourse. Oh, and bankrupted the country. Is there anything else he could do to better sabotage our economy and our government? Better look for that and bet it has been done or is the works. Is all of this incompetence or is it deliberate? Look at what he does, not what he says. Even your dog knows to do that.

An organiser is just a code word for AGITATOR. It is a rabble rouser who uses Communist and union techniques to manipulate people in order to gain power. Speaking of unions,they were necessary to insure that workers received a fair deal, but there has been nothing to insure that they do not become the greedy economic bullies and take down the businesses and governments they are supposed to support. When they make considerably more for less work than everyone else, including those who employ them, and threaten to bring down the system with their demands, you should ask why there are no checks to THEIR power, and what their actual agenda is. Union leadership and control was always Lenin's goal in his plan to bring down capitalism (free enterprise). The Service Employees International Union president Andy Stern was the most frequent visitor to the White House until the media began to comment about it. He boasted: "We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama--$60.7 million to be exact." (Obama appointed him to a panel to make recommendations on debt reduction!) Obama has received at least $818,969 from organised Labor in his brief political career.

Andy Stern trained in radical activism at the Midwest Academy, a socialist "front group" begun by members of the SDS which taught socialism and Alinsky tactics. Many of Obama's associates and political supporters have close ties with this organisation. An extensive history of Chicago radicals is presented in Stanley Kurtz's book "Radical-In-Chief". It brings together all of the information that I was able to discover on my own, and I found no fault with it's sources and information. It isn't about name calling or character assassination though the title is unfortunate. Accurate, but unfortunate in a book which researches facts and information. Another accurate source is discoverthenetworks.org. Please do your own research, otherwise you will be just a believer and easily manipulated by very professional propaganda.
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on August 23, 2006
The Shadow Party offers a warning of the undercurrents in the Democratic Party that will suck America into a sea of Socialism and a redistribution of America's wealth to the poor nations of the world.

George Soros and his immense wealth and power is the main focus of the book. This man is shown to be obsessed with power and a grandiose, self-righteous attitude that motivates his actions. Soros wants One World Government, open borders, forced redistribution of wealth, drug legalization, and universal health care that denies life saving procedures to the elderly. Soros is determined to change America forever by disallowing it's sovereignty and it's ability to defend itself. He sees himself as the savior of the world and the prophet of a Utopia that strips countries of their individual identity as he foists his idea of civic virtue on all.

Dozens of far left organizations have been created and are funded largely by George Soros and his billionaire friends. These organizations invent public outrage where there is none and demand change that opens the door to voter fraud and restrictions to free speech. These organizations make up the power that now controls the Democratic Party. No candidate dares go against their demands. (As proven by the Lieberman defeat).

While the Clintons were in the White House, George Soros gained power and influence. This power was used to fuel corruption in the new Russia, and destroy the monetary basis of countries around the world . All the while he was building his personal wealth and influence. Soros is resolved to help Hillary Clinton take the presidency in 2008 which is the first step to making his vision of the world a reality.

Read this book to find out how Soros positioned himself to take control of the Democratic Party. Find out who the Shadow Party operatives are and how they manipulate public opinion to their own end. Find out how they have tried to corrupt our elections by swamping the voter rolls with bogus registrations all the while claiming Republicans are stealing elections. Find out how the Shadow Party manipulated the passage of the McCain-Feingold finance reform legislation and how this legislation is about regulating free speech not campaign contributions. Find out how under Clinton, labor unions were co-opted by political radicals, the mob and communists who then poured money into Democratic campaign coffers.

Soros and his adherents are an enormous threat to American Democracy and sovereignty and as long as they control the Democratic Party, we had better pray that the Democrats do not gain control of congress or the Presidency.
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on June 9, 2008
Very informative even though I did not always like what I was reading. It now makes sense why Ted Kennedy openly gave his support to Obama. It also reveals just how devious and manipultive George Soros really is and how he has his hand in many things (areas) in the world. A must read for any one voting this fall.
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on May 31, 2007
This work filled in some gaps of my knowledge of Mr. Soros: his youth during the Nazi occupation of Hungary was enlightening. Some of his issues may be related to survivor guilt, or it may just be simple greed for power, or just simple greed. Also, great information about the interlocking support that the various organizations he is involved with use to promote their agendas.
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on October 16, 2009
I've just started reading the book and can't put it down. Our country and our freedom are under stealth attack. Soros has funded the defense of terrorists, coups, and brought financial crises to countries. He has declared war on the American intelligence services(p.25), wants to end American dominance in global affairs, and wants a "president who believed that America may be wrong(p. 16)." Keep in mind this book was published in 2006.

This book is essential to understanding the forces that are changing this country. It describes the vast network of organizations ACORN, SEIU, and many others and how they are related to Soros.

Required reading for all Americans who love freedom regardless of party affiliation.
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on November 13, 2008
Great book, well documented. Soros's network is like Kudzu, looks benign from a distance but it slowly covers and chokes the life out of you.
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on October 8, 2010
This book had some good information in it. It is fairly dated already, given the fast pace of today's political climate; it was obviously written with the expectation that Hilary Clinton would be the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2008. However, it does offer some very interesting background information, as well as piecing together some of the vast network of organizations that Soros and the Clintons have used to accumulate power and influence.

It remains to be seen if Hilary will remain Soros's Golden Child, however.

I would recommend this book as a jumping-off point for further research; Horowitz and Poe attempt to cover much too broad a subject in the space provided, but they do leave a trail of bread crumbs that the dedicated reader can follow. I was left with that "half-full" feeling when I finished the book, kind of like a decent meal that didn't quite sate my hunger, but the book was worth the money spent, and I did learn quite a bit from the read.
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