Customer Reviews: Shadowfever
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on January 18, 2011
This book was very hard to review without spoiling anything. I can honestly say it was the most engrossing book I have ever read. From the beginning, until the very last words I was completely sucked in. In fact, I actually cried while reading the very first chapter, it was that emotional in such a short amount of time. All of the pressing issues are solved and the questions are answered. Only one major question remained at the end of the book, but the answer was something Mac decided she didn't really need to know. I don't have a problem with this as a little mystery makes things much more interesting in the end.

Mac is thoroughly tested over and over in this book, but just as she has in the past, she survives, she endures, and somehow comes out the other side stronger. She has grown so much from the girl that stepped off the plane, yet somehow never once lost who she really was at the core, despite being pulled in so many different directions. I understand now why everyone believed she only had a slim chance of choosing the "good" side of the prophecy. The odds against her were almost insurmountable, and a lesser person would have failed where she persevered. I truly admire her, and her willingness to stand up for what she believes in. I don't think a better person could have been picked for the fate of the world to rest on. Oh, and just as a little side note, she does finally kiss a man that she can't breathe without, and finds that breath is of little consequence. As far as who that man is, well you will just have to read Shadowfever yourself to find out. ;)

I'll admit, as much as I wanted this book, I also was a little hesitant to read it. I wasn't sure how just one book could tie up all of the issues and leave me with a sense of happiness and satisfaction. I am very happy to say that I was wrong and that I should never have doubted the author. The book was every bit as good as the predecessors and left me more than satisfied. Many times after reading a final book in a series I will feel almost hollow and just generally disappointed. Not because the book was bad, but because I just didn't feel any satisfaction in the ending or knowing that I was saying goodbye to the characters. With Shadowfever, this just is not the case at all. The ending is everything it should be, leaving me happy and content, an absolutely rare feat in any final book.

I would highly suggest not reading this book if you haven't read the first four. You need that foundation to give this one the justice it deserves. As the Author promised, it is a story about light, not darkness. However, as they say, the night is always darkest before the dawn and that definitely is the case with Shadowfever. Be prepared for one heck of a roller coaster ride full of countless emotions that will leave you reeling, and desperate to know what happens next. If I could rate this higher than a "five," trust me, I would. I hope everyone enjoys Mac's final trials in life, love, and war as much as I did. My hat goes off to the author for this amazing world she created and the awesome cast of characters. Bravo!
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on January 18, 2011
I received the book on Saturday, and am currently starting it again for a MUCH SLOWER reread...

Shadowfever does answer a lot of the questions readers have had through out the series. There is only one question that wasn't answered, that sticks out in my mind, but because of the circumstances surrounding the question and answer - and Mac's acceptance of the fact she may never know and no longer NEEDS to - I don't feel I need an answer either. Vague much? Yes, but the Q&A is too spoilery.

And there is one thing I will strongly caution all the reader's against: DO NOT SKIM THE BOOK. DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR ANSWERS AHEAD. If you must, go ahead and read the last page (front and back), you'll get enough of an answer to one question to keep you satisfied not to seek answers to the rest.

The way KMM has written this last book, with each turn of the page - the theories that we've all come up with are constantly challenged and evolving and half the fun is trying to figure it all out before it's finally revealed.

And KMM has written and woven another magical Fever novel. And it does bring up new questions, which will probably be explored in the spin-off series... But the questions that pertain to Mac and Barrons and V'lane? The three main leads in this series? Those are the answers we get.

I thought this book was a bittersweet end to a much loved series. Steamy, erotic, dark, emotional, torturous, gripping, fantastical... A rollercoaster ride. One I'm already looking forward to revisiting after only finishing it three days ago.

Two thumbs way up, KMM!
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Before I started this book, there was a big part of me that believed there was no way I could be satisfied when I was done. There were simply too many questions to be answered, too many loose ends to ever tie up in a way that both made sense and appeased my need for a happily ever after. I was wrong.

There is so much packed into these pages that when I think back to the question, "Who is the beast?" it seems like a lifetime ago. It's no wonder you don't get much information from the summary, regarding what this book is about (it mostly recaps the series as a whole.) I find that even trying to talk about it in generalities reveals fantastic developments in the plot. So if you haven't read "Shadowfever" yet, I urge you to stop reading here, with my reassurance that it's a fantastic book that left me wholly satisfied and warm inside.


The first chapter of this book shredded me. When Mac thought she had killed Barrons, I cried for her. I ached. Then I watched her put herself together; to take the hard lessons he taught her and live so that his death was not in vain. This is not the Mac of Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1). She is powerful, but hollow. She finally gets her showdown with the Lord Master with decidedly anticlimactic results.

Mac seemed to learn so much about herself and her feelings with Barrons' death. It was disappointing to see so much of it go out of the window when they were finally reunited. She was ready to end the world for him, yet suddenly, overhearing a phone call makes her regress utterly? It was one of the few parts of the book that left me frustrated. It was hard to see the roles reverse between Barrons and Mac... to see him so vulnerable... And when she finally looked inside his mind and learned what he was feeling while she was Pri-ya... Sigh.


Without spoiling any more, I can tell you some of the questions that are finally answered: What is Mac? Who killed Alina and why? Who is the Unseelie King? Who is the King's consort? Who is the Dreamy-Eyed Guy? Why has Barrons been pursuing the Sinsar Dubh? Who is Cruce? Who was the dying boy in Barrons' memory? What is under the garage? And perhaps the best question of all... who is the real villain in the story? The answer to that last one blew me away.

Karen Marie Moning has created a tale of twists and turns that kept me guessing until the very end. NO ONE should read this book without reading the other books in the series first. And after reading this fifth installment, I'm sure many fans will go back to the previous books and re-read the stories from a new perspective, knowing truths we never dreamed of when it all began. There are enough threads that I can easily see more books in this Fever world, but I promise there is no cliffhanger here. Just a fantastic ending to a creative and enthralling story.

I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could.
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on January 21, 2011
Unlike Faefever and Dreamfever, Shadowfever is a whole lot of introspection and not much action. Let me back up and say that I have been following this series for years and almost attacked the mailman with excitement when he brought the book to me.

There were a few good chapters and some questions were answered. But there was just so much of Mac talking to herself, pages and pages of it. I understand the need to build up the suspense but really it just got old. Also, there was so much buildup about Mac being extraordinary and that she would end up saving them all. Then it turns out someone else steps in at the last minute and saves the day. It was so anticlimactic.

And I felt like Karen stuck in the entire Scotsmen clan just to throw a kink in the puzzle. They did not play any major role aside from being argumentative. There was such detailed descriptions, pages of irrelevant details. I felt the book could have been at least 100-200 pages shorter, with those irrelevant things edited out.

And the ending, the most unsatisfying of all. How could it just end like that? I think Karen is getting ahead of herself. Instead of finishing this story up well, she puts too much energy (and pages) on setting up for the next story. Which is fine if she plans to tie up more loose ends in the following series, but I don't plan to touch anymore of her book series until the entire series is out. Waiting this many years for an ending like this was a major let down.
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on February 5, 2011
This is my first review that I have ever written, and that is because I am so epically disappointed in this book, that I had to review about it. I've read many books that I ended up hating, but this one just irks me on a level I can't explain.

First off, I love to read, but I am not a fan of romance novels. I tend to stay away from them because they seemed clichéd, over used, and un-original. The last series I read that I actually semi-liked was by Laurell K. Hamilton, but as everyone knows, her series turned into porn after the 5th book. When a friend told me about the Fae Fever series, I refused to read them because the story just sounded *so* unoriginal. She asked me to give them a chance, and I was so glad I did.

The author has a fantastic writing style, the characters seemed so real, she had a funny sense of humor, and she did a great job pacing the story. The story sucked me right in from the beginning and I couldn't wait to read more, more, and more. I loved how the author made something so original, so fresh, and so addicting to read. The best thing that I liked was that even though there was romance and sexual tension, she never turned her story into hard core porn, as most romance novels tend to do. And, when Mac finally did have sex, it was with *ONE* person instead of everyone.

When this book came out, I was so excited. I ignored my school work and forced myself to read this book in about 5 hours. When I finished this book, I felt cheated. I couldn't believe that the author of this book had done what I thought she would never do; she rushed to finish the series without properly ending it, leaving questions unanswered, making characters totally change and act like they never would, it became cliched and there was so much sex in this book.

There is hardly any action in this book. It's mostly Mac talking to herself, being depressed, being confused, and being lied to at every turn. She's constantly thinking about sex, almost every situation she's in, she finds some way to think about sex or make it sexual. She becomes so stupid in this book, too. Strong willed, witty and funny Mac is replaced by Mary Sue. She went from being a not-ugly but not-drop-dead-gorgeous-either, to OMG-everyone-wants-me. She went from having morals, to hardly having any. She has only known Jericho for 4 months and yet is willing to do everything for him. Why? Well, who knows, she seems to only love him for the sex, and that's all they have in common. There is literally NOTHING else that they have in common. Their relationship seems so forced and so wrong.

The constant twists and turns was simply too much. Whenever one problem was solved, the author invented new ones and it just got annoying after a while. The ending was so terrible. We have so many unanswered questions; what is Jericho? What happened to Christian and how/if are the going to fix him? What the hell happened to Dani?

The saddest thing of all is what happened to Vlane. Now, I'm not saying he couldn't have been the bad guy. But to make him be so bad and basically say "Yeah I raped you Mac, who gives a s***?" after we've spent 4 books (and most of this one) being so kind to her, doing anything for her, and even starting to have human emotions, is so insulting. I could see him becoming King and trying to get Mac to join him, but to say he was tricking her all along and raping her after all the character development feels like we've been cheated.

Last, this was SUPPOSED to be the last book in the series. Why tell your readers it will be the last when it really isn't? "The end... or is it?" is so unfair when we've been hearing how this was supposed to be the book that gave us closure and answered all our questions. It feels like the author did like Laurell K. Hamilton; her series got popular quickly, she wanted to end it and instead of doing the right thing and take her time, she rushed it and ruined what could have been a great series. The only reason I'm giving this two stars is because she's a great writer and the first 4 books were truly amazing. I had never raved about book so much before this series; I just wish the ending had been everything I hoped for.
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on January 23, 2011
This is what I waited for. I am so disappointed in this book I don't even have words. This series could have ended two books ago. I was so excited I could not sleep the night before release. And this is what I get?? If I had not pre-ordered this book, I would have returned it within the seven day period. That is how unsatisfied I am. I am removing it from my kindle and never looking at it again.
What were the Kelters doing in there anyway? They added nothing to the book. And Dani . . . what was the point of her in this book, other to reveal that she was Alina's killer and for there to be no confrontation or resolution. This is how the series started , Mac needed to find her sister's killer. Then she is found and nothing happens. And what was up with I am the concubine, no I'm the king, no I'm the concubine, no I am king. Ahhhh!!!!! Make a decision already. Mac did not grow at all in this book, in fact I think she regressed, and on top of that she became annoying.
I have loved all of KMM books up until now but this one has just left me so disappointed. It's going to take some time for me to recover.
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on January 21, 2011
I wanted to love this book. In fact I took a vacation day from work so I could purposely stay home and read it. On top of that I ordered this on kindle and did NOT sleep until it downloaded so I could read it for a few hours. I expected it to catch and hold my attention the way the previous books did. I dont know if my expectations were to high but this book left a bland feeling in my mouth. First of all, the book goes through one twist and turn to the next. Instead of getting answers it just gave us more questions! WTH? I had to skip chapters, fast forward to the end, and back again just so I could get some concrete answers to the basic questions we've all been wondering since this series started. Who is Mac? What is Barrons? Will she pick Vlane? Is Barrons dead? SPOILER ALERT: New questions came up instead such as "What is Mac?" Is Alina really her sister?, who is the Unseelie King? etc. OMG a few chapters into the book I was so frustrated I literally had to stop reading it so give myself a break. As much as I love a good plot story I also want a story line that doesnt leave me feeling like I want to throw the book against the wall. I could NOT enjoy the story because of all the annoying "new" questions popping up without answering any of the old ones. Then to make matters worse. There were still unanswered questions AFTER the book ended. WTH?
I think I will attemp to re-read the story a second time and see if maybe now that I know some of the answers I could enjoy the book? I dont know. I was honestly annoyed with all the new ploys thrown. Also I think the author could have done this entire series in 3 books instead of 5. There were too many fillers and probably unnecessary scenes. I would BORROW this book from the library or if you can't wait and get frustated there is a SPOILERS link that will probably help you along.
I think the majority of the reviews on here was due to all the hype and anticipation. I honestly dont feel this was as spectacular as it could have and should have been. Although KMM is a great author there was just something lacking in this last book for the fever series.
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on January 22, 2011
You won't read four books to stop at the finale, so this is not a review of persuasion, but expectation. I loved every book before this one and had such high expectations...In short, I just ended up being frustrated throughout the entire book. I was waiting for that "Ah!" moment but just ended up getting little "Oh..." moments. KMM set her readers up for something spectacular and didn't deliver. So much information was given at the end that it was difficult to appreciate it all - especially after reading an infinite amount of unnecessary thoughts that amounted to page fillers. Like MacKayla for 80% of the book, I was left unsatisfied.
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on January 25, 2011
Since the previous hundred or so reviews gave an excellent synopsis of the book, I will simply give a review here. I am a big fan of not only the fever series, but of Mrs. Moning herself. She is an excellent writer, and seemed set and ready to produce what promised to be the ultimate final chapter to what has been a hands-down amazing series. Though after quite a long wait and an incredible amount of tension, Shadow Fever simply did not live up to what I expected it to be.

Many of the most burning questions are indeed answered, yet in ways that are either flimsy and shallow, or confusing and generative of more questions. Almost as if Mrs. Moning created so many questions that she simply couldn't get the answers out fast enough. I was left with a good many unresolved questions and characters after the final chapter ended; in fact, far too many to feel completely satisfied or even at ease with the story. What about Christian? The Seelie Queen? The Seelie court? The other Five members of Barron's crew? Dani?, the entire world full of people?! And in the end, the scene was so outrageously domestic after so much darkness in the books that I almost laughed out loud in disbelief. I mean, Barrons grilling steaks while Jane and the Lanes bring wine for a nice dinner party? Come on now. Didn't essentially an Armageddon just happen?

As far as the characters, many of them were just as disjointed as the storyline. There were so many emotional crises from Mac that by the end it simply got a bit wearisome. There are almost entire chapters of her emotional wallowing that seem both superfluous and distracting! To be honest, her character had so many twists and turns that I am actually still mildly confused where she came from and exactly who (she thinks) she is. Barrons loses his intrigue and cool sophistication in place of wild emotion and absolutely unbelievable tenderness. Danni loses her conviction and refreshing grit in place of bratty carelessness and irritating superiority. The normally artful evolution of characters that Moning crafts into her books is lost here; grafted clumsily onto the storylines to the point where it seems superficial. Sadly, the transformations are almost too comical to recount. Other characters pop in and out with poor cohesion to all of this madness, creating a stew too heavily spiced to be quite palatable.

Therefore I must give the book a three. Good, but not at all Mrs. Moning's best.
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on February 2, 2011
Having weathered the first four books of the series I suppose I didn't know what to expect with the final book. The entire series was a mess of mixed emotions. During book one I wanted so badly for Mac to slide off of a cliff or drown. When she survived to make it to book two I actually had hope for her. By the end of book three I was so depressed I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. Book four was a filler, there was alot of note worthy moments and general blandness. But with book five where I expected an awe moment, of all of the books this one was really really hard to read.

The first part dragged on. It was as if we were back in book one and all I could think of was let Mac fall off a cliff or drown. When part two hit there was a sense of back to basics. The hostile verbal banter and threats just kept coming! You kept waiting for some great change to come over the main characters that never seemed to come. And just like book one Mac seemed to almost regress. She was mouthy, asked alot of questions that she knew would not get answered. AND WHEN THEY DIDN'T GET ANSWERED SHE WAS BACK TO ACCEPTING THIS. Everyone knew what was going on but her. She didn't trust Barrons but stuck with him. Blah blah blah...

Another reason the story dragged was that I felt as if I was in the mind of a woman in a very abusive relationship. Mac was always in a mental place that was pathetic and sad; beaten and defeated. Don't get me wrong I liked Barrons some of the time, but for the most part his entire "beat them to make them stronger" rationalization was scary and very very damaging. Mac needed to grow up (sure) but was all that she got really necessary? And did she really deserve it? Would a kind word really hurt? The way that Mac just kept making excuses or coming up for a reason for his behaviors was in itself madness. Oh and when she wasn't being figuratively and sometimes literally stepped on by everyone and everything she was fixated on sex! It's almost laughable but during the first four books I kept waiting for the sexual tension. In Shadowfever whenever Mac thought of a bed I cringed. And when she thought of Barrons in the same sentence with a bed (or almost anything else) I just wanted to skip to the end of the book. Her head was a punching bag full of sex and violence.

Shadowfever was for the most part filled with characters that were hard to like. I tried to like Mac, but even in the end I just couldn't. Dani no. Christian yes.

I agree with those that say the series could have been completed in three books. Shadowfever was an emotional roller coaster and for the most part I'm really glad it's over. (My two cents)
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