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on May 6, 2013
The last fifteen years or so have been referred to by many as the golden age of television, and I can't help but agree - what was once a (mostly) simplistic medium has finally has given us some great stuff to chew on. The Wire, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, Deadwood and a handful of others have captured me the same way that great film or literature does - if not more so. I, like many others, become attached to these characters in a way that only long-form narratives can achieve.

As someone who constantly reads about, writes about and discusses these types of series on the internet, Shameless wasn't even on my radar. No one ever brings it up in "greatest series" discussions; and the critical reception, while mostly positive, isn't exactly overwhelming. I had seen the pilot episode around the time it premiered and wasn't impressed (and *still* not impressed with it, to be honest), so I avoided the show for years despite my girlfriend's glowing recommendations.

After seeing the first couple episodes of Season Three earlier this year, I immediately went out and bought the first two seasons on Blu-Ray. Wow. This is rich, hilarious stuff. It makes me laugh, cry, think, and even puts me on the edge of my seat from time to time. The characters, while often living up to the show's title, are downright loveable. Even ones I loathed at first, like deadbeat dad Frank (brilliantly portrayed by William H Macy), his wretched mother Grammy Gallagher, or "dirtiest white-boy in America" Mickey Milkovich, ended up gaining my sympathy. Every character is three-dimensional, and is brought to life by the best ensemble cast this side of Six Feet Under.

Sure, this show is "outrageous" - perhaps the most outrageous and over-the-top project in the medium's history in some respects - but never for the sake of outrageousness. These shocking moments end up going somewhere that's real, funny, or tragic. The writers will deliberately exaggerate certain life (usually poverty-driven) issues in order to make very real statements about them, without any false sentimentality or heavy-handed moralizing.

Season Three, while in my opinion not *quite* as great as the first two, is still wonderful, and doesn't feel even remotely contrived or tired. There are some big twists that bring the story into darker territory, and the stakes have never been higher.

I'm amazed that boring, paper-thin melodramas like Mad Men and Girls have received more acclaim and awards than this. I just hope that Shameless can someday get the recognition it deserves - and if not, oh well. It's a great series nonetheless, and in my opinion, the very best "dramedy" TV has to offer.
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on April 1, 2013
Shameless is a must see show, and it gets better each season. The whole cast delivers great performances each week. William H Macy is the perfect fit for the role of Frank Gallagher, and he is always hilarious. The rest of the cast great too: Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Allen White, Steve Howey, Joan Cusack...If you do not watch this show, you are missing out on one of the best current television shows.

Also, why doesn't this show get more award recognition? Shameless is just as good as any show on TV. It would just be nice to see them get some recognition for their excellent work.

Can't wait for Season 4, January 2014!
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on May 29, 2013
Honestly season 3 just may be my favorite season of Shameless so far! If you loved the first 2 seasons then you'll definitly love this one, and this is definitly a must buy when it gets released. I'm not gonna put any spoilers in my review, but Shameless continues to be a brilliantly written show and Shameless season 3 has plenty of drama, laughs, and top notch storylines. The acting from the whole cast is outstanding. There's not a bad actor in the bunch. You know how great William H Macy and Emmy Rossum are. It doesn't even need to be said at this point, but there are 2 other standouts this season imo. Jeremy Allen White as Lip and Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich. Noel Fisher finally becomes a regular this season and I couldn't be more happy. He completely transformers into Mickey Milkovich, and even if his content up to this point is less than most of the others he steals every scene he's in. For example, during the season finale he gets maybe 2 minutes of screentime overall, but those 2 minutes may be my favorite part of the whole finale.

Some people can talk about the show's "Shameless" content, but this show also has more heart and soul in one episode than most shows have in their whole run. It's truly a special show. So everyone buy this on release date or pre order it now! I can't wait for season 4.
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on May 21, 2013
This DVD set hasn't been released yet but I'm a big Shameless fan. If you like shows with disfunctional families that make your family seem normal this is the show for you. It has drama and lots of laughs. I purchased the other two seasons from Amazon also. Each time I was able to purchase the blue ray version cheaper then getting it locally.
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on September 7, 2013
This show makes me cringe because some of the characters are so despicable, but I keep watching because the show is fascinating, hilarious, and tremendously well-acted. The Galllaghers lead a life that is completely different than anything I've ever known, and the means they use to get by are, shall we say, unconventional. But the characters have enormous depth. Some are rotten through and through, but with many of them, their good hearts shine through even while they're breaking the law. Above all, they love and care for each other. The writing is top notch and the stories, endlessly compelling.i just love this show, even when I have to force myself not to turn away.
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on February 3, 2015
Either I've finally od'd on "Shameless" (after marathon watching seasons 4,1 and 2) or else this season is just not up to par. I'm also getting way too attached to the Gallager family and friends because I'm taking it all too personally. As I said in my review of season 4, I watched that one first because it was the only one available on my On Demand, then I watched the first and second seasons- all of which I enjoyed and found incredibly funny- so now I'm enduring the third season. It could be that watching them out of order is affecting my opinion of the show, but the third season is just not as enjoyable as the other seasons. I even started watching season five and have loved all the episodes so maybe it just hit a lull. I am noticing that there is way more graphic sex than necessary which I find irritating. (If I wanted to watch a porn flick then I would watch that instead!) I think the writers or producers resort to using sex scenes as "filler" to keep us preoccupied so we don't notice the lack of good material. It's almost like ordering crab cakes at a nice restaurant and finding the chef put in very little crab meat and an excess of bread crumbs as filler. It is disappointing as a loyal viewer and fan of the series to be denied the essential "meat" of this great show. I rely on the funny situations and sharp writing that originally made this show so humorous and appealing. I feel cheated and now I'm not getting the right amount of bang for my buck. (Actually I'm getting too much banging.) I mean Fiona and Lip are the biggest whores I've seen since Samantha on "Sex and The City." I've never seen so much humping and I used to watch "Hung!" And Ian is nothing more than a man-gina, who, by the way, is so heartless and cruel to his lovers that I find myself rooting against him. Plus his boyfriend, Mickey is so obnoxious that I almost want to mute his dialogue. Every other syllable out of his mouth is the f word. And by the way, whose idea was it to name these characters? It gets confusing to have Ian and Liam plus Mandy and Amanda (who actually doesn't come in til the next season so I'm getting ahead of myself here.) Frank is still behaving (or misbehaving) in his usual manner. The barmaid who comments that he has sunk to a new low by calling child services on his own kids obviously wasn't aware of the fact that he also denied a woman the heart transplant she desperately needed to save her life. Karma is gonna crush Frank way before alcoholism gets him. Carl and Debbie can still be counted on for entertainment. Both characters bring so much to the show and it's nice to have someone to root for. As for Fiona and Jimmy/Steve...were they watching too much "Dawson's Creek" growing up? I joked earlier that this show reminded me of "Party Of Five" but now it really feels like I'm watching that show brought back to life. The long pensive glances of love that they keep giving each other is a bit nauseating. I find their love story dull and annoying. Fiona, or Liesl von Trapp, is nothing more than a neurotic doormat. She definitely needs to get a life and stop being just a whiny den mother. Lip also needs to step off- the "Good Will Hunting" thing is played. Another future karma victim. V and Kevin are still among the best parts of the show. I love those two. The guest stars are worth mentioning- Joan Cusack is always good and I've enjoyed seeing Harry Hamlin still looking good since his days on "L.A. Law." All in all this show still has some great characters, great story lines and great writing. I just find that there's too much of what I don't want to see and not enough of what I do. Less sex, profanity and whining and more laughs please.
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on September 7, 2013
Frank is classic. William H Macey's best roll. Declaration in Chicago. The whole cast of characters are the best on television.
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on December 31, 2013
Since I missed the first two seasons of Shameless due to work and life several years ago, I never had the chance to watch the Shameless episodes at all. However, one night I happened to watch a random episode during season 3 but cannot remember which episode it was but the important thing was the fact that I got hooked onto this series ASAP. I ordered the 1st season of shameless asap, after I finished watching season one I was waiting for season 2 to arrive in the mail and I tried SO hard to avoid watching the next new episode during season 3 but caved and watched it. I don't regret it because Shameless is seriously one of the best and I must say underrated shows of all time because nobody really talks about this show in the real world even though the internet talks about Shameless. Anyways, buy this Season 3 blu ray if you already seen season 1 and 2 because you will not be disappointed.
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on April 23, 2013
I have seen all three seasons of shameless and I must say this season is the best one yet. the stoylines were good/crazy sometimes but its shameless it kept you interested unlike the begining of season two but again I would keep watching because its shameless.overall I really enjoyed this season sad its over can't wait still 2014
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on June 10, 2016
I am so hooked on this zany, crazy, unbelievable story line... it throws everything at this family that could possibly happen...good, bad or ugly. Many people could learn life lessons from this show - my hats is off to the creators and writers of the scripts. I love it!!!!!
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