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on April 4, 2013
...because this over-dubbed trainwreck hurt my eyes. I am a conisseur... conasseur... ...liker of terrible movies. Not from a hipster misunderstaning of "irony", but really from a place of enjoyment, but this one pushed the boundaries. I can take terrible acting, gaping plot holes AND clay-animation-esque special effects --it's all a part of the enjoyment of these disasters-- but when you add over-dubbed dialog I simply can't take it. Over-dubbed dialog is the Vermouth of the movie world --nobody wants you IN their movies, they just want to know that you exist to prove that there are worse things out there than their guilty pleasures. Now, recommend me some Crocasaurus vs. Bearsharktopus so we can start giving some 5-star reviews!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 19, 2012
Shark Attack In The Mediterranean (2004) features a giant shark cruising the waters of Mallorca, a Spanish island deep in the Mediterranean Sea. This production for German television looks a lot like something you would see on SyFy, except that the film is dubbed in English, and the dialog can get silly and be painful to listen to.

Helicopter shuttle pilot Sven Hansen (Ralf Moeller), is flying microbiologist Julia Bennet (Julia Stinsoff) to Mallorca to assume her new job at a marine institute, when a distress call comes on the radio. A shark cage has broken loose from the tour boat, where Hansen's daughter Maja (Oona-Devi Liebich) is employed. Hansen rescues the tourists, and convinced that a large shark is on the loose, speaks to his friend, policeman Carlos Rivera (Gregor Bloeb), but the authorities are reluctant to put the local tourist industry at risk.

The film features a very opportunistic giant cgi shark, that often jumps out the water to grab a bite, some well tanned bodies frolicking at the beach, a few goofy romantic entanglements, along with some purely comedic bits that hit more than they miss. There is some intrigue involved in how the shark got on the loose, leading to a dramatic and splattery finish.

This shark tale with a slightly German flavor, is also known as Shark Attack Mallorca, and features some beautiful scenery and settings. The action sequences are fairly well done, and the CGI while not outstanding, work well enough, as there are some nice chomping scenes. The dubbing and clumsy dialog, does at times detracts from what are mostly decent acting performances. Former body builder Ralf Moeller (The Scorpion King) makes an adequate hero, while Julie Stinsoff, a veteran of German TV, is also enjoyable to watch. For Prime members seeking a little campy shark action, give this one a watch.
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I have a weird sickness for these B movies. This one was not as laugh-out-loud funny as say, "Megapiranha" but it was amusingly entertaining. I have never witnessed sharks swimming in the manner they present in the movie, where they are, uh, eel-like, slithering over each other while swimming at 90 miles per hour.
For a good laugh scene, check out when the hero is hanging from the helicopter by his knees and one hand, trying to grab a buoy out of the ocean with his other hand. Buoy keeps spinning out of his grasp. Cut to a scene of buoy being grabbed by two hands. Cut back to hero in original position pulling up buoy with one hand. Even my 6 year old was laughing at the "three-armed man!"
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on January 25, 2011
SHARK ATTACK IN THE MEDITERRANEAN is just another painfully boring killer shark film in a long line of made-for-TV garbage. An ex-marine diver team ups with a shark researcher in order to track and destroy the monstrous great white shark that had attacked and killed his wife years earlier, the same shark that is now threatening the Mediterranean coast of Mallorca. Together, they discover that the Megalodon isn't the last surviving member of an extinct species, but the unfortunate result of genetic experimentation by a greedy corporation. Considering the fact that the film was produced for German television, the computer effects and acting could have been worse, but that does not excuse the endless filler and exhausting action sequences. While the original German language track may have been passable, the English dub is simply atrocious, which makes the audience even less unenthusiastic about the film than the voice actors had been. Unfortunately, it isn't even bad enough to laugh at. With no gore and a purely derivative plot, SHARK ATTACK IN THE MEDITERRANEAN leaves nothing for most fans to enjoy.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
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on April 21, 2013
This is another attempt at a try to be good shark film. It was a made for tv movie and has a generally overall decent story line. The shark sense for the most part are ok at best. Overall if there was nothing on I would watch it.
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on July 31, 2013
Some very good parts, some very bad parts, but overall not horrible, original idea combinations though, couple plot twists, not bad for a creature feature marathon. Best part is the fat guy. Priceless.
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on June 8, 2013
Boring I give it 2 thumbs down. Jaws had more action in it then this B rated movies no pop corn for this movie.
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on October 15, 2013
I don't know why but our daughter just can't get enough shark entertainment. It's not Jaws but she really enjoys watching this one.
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on January 2, 2009
Basically, Ralph Moeller is the reason I purchased this movie. His stage presence is exciting. The final scene in which he rescues his daughter while hanging from a helicopter ladder is fun to see. On the other hand, the dubbing is not good at all. This movie has some slow parts in the middle. Despite the so-so script, I rate this movie a four star product because Ralph Moeller does an excellent job with his role despite having so little to work with in terms of a good script.
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on August 23, 2013
I love this movie this is the 2nd best movie ever the hunger games is my favorite movie ever it's awesome
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