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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV352)
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on April 21, 2011
Style Name: Vacuum
I bought this in 2010 and it really is what I've been looking for in an upright for years! I come from a Hoover Windtunnel that weighs ~ 23lbs and was killing me. I have carpeted stairs, so wanted a lift-off type upright but the Hoover model is too heavy. Then I saw the Shark infomercial. They always have such clever designs but their cordless vac reviews are so bad, I had to check reviews online before I bought this. They clearly are much better at making plug-in vacs over cordless re-chargeables because this one is a keeper! It makes vacuuming kinda fun :)

- light and easy to push, pull and lift!
- all nozzles (except crevice tools) swivel- really easy to maneuver!
- so quiet, no high-pitched hiss at all, just a soft hum
- this thing is only 10 amps and the suction is better than the Hoover's 12 amp motor- unbelievable!
- converts to a light canister- hand held or still on the rolling nozzle base
- comes with lots of attachments (I got the extended reach model NV350E which came with the two on-board tools- 6" crevice and duster, the 24" extended crevice tool, the air-powered pet turbo nozzle, the funky looking non-motorized bare floor nozzle and the electric motorized standard nozzle. Mine did not come with an accessory bag or the full width bare floor brush.)
- can turn the beater bar off on the motorized nozzle with the 2-notch power switch so can use the primary nozzle for bare floors too
- the base rolling nozzles can be attached to the hose/wand-end in canister mode too (note the beater bars are not powered in this config.)
- can use the hose in canister mode with or w/out the built-in extension wand attached to it
- the cord hook holds the cord securely
- the beater-bars actually help self-propel the vacuum on rugs
- this might be a con for some, but I like the smaller width nozzle head that it has. I can get between all dining chair legs and other tight spots now.
- can adjust the suction for vacuuming around spot rugs and long drapes. There's a release you turn on the wand.
- the beater bars auto-shut-off when you vacuum up something that jams them and saves the motor and belt
- washable lifetime filters I know I'll never replace
- sealed system- I'll update on whether I notice the advantages of this long-term. With two cats and allergies, time will tell.

- wish the extension wand was simply part of the handle and telescoped to any length/height i/o detachable. That would provide more ease of use and flexibility, especially in canister mode.
- it easily topples over when using the hose because it is so light and the hose is too short or not stretchy enough, and it's attached to the canister with an L-shaped pivoting elbow located too high on the canister.
- the power cord covers one room only. I think my Hoover Windtunner has a 50' cord where this is 25'. (Can easily add an extension cord though)
- the one-way direction of the beater bars does tend to groom rugs much more on the pull but that's what helps self-propel the vacuum, so I'll take the tradeoff. My Windtunner had two-bi-directional beater bars that groomed in both directions but didn't do as good a job as this does in just the pull, and it's so hard to push compared to this Shark!
- the canister is bulky/tall when trying to get under furniture so can't get past the nozzle head
- only storage for two tools on-board. How 'bout an attachment sash to wear?
- the cord hook should be higher- on the handle botttom
- The Hoover Windtunnel duster attachment fits right on the crevice tool tip in addition to the wand, so I could easily just throw on the duster while doing baseboards etc., w/out having to remove the crevice tool. Shark should take a look at that clever design. Unfortunately Hoover's attachments are not interchangeable with the Sharks' or I'd use them.
- The bristles on the duster are too short and too few/flimsy/bendy. The plastic edge can easily scratch surfaces because it can touch them.

Other comments:
The canister dust cup does fill up in one vacuuming but that's because it works so well. It's easy to empty though, from top and bottom.
It doesn't have height adjustments for the beater bar but I haven't missed it on the varied height rugs I have, and it's not beating up my taller piles. I turn off the beater bar on the shag.

It's a very cool little vacuum that I highly recommend, and the price is not prohibitive like the feature-comparable Dyson and Electolux models (and they are heavier).

Update Oct 2011
Still going strong! I learned a few other cool things about this vacuum:

1) The hose elbows on both the canister and handle pivot. So you can pivot the elbow angles to get better hose extension.

2) It has a safety for when you clog up the hose/tubes, with large debris. I was using it to vacuum up demolition debris- slips of wallpaper, chips of sheetrock and all kinds of little junk (yes!), and all of a sudden it started making a very loud air noise from somewhere down low... Sounded like a hose connection was leaking.
So I bent over and saw that the little rectangular hole located in the one side of the canister(in the purple part)was sucking air in- big suction. I looked all through the vacuum and found I had a huge clog of junk stuck in the long handheld tube. When I removed the junk, it was all quiet again. So if your's make a loud noise, check this out.

Jan 2013
After I abused the thing with gypsum dust from drywall work, I dismantled it completely and cleaned it throughout. It's pretty easy to service. It's like new again and still going strong.

June 2014- Still awesome!
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on July 2, 2011
Style Name: Vacuum
Didn't purchase our Shark Lift-Away from Amazon. However, I had to submit a review of this vacuum we bought in June 2011, as it has impressed my wife and myself beyond expectations!

We have owned a Kirby Generation 4 vacuum for many years, and it has served us well, but it's weight has become a little too-much for my wife. My wife had been hinting for a Dyson vacuum, but the price of the Dyson was awfully high though it did have good reviews.

I was scanning some TV channels, and happend upon a Shark Navigator Lift-Away ad in progress. In the ad they used a Dyson with the Swivel ball steering to show how the Navigator also could swivel/pivot/steer the same way.

The ad showed a number of testimonials from folks who said that they thought their prior vacuum before purchasing the Lift-Away were doing a good jobs. They were all surprised that even after running their original vacuum over their carpets, that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away pulled much more dust/dirt/hair/etc...

Well we went down to Bed Bath and Beyond with our 20% off coupon and took a look at this Shark vacuum. They had a low-pile carpet at the vacuum display area, so we plugged-in the display Navigator Lift-Away, and ran it over the carpet.

Quiet! : The noise level of this machine was much lower than our Kirby. You could actually talk and hear other things around you while it was running.

Suction! : Can't say enough.....This low pile black carpet at Bed Bath and Beyond looked fairly clean, but after a few passes with the Shark Lift-Away the carpet seemed a deeper black. The dirt/dust/hair cannister on the Shark had a big old ball of dust in it! We couldn't even figure where all that dust came from. Apparently the suction on this Shark is just as advertised; better than the competition.(Shark Lift-Away sucked up more heavy billiard balls up a tube than the Dyson! the info ad).

Swivel Feature: Yep, it does just what they say. Swivels just like a Dyson, only you don't see/have an immense yellow swivel-ball on your vacuum. The swivel feature is built inside the Shark machine and not obvious.

Bought It - Took It Home: It was easy to assemble(couple minutes). We tried it on our very large low-pile throw rug in the livingroom that had recently been vacuumed with our Kirby. What a surprise; After going over the throw rug the dust/dirt/cannister was filled with a big ball of dust and hair.

You Can Feel The Suction: The suction is so strong that the Lift-Away literally pulled itself forward as the beater brush rotated on the carpet.

On-Off Brush Power: Great feature when doing tile or hardwood floors. There's no reason to run the beater brush on our hardwood or tile floors as the Lift-Away's suction is so strong that it lifts up all the dirt. We also ran the beater brush on the hardwood and tile as it seemed to help pull up some particles.

Tried It On Our Berber Rug: This is an old rug(medium pile), but the Lift-Away again sucked up tons of dirt/sand/dust/hair that the Kirby couldn't. The rug/pile seemed to be lifted up much more with the Shark than our Kirby vacuum.

Maybe it's a "guy thing" with mechanical things, but seeing that dirt cannister fill-up motivated me(husband) to do more of the vacuuming. I'm sure wives out there will like that!

12 + lbs... It is very light. My wife is happy, as she can't lift heavy thing without discomfort.
Summation: I think we are using the Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum nearly every day. Why? Cause it's actually fun to know we are picking up so much dust. Allergies are less in our household too.

No bags to buy! Yeah! Those Kirby bags are very expensive!
Price.....Less than half the price of a Dyson!

But......It has the same 5 year parts/labor warranty of Dyson!

We're sold. :)
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on May 12, 2011
Style Name: Vacuum
I purchased this vacuum about 6 mos. ago in search of replacing my Bissell Pet Hair Removal vacuum. I wanted to wait in submitting this review until I had used the Shark for a fair amount of time. I had initially purchased the Bissell Pet Hair vacuum to help me with the carpet and carpeted stairs in my home. We have two dogs, a Min Pin and a yellow Lab, so the dog hair has various sizes and colors. Our house is carpeted almost throughout (except the tiled kitchen and entryway) in a dark forest green carpet. You can imagine how quickly and easily the yellow Lab hair shows on this dark carpet. I found the Bissell to be heavy and almost impossible to deal with on the stairs. The removable attachment hose was always detaching somewhere, while I was trying to use it on the stairs (either the pet attachment from the extension piece, or the extension piece from the flexible hose, or the flexible hose from the sweeper body. Nothing broke, but in pulling the hose up the stairs, something would inevitably pull out from their counterpart as there were no 'locking' mechanisms to keep these separate pieces together. I also found that the rotating brushes on the Bissell did NOT stop rotating as long as the sweeper was turned on. This resulted in the sweeper 'eating' the rubber coating on the sweeper cord while I was trying to pull the hose up the stairs and the sweeper would roll over the cord. The cord was attached to the lower part of the vacuum so I had to wrap the cord around the top extension hose holder, to keep the cord in reachable distance.
The Shark had the lift-away canister that operated independently of the sweeper body. This has turned out to be the answer to my prayers. Now I can clean my stairs with the pet attachment and no longer have the `separation' problems. The suction seems equal to that of the Bissell, even though the Shark is smaller and lighter (which is a plus). The Shark has a cord clip so that I can now keep my cord higher in a holder that is designed to do this specific job. Yes, the Shark has a `smaller pathway', but that can be a plus too, as I can now get my vacuum between the chair legs and other furniture placements, where a wider vacuum head will not fit.
I also found that the Shark's removable canister is very easy to empty and clean. The Bissell has an upper portion of the wind tunnel that does not come off when you remove the canister for cleaning. This upper part easily gets filled with hair and dirt too, which falls downward after you remove the canister, making this a mess to clean up. One person's review of the Shark compared it to a `leaf blower'. This comment almost kept me from buying one of the best vacuums I have ever had. Yes, the Shark has a front vent, however, in order for it to blow things on the floor, you would have to be using the sweeper in the locked and upright position (then the brushes won't rotate anyway). Once you lower the handle for normal use, the vent points upward and does not disturb anything on the floor.
The Shark has solved all the problems that I had with my Bissell Pet Hair Removal vacuum and added positive features as well. The cost is much less than the Bissell, the lift-away canister is wonderful, the cleaning of the canister is much easier and less messy, it is lighter weight for easier maneuverability, the smaller cleaning pathway makes it possible to get into the smaller areas a wider head will not fit, the suction and cleaning power is easily equal to the more expensive sweepers, there is no adjustment necessary to go between carpet and hard wood floors, the brushes automatically stop rotation when the sweeper handle is upright, the vacuum easily removes pet hair without having to drop down any front extension piece. This vacuum is fabulous, I couldn't be happier.
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on November 20, 2011
Style Name: Vacuum
This review is particularly for those of you torn between a Shark Navigator Lift-Away and a Dyson DC33. Hopefully my review will shed a little bit of light. If you don't feel like reading my whole review, scroll to the bottom for a summary.

We had an old cheap Hoover and my wife told me we really needed a better vacuum because A.) we have a dog that sheds B.) We are expecting a baby soon and C.) Our home is carpeted as well has has bare floors.

I did a lot of research and decided I would give the famed Dyson brand a try. We read reviews just like you are doing now and though it was $389 dollars at Sam's, we went out and bought the Dyson DC33.
My wife and I don't get buyer's remorse when spend top dollar for an item so long as that item falls under the "investment" category. We considered the DC33 a good investment since it would clean up our dog hair and keep our house clean for our incoming baby boy.

Upon installation of the Dyson DC33, we immediately tried it out. We did the test they do on commercials and decided to run our old hoover through one side of the carpet and the DC33 on the other side. Since both vacuums have clear containers, we saw that the difference was pretty negligent, perhaps because our carpet was not very dirty. However, the DC33 does have very impressive suction power which is undeniable. The next thing we noticed is that it only came with 2 attachments which were mediocre at best. Thence started our buyer's remorse. We grabbed the mediocre attachments and hooked them up to the hose. We attempted to pull the slinky-looking hose to clean our couch and the vacuum kept toppling over. The vacuum's suction power appears to be so much, that it keeps that extendible hose retracted. The hose has a very stiff feeling to it (so to speak) so it wasn't as usable as we wanted it to be. In conclusion, it seems the engineers really did a great job in designing excellent suction power but left much to desire in terms of usability and features. This vacuum would probably be good only if you plan on using it upright and NOT in tight spaces as the bottom section is large and doesn't get under the couch very well. We decided to return the DC33 and buy a Shark Navigator for about $180.

Shark Navigator
We got home and initially, the vacuum looked a little cheap in reference to the plastic casing. However, this impression quickly vanished when we assembled it and started working with it. From the getgo, we saw how awesome the suction power was with this vacuum. It was equivalent if not more powerful than the DC33. The second thing is that for area rugs, this vacuum is so powerful that sometimes it's hard to roll, well it has a little adjustable ring that you can rotate at the top of the handle that releases some air pressure so that your suction power is a little less. You can also vacuum with the roller either moving or with it still (for bare floors so it doesn't kick back all the dirt). Next was the fact that you can lift it away and vacuum stairs easily and the best part (especially for MEN), I lifted this vacuum (the bottom detaches from the top) and carried it out to my garage to vacuum my car. Without exaggeration, this thing feels EXACTLY like those vacuums you pay 75 cents for at gas stations. I was like "WOOOOOO HOOOO" this thing WORKS! The attachments were the classic pointy attachment, the classic brush attachment, and best of all, the couch/stair attachment that has a roller on it!! That's the best. Like the dyson, you can empty the container with the touch of a button without getting dirty. However... if you want to clean it good you will have to put your hand in there (so to speak) and get the stuck dirt out (no big task really) and you're done. Another feature is that it is thinner on the bottom so it fits under most couches easily and turns well around corners. It is not very loud at all (quieter than the Dyson) and has no loss of suction power. Needless to say, for the price, it is a bargain and it is so user friendly that I applaud the engineers for that. The vacuum detaches at different places and some people have complained that it is "too complicated" to detach and put together?? I didn't even read the manual (I'm a typical guy) and I was able to figure it out within a few minutes. If you are torn between the Shark and some other vacuum, go with this one. I'm pretty sure that everyone from the average user to the extreme everyday vacuum user will give this machine high ratings.

In summary, the DC33 has great suction but usability and attachments are mediocre at best. The extendible hose is too stiff (so to speak) and the vacuum is bulky around corners and under couches.
The Shark Navigator has so many features that for the price, it is a bargain. It detaches so you can clean stairs, cars, couches, bare floors, etc. It picks up dog hair easily and has amazing suction power as well but for a much better price than other leading brands.
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on March 27, 2011
Style Name: Vacuum
I bought this vacuum after reading all the reviews. I was going to buy a Dyson, but the cost sent me shopping elsewhere. The vacuum arrived and was easy to put together with just a few clicks, no tools required. This vacuum works magic on pet hair. We have a long haired cat that sheds all over the place. This vacuum is able to suck up all the hair. The attachements also work great for the car, boat, and RV. I would highly recommend this product. We also recieved a free steam mop with our order.
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on February 14, 2012
Style Name: Vacuum
I have owned a Bissell Pet Liftoff for about 3 years and was tired of the dust that it seamed to spit out all over itself. We are moving soon and I wanted to start over with a new clean vacuum to match the new clean house. After researching like crazy the Shark was it. The Shark is light, quiet, powerful, not costing a fortune and has a completely closed system. No more dust all over the outside of the vacuum and no more dust getting out to make us suffer allergies!! Next you have to decide on the regular or the Liftoff. Which was no easy task for me since no review ever swayed me since they didnt have the same info for the vacuums to be compared.I seriously had to go to 12 different websites to get the information below and I am sure even more websites will have conflicting answers. Even the Shark website wasnt completely helpful...

To compare the regular and then Liftoff:
Regular Shark
15 Lbs.
2.4 dry quarts is the dust cup capacity
Boasts a Hose that stretches for a 12 ft reach
30' cord
lifetime belt and filters ( all you do is take the filters out and wash them. the vacuum has a feature that stops the belt so it"should" not break)
5yr warranty on motor
Included Accessories:
24" Crevice Tool
Premium Pet Power Brush
(The accessories will vary it seamed on which version and where you buy it)

Shark Lift Off
12.8 lbs (full unit); 7.5 lbs (canister alone).
Dust cup holds 1.2 dry quarts (to the fill line) and 3.0 dry quarts (real usable capacity)
25'ft cord
lifetime belt and filters ( all you do is take the filters out and wash them. the vacuum has a feature that stops the belt so it "should" not break)
5yr warranty on motor
Included Accessories:
24" Crevice Tool
Premium Pet Power Brush
Bare Floor Nozzle
Dusting Mop
11" Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush with soft bristles
Accessory Tool Holder designed to hold the 5.5" crevice tool and dusting brush
Premium Large Turbo Brush for fast and easy removal of pet hair and ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.
(Again The accessories will vary it seamed on which version and where you buy it)

My version from T A R G E T only came with the 24" Crevice tool, Pet Power brush, 5.5" crevice tool, Dust Brush and the accessory holder
The accessory holder I can tell you too will hold the 5.5" crevice on top with the dust brush put on top of the crevice tool and that left the bottom of the holder I put the 24" crevice tool on. great feature.

So, The dust cup is smaller on the liftoff and the cord is shorter BUT it is lighter, has swivel action like the Dyson Ball thing, can easy be an upright or lift off and away you go.One feature that is my favorite is you can remove the handle part in two sections one being just the handle and the second being the handle and what you would maybe call the neck of the vacuum which serves as an extension wand. This is great for dusting high, low, and in the middle. Most houses have 8 or 9 foot ceilings and this reaches with no problem. W finally cleaned the top of the fan blades. Ew I know. Being the mom of 3 boys under the age of 4 a fast vacuum time is essential and the ease of this vacuum is rediculous.

The suction power is rediculous as well As you can see on my picture the Shark got up significantly more dirt and dust than my older (3yr) Bissell. Seriously gross. The motor is quiet as well. Almost too quiet because you almost wonder "Is this thing working?" But the dust cup will not lie. I vacuum every other day and Shark still continues to amaze me.

I struggled with price difference between the two models but It was worth it completely with the extra tools and features this vacuum gives you.
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on April 12, 2011
Style Name: Vacuum
Here you go.
1 - Light weight
2 - Easy to maneuver
3 - Fairly quiet for a vacuum
4 - Good filter system
5 - Price vs Dy$on
5a - Price vs Dyson ;)

1 - Top heavy (tall and skinny, tips easily). Base is tiny, anything smaller would be a toy...REALLY! Probably designed for homes overseas.
2 - Messy to "completely" empty canister and clean filters. You will wash filters monthly if you want peak performance.
3 - Hose handle is awkward. Instead of the good old "small" straight head tube at the end of the hose, they stuck an awkward arched handle which basically keeps you from getting a good angle in those tight spots. It causes more tension on the hose, which pulls on your wrist, and feels like you're always fighting for that extra stretch of hose. It also makes the vacuum more likely to tip (top heavy). What were they thinking?
4 - Small weak looking base and roller brush. I can imagine them wearing out quickly. Looks tiny compared to other vacs in that price range.

Bottom line...I wish they would have straightened out the handle and beefed up the roller brush. It would be very close to perfect than. Darn curved hose handle :(
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Style Name: Vacuum
Buying a vacuum is a grown up decision, up there with purchasing your first car and getting married. Avoiding adulthood as long as I can, I made my broom and Dustbuster combo work in my 650 sq ft all hardwood floor condo for as long as I could until I'd hoarded enough cats to need a "real" vacuum.

The area rug in my living room previously needed to be scrubbed by hand with a sponge and even then, dander, dirt, dust and hair still covered the thing. I assumed it was just a cheap rug and sucked, not once did I think a vacuum could make it like new.

After weeks of research, I finally pulled the trigger on the Shark Navigator. I always related Shark to old grandmas and lonely insomniac losers who fall for infomercials but the minute I took this bad boy for a test spin on the rug, I knew I was in love. In fact, I couldn't stop vacuuming!

lightweight and powerful
tugs itself along
easy to shlep from room to room
cord is long enough to vacuum my entire condo without needing to change plugs
cheaper than the competition (I don't need to say the D word)

so much fun to use you'll wish you had more to vacuum up. This can lead to awkward experiments with your cats.
did I mention it's REALLY fun to use? My kid said to me "mom, I think you like the vacuum more than you like me." I can't figure out the long-term cost of therapy as a result but surely it was worth it!
not as impressive to show off to your friends who come over as a $500+ vacuum

Cat hair doesn't stand a chance in my house with this thing. Although the highlight of using the Dustbuster is watching my cats scatter across the house in fear, the Navigator is so quiet that even my scarediest cat doesn't run when I hit the switch. I think that might be a con, that takes away some of the fun.

As others have pointed out, the "lift-away" feature isn't quite as advertised since you'll easily tip the stupid thing over the minute you try to use the hose but HEY, it's sucking up the gunk in your house and that's why you bought it, amiright?! Just man up and pick it up, no biggie.

Some reviewers have said the canister is awkward to empty but they must not be too smart because I had no problem getting all the nasty little hairballs out of it after each vacuum session. Protip: it opens on the other end too, Smarty Pants! Just reach in and grab the hair if you need to, you've been walking on it all week anyway, who cares?

All in all, I love this thing. It does the job and does it well. I have FOUR cats so my vacuum needs to be hard core just to make it a week around my place, I don't need to end up on some episode of Animal Hoarders because I forgot to sweep up the hairballs one week ya feel me?
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on April 6, 2011
Style Name: Vacuum
I cannot believe how much dog hair it picked up. Excellent vacuum and well worth the price.

Pros: quiet, very light (12 lb) and very maneuverable. The console "bends" so you can get close to furniture without hitting it. Bagless; HEPA filter; washable pre-motor filters so you don't need to buy anymore; 5-yr warranty

Cons: the canister is on the small side, but when I was at the store I didn't think it was much smaller than other vacuums- it's just taller as opposed to wider. Anyway, I don't mind emptying the canister a few times, but keep in mind how much fur I have to vacuum up. If you don't have pets then I can't imagine needing to empty it before you're all done.
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on December 13, 2011
Style Name: Vacuum
:::Great Suction but VERY CHEAP plastic parts that break easily::::

We have owned this for less than a year. There are two small plastic pieces that are used to attach the bagless container and hold it in place. After 3 months of use one side broke. Today the other side broke which means that there is now nothing holding the bagless container to the vaccum. There is no way to replace this part except to buy a new whole new vaccum. Very disappointing.
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