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on August 25, 2012

So I ran into an odd problem. I had rinsed and air-dried the foam filter a couple times by now as I don't like seeing dirt build up. But at some point there was a terrible mildew odor coming out the whole vacuum. It smelled like someone had vacuumed up a nasty wet basement flood. It was so bad I had to return it. I like this vacuum and I think it's cleaning power is designed like a well tuned jet engine vs lawn mower-like vacuums (ie PAWS wind-tunnel hoover is all plastic, cheap feeling, has a terribly short hose, and the brush kicks dust around faster than the vacuum can collect it...itchy throat). I would get a replacement shark because of its quality but be more cautious about washing the filter by throwing it in the dryer instead of air drying. If you don't push air through the large foam filter daily, I imagine any trapped moisture and mildew in it will develop very quickly. Also, don't bother cleaning the filter out until it actually affects performance.
(update 10/19/12)
A few tips. Keep both the hose extensions on while it's hooked up to the floor unit. It's actually easier to access the suction release that way and frees up a place to hang the power pet tool... One possible way to fully use the length of the hose without tip-over is by attaching the vacuum to a sturdy wall or door hook. For example, I even store the vacuum on the back of my bed room door, as the steel linked loop handle can securely hang the vacuum on an over-the-door hanger while in use and out of use. Although the hose is long, the hose handle doesn't lock-on, so that it'll slip off if you only grip by the handle and pull too far. That's a disappointing design flaw.


Easy to put together, not heavy. Cleaning power of hose and floor unit is very strong and thorough on short carpet and bare floor. However the floor unit has a narrow 12" cleaning path, the same as a compact dirt devil. The swivel motion is useful for getting around corners and furniture but is cumbersome in large open areas. A significantly firm grip is needed to keep on a straight path, so if you loosen your grip you will swerve. With the wobbly design and high center of balance, use of the hose usually makes the thing collapse on the side without warning. The hose works best if you lay the vacuum flat on its back. The floor unit itself is removable, thus replaceable, or if you plan on it you can still use the hose without the floor unit attached. Kind of cool.

I bought mine from Costco and it came with a great pet hair removal power brush attachment which works well but has no designated on-board storage placement. It also came with an extra long kink-free hose, a standard brush add-on, crevice tool, and extended crevice tool, and extension. The cord is long but heavy. I like the large dust bin capacity and brush on/off feature. Emptying bin is easy but dust always gets on the outer rim. The "never loses suction" slogan requires an asterisk. You still need to wash the foam filter between the dust bin and exhaust filter every 3 months. If accidentally sucking up large objects like paper towels and pens can cause blockage so you need to check the entry ports ever so often.

Not good for tall carpets because the brush roller height is not adjustable. The brush roller with the suction release completely open will still snag. Fortunately, to prevent damage, a safety mechanism shuts the roller off as indicated by a green light turning red. On medium long carpets you still have to adjust the suction release feature which basically reduces its suction power or else it is difficult to move.

If it had a retractable cord, better balance, "headlights", a no-swivel lock/unlock (for preferred stability on floor or hose), brush roller height adjustment, and a slightly wider cleaning path, I'd rate shark navigator pro much higher.
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on September 15, 2012
Poop... I missed a sale price on this Item by three days at Costco ($119)! I picked it up today (9/12/2012) for their normal $149 price (+$9 tax)= $158. I couldn't decide if I wanted the newer fancier Shark NV356E model that separates from the bottom brush unit. Or this 420 unit (mostly sold only at Costco). My decision delay cost me $30.

The 420 unit does not separate from its base. But, its collapsible hose is much longer when fully extended than the NV356E and its tank is much larger than the NV356E. Due to the longer hose, you don't need to separate the tank from the base like the NV356E. The NV356E has a smaller tank. I was leaning toward the NV356E. Until I read about the 420 on another Amazon forum.

I'm glad That I got the 420. These Shark vacuums suck so strong that you will fill up the tank several times while vacuuming your home. You need the bigger tank IMHO to avoid several trips to the garage garbage can.

I'm amazed. This is a high quality built unit. Its plastic, but not the normal China crap I'm used to getting. Heavy duty thickness, Good rubber seals on most tank connections. I think it should last a very long time. If not Coatco well take it back ten years from now with no questions.

I had just vacuumed my Trouse (trailer/house) yesterday. I was surprised that I filled the Sharks tank tonight. I have a small 1,100 sq. ft home and I have berber carpet. This is the strongest vacuum that I have ever owned. I can't imagine another possibly being stronger. I bet this thing could suck a golf ball through a garden hose (LOL).

This is a keeper. The fancy NV356E here on Amazon for $199 is the best price that you will find for that unit, if you want that model. I don't think that you need it. Although, a lot of people are very happy with it. Search for the other Amazon forum regarding the NV356E.
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on September 4, 2012
My prior vacuum was a Hoover Windtunnel self-propelled. I've gotten to use both Dyson and Electrolux bagless uprights, so I can compare with the Shark. The Shark isn't wonderful or awful. Better than a stick vacuum and it's OK. I'd put it in the $100 class.

Got it at Costco on sale for $120.

1) Really long hose
2) Hose is detachable from all the wands. This allows you to manipulate attachments (like the pet hair one) without it being stuck on a huge block of plastic. (Not possible on the Electrolux and I think the Dyson too.)
3) Debris came out of canister with just a little bang against the trash can. (A _real_ problem on the Dyson, where I often had to remove the inner part too.)
4) Lack of height adjustment didn't prevent me from vacuuming a throw rug. Also there is a suction control that might keep it from sticking to thicker rugs.
5) Pet hair attachment worked well. Cleaned as well as my Eureka handheld and of course had no weight (handheld is heavy!). It also pops open easily for cleaning; there is a belt in there that I could see might get clogged with fur.
6) Narrow head, so you can get in-between furniture.
7) Not too heavy. Balanced between motor power and weight.
8) Brush is enabled electronically and is "smart". If it can't turn it will shut off to keep from burning the belt (and eating my bathroom rug). Snapping to upright position resets it.
9) Has both a small crevice tool and a long one. The latter is kind of cool because you usually want to use a crevice tool along baseboards. Can't fall off the wand if it's all one piece.
10) Attachments snap in securely. (On the Electrolux they fall off at the slightest touch.)

1) Not much of a base, so the vacuum falls over when you move around with an attachment. Such as using the crevice tool around the bottom of the kitchen cabinets.
2) Narrow mouth, so takes longer to vacuum a room.
3) Brush doesn't reach all the way to edge of the vacuum (see customer photo), so it doesn't pick up as well along the baseboard on carpet. On hard floor the suction compensates.
4) This is more personal. I don't like pivot in any of these bagless vacuums; it's harder to drive a straight pattern. A regular vacuum can turn just about as well by rotating the whole thing.
5) The hose connects to a wand which connects to the mouth of the vacuum. This wand is difficult to push back into place because you have to steer it through a collar that helps hold it. Also I'm concerned that the friction fit may come loose as the vacuum ages.
6) Can't flatten to the floor for cleaning under beds. This may be true of all bagless though. (Miss my Hoover.)
7) Pet hair attachment is not on-board. It's pretty big though so I can understand why they didn't try.
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on January 7, 2013
First of all, as you might assume based upon my 5-Star review, I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. So if that is all you need to know, time to move on to the next review.

Now, if you are interested in the WHY... I will explain. For background purposes, my previous vacuum cleaner was a Shark NV22L. I owned the Shark NV22L for two years... and loved, loved, loved it! My only reason for upgrading it to the Shark UV420 is the added features it offers (i.e. anti-allergin complete seal, XL capacity, swivel steering). And before the Shark NV22L, I owned many, many crappy vacuum cleaners. But that is a different story.

1. High resale value. I believe that Shark has done a tremendous job of building their brand over the last 3-5 years. As a result, I was able to sell my Shark NV22L for 75% of what I paid for it, which made the upgrade very inexpensive.

2. Sharks work great! Because my previous vacuum was a Shark, I'm not surprised by how great the Shark UV420 performs. In fact, I vacuumed my house with the Shark NV22L on a Friday (sold it), and then vacuumed my house again with the UV420 on Saturday. It did not pick much up, which is a testiment to the 'No Loss Suction' claim they make.

3. Easy maintence. It is very easy to keep the insides clean so that it does not get bogged down with clogs or such. The filters are all washable and the cannister is very easy to empty. That alone saves you a lot of $$$ in the long run.

4. Low cost. My review us based upon a $119 cost for the Shark UV420. Based upon performance and maintence, it is easily worth double this price. As an added bonus I bought it at Costco which ensures a hassle-free return if needed (although based upon my past experience with Shark, a return won't be needed).

In conclusion, I have owned the Shark UV420 for 6 monthes and have not had any problems. I have read about many other 'things' here in the Amazon reviews (i.e. top heavy, hard to steer straight, pet attachment not on board, etc.). Maybe I've become conditioned to these 'things' with my first Shark, but I think they are exaggereated by some of the reviewers. Are they true... to some degree yes. However, for me they are a non-issue.

I primarily base my judgement of a vacuum cleaner on how well it cleans the carpet and bare floors. Also, I calculate price as a factor as well. Using these two items the decision was easy... Shark! If you have never owned a Shark, you will be blown away by the Shark Navigator Professional UV420. Guaranteed!

UPDATE: 1/25/15 I wanted to update my review for those wondering about the longevity of this producy. I am happy to report that my Shark UV420 is still going strong. I am still very happy with it and can certainly say that I got much more than my money's worth with this purchase.

My only complaint, and it was a real pain in the rear end, was that trying to find filters for this vacuum was difficult! I believe that although this is a Shark product, it is not one that is supported past the point of purchase by the company in terms of accessories. However, if there are any people who have experienced my frustration of trying to find filters, the filters can be bought here on Amazon. The filters for the Shark NV80 will fit the UV420. I purchased them from a company called Crucial Vacuum here on Amazon and they fit perfectly. The filters are a bit pricey ($20 each for the hepa filter and the foam oval filters and felt), but once replaced the vacuum performed like brand new. NOTE: The foam filters are washable, but at some point I would recommend a new set. Hope this update helps!
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WOW! I was keeping my eye out for a Hoover Windtunnel with the Pet Hair tool because a number of people had told me about it, so much so that I went out to a dealer and actually tried it! Meanwhile, I couldn't even afford the "sale price" at $199.99; so I figured I would bide my time. Biding ... biding ... biding ... a friend calls me up to tell me about their new Shark Navigator Professional and how amazing this cleaning appliance was in devouring hair, dust, dirt, crumbs, etc.; and they said, compared to their old "windtunnel" this Shark was a predator compared to a Hoover as a half-interested spectator. So, I now had my eye out for a Shark NavPro on sale ... and when I found one at close to a 50% discount, I pounced! Took this baby home and first thing out of the box I used it to clean my outdoor entryway carpet (dark green) and it looked as new as the day my handyman neighbor installed it! AWESOME ... but then it got better ... I brought it indoors and used the hard floor feature and was even more amazed at how easy it followed every turn of my wrist. Next was our dining room area rug ... must have lifted off 1/2" to 1" of piled on hair and worn fibers to where the rug's original colors began peeking through and once done ... I felt like I had a brand new rug! If you've never tried one ... you've gotta get one and experience the best vacuum technology for your money ever yet created!
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on January 14, 2013
I'll back up the other reviews that this vacuum offers amazing suction and performance .. however one thing to add. If you live in a house with people who have long hair, I'd seriously reconsider purchasing this model. Both the main roller and the upholstery attachment clogged with hair so quickly that they froze up and required disassembly to fix. I'm not talking about using this in a hair salon, but just your average mom and 2 teens. In every other way I love the performance of this vacuum, but I can see some customers who aren't comfortable completely disassembling a new vacuum on the first day of ownership to pull hair so tightly wrapped around the bearings that the brushes refused to turn. Again, I don't live in a wig factory ... I'm talking about the amount you'd find in a hairbrush after using it. The Eureka product that this vacuum replaced would go months without ever touching anything but emptying the canister. You've been warned. I hope this is something that Shark has addressed on newer models because I'd happily give them a second chance ... the other attributes are THAT good.
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on April 3, 2013
Im a house keeper on the side. I use this vaccum regularly. Im young and strong. heres my pros and cons list
good on carpet
rotating head
easily switches from carpet to hard floor with the push of a button

somewhat heavy(not for ppl w/ shoulder issues or the elderly)
just ok on bare floors(misses a lot of "crumbs")thats a big deal for me. i might as well just sweep.
super hard to manage on stairs
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on September 4, 2012
Got this on sale at Costco for $119. Put it together fairly easily - be sure to read the instructions to keep things simple.

Excellent suction. We happen to like the swivel action on the power floor nozzle. We tried the attachments and they worked well. Switching back and forth from attachments to main vacuum was quick and easy. Like how the attachments are all on-board, except for the pet hair brush which is too big to keep on-board. Especially will be using the pet hair power brush a lot as we have two indoor cats and a dog. Our couch came out looking like new after using the pet hair brush. Even the cat tree looks tons better. We couldn't believe all the dirt and hair in the dust cup, as we had just vacuumed two days ago! This vacuum really, well, vacuums well!

The power floor nozzle is a tad small, especially after our Lindhaus extra wide head, but we don't mind that. We feel the unit is well-made, not too light or too heavy. Just right. We'll be using it downstairs in the main part of the house- moved the Lindhaus to the upstairs bedrooms. Hubby is the main vacuumer and he is really pleased with this unit!
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on October 26, 2012
This is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. The price is right. I have 6 cats and the Shark picks up an unbelievable amount of fur. I vacuumed with my old vacuum and then with the Shark and it picked up more dirt and fur that was left behind by the old vac. I now like to vacuum and feel like my carpet and furniture are clean.
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on November 29, 2012
A lot of people are comparing this to Dyson and are wondering which they should get. Having owned a D36 previously, I wanted to make a comparison of both.

First off, I'll say that the Shark has great suction, as good or better than the Dyson. I'd say the floor head is just as good, too, because it pulled an enormous amount of dirt and dust out of my brand new carpets. Another thing I like is all the attachments are on board and securely attached, except for the pet hair tool which is too large for that. The D36 did not have on-board anything, which was very inconvenient. The other reason I chose to try the Shark over the Dyson, besides price, was that the Dyson Animal line can't be used on rugs (the brushes jam on rugs, and although Dyson acknowledges this, they don't have a fix.)

The old Dyson is better when it comes to weight. It was easier to use because the floor-head was on the end of a hose, and didn't have the weight of the machine bearing down on it when it was turned on. The Shark is heavier and harder to move along. You must move the entire machine as it is suctioning the carpet, and the suction is so strong that it significantly adds to the friction. It's not the heaviest or most difficult machine to use, but it's not the easiest either.

Now down to Shark specific features, e.g. the swivel steering. This makes the machine easier to turn, but also harder to keep straight like other reviewers have commented on. It also makes the machine more unstable so you end up supporting its weight more. I'm not sure I whether I like this feature.

The way the attachments are setup is great. I'd say that it's much easier to switch to the hose and back than other vacuums I've used. Only downside: the hose should be longer. It also has a large waste canister that is easy to remove. I'd also have liked a cord rewinder, but I know they often break, I just hate doing it.

Overall, I'm very happy with the Shark and definitely think it was a good purchase over the Dyson. It's a very powerful vacuum that does a great job on my carpets. Worth the money for sure.
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