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Style Name: Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV302)|Change
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on November 6, 2013
I've only had the Rocket for 4 days but here's what I think so far.
> What I love about it:
> -It's powerful
> -It does a great job cleaning the snips on my hardwood floors as well as carpeted floors
> -It's corded so always ready to use with no need to wait for recharging
> -It has a long cord - I can vacuum all my hardwood floors without changing to another outlet
> -It's so easy to operate - I love that I can switch it on and off with just a flick of my thumb
> -It's easy to empty the dust canister
> -I love, love, love the attachments - especially the wand for under the stove and refrigerator is great, it even cleans my dryer vent
> -I also love, love, love the micro attachments - I've used them to clean the crumbs out of the toaster, clean the snips of thread under the sewing machine and in the bobbin case, clean the dirt out of the computer printer,clean the panel edges of our 6-panel doors since a dust rag just can't get into the corners, and clean nooks and crannies in my car that I never could reach with an ordinary crevice tool.
> I'm sure I'll find more things I love about the Rocket the more I use it.
> What I don't like about it:
> So far, I haven't found anything not to like about the Rocket.
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on March 9, 2014
I purchased the Shark Rocket about a month ago (from BB&Beyond due to the 20% coupon but based on reviews I read here). I was somewhat skeptical since I tend to gravitate toward reading the 1- and 2-star ratings first, propelling myself into a state of doubt over even the most minor purchases.

I was looking for something to replace a heavy, somewhat useless Hoover upright purchased in 1999 and an older model Shark that's no longer sold (as far as I can tell). The Hoover was on the way out the door for a variety of reasons but primarily due to it's weight and the fact that it didn't really suck much up. The older Shark was okay but wasn't powerful enough and it was a pain to detach the handheld part (awkward to get off the main frame). It also didn't have a powered head (or whatever that bottom part is called) so it really wasn't that effective on carpet. I would usually use the brush attachment with the handheld to clean my area rugs (on my knees).

We live in a tri-level house (so wanted something lightweight to drag up and down the stairs) and have mostly hardwood/tile floors with area rugs and one room with wall-to-wall carpet (so I needed something to easily transition from hard surface to carpet). I compared multiple models but was sucked in (haha) by the Shark Rocket infomercial. I'm also a little bit of a tightwad so the idea of dropping $300 on a Dyson just wasn't going to work for me. Unless it was like Rosie the Robot and actually did the cleaning itself.

The pros:
- It works. It actually picks up things off both my area rugs and hardwood floors. I'm not stooping down to pick up pieces of sock lint or threads and feeding them into the vacuum. And it doesn't shoot little pebbles or debris back at you or spread it in some other direction. It just picks it up.
- It easily transitions from low to high speed to go from hardwood/tile to carpet. I can also use it on smaller area rugs without them getting sucked up into it (on both low and high speed).
- It's easy to detach the hand held part from the bottom part. There are three attachments that go directly on the handheld - a crevice tool, one with a brush on it, and one something like a lint brush on it (I think it's meant to pick up pet hair - we have a dog but he doesn't shed so I can't comment on how good it works). There's also a hardwood floor cleaner with a washable pad that you can attach to the end of the wand. You can also attach the other pieces to the end of the wand - I use the brush to clean baseboards and the crevice tool to get into corners, under the cabinets, etc.
- It's easy to empty the dirt trap with minimal mess.
- There's a washable filter that I would recommend washing frequently when you first start using this thing. I noticed due to my long-term lack of vacuuming power that I was really sucking up a lot of extra dust the first few times I used it.
- It's very lightweight (or as light as you can get and still have some power) and easy to maneuver. I can get under couches, coffee tables, my bed and so on without stooping down too far or getting down on the floor.
- The cord it nice and long. I can do each floor of my house (probably a 30'x30' space) without moving from outlet to outlet.
- It comes with a car detailing kit that I frankly can't wait to use but we're still in the depths of winter so it will have to wait until the weather warms up.

The cons:
- It's top heavy so it doesn't stand up on it's own. You have to lean it against something or lay it down on the floor. This is minor and not really an issue but you have to make sure you are careful so it doesn't fall over.
- The attachments aren't "on board" and you can store them in the provided drawstring bag. This means that you have to take them with you to have them handy when you want them. This hasn't really been an issue but thought it was worth pointing out.
- People have commented that the dirt receptacle is small and requires frequent emptying. I'm happy to empty it since it seems to mean I'm actually cleaning something. I usually empty it 2, maybe 3 times if I'm vacuuming the entire house. It's easy to empty so this isn't a big deal in my book.

In general, the pros far outweigh the cons and I would definitely recommend this vacuum if you're looking for what I was. If you have all wall-to-wall, I'm not sure if you'll see the same results but for mixed floor types in an average sized house, I think this one can't be beat.
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on November 30, 2014
Original review: 11.14.14

Normally, I wouldn't write a review when there are 554 others, but this vacuum cleaner has changed my life! It's hard to believe how much dirt it gets up-*every* time I vacuum...which means it's hard to believe how much dirt I was living in before, in the world of the Hoover upright. I'm still experimenting with all the attachment doodads--it's way more vacuum than I've ever had before.

But even though I love it, there are a few things that are less than ideal, for me at least:

*The cord is way too long. I get tangled up in it. It would be easier for me to unplug a shorter one and put it in another outlet in another room.

*The little devil is so powerful that it pulls me across the room.

*The dirt cup is hard to get off. I have to use a knife handle to push the release button while I open the cup with the other hand.

*I do wish it stood up by itself.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to persuade all my friends, clean-freaks and otherwise, to get one.

1.6.15 Update.

Here's the caveat, which maybe everyone else would know to look for, but I didn't. The vacuum cleaner fell over tonight and as I bent to pick it up, I noticed that the bottom was turquoise blue…just the color of my rug. When I looked closer, the entire beater bar was wound tightly with cat fur and blue strands from the rug. It took me 25 minutes to cut, pry, and pull all of it off--see the photo for how much there was. So now I know to clean off the bottom of the vacuum in addition to emptying the cup every time and washing the filter once a month.
review image review image review image
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on December 1, 2013
I did a lot of research and reading on this item before purchasing it so I could be well informed about it and the competitors version. I love the Shark Rocket Slim Vac. It is more powerful than my Dyson Pet Upright Vacuum, easier to get up high without a lot of fuss and I can get under the beds without having to disconnect and connect to other parts. It is lightweight and maneuvers easily around and under everything. I do have to empty the dust cup after each room I clean but then I had to empty the dirt on my Dyson pretty often too, so that does not bother me. I love the long cord, I can reach just about the whole house from on plug in. I highly recommend this product....
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on January 19, 2014
I purchased the Shark Rocket (HV301) and my review is based on this model. Not sure what is the difference between the two. Looks the same. Let me know if you know the difference. Anyway here is my thoughts after about one month of use.
1) Small cup that collects the dust. It's small so you need to keep an eye as it fills up fast with dust and fine particles that this vacuum does pick up. The dust cup which I will call it is hinged to the vacuum. You can't take the dust cup completely off to dump its content. You have to understand how the vacuum cleaner is made up of three(3) disconnect able parts. 1-the vacuum head at the other end. 2-the long stick part of the vacuum. 3- the hand held vacuum motor part that your hand grasp. clean out the dust cup which is part of no.3 above (the hand held vacuum motor prt that your hand grasp) which has the long cord also connected to it. You would have to disconnect that part from part 1&2, walk over to your trash container to empty it. Or walk with the whole vacuum to your trash container to empty it or bring along with you as you vacuum a small plastic trash bag/container to empty it in that. By the way this clear plastic dust container does get dirty so after many uses it will not be Clearly see thru unless you want to try to clean it from the inside. Remember it has a hinged lid so it would be ark ward.
2) there are three filters that you need to make sure to clean, 2 of which the compartment states and I quote from the sticker " IMPORTANT Loss of suction may occur if filters are not cleaned every month. Rinse and let dry completely. Also, tap loose dirt off filters between washes as needed. Filters may appear dirty after use -this is normal. " So be aware there are filters that you need to clean. Two filters are in the top part of the handheld motor unit. Easy to access. One is a white foam type filter and the other is like a felt cloth filter that sits one on top of the other. They do get dirty with fine particle dust and yes you do need to clean them. Definitely make sure they are completely air dried before putting them back or they will get mildew and if you the use your vacuum you will get smelly mildew exhaust into the room. Trust me this will happen from my experience. The other filter is white felt like filter that is at the exhaust end of the hand held motor component of the vacuum. Yes it is easy to gain access to clean too.
3) the long cord sorts of stay abit twisted instead of uncoiling properly. Yes it's a long cord but also it gets minor kinks as you are vacuuming. So there will be times that these kinks will get caught around your furniture abit and not fully uncoil itself. Here is what I think the problem is, is that either the thickness of the wire cord is too small or the plastic used is too rigid that the cord seems to have memory to stay abit coiled. It's similar to how garden hoses would kink.
4) the sticker that says "Never loses suction or power" on the vacuum head. Well...depending on how you read that, it's true that you will never lose suction or power, cause it will always have suction or power if plugged in and even if you neglect to clean the filters. So take that with a grain of salt and marketing.
5) Ever break open a paper vacuum bag to look at what is collected? Yes I have, has the same "type" of dust material collected, so some of the uniqueness of this Rocket vacuum and all other bag less vacuum is that you see in the clear plastic container the finer particles that are usually not seen when using a vacuum that uses vacuum bags. This also adds to the wow factor to the consumer when you see all that dust.
6) the agitator motorized head contributes to its ability to suck up more dust. As pictured in all photos of this vacuum is the motorized agitator head that works in two speeds via the switch at the hand led part. This agitator head works great on carpets that essentially spins and moves the carpet fibers so that it helps to loosen up the dust a bit so that the vacuum can suck it up. Keep in mind it works great but you need to know what type of carpet you have, is it hand tied or hand turfed carpet cause it will pull up a lot of your hand turfed carpet fibers. So be careful that you don't end up sucking up your carpet fibers to the point you may be thinning it out faster than normal from typical wear and tear usage. BTW if you use the hard floor attachment head that doesn't have any motorized rotating brushes on your hand turfed carpet i did notice it was not picking up as well in my opinion when it had the motorized head on it. It was a trade off of pulling up the carpet fiber and getting at dust. Overall the motorized head is quite strong that it will pull your vacuum forward so that will ease in having to move the vacuum forward but also remember after each major use of the vacuum to take the head off the vacuum turn it over and take out all the hairs strings etc that gets tangled around it, there are grooves along the spinning brush that can help you cut the c
Tangled hairs etc and then you manually have to pull them off that wraps around it and from each row of the brush fibers. This is typical of all motorized brush heads that you need to maintain.

Is it overall a good vacuum that will pick up dust? Yes.
Is it fun to use? Yes. I think part of that is the unique shape.

I hope thes comments help you understand the maintenance requirements of this vacuum.
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on July 20, 2014
So, I have had my Rocket for about 8 months and here's my thoughts. Yes, the suction is good. But to maintain that suction you will need to clean the filters much more then once a month, No, I don't live in a dust bowl. In fact I'm a little anal about keeping the house clean. We do have a dog that sheds often but nothing out of the ordinary. The dust bin fills quick and you will be emptying it often. This could be looked at as either a bad or good thing since it does do its job. The unit will pick up deep dust but can't seem to pick up a piece of string on carpet. Strange... If I could improve the design, I would make the cord designed to disconnect off the back of the motor. You will be emptying it often and every time you do you will need to unplug the long cord, wrap it all up to carry it out to empty. While emptying, you will most likely drop the wound up cord only to have to gather it up again to bring back in. May not sound like much of an issue. Did i mention that you will be emptying it often? The unit is ideal for an apartment or small bungalow. But for any average size house I would recommend a full size upright with Dyson technology. No, OI don't work for Dyson. I'm just a geek vacuum guy who owns both. (my wife loves me) The suction head is quite small so if you are using it for an average size bedroom, it's going to be like using a kids crayon to paint a wall with all the strokes needed to cover the area. Another issue i found is, the conical screen in the middle of the dust bin clogs up quickly. Not sure where they came up with the theory that it never looses suction. Once any hair or debris swirls around the center screen, the suction quickly diminishes requiring it to again be emptied and cleaned of. You will know when the air becomes restricted because you will hear a change in the sound of the unit where the air exits out the rear. A great vacuum for a small apartment or vacation home. If I had the money I would buy a Kirby and never look at buying another vacuum again. There ya go! More info about a Shark then you ever wanted!

Follow Up:
It's been a year and a half and no longer do I use my Shark. After two brush belts, and having to tote a paper bag around like a Wino to empty it every time I vacuum more than 10 square feet, I gave it away to my son for his studio apt. If you own a fairly large house, and you want the best, don't compromise, Go Kirby!
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on November 1, 2014
Original Review (UPDATE AT BOTTOM):

I bought this hoping to replace my current Dyson DC33 vacuum with a vacuum that's more portable and convenient. I have multiple dogs in my house that shed hair like crazy and I vacuum very frequently to keep everything clean. The box advertises that it cleans better than an upright Dyson but after thoroughly testing it out on the different flooring and different rooms in my house, unfortunately I feel it didn't work well enough to replace my Dyson. Don't get me wrong, the Shark Rocket did outperform the Dyson by a long shot on different flooring and I am keeping it because of that. The following are the tests I performed (note I went two weeks without vacuuming prior to this test and I cleaned both vacuums out between tests):

After unboxing it, I tried vacuuming one of my carpeted hallways. I have regular short carpeting and I noticed that the shark kept pulling away from me the whole time and kept skipping across the surface. I could tell the vacuum is too light to get a good deep clean. I tried holding it at an angle and putting a bit of pressure down on it and that seemed to help a lot, it was just awkward and uncomfortable to hold and maneuver like this. The shark picked up a lot of hair and dust and I had a full canister at the end. I then used my Dyson over the same carpet I just cleaned with the shark and noticed the difference. The Dyson filled up almost a quarter of its full size canister with hair and dust that the Shark missed.

Next I moved one of our rooms that has hard wood flooring. I ran the shark with its included hard wood floor tool and was amazed by how well it cleaned the floors. The white micro fiber cloth was dirty afterwards and the floor felt much cleaner than it did with my Dyson. I also was impressed with how easy it was to use to clean under the bed and desk in that room. After using the Shark I went over the floors like I normally do with the Dyson and the Dyson picked up nothing. To make sure that I wasn't being bias I cleaned out the two vacuums, went to the other room I have with hard wood and tried using the Dyson first. I then went over the floors with the Shark and again it out performed the Dyson. The Microfiber pad that the Shark has cleans the hardwood floors significantly better than the Dyson could and the Shark gets under beds and desks much better than my Dyson.

Next I tried using the shark in one of my bathrooms with bathroom tile. I had the same outcome as I did with the hardwood floors. I started with the Shark, and then went over the floors with the Dyson. The Shark's canister was about halfway full and the Dyson picked up nothing. I cleaned them out and moved to my other bathroom with tile in it and tried using the Dyson first. The Dyson picked up quite a bit but again the Shark outperformed the Dyson.

Finally I have a large area rug in my living room and I used the Dyson first on one half and then went over it with that same half with the Shark. The Dyson got most of the hair and dust out of it but I noticed that the Shark picked up about a quarter of its small canister that the Dyson missed. I believe it's from the edges of the rug, the Dyson's suction always pulls up the edges of the rug and is too difficult to vacuum close to the edges. The shark on it's lower setting cleaned the outer edges of the rug without having this problem. Next I cleaned out both vacuums and used the Shark first on the other half of the area rug. It performed very well and filled its little canister up with hair pretty quick. I went over that half with the Dyson and it did pick up a little bit (barely noticeable amount) that the Shark missed but in my opinion, the hassle of the Dyson pulling up the edges of the rug isn't worth it, the Shark was much easier to use and cleaned the rug very well.

Overall the Shark Rocket outperforms my Dyson DC33 upright on hardwood, tile, and area rugs but the Shark just doesn't work well enough on carpet to completely replace my upright. I'm impressed enough with the performance of the Shark that I am keeping it to use on all my flooring except for carpet. The only other thing I noticed is that my hand and arm did get tired from holding up the Shark the whole time cleaning and the Shark won't stand upright on its own, you either have to hold it the whole time, or lay it on the floor between cleanings. If you are looking for a good and convenient vacuum for hardwood, tile, or area rugs, I would highly recommend this vacuum. If you are looking for a vacuum to replace an old upright and plan to use it on carpeting, buy another upright, not this. This a great vacuum to use to clean quick messes on carpeting but I don't feel it cleans carpet well enough to fully replace an upright.


I've had the vacuum for a few weeks now and after frequently using it, I still feel the same as my initial review above, this is a great vacuum but I don't feel it's good enough to fully replace an upright with. Yesterday I decided to try using the vacuum to clean out the inside of my car and I was impressed with how well the micro cleaning kit (included in HV302)cleaned all of the usually hard places to clean. I used the micro cleaning kit to vacuum out the vents, cup holders, dash board, and other places in the car that are too difficult to get with a rag and it worked great. I also used the regular accessories to vacuum my cloth seats which worked very well and they are noticeably more clean. I started using the vacuum on the floors of my car but I quickly changed my mind after it sucked up a few small pebbles which immediately started bashing around the inside of the canister which I feel would have caused damage to the vacuum if I kept going. As far as this vacuum as a car cleaner, I would suggest using a shop vac on the floors of the car (if you have a gravel driveway like me) and then using this vacuum to clean your seats, vents, and other hard to clean places. If you plan on using this vacuum to clean your car, I would HIGHLY recommend getting the micro cleaning kit, it made cleaning my car that much easier.
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on October 24, 2013
If you go to WALMART, you can buy the HV300 NLS SHARK ROCKET for $149.00 . Looks identical! Same weight, size and brushes. Its body head is blue and it also is self propelled. I can't find any difference between this one and the HV300. What I do know is I just brought home the HV300 from WALMART, and WOW!!!! WHAT AN ANIMAL! My old Hoover Flair just snapped at the head in exactly the same place as the last Hoover Flair I owned which sent me on a research trip for a stick vac of some sort. Consumer Reports did not rate the HV300, but rated the Hoover Flair fairly high, but indicated that it breaks in exactly the same spot as my previous 2 Flairs. I have had tremendous luck with my Shark Cordless Hand helds so I took a chance on this stick vac. On the box it says it is just as powerful as a Dyson and the NLS stands for, No Loss Of Suction. Well I plugged this thing in and couldn't believe it! It actually pulled me across the room. It has two rug speeds and it was so powerful I was comfortable with the lower speed. This is a corded machine and very clever in its design to swap the main head on the various attachments. I was extremely impressed on what it picked up. I have a Hoover Upright Platinum for my regular vaccum because it is lighter in weight than the conventional killer Hoover Wind Tunnels I was breaking my arms over. I almost want to say that this SHARK is more powerful than my Hoover Platinum. I'm very happy that I bought this machine. Now go to WALMART and get the HV300 FOR $149.00.
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on December 7, 2013
Hi, Just an update after 7 months of regular usage: STILL love it! I've always loved every new vac for the first few uses, then slowly spiral into one hate filled issue after another, until I just stop using the stupid things.

Not the case here! I loved this on day one, and I still love it! And, I use it a LOT more frequently than I ever did any other vac - precisely because it is such a pleasure to use. It does a great job, quickly, and with so little hassle, there's no reason not to use it, even on small messes the dogs make. I never would have dragged out the big vac over a few chewed up sticks, and now I don't hesitate. This is the one! Finally!

Oh, yeah, I've cleaned the filters on this one a few times now, and it's a breeze. I wash the big foamy filter with soap and water, then let it air dry, and the fabric filter washes with soap and water, too, but just takes a bit more time to dry. I try to flatten it out, to keep it's shape, then let it air dry, too. SOOOO nice to not have to keep buying more stuff for this vac. Price is high, but it's only a 1-time cost, then no more filters, bags, etc, to keep nickle & diming you, every month - just to keep it working. I love this thing!

I fully stand by my Original review, as follows:

THIS is GREAT on both floors and attachments. I was worried about the weight - being hand held on the motor, but it wasn't bad at all. I cleaned all my cobwebs, then went down to the dreaded basement, and did all those, too, and never got too tired.

The suction was very good, and the while I thought the smaller head on the floor cleaner might be a disadvantage, it was great for going under furniture AND kitchen toe kicks, which my bigger vac couldn't do. It also allows for going between the legs on kitchen chairs, rather than having to move them to clean under them. Cool!

This was not quite as good on the deep pile carpeting as the bigger vac, but it was good enough, and I'll gladly lose a bit on that, to gain all the advantages of doing stairs and cobwebs without any hassle at all.

This dirt cup is slightly smaller than the big vac, but SOOOOO Much easier to dump. (Hoover, seriously, check out their design!)
Just walk over to the trash, tap the button, and it's empty. Even if something gets stuck in there, your hand can easily access it, and pull it out - which the big ones are a bear to clean.

Even better, if you hate the blow-back cloud that often comes with dumping bagless vacs, this one has the vac right there in your hand, so just slap the bottom shut, and turn on the vac to suck up all the dust in the cloud. : )

I also found while in the basement, that if I used a grocery bag, I could hook one handle on the front, hold the other handle with the vac handle, and hit the button to release the dirt right into the grocery bag. Almost zero blow back from that, and you can keep one with you as you go, so emptying it is super easy on the fly.

Overall, I love this vac. It's incredibly well designed, and has surprisingly good suction for such a small vac. This is day one, and I love it so far.

I had to knock one star off for price. At $150. (what I paid in the W store), this is pretty overpriced, but I've been so annoyed with the last 20 yrs of poor vacuums, I'm willing to pay it, just to avoid the hassles.
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on February 21, 2015
I always thought my expensive Kirby vacuum cleaned my carpets well until I decided to try the shark. I went over my carpet with the Kirby then with the shark. It was amazing. I had to dump the canister multiple times as it was full of dog hair, dirt and grime. Even now when I vacuum I still get so much junk in the canister. My carpets look clean and fluffy. I wish I had bought this product sooner. The pict is the junk thr shark picked up that the Kirby didn't. Gross !!
review image
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