Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550)
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I have gone through MANY floor cleaners in the past five years. If I recall correctly, I've had seven different vacuums, three carpet cleaners, a steam mop, a regular Swiffer, an extra-large Swiffer, a regular mop, and a "spray and go" mop. I have a bit of a neuroses about the floors being clean!

Having broken my most-recent upright carpet cleaner (overuse?), but not wanting to invest a lot of money in buying a new carpet cleaner due to upcoming plans to remove part of the house's carpet, I sought out a product that would clean carpets, would clean hard floors, and wouldn't break the bank. I was ecstatic when I found the Sonic Duo; it appeared to be the perfect solution!

Shark color-codes the attachments on this floor cleaner so it is easy to know what part is which. Purple = Carpet; Green = Hard-Floor Cleaning; Orange = Hard-Floor Polishing. That's a good thing because this floor cleaner comes with A LOT of parts-- two different solution bottles to attach to the machine (one has a green cap, the other a purple cap), four big pads (each edged in the color to which they apply-- two purples for carpet, one green for hard floor cleaning, and one orange for hard floor polishing.), four bottles of different solutions, a storage tray, a scrub stick, and two pads for the scrub stick.

To clean carpets, you select the pad you want (one for general cleaning, the other for scrubbing spots/stains), fill the purple-capped bottle with cold water and a few ounces of solution, and insert the bottle into the machine. You then turn the machine on to the "high" setting, spray the carpets with solution, and run the machine over the carpets. The machine vibrates 1000x/minute, breaking up dirt and stains. Then, when the carpet dries, you vacuum up the dirt.

The Sonic Duo seemed to work fairly well for cleaning carpets. My carpets don't look new, but they are far from new, so I wouldn't expect perfection. They do look cleaner, though.

This is where the Sonic Duo shines! Almost literally!

To clean hard floors (wood, tile, linoleum, vinyl), you attach the green-rimmed pad, fill the green-capped bottle with cold water and a few ounces of solution, and insert the bottle into the machine. You then turn the machine on to the "low" setting, spray the floors with solution, and run the machine over the floor. The machine vibrates 1000x/minute, breaking up dirt and stains.

The Sonic Duo worked fabulously cleaning hard floors. My floors look SO much better than they did with vacuuming alone, vacuuming + Swiffering, vacuuming + steam mopping, or vacuuming + traditional mopping.

The Sonic Duo does a decent job polishing hard floors, but it isn't much more effective than any other method of polishing.

To polish hard floors, you attach the orange-rimmed pad, squirt the solution on clean floors, and then turn the machine on to the "low" setting, and run the machine over the floor. The machine vibrates 1000x/minute, spreading the polish across the floor.

The Sonic Duo worked well polishing hard floors, but I don't think it did any better than any of my other mops (with microfiber pad).

The Sonic Duo is small (9" across), and manuevers well, which means it goes anywhere (all the way to the toe kick in the kitchen, under the edge of the fridge, under the edge of the couch, etc.). It is a jack-of-all-trades, but is truly only a master of one (cleaning hard floors). It is mediocre-to-good at its other tasks (carpet cleaning, and hard floor polishing).

The Sonic Duo comes with a "scrub stick," which is really not part of the machine at all; it is just a piece of plastic to which you can attach a dusting pad or a srubbing pad, and can then use by hand. I didn't really understand what to do with this piece until I went online and searched, because the manual doesn't mention it at all.

Speaking of the manual, this is the biggest area of "needs improvement" with this product. The manual leaves much to be desired. It outlines the basics of the machine, but doesn't answer many, many questions consumers might have.
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on February 14, 2014
Let me start with we have 5 dogs, the carpet that the Sonic Duo was used on is over 9 years old and gets 20 dirty paws (coming in from outside) across it at least 6 times a day and that doesn't include the time they are on it playing or napping. I have a high end extractor that I have used to try to keep the carpet clean, but it is heavy and will wear you out. I saw this unit on an infomercial and debated purchasing it. I read every review I could find and the reviews seemed mixed. Those that like it loved it, those that didn't seemed to really not like it. But there were more likes than dislikes so I decided to give it a try. Something had to remove some of the stains, ground in dirt and anything else that might be on the carpet. I vacuumed the floor and followed the directions exactly (they were in my hand when I was using it) and I was shocked at the results. The carpet is worn (it is in a VERY high traffic area) but it revived it. The extractor has always seemed to make the carpet look worse, almost like the scrubbers were making the wear worse. This didn't in fact it made it looked much less worn. The color which had been dull and dingy looks almost like the carpet that is not in the traffic pattern (you know under the furniture, against the wall, etc.). I was amazed at the results! Not only did it clean the carpet of the dirt, but it brought up imbedded dog hair that the vacuum cleaner hadn't gotten (I don't have a cheap vacuum either, I use a Miele Capricorn because of the dogs) The carpet was dry in less than 2 hours and when I vacuumed again after the carpet had dried I was stunned by the results. I can't wait to use it again in a week or so (per the recommendations). The room smells clean, the carpet feels clean and soft, I have kept the dogs in another part of the house all afternoon because I just wanted to enjoy how the carpet least for a little while. Granted this is only the first use but I am really excited by the results I received on the initial use.
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on July 17, 2013
Let me start off that I have some sort of crazy obsession for vacuums and cleaners. Put it on tv and I about can't control myself. I have a husband, 2 kids (preteen and teenage... add their friends), 3 dogs (one which technically isn't ours but hasn't left here in year in a half, but I still wont claim him). I have the Shark Navigator vacuum which really has held up in my house along with does a great job (whole another review I need to do) so I was thinking this little machine would be the answers to my carpet/flooring dreams of being clean. I also read the several reviews for this on several sites and I knew I shouldn't buy it, but like I said.... it was on tv. I have an area rug in my living room. The rug looks clean, except two small spots that sit at the legs of one side of the table which if you look closely it has pee marks (from that dog that I wont claim, which I am sure you understand why I am not claiming him now). I figured this would get that out of the carpet and a huge plus is that I can switch over and do the hard floors with the same machine (what could be better, other than winning the mega millions). I vacuumed the rug (with the Shark Navigator) and I pretreated those 2 small spots. I spent a lot of time on the area rug and a lot more time on those 2 spots. I went at the area rug diagonally, horizontal, vertically, etc. and to be honest, it didn't help. The rug looks the same as it did beforehand. I also have the Rug Doctor Mighty but who wants to pull that huge machine out for a thin area rug? (It works great, but the cost is high).
Today, I used the Sonic Duo to clean my kitchen and living room floors (no hardwood floors, it is vinyl and laminate flooring) and I have a small tiled bathroom and tile around the fireplace. It took me about 35 minutes and I don't have a large area downstairs. I felt that it did do a better job on the hard floors than it did the carpet. With that said, it is over priced by ummm lets say $150 to be nice. The pad was dirty when I was finished but if I showed you the water from the Hoover Floor cleaner you would be grossed out and I would be embarrassed. I also didn't like the fact that I had to take the pad off and rinse it, wringing it out in the sink under water was dirty but who wants to wring out dirty pads with their hands (you also can wash these pads but recommended you do them separately from other items so lint doesn't get caught up on the pads and I didn't feel like running a whole load for 2 pads). Comparing it with the Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner is the same. Sadly, I thought this product would bring an easier way to clean the carpets and if it did do that, I would have to give it a higher rating and recommend it to others just to be able to use one machine for both types but that isn't the case. I wouldn't recommend this product for carpets at all. I did a better job using a carpet cleaner with a hand held bristled brush. If you need a hard floor cleaner that scrubs, I would go with the cheaper Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner. For carpets, the rug doctor. For area rugs.... hands, bristle brush, and a cleaner.
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on May 24, 2014
Anybody who says this doesn't work must be smoking crack!! We have burber carpet and it is amazing. Sure you can't just expect to go over an area that has been walked on for years and how may thousands of steps just 3 times and expect it to be clean. I was patient, cleaned and area then went on to the next and went back to it and my visible soiled path came out clean. If you think you can just swoop over once and it's clean, your dreaming, no carpet cleaner will do that. You may have to spend a few more minutes on really soiled areas but it does work and doesn't have a soapy residue. Now I used it on my kitchen floor but didn't use the solution cuz some of the reviews said it left a filmy residue so I just used water and vinegar in the bottle which is what I normally wash my floor with anyway. It was FANTASTIC. I have a white kitchen floor and it came out beautiful. If people complain about a residue, use water and vinegar, it works wonders and it is waaayyy less expensive.
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on December 17, 2013
Ordered this from Amazon warehouse deals, saved some money, but the handle did not properly fit into the body and so would pop out every now and then while I was using it.
Oh but it did such a great job and was so fast and easy: easy to use and easy on my back! The unit is light weight but solid. The sound is not that bad no worse than my supposedly quiet vacuum cleaner. The cord is a generous length and I was able to do my kitchen, dining room and hall, about 600 sq ft of solid oak flooring, without changing plugs. My floors were good and filthy, so I did stop and rinse the pads once, but did not use the whole bottle of solution. I found that there are places, such as corners or under fixtures that the base won't quite get to, but the unit comes with a handy plastic stick with a handle on one end and a curved surface on the other fitted with a tough velcro onto which you can place either a mop like strip or a scrubby strip (also supplied with the unit). The stick can be snapped onto the handle of the unit. Then when there is a problem area you simply use the stick to get to it and not a mop or sponge and you don't have to bend over or get down on the floor. The cleaning pads, the cleaning strips and the polishing pad all seem well made and tough.

This was the easiest and quickest floor cleaning I had ever experienced. I decided to return it and order a new one, but as I was preparing to rebox it, I found a card that stated if there were any issues to contact Shark customer service. So, although I have never had anything but positive experiences the few times I have made retuns with Amazon, I thought I'd check out Shark and see what happened. I called and reached a real human being immediately. We did a little trouble shooting but to no avail, so a new unit at no charge was set up for shipment and a prepaid label for the problem unit was emailed to me while we were still on the phone.

I am satisfied with this purchase and hope this review helps.
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on March 1, 2014
Note: this review is ONLY related to carpets. I have NOT use the machine on my hard floors.

My living room has cream-colored carpets that get dirty very quickly. I had a traditional Bissell carpet shampooer, and it worked great, but it was excruciatingly loud, very heavy, took forever, and made the carpets pretty damp even after repeatedly suctioning over them. But worst of all, even though it got most spots out, they always came back. It didn't matter whether I used the solution or not.

The Shark Sonic Duo is none of those things. It's extremely light and glides smoothly over the carpet. The "low moisture" sprayer really does leave the carpets practically dry, even though the machine doesn't do anything to dry the carpet. But most importantly, it works. It got out months-old red wine stains, a mysterious pink stain that came with the house when I bought it, a variety of mystery spots, several stains from where a cat threw up on the carpet, and cleaned up all the spots that were generally grungy from traffic and use.

I got my whole living room cleaned, spots included, in about 30 minutes. It says to keep carpets looking bright, clean them every 2 weeks. I can do the whole living room in about 15 minutes if I'm not trying to deep-clean spots, and it's so light and easy that I think I will actually use it every 2 weeks (as opposed to the Bissell monster that gets dragged out twice a year before my parents come to visit).

I was convinced this would be another infomercial piece of junk. After all, how could can a carpet cleaner be that doesn't have a vacuum or dry function? But it's surprisingly effective. My carpets look good as new.
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on January 20, 2014
I hardly ever do reviews, but It's worth reading this one as you might find yourself in the same predicament.

So... we bought this unit at Costco to try it out. My wife does the floors mostly during the week while I work and she wanted something light to move around and do quick cleanups in some areas of our woods floors without having to haul out the Hoover Floormate (1st model) we have, since she considers it heavy to haul around.

Our wood floors always look clean, but the reality is that they are not specially with kids. :)

What it DOES: ► In short, it a vibrating MOP. That is it. Nothing else. Period. Do not look any further if that is what you are looking for... and very expensive at that (at Costco was $169 though.)

What it DOES NOT: ► Clean... it literally spreads the dirt around and only traps what it can in 2 little pads. That's it. Nothing else. To clean, you would need to keep changing pads every 5 minutes.

Mind you, because it's vibrating at 1000 times a minute is essentially glides very smoothly on hardwood and tile floors, specially if you add the cleaning fluids... that makes it light to move around as it feels that it "floats" on the surface.
I has a water / cleaning fluid bottle and a soft button that activates a very quiet electric pump to spray the contents very low and in front of the pads.

Think of this machine only a vibrating MOP that you cannot wring out, so your only option to clean anything, is to keep changing pads !. Would you MOP a carpet ? I think not. You would spot clean with a hand spray, elbow grease and blot with a clean cloth.

I think you can do better with a Swiffer and a floor cleaning spray. At least you can apply more pressure and actually remove some dirt and discard the pad... here you still need to wash it in the laundry. Because the Shark Sonic Duo seems to "floats" over the floor, you cannot really apply much pressure at all to remove built-up dirt on floors aside from staying longer in the same spot.

► The end result: Once the test area (5 x 10 Ft) was dry after using this expensive contraption for 3 ~ 5 minutes, I took out and run the Hoover Floormate over the same exact area...needless to say, the waste water came out as black as always... so, the Sonic Duo did little at all .

This comment is not a plug for the Hoover Floormate nor do I work for them, but the Hoover does clean the floors right, unlike Shark unit. I ended up returning it the same day.
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on October 8, 2013
I just purchased this from the website because I wanted a vacuum as well (Sonic Duo and Shark Navigator for $350). I was nervous about the Sonic Duo because I'm a germaphobe who works in medical field. I shampooed my carpets constantly and worried about all of that moisture causing mold 0.O Anyway, my Navigator and Duo arrived and I immediately started testing them out. (The Navigator is just as good as a Dyson but far cheaper btw) I don't have hardwood floors but I do have linoleum and carpet. I LOVE how good it made my kitchen and bathroom look and's been a week and I've only had to sweep the dirt up. Normally I'd mop at least twice a week because of the men in my house are slobs :)

Now on to the carpet; it really works!! I had some areas that had stains and traffic dirt that I was constantly trying to clean with my other carpet cleaner and they'd always come back (I obsessed over it because I really hate dirt/germs/bugs). I pretreated the area with the stain remover and set my Sonic Duo to work...they disappeared just like they'd do with my other cleaner, so I wasn't convinced at this point. I let the area dry for two hours and vacuumed it with my Navigator...the stains were GONE and the carpet looked beautiful!!! I was optimistically ecstatic! It's been a week now and the stains have not returned. Now I'm just ecstatic! :D I'm only guessing, but I think the vibrations are the key factor in the product. In the hospital we take bloody surgical instruments and place them in an ultrasonic cleaner...the vibrations knock the "stuff" loose so that we can sanitize and sterilize the instruments for reuse. My thoughts are that the Sonic Duo works under the same concept. Either way, I love it!!

**UPDATE** My man managed to dump a large glass of berry smoothie all over the floor, seriously, EVERYWHERE!! After wiping it up he sprayed the stain remover and set to cleaning the carpet. I can't see any evidence that anything happened. Better yet, the carpet is already dry!! :)
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on November 18, 2013
Ok I want everyone to know in my opinion just what this machine DOES and DOESN'T do, as far as beating a stain out of carpet or floor, it DOES do that BUT this is NOT a carpet steamer, it does NOT extract any of the liquid it puts out to clean...all it does is move that stain dirt around, the pads on the machine are NOT thick enough to absorb the dirty stain solution. when used on my linoleum floor, it did beat the spots up that I was unable to get on my knees and scrub, BUT I did have to take a mop over the areas that I cleaned with the machine because the pads were so saturated that all they did was move the dirty water around on my floor so if you plan to buy this pay attention to this review, you WILL have added work to do on areas you are cleaning with this machine. But if you plan to purchase it to help remove a stain before steam cleaning or mopping then its fine for that. this in my opinion is falsely advertised. I don't recommend it.
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on July 14, 2013
I have never reviewed anything - but I was shocked that this product truly works! I saw the infomercial and was intrgued but would never buy from TV.Too difficult to return. Received my BBB 20% coupon and decided to give it a try.
First of all Love that the products are concentrated and you use your own water! used on hardwood in the kitchen first. Smelled good, does not leave puddles (like a mop/bucket!!) and dries really quickly, does not streak, super easy to use and dare I say a little fun too! Reusable pad was very dirty so I know it picked up the dirt. Love that the pads are reusable - definately needs to be washed with a couple of towels in my front loader in order to come clean- then air dried.
Now to tackle the basement rug----I had pet stainson a berber carpet that I had tried again and again to get out - bought the Bissell spot cleaner, used their products, oxiclean- tried everything. the spots come back and the carpet is sticky.
Ued the spot cleaner- waited the ten minutes -used the spot pad -looked good. But carpet alwys looks good when wet. Waited till dry and vacumed. NO SPOTS! NO STICKY! carpet smells good and is soft to the touch.
The difference with this product is that it uses enough liquid but not too much and it vibrates actually cleaning the surface.
I have thrown away the stinky mop!
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