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5 Stars: For Lovers of Spectacularly Bad Movies (or the woefully inebriated)
1 Stars: For Everyone Else (or anyone remotely sober)

Through the years, I have seen some truly awful original movies produced for the SyFy channel (many of the most ludicrous courtesy of a company that calls itself The Asylum). Truthfully, I revel in these terrible little films hoping that one will transcend the genre and become what I like to refer to as Bad Movie Magic. I must say that with "Sharknado," Syfy and The Asylum have hit an absolute home run in creating a movie so ineptly comical that it must be seen to be believed. I laughed, I cringed, and I delighted in every moment of this epic production. In order to truly appreciate "Sharknado" and its intricate screenplay, you must completely ignore everything you know about weather, sharks, AND Los Angeles. The stupidity (I mean intensity) never relents! Either you are a fan of these types of movies or you're not. But if you are watching a film entitled "Sharknado," I don't want to hear afterwards how dumb you thought it was! What did you expect? It's called "Sharknado!" Everyone, from the executives of SyFy to the filmmakers to the cast and crew, knew what they were making. I'm just surprised they could keep a straight face.

I'm only going to discuss the plot itself in the briefest of terms. A hurricane off the coast of Mexico is pushing up toward the California coast bringing a passel of sharks with it. What kind of sharks? Every kind, of course, and they are all ready to rip any innocent bystander to shreds! As luck would have it, these storms cause a flooding of Los Angeles with sharks swimming through the streets as well as water spouts that ravage the city with sharks literally flying through the air. It's hysterical. One might be tempted to feel sorry for the critters, surely such an anomaly would be killing them. Instead of gasping for breath or succumbing to this traumatic form of transportation, however, these land bound (or midair) sharks only want to kill. Nasty little buggers! In the midst of the escalating catastrophe, the hero (Beverly Hills 91210 Ian Ziering provides the star power, such as it is) races from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills to Van Nuys to reunite his family. When your ex-wife is Tara Reid, though, I say "why bother?"

The movie is punctuated by some truly hilarious scenes. It's hard to pick out just a few favorites. This is just a sample, just a taste:

1) A devastating shark attack on the beach has the extras running back and forth screaming on a perpetual loop.
2) In the very next scene, the bar on the pier is operating as normal. No one is concerned about the dozens of casualties. And one minute before total destruction, patrons are still shooting pool and having fun!
3) A tornado rips apart the Van Nuys airport whisking away planes, but Ziering keeps everyone safe by holding on to a piece of corrugated tin. Right next door, senior citizens are still enjoying a swim in their pool.
4) As part of the thrilling conclusion (don't worry, no spoilers here), the helicopter that might save the day is seen over downtown, the Hollywood Bowl, and Staples Center. All of the action, however, is witnessed by those in Van Nuys. Ziering even shoots a shark over downtown while in the Valley.
5) The ending: An absolute classic and I'll say no more.

But I could go on and on: the school bus, the Hollywood sign, people standing in an underpass, traffic that appears and disappears, scenes in the sun one second and in the rain the next, scenes where everything is flooded and then the water is gone and then it is back. The continual continuity errors are the most charming thing about "Sharknado." Seriously, have some friends over and create a drinking game. Every time the continuity makes no sense, have a shot. Just keep an ambulance ready to service those that get alcohol poisoning. I don't like hyperbole, but in this case I can't resist. "Sharknado" may just be one of the most spectacularly bad movies I have ever seen (and I've seen them all). Whether or not that's a recommendation, I'll let you decide. KGHarris, 7/13.
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on July 12, 2013
Better than any scripted comedy I've seen this year. Tornadoes forming on bright sunny days! Sharks that can breathe oxygen for long enough to rip through cars! And best of all, Biblical allegory! I howled till my sides hurt. The next time you're in a bad mood, try watching this.
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on July 12, 2013
For anyone who is a fan of being entertained. They do not try to do anything else with this movie, other than show you how crazy you can get with a modest budget and some low end acting and effects.

Get the movie, pretend you are at a drive inn theater with some good high school friends and enjoy yourself for a couple of hours!

My entire family crashed my movie night and watched this with me. We could not believe half the stuff we were seeing, then came the chainsaws and we were almost rolling on the floor.
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on July 11, 2013
Out of all the SYFY offerings about killer sharks and the vapid bikini beach bodies they eat, this one is hands down the best. Camp, stupid, awesome, mind-bogglingly put together with no regard for science, physics, or common sense, its what all the other SYFY shark movies wanted to be, but could never quite reach.
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on July 12, 2013
My wife, she isn't into sci-fi as much as I am. And me, I'm not into SyFy much to be honest (note the difference).

However, there is absolutely no way we would have missed Sharknado for all the money in the world.

And. We. Weren't. Disappointed.

I don't even know where to begin, so I simply will not. You must watch this for yourself. Keep an open mind. I live-tweeted the entire movie along with 3/4 of Twitter. The tweets were almost better than the movie (but not really...the!).

There will never be a time like this when humanity came together as one, unless there is a Sharknado II that reaches our television screens.

I will never look at a chainsaw the same way again!
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on September 14, 2013
It's a bunch of sharks in a tornado. How can that not be five stars? I would give it ten if I could.
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on August 9, 2013
Well, for anyone who thinks this movie is getting 4-5 stars because of it's state-of-the-art graphics, quality acting, clever dialogue or explanation of shark behavior and basic physics, you clearly have no conception of sarcasm, and I suggest you go and fix that before even allowing yourself to look at the promotion poster.

But in all honesty, this needed to happen. This movie needs to exist. And you need to watch it. There is a reason it is a cult-movie. And you want to be a part of it.

It is so, so horrendously terrible. The first 5 minutes of the movie, I thought the whole thing was supposed to be serious. But by the first appearance of a single shark, you know the whole thing is intended to be as awful and unrealistic as it is, and that is why it is so wonderful. I sat there and watched the whole thing just to see how much corny, cheesy, slutty, punny content they could squeeze into it. And I was not disappointed. For anyone with a slap-stick or dark sense of humor, you will believe this to be a work of art. For those who take their cinema too seriously, you will hate it and everyone that willingly watches it. And for everyone else, this is the perfect background noise while playing Monopoly and getting drunk in your living room. It's an experience every human being should have. Don't watch it alone though. That's just pathetic.
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What could be better than sharks munching on jet skiers and then later falling out of the sky? Maybe the problem is really climate change as they say in the film, or this movie can be seen as a morality story of retribution for the idyllic West Coast lifestyle, which we all aspire to. In any case, Sharknado has to be one of the best movies ever. The protagonists do spend a lot of time driving around, but it is Los Angeles after all. The ending is just terrific, of biblical inspiration, but you will have to see it for yourself.

The Syfy channel says that they will do a sequel, Sharknado 2, set in New York. In New York? I look forward to it, but New Yorkers are too intent on their iPhones to even notice the plummeting sharks. New York? Fuggedaboutit.
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on August 20, 2013
From laughable special FX to scenes full of so many inconsistencies it would make a script supervisor throw up, "Sharknado" is the perfect party film. Buy it, invite your friends over and prepare to watch your TV drop one giant turd into your living room. Of all the "films" (using the term here loosely) I've seen this summer, this is the one I've talked about the most.
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on October 1, 2013
I give this five stars because it's perfcet for hat it is, a ridiculous, stupid, joke of a movie that is so much fun.

What can you say about a movie that has sharks flying through the air on a tornado and plummeting down into city streets that have become flooded into rivers? Highway sharks, house sharks, airborne sharks, this movie has it all. A man gets swallowed by a shark and cuts his way out of the sharks stomach hours later. People are attached by sharks in their living room, in their cars and from above as sharks fall from the heavens.
I rank it far above such classics as Croctopus and Piranahconda. It's better than Donocroc vs Supergator.
Bad acting, ridiculous story, plot elements that leave you scratching your head wondering how anyone could imagine such stupidity. This is so ridiculously bad that it's funny and fun to watch. It's a perfect movie for a stormy day when you stay in your jammies, make some popcorn and watch something that not only requires no thought, but that you could enjoy even if you declared legally brain dead.
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