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on April 1, 2013
Purchased this TV about 2 weeks ago, based on the good reputation of it's predecessor (the 640U), and after a couple tweaks, I'm very pleased overall with it.

Turning off the Motion Enhancement alone will NOT solve it. You also have to go to Picture Settings -> Advanced -> Film Mode, make sure Film Mode is on, and turn down the "Advanced" item. I turned it down from 7 to 0 and viola - The Walking Dead no longer looks like General Hospital. Although it's not labeled on the menu, the manual indicates that this setting is the Judder Reduction.

PICTURE: Right out of the box, Sports looked great, but all of our usual shows and movies looked very strange. Upon Googling the "Soap Opera Effect," I found plenty of info on how to correct it, but when turning off the Motion Enhancement didn't do anything, I was pretty worried. I was almost ready to return the TV, but after playing around a little more with the settings, I discovered the above, and now everything looks AMAZING! We have it set on Standard Mode, and with the above adjustments, movies look like you're in the theater and basketball looks like you're IN the arena!

SOUND: This is my only complaint. I was prepared for this after reading a lot of reviews - apparently the sound is bad on all of these new giant LED TVs. But it's really bad - sounds tinny, like it's coming out of laptop computer speakers. I just figured it couldn't be THAT bad, but the sound on my 37" Toshiba destroys it. I paired the TV with the Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System which I got on sale for $250, and it sounds phenomenal! True home theater setup - couldn't ask for anything more. I'm not taking off stars for the sound issue since I knew what I was getting into going into it and had planned on buying a sound bar system.

INTERNET: Wifi was easy to set up. I skipped it in the initial setup and went back in and did Manual Setup, and I was able to easily find and connect to my wireless network, just like connecting any other device. We don't have Netflix, so I haven't tested that, but I watched about 15 minutes of YouTube videos on there and it didn't freeze or buffer a single time. Pandora also works nicely for party music. I do wish it had Amazon Instant Video as an app, but I'm able to get this through my Blue Ray player anyway.

MOUNTING: I mounted it on the wall with a Cheetah Mounts Plasma LCD Flat Screen TV Articulating Full Motion Dual Arm Wall Mount Bracket For 32-65" Displays Up To 165LBS With 10' High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet Fits Up To 24" Studs, and it feels solid and looks great. I love the thin frame and the fact that the Sharp logo isn't huge on there. Wish the power cable was a smidge longer - it was *just* long enough to get through the wall, out the bottom, and into the power strip.

WARRANTY: I got a 3 year extended warranty directly from Sharp (that starts after the 15 month manufacturer warranty ends) for only $110.
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on June 15, 2014
I bought this television in December 2013. I have had it for 6 months. it has developed a green vertical line down the left side of the screen. I called amazon and they said I need to talk to sharp. after taking 15 pictures and emailing them to sharp, they called to inform me that they don't have a return policy with amazon. my only option will be to accept a refurbished unit, which they don't have in stock. so they will send it to me once they have one. this tells me that I am waiting for someone to return a television so they can refurbish and send to me. I am very disappointed with sharp and will never purchase their product again. I am also disappointed with amazon for not backing up their sales.
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on April 3, 2013
After semi-seriously researching new TVs for a month I finally decided to purchase the 60LE650U. I auditioned it locally along with competing TVs I was considering (Samsung UN60EH6000 and Vizio e601I-A3 to name a couple). The first things that stood out with the Sharp were the superior contrast ratio and deep black levels. Picture coloration seemed quite didn't appear to be skewed towards any color. Viewing in the store was enough for me to make my decision.

I observed the same "soap opera effect" out of the box that other reviewers commented on and followed thier instructions for how to eliminate this. After a little tweaking, motion seemed natural. The first thing I tried out was the Netflix app. After downloading an update, it launched Netflix no problem. After initial buffering of 5-10 seconds loading a movie everything played smoothly with zero lag whatsoever. I had previously been streaming Netflix from my computer to my old 720p Sony LCD TV. In short, I had no idea the kind of resolution I observed on the Sharp was even possible through Netflix...I was blown away by the quality of streaming content (Thor was impressive to say the least). I haven't made it through all the apps yet, but the ones I have tried and the interface are very nice.

In dark viewing with very dark scenes a little edge bleed can be seen originating in the corners of the screen and progressively fading extending about 3 inches out. This is quite faint however on my unit and is nearly impossible to notice under average viewing conditions. That is my only minor complaint about the screen. Otherwise the lighting and picture are very uniform and the overall quality of the set seems quite impressive for the price.

So far, zero regret about this purchase & would make again...
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on September 8, 2013
This is a nice TV, the picture is fantastic but the audio and video go out of sync on occasion. I contacted Sharp about this, and they had me change some video settings. This helped but did not totally eliminate the problem. I'm hoping that a future software update will resolve this issue.
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on June 28, 2013
I upgraded from a Samsung 50" Plasma which only lasted about 2 1/3 years (4 months out of extended BB warranty) that had suddenly developed the dreaded "vertical blue lines" down the center. Originally, I thought to just bite the bullet and buy the 60" Samsung LED that they now had on sale, but noticed that -- for $100 more than what I paid for my new Sharp -- it only had two (2!!!) HDMI inputs and no extended "SmartTV" functionality at all.

In the first review I read here for my new Sharp 60le650 TV before buying, it was all about the "Soap Opera Effect" and how to turn that unintential setting off/down... I'd point people to that review and say it's almost 100% on the money. Once I turned off that "feature", the picture I get is just outstanding.

What I can tell you about the Sharp 60LE650 sitting in my living room is this;

- PICTURE QUALITY : Yes, out of the box, you'll want to tinker with the picture and sound quality settings. You'll also need to turn DOWN the Picture Settings >> Advanced >> Film Mode to ZERO (not off, just down). Because of the great reviews here, setting up my TV to my likings (and the DVD calibration thing) took about an hour. Now that it's adjusted, I could not ask for a better picture quality.

My one potential issue is the automatic dimming (Energy star settings?) of the screen to accommodate light or dark rooms. In the older analog days, when a light turned on or off in a room, the TV set would adjust gradually (within a few seconds). My Sharp (and I'm hoping it's only a setting) seems to be so sensitive that in a dark room, the image goes bright or dark instantly with changes to the scene on the screen itself. Even a white screen being shown causes the TV to go a little wonky trying to self-adjust the brightness.

I tried turning off the energy star auto dimming features, but then the screen got unbelievably bright/washed out and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. As annoyances go -- as I said -- all TV's do the same, I'm just maybe a little unaccustomed to it on this set, having gone from Plasma to LED overnight.

- SOUND : If you're used to massive, theater-level surround sound and 20hz to 20khz bass response, you will be disappointed by the built-in speakers. There's just now way around that, but I'm honestly surprised by the idea that ANYONE could possibly be surprised by this. Apples and Oranges.

If you're like me (apartment dweller, courteous to my neighbors), the built-in speakers are just fine. I turned on the automatic volume leveling -- to help with the annoying commercials -- and bass improvement options and *I* believe it'll suit me well. It's certainly no worse than my former Samsung. That being said, I've never really done surround sound receivers and such as it really freaks out the pets... :)

- SMART TV options : The Sharp 650 series comes with built-in functionality for Netflix, Hulu, and seemingly a "dozen" other features including a web browser. I tried the Netflix functionality out as soon as I got the picture sorted, and the best I can say is "it works". I have to confess that I'm a bit spoiled, as I currently use an AppleTV unit almost exclusively for my TV time. The AppleTV simply does it all better, faster, and more conveniently than the built-in functionality. The only thing my AppleTV doesn't have is a web browser, but I could honestly never see using the TV's web browser for anything unless I bought a bluetooth mouse and keyboard or I was desperate and didn't have my iPad (or laptop) nearby.

In summary, and all in all, Let me say this.

For the price I paid (NIB, on sale), this is an incredible TV set for the money. Unless you're expecting a $5000 TV for around the $1000 mark, you will not be disappointed. Just know that you'll have to spend a little time getting it "tuned" to your own ideal picture. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with almost every aspect of the Sharp 60LE650.

As for long-term life expectancy of the set, I can only hope it's better than the 2-year-old Samsung plasma it replaces, or that the extended warranty is worth more than the paper it's printed on.
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on July 14, 2014
It's been just over a year since I purchased this television, and I think that's a long enough time to give it an impartial review, both after the initial lustre wears off and before any major problems start. So, here, in summary, is what I think about this TV: remember that you're buying an inexpensive TV. If you keep this in mind, you won't be disappointed.

When I first received the unit, setup was easy and straightforward, and I have nearly every input on the TV plugged in with home entertainment and gaming equipment. Straight out of the box, there was some light leak in the upper left hand corner, but not enough to make me pack it up and return it. It has remained steady over time, and is only noticeable when the screen is showing blacks.

Yet, in the past three months, the TV has declined in overall performance. While the basic functioning remains clear, I have:

--experienced a few pixels in the lower corner that seem to transmit white with an exceptional, noticeable brightness (brighter than any other white shades on the screen). This appears to be permanent.

--for one of the HDMI input slots, I sometimes have to jiggle or reattach the cable, as the TV sometimes, for some reason, loses the signal. I have swapped HDMI cables, and it is always in that particular slot (HDMI 4)

--the TV, when switching between modes, or, often, when switching between menu screens on a DVD or BluRay, pauses and goes black for a second before transmitting the signal (already in progress). Not a big deal, but if you're watching a TV show, be prepared to miss the first second of the theme song. This does not happen in streaming video

--even though I have a strong wireless signal, the TV drops the connection frequently. I hardwired it and received the same results: wonky connections. I rely on my DVD player for streaming entertainment.

So, it's all a balance: what do you want out of your TV? If you want something that is big, but inexpensive, then this is as good an option as any. I will tell you this: I am most likely NOT going to buy a Sharp unit next year when I replace this one.
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on April 25, 2014
This tv has a great picture but I would never buy it again. It lasted 14 months and went out. Sharp will not stand behind it. Don't buy any Sharp tv. Research error codes and you will see how many people have had the same thing happen. The service costs more than a new tv. The only reason I give it 1 star is because 0 is not available.
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on December 16, 2013
Fantastic TV! I did many hours of research before deciding on this TV. Trust me, this is your best bang for your buck, The picture looks better than my parents 832u and it looks better than the 7 series. I have not experianced the white marks people have been experiencing in dark scenes. I just watched The Hobbit on BluRay and the dark scenes looked spectacular I was blown away by this picture.

Best picture for the price range of $1000-1800, no comparison.
CRISP gorgeous picture
Sports look GREAT
Smart apps are great
Sleek looking

Awful speakers, definitely get a soundbar with this.
Friends and family will be jealous and may come over to watch TV unexpected.

I'm very happy with this purchase and would do it again and again. I will update if I have any problems with this TV, otherwise she is still hummin' along! Shoot me any questions..



Screen has developed a green vertical line down the center. What a waste of money. I'm disgusted and will no longer be supporting sharp products and telling everyone the news. 1000$ in the toilet.
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on December 9, 2013
Really a great TV for the money. I had a four year old 46" Sharp Aquos LCD TV that I replaced with this one simply because I wanted a bigger screen. I was satisfied with the picture of the old Sharp and this one didn't disappoint me either. And that's where this TV's strength lies. I didn't need to make any adjustments out of the box but I haven't run any special calibration software against it either. It just looks good. I mounted mine to the wall. I thought it might look too big up there but it doesn't. Sharp's wallpaper feature is pretty sweet. Turn the TV off and it goes into a low power standby mode and displays some canned art making it look more like art in the room that a giant black rectangle on the wall. Put some of your own pictures on a USB stick (in a folder named "WP"), and it will cycle through those.

With 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and other connectivity (component, composite, etc.), this should meet all your connectivity needs right out of the box.

I didn't have any issues with the speakers but I generally run everything through an AV receiver. When I do use the speakers, they're just adequate. Nothing special; nothing terrible.

I'd definitely recommend this TV.

Buying from Amazon is easy but shipping can be dicey. My delivery was less than seamless and the shipping company (Ceva Logistics) was extremely questionable. Their 800 number had a message saying their long distance was disconnected and the number you get from Amazon to call them is always either busy or disconnects after multiple rings. After 7 calls I never actually talked to anyone at Ceva Logistics but 3 calls to Amazon got everything straightened out. What a pain though.
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on June 8, 2013
First off I want to thank the person who gave instructions on how to remove the "soap opera effect". LCD TVs never looked right to me and I could never really put my finger on what was wrong but when I heard that term it explained it perfectly. That issue was the main reason I have not upgraded my DLP TV sooner. I figured it was just something I would have to get used to like projection TVs and bright rooms.

I have had the TV for a few days and I am extremely impressed. I upgraded from my 65" DLP which had gotten to the point where it couldn't be seen with much light in the room. I never realized how bad it was and how much of the picture I was missing until I saw this TV, the colors and picture are amazing. One thing that impressed me coming from a projection was it seems to have a true black which I thought only plasmas were capable of. I don't care much about smart apps but the Netflix one works great over wireless. For the money you can't beat this TV and I can' think of anything I could get with a more expensive TV that I would enjoy.

The only real issue I have with the TV is the remote, it works but its cheap. Its not back lit and isn't really a true multi-device remote. The TV relies too much on Aquos Link so if you don't have a Sharp soundbar forget about controlling volume on an external sound device with this remote. I have a Logitech Harmony remote but sometimes I just want to touch one button to do what I need to do. For those of you concerned with the sound of the TV, TVs with decent sound went away with tubes and rear projection which were basically gigantic heavy TVs with room for big speakers, get a sound bar or receiver with speakers. If you buy a big screen HDTV and don't have some kind of real surround sound you are missing out.
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