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38 of 40 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Former plasma user and blown away by this LED
Random personal info:

My past flatscreens for the last 12 years have been plasmas 50-60 inches, so making the LED jump was a little bit nerve racking since I wanted the best picture and best blacks. (LED tend to lack pure blacks which tends to affect the overall picture). After 2 months of researching and looking around, I decided to pull the trigger on this...
Published 2 months ago by Aiden

125 of 143 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful picture, but weak Wifi range, no Amazon app & fussy software - UPDATE 1/24/15
Customer Video Review     Length:: 9:56 Mins
In the video review I go through the basics of the TV's smart functions, show the Menu, the remote and things related to connectivity, in addition to launching Netflix so that you can see the speediness of the processor. The written review elaborates on these things and gives some additional information...
Published 8 months ago by Andrea Polk

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38 of 40 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Former plasma user and blown away by this LED, November 12, 2014
Aiden (Los Angeles, California) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Random personal info:

My past flatscreens for the last 12 years have been plasmas 50-60 inches, so making the LED jump was a little bit nerve racking since I wanted the best picture and best blacks. (LED tend to lack pure blacks which tends to affect the overall picture). After 2 months of researching and looking around, I decided to pull the trigger on this model. I can actually say im happy with it. My original experience with LCD/LED made me dislike them mostly for the "grey blacks" or clouding type of effect it gave off on dark scenes. This LED is phenomenal! obviously tech has improved.. I am truly happy with it and can say its was worth the purchase. At the end of the review I will add miscellaneous features. (be prepared to read)

Why I choose 1080p instead of 4k? To put it simple, not enough support. In a few years 4k TVs will be lower in price and better supported. Also 4k streaming quality is still new and compressed, not true 4k. Makes no logical sense in getting 4k TV right now. Save the money and go for a bigger TV with full support. 4k is 3840 x 2160 resolution, but adding sources not in 4k like 1920 x 1080 will make the TV upscale the image to make it viewable, but it does not magically make the content 4k quality.

Primary use:

Blu Rays, Playstation 4 and streaming from Hulu+. (occasional screen mirroring from Android phone). Bi weekly movie watcher and buyer. Love Blu Ray films. Audiophile, so I need a matching quality screen. Everything I use is HD and very rarely SD quality programing so I cannot comment on SD picture quality performance..


First thing I did was connect the TV to the internet and download any software update before calibrating.The people having issues connecting to the internet, just restart the modem. I had similar issues, but after restarting the cable mode (if using cable) fixed my connection problem. It's the same as when you add a new wireless router, you always have to restart the modem and router. The TV would not connect to the internet even when I used a wired connection. UNTIL I restarted the cable modem -Then instantly connected.

At boot up, the picture settings were basic running on factory default options and having light sensor which fluctuated the colors and brightness since it adjusted based off room lighting.My main room is dark in bright days, but the left side of the room has a door with a mini window that lets light in. (Incase I have all blinds closed) I opened all my blinds letting light in from every angle (right and left walls have a wide window the size of the walls) So its massive amount of outdoor light and the TV performed well. Something LEDS are know for.


After switching picture modes. I disabled the light sensor that adjust the TVs brightness automatically and any power save modes that affect picture. (This is where some of the Amazon reviews are saying it's dark or cloudy out of the box.) You are trying to calibrate something that keeps shifting based on the light in the room. Shut them off before calibrating. Honestly, some of these modes are not needed since the TV is not going anywhere and you have control of how much light comes in. It has a tendency to make the image darker and faded the less light there is.. Lets be honest here, you're buying a 70 inch screen, you want the image clear, bright, sharp and detailed. Not cloudy or constantly shifting. After disabling it, it instantly improved every other out of the box picture calibration.


AUTO MODE: (Adjust itself based on light in the room), STANDARD: (ENERGY STAR) , USER: Create your own picture preference. DYNAMIC FIXED: Not user adjustable.

MOVIE: (Sharps take on how a film should look like in low light)

VINTAGE FILM: film effect, never used it and have no desire to tint an HD image into a vintage film..You can also add a flickering effect.

GAME STANDARD: (optimized for games) but for me, made the image darker since they lower or turn off some of the picture calibrations. I have never been a fan of game mode on any set i've bought in the last 12 years strictly because it makes games not as colorful and dull looking. You can calibrate, but in my opinion game mode disables a lot of the features. Turning things on and off would defeat the purpose of Game Mode.

DYNAMIC: As the name implies, picture is bright and colorful. This mode can be adjusted by the users so not everything is maxed out. I think they calibrated dynamic mode well. If overly bright, you can lower or raise anything to your preference while still using the dynamic features. People tend to say is "show room bright". This LED version was calibrated well. This is my personal favorite since I can adjust things to optimize the TV.


Exceptional picture, dark blacks that are inky pen black, which is a positive by the way. High level of detail, screen panel is nice. White color does not overpower grey fonts or bleed into blacks. Reds, golds and all colors look natural and vivid. Reflection is very minimal to almost invisible. Due to the size, you do see a partial reflection when off, but the panel is almost like a PC monitor you sorta see a reflection with very little light. Nothing overly like a mirror. The screen looks organic like a dark skinned mirror minus the high level reflection.

WIFI (802.11 a/b/g/n) 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

Wallpaper Mode: Plays 16x9 images on a USB stick and let them play in the background. The TV simulates museum lighting or you can use the built in ones from Winter, Spring, Autumn and summer images. You can even use a clock feature built in. Can be turned on or off and turns on when the TV is in standby mode or used when the set is turned on in shuffle mode. USB stick and create folder named WP and add images for it to be seen when off.

4 HDMIs 1.4. HDMI 1 being ARC compatible (Audio return channel). HDMI 2 is MHL compatible for smartphone or Google Chrome cast sticks which can power the unit cordless. Miracast and it can read a PC in the same network. Photo viewer, movie viewer and music player. Built in instruction manual at the press of a button. DLNA capable and screen share input for your phone. Autostart with a HDMI capable device (PS4) and will switch to HDMI device. Can also set the TV to power down by itself or when no signal is detected.

2 USB (side and bottom)

8 million to 1 contrast ratio.

Vesa compliant 400x400 this LED uses 4 , 6 mm machine screw. I bought them for about $5 before the TV arrive since they are not included.

Setting to switch your speakers (built into the TV) to wall mount mode or stand mode. Has multiple picture modes found in every set. Widescreen, 4.3, zoom, stretch, dot by dot 1080p mode replication, DNR - Digital noise reduction and various sound modes with clear voice.


Netflix button is slightly annoying. I have medium size hands and tall fingers and the Netflix button is under the menu down arrow which make me trigger the Netflix app since fingers touch the button due to the closeness. It's a wide button, just like the down arrow above it. So naturally you may trigger it since they feel the same way. Bad button placement that takes time getting use to it. That is my only annoyance or negative.

Personal opinion after 5 days of use.

I love this flat screen!

Our seating area, if you're looking at a clock is from a 3 o'clock angle to 9 o'clock (a half circle when viewing a clock).It only distorted at an 11 o'clock angle and we are 10 feet away from the TV. No one watches TV at that angle so its not an issue. LED/LCD are know to not provide good viewing angles the farther you sit to the side. But you really need to be an a crazy angle like 1 o'clock or 11 for it to distort. I have never seen a person sit at such a sharp angle for it to become an issue. You will never find an LED/LCD that does not distort, so its not a negative since all TVs have them minus plasmas and they are no longer making them anymore. I have not had any of the issues some of the reviewers were or are having. I CANNOT LIST "VIEWING ANGLES" OR "BASIC SPEAKERS" AS A NEGATIVE. Its common in all flat screens to have very basic sound due to it's design.

I have absolutely no regrets in buying it. I truly can say it's money well spent. Everything looks newer that I want to replay old games and rewatch my bluray collection. Blacks are ULTRA DARK and almost no reflection. When I turned my two 100 watts bulbs on in my ceiling fan, it was still watchable, but preferred to shut them off since they do semi appear on dark film parts. (Old plasma had the same issue so its not LED related) In bright areas they don't reflect or almost no reflection in day scenes or bright parts in a film. Dynamic (adjustable mode not fixed) is my personal favorite. It's not overly bright and can be adjusted. The Whites DO NOT blend in with writing text when I play a game that requires me to read. My older plasmas dynamic mode was overly bright that white were to white and bleed into fonts on games making them invisible. Surprisingly, greys stood out perfectly while using dynamic. Something most tvs have issues with.

Darks are INKY black and just what I wanted from an LED. Bright picture and Inky blacks. If you're afraid darks will not be dark but grey/black or you're switching over from a plasma. You will not be disappointed. I am truly happy with this LED. Films are smooth and solid looking and almost surreal. Everything looks REAL and when cars are flipping, dirt and items breaking apart like Optimus prime transforming you see every single object move. I need to replay some of my older games and films because everything feels like a NEW EXPERIENCE. Watched 30 minutes of transformers and was taken back by how everything is surreal looking. In the film Gravity, every object hovering in the air floating looked like it was in real time live. You even saw dust particles shining about in the air. The detail level of this LED is phenomenal. I am seeing things that never stood out before like water on cars dripping of the glass revealing dry areas. (I've seen them before, but now they instantly stand out) this is also due to the 70 inch screen and I did own a 60. Going from a 60 inch to 70 was very noticeable jump in size. Even a friend said WOW! MASSIVE TV! (in a postive way). Some reviewers are saying its a black screen hanging on the wall as a negative. This is sorta expected, since you are buying a 70 inch LED NOT a 30 inch clear glass screen.

I know this review has a lot more positives, but I went in extremely picky and came back happy.

EDIT: 1/09/2015

Disabling 120hz and film mode for gaming improves response time and kills the "soap opera effect". (It does) and re-starting it for blu rays (if it doesn't bother you). For example, I can use dynamic or any other mode without using game mode and disable 120hz/film mode and instantly see an improvement with online games regarding response time. Doing this will also remove any tv enhancements that people may not like the "soap opera effect". I actually don't mind it for some blu rays but online games have a slight lag to them when enabled.

If you're a fan of Dynamic mode. Use Dynamic mode fixed (not adjustable) for blu rays and single player games that has everything enabled. Than switch to Dynamic mode (adjustable) then disabled the enhancements. That way you have two Dynamic modes, one with the enhancements on, and another with them disbaled. This allows you to switch with a button press between FIXED and Dynamic (adjustable) without having to turn them on and off constantly.
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125 of 143 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful picture, but weak Wifi range, no Amazon app & fussy software - UPDATE 1/24/15, May 31, 2014
Andrea Polk (Pacific Northwest - USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sharp LC-60EQ10U 60-inch Aquos Q 1080p 240Hz Smart LED TV (Electronics)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Length:: 9:56 Mins

In the video review I go through the basics of the TV's smart functions, show the Menu, the remote and things related to connectivity, in addition to launching Netflix so that you can see the speediness of the processor. The written review elaborates on these things and gives some additional information.


*SPECIAL NOTE: Updates to this review will appear at bottom of written review.*

**RELATED PRODUCT: If you want to cut the cord with cable TV, please check out my book Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV. Anyone with a free Kindle reading app can view it on PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices.



Forgive me for making this review so long. I was lucky enough to receive this TV via the Amazon Vine and I want to provide you, a potential buyer with a comprehensive, honest review that shares features and points out potential issues you may have with it if you decide to buy.


After the TV arrived via UPS my husband and I slit the sides of the box to expose the TV.

The included directions suggest leaving the box in tact to use it as a work space; placing the TV face down on it to put on the stand. We failed to see this prior to the 'slit' action.

On the top portion of the box, embedded in Styrofoam is the remote, some screws, batteries for the remote, Product Registration card, and a general Setup Guide for 13 different Sharp Aquos models in English, Spanish and French.

No `User Manual' is found in the box. It can be found in the Menu on the TV and downloaded in PDF form online - see Questions section of the product page to find the link.

We removed a layer of Styrofoam to find the TV stand base, which we would be using instead of mounting the TV to the wall. The TV appeared well packaged, and unharmed by transport.

We decided to dive in immediately and setup the stand. This small job turned into a nightmare when the stand would not easily slide into place. We ended up loosening some screws that were probably not supposed to be loosened - just to get the stand onto the TV. We then re-tightened those screws when the stand was in place.

Arrows towards specific screws on the back of the TV indicate where the included screws are to go which becomes apparent when you are mounting the stand.

The Setup Guide had been very confusing; small diagrams and several stands mentioned with different configurations. We are both college educated folks, but these poor directions left us a tad stumped. Eventually we figured it out by looking at it without the directions in hand, but it was a frustration!

In the end, we determined we had been sent the wrong set of screws for mounting of the stand to our TV. Instead of calling up Sharp and waiting several days for the right screws, I ended up at Home Depot and returned with #5 Metric 1" screws (4) which did the job.

We used the Styrofoam to make a table to set the TV on to mount the stand, and once in place lifted it into place on the TV console bench. On a 60" bench, it fits perfectly with inches to spare on either end. Our home theater front side speakers are slightly behind the TV and angled upward. (I'm considering placing them on the floor or mounting them behind and above the TV, but they will not fit in front of the TV on the Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV Component Bench, Ravenwood Black which we purchased to use with the Sharp Q.)


Great connectivity options on this TV!

There are (4) side HDMI ports, (1) 3.5mm headphone jack, (2) USB 2.0 ports, (2) composite video ports (red/yellow/white - 480 resolution - older standard), (1) component video (blue/green/red/white/red - my 1st Gen Wii hooked up effortlessly to this port), (1) PC-In (VGA - blue; can be fitted with a VGA to DVI adapter), wired Internet (Ethernet port) and Ant-In (for over-the-air antennas requiring digital tuner) where I attached my Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna.

SPECIAL NOTE: If using an AV Receiver, connect to the HDMI 1 port to get it to perform correctly with the TV.

A unique feature of this TV is the MHL (HDMI 4 port) which allows smartphone users to connect to the Sharp Aquos Q and show their device screen on the big screen while is simultaneously charges their phone. A nice perk for those of us always looking for ways to charge our phones and share content!


On scree setup is very easy, even without a decent manual included in the box. (Again, see the `Questions' area for this product to get a link to the manual.) Follow the prompts and other than setting up the WiFi (which may be tricky - I never did get it to work), you should be watching TV in less than 15 minutes.

Prior to turning on the TV I attached an AV receiver, Windows 8.1 laptop with free XBMC media software, Roku 3, Apple TV, Blu-ray player, and Wii game system to the Sharp Aquos Q.

As the TV comes on the `Sharp' logo appears. (This can be removed in Settings if you desire.) After this logo disappeared the system setup begins.

Some basic info: zip code and provider; satellite and cable providers appear based upon your location. I chose `Local' as I use an over-the-air antenna to get free network broadcasts in HD over air. If you're interested, I wrote a book about how to do it: Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV as a guide for 'non-techy' folks who may want to become 'cord cutters'.

During setup you are given the option to setup an internet connection; wired or wireless in the setup.

You may want to go with a wired connection. Prior to the arrival of the Q I setup a wired connection; just in case the WiFi in the TV wasn't good. I have excellent Wifi throughout my house thanks to a TPLink AC Dual Band router and 60Mbps high speed internet, but I had read that some users had issues with connecting using the Sharp Aquos Q, so I purchased the TP-LINK TL-PA4010KIT AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, up to 500Mbps to create a wired option. Thankfully I did, as the wireless connection would not work with this TV, so I used the wired; which was recognized immediately, and it's great!

The Smart Central 3.0 software (new for 2014) and the Smart Guide - which is part of that software - work well on this TV. After inputting my location and services I use (HuluPlus and Netflix), the guide provided a quick look at what's currently on and available from over air broadcast TV and streaming sources.

The guide offers you a glimpse at what's on and available, while also giving you easy access through Smart Central 3.0 to lots of apps, including games, social media, and streaming services. You can also access the web browser that while a little tough to navigate with the remote and onscreen keyboard, can be made better by adding a wireless keyboard to your TV via USB. DO NOT try to use the Logitech K400 with integrated trackpad however, as it doesn't work directly. You have to have it attached to a PC which is connected to the TV; which I found out the hard way!

NO Amazon Instant Video app means if you want it, you have to connect a Roku or Amazon Fire TV. It can also be streamed and mirrored from tablets and smartphones via Miracast, Chromecast or Apple TV if it's an iOS device.

There is a button near the center of the remote that launches the Smart Central interface, labeled `Smart Central'. Below it is a large Netflix button, but that is the only instant access app button clearly labeled. There is an option to setup your favorite apps on 4 buttons below it however.


When I learned I'd be getting this TV, I purchased the Wow: World of Wonder [Blu-ray] (it also comes in a DVD version). This disc was very helpful in allowing me to fine tune this TV's settings.

Out of the box the vibrancy of colors was there, but the clarity and sharpness was not. The calibration disc really helped to dial that in and I only used the `beginner' lessons. I'm working my way through the extensive `advanced' section now and will update this review with new settings as I tweak the system.

The one thing I did note that was that out of the box very little `black' or contrast adjustment was needed. Blacks and whites appeared quite true without any need to fix them. That 8 million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio really is great!

I highly recommend using any calibration DVD or Blu-ray disc tutorial to help setup your picture the way you like it.

Be aware that this should be done during a time when you would most likely be watching TV, as the conditions change and thus, so does how your eyes perceive colors and light. You may want to setup your settings in a dark room and in daylight and then compare the two, to see what changes.

This calibration also addressed the `Soap Opera Affect' that I had out of the box when viewing Rescue Me on Netflix. More on that later.


These are my settings after a very basic calibration done with the Disney WOW disc on my Sharp Aquos Q. I hope you find them helpful in setting up your TV.


Go into Menu-Picture Settings - Advanced and change Motion Enhancement to 120 low or `off'. NOTE: Any higher than this setting gave me a much darker picture, despite having auto light adjustment settings turned off!

Then go to Film Mode (make sure Film Mode is 'on' and turn Advanced to `0' (I think it's on 7 to start), and then click on Standard. Doing these (2) things should eliminate the Soap Opera Effect.

You can pump the Motion Enhancement up to 240Hz during movies like Skyfall (Blu-ray/ DVD + Digital Copy) where there are intermittent fast-action sequences. I noted no soap opera affect using it then or with fast sports like NHL hockey.

PICTURE SETTINGS: All done in small increments and based upon personal choice.

Turn OFF Automatic Light Sensor.

Backlight +6
Contrast +34
Brightness -3
Color +12
Tint +5
Sharpness +7

Quad Pixel Plus (2) - Standard
120Hz Low Motion Enhancement (*Sports look great!)

C.M.S. - HUE
R +2
Y 0
G 0
C +2
B 0
M 0

C.M.S. - Saturation (all on zero `0')

C.M.S. - Value (all on zero `0')

Monochrome - OFF (If `on' you get black and white effect.)
Digital Noise Reduction - Auto

Color Temp - High with 10 Point Off
Active Contrast - Advanced
Gama Adjustment - `0'

Film Mode - Advanced - `0' with Standard selected.
View Mode - Auto (corrects for 4:3 programming and 16:9 to render correctly on display.)

This makes the overall setting change to 'User'. You can use preset settings like Dynamic, Movie, Dynamic Fixed or similar, but I find that when watching broadcast TV and Netflix (most of my viewing), the setting above are best for me.


Viewing most anything on this TV is a wonderful experience. The more I watch it... the more I love it!

While this TV isn't a 3D or 4K capable one, this Full HD (1080P) capable display combined with smart features makes for an excellent TV. I've experienced rich color saturation, smooth movement transitions and extraordinary definition when viewing HD broadcast TV, Blu-ray movies, and streaming, 720, 1080i or 1080p HD video.

I did notice the Soap Opera Effect initially, and as stated earlier in the review, and I found a fix for it. Edge lighting may be to blame for the transitioning black and gray blotchiness, and corner darkening, but as time goes by, neither have really affected my viewing or overall enjoyment of this TV.


The four corners of the display sometimes show a darkening - similar to a photo affect I sometimes use to accent pictures. Most pronounced when I am viewing something with a light background, the saturation level of this darkness varies. I've yet to determine if it varies with all inputs, but I see it most often when watching broadcast TV.

I also note that when the screen is black - changing from one broadcast TV program to another, I will see subtle gray blotches on the black screen. I don't note this when viewing movies (yet...), but it may be an issue when watching very dark programs. I believe this is due to the edge lighting that is part of LED TVs, but coming from a plasma, this is new to me. Similar to ghosting (seen on plasmas after they've been on and turned off), but happening all the time when a black screen occurs.

Blacks are deep and whites are bright generally speaking, but these two issues with darkened displays give me pause. They may just be inherent in LED TVs, although I have a LED computer monitor that has never shown these issues so I kind of doubt it.


33% more subpixels and Quattron technology adding yellow to the mix makes for a gorgeous display. Deep color, fine detail and highly responsive with adjusted refresh rates up to 240Hz.

I absolutely LOVE Blu-ray movies on this TV! Unbelievably gorgeous clarity and beautiful colors that were never even close with my plasma HDTV. The Quattron technology that adds those subtle shades and 8,000,000: 1 contrast really shines through.

Broadcast (over air) TV in various resolutions all looks great too, but varies based upon the broadcast resolution. 1080i over air in HD (which is uncompressed 1080P which is used by satellite and cable providers) is fabulous!

Using the Smart Central app to stream Netflix offers great picture quality too (720P in most cases). This will vary if your Wifi or wired internet connection is buffering a lot or not. Mine was very stable. Using the Roku 3 to stream Amazon in HD was excellent as well, thanks to the TV and a stable, fast home network connection.

I connected my Sony Vaio laptop (Windows 8.1) and am using XBMC (free media center software) to stream content to the Sharp Aquos Q. I set the laptop screen resolution to 1920 x 1080 and use a HDMI port to connect it through my AV receiver. I then use a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard to navigate the PC. The Sharp TV gives me a vivid, clear picture using this peripheral.

You can also tweak the Aquomotion settings to smooth pixels, which in theory gives a 'higher' high definition picture - more towards 4K. Since 4K (4X's the pixel density of FULL HD means clear pictures on big screens - even close up) or ultra-HD is still being developed, there is very little content for it at this time. I think this TV is a good compromise for those of us who don't want to pay premium prices for upcoming technological readiness. (*I know Vudu has some streaming content in ultra-HD, but again, it's not the standard yet.)

You can set this TV to be on `Wallpaper' mode; either stock images or via a connected USB flash drive with photos on it, to provide low light (and low energy consumption) art versus a black screen when not in use.

NOTE: Chromecast also works well with this TV, but I decided not to connect it to mine as my needs are met by all the other things I'm using right now without this addition. The Chromecast does attach easily to the HDMI ports on this TV, angled out to the side, but not visible from the front.


The sound coming from the 20W speakers in this TV lacks depth and most will not even use it. Installed speakers are not home theater quality by any means, but you do have both an optical audio (digital - best quality) input and the old red/white analog audio inputs on the TV to add a sound bar, sound plate or connect to an AV receiver to use external speakers.

I'm using the optical (digital) connection for the best sound, and going through a Denon AV receiver with Kipsitch speakers and sub woofer. Sounds amazing!

I did go into Settings in the Menu and turn on Surround Sound and Voice Enhancement. I think the Voice option helps to clarify dialogue, especially when watching television programming.


These are things that come to mind in no particular order. As with my entire review, some of it is subjective and thus your experience may vary based upon your previous experiences with other TVs.

If you want to control your TV and its functions via an app, get the free Sharp Smart Central app (Google Play store for Android version or Apple for iOS version) for your tablet or smartphone.

I installed the iOS app on my iPad 3 and it works really well! It enables me to change channels, input searches into the Smart Central Global Search internet browser, mirror videos and photos from my device onto the Sharp Aquos Q, launch apps, and much more!

TIP: Some videos would not play correctly on the big screen, so play with your device orientation to figure out what works with your TV prior to taking more videos - for best results.

Initially I had issues with my TV's apps not showing up on the iOS app, but after pairing and re-pairing the TV with the app, that seemed to be fixed.

Please note that on the Sharp TV there is an automatic lighting feature that dims the display in a bright room and auto adjusts for changes all the time. I found this to be very fussy, and turned it off. It's an Eco-friendly feature which is good, but I found it way too annoying to consistently use it.

As mentioned above, I ended up using a wired connection to experience the Smart TV features on this TV. I have yet to get the Wi-Fi to connect, and I'm pretty good about techy-stuff, so this is a disappointment. I will continue to try to get it to work, and update this review as needed.


6/9/14: Wireless network is intermittently recognized, correct password is entered, but wireless connection cannot be obtained. Will be contacting Sharp support to address the issue.


I highly recommend the TP-Link Powerline products for getting a wired connection though, and setup was nearly effortless with that port available to this TV. "Frustrating problem, easy wired fix!"

I wish the included remote had back lighting, launch buttons for Hulu Plus and Vudu that are as big as the Netflix button and larger buttons for Volume, Channels, Input and Smart Central.

In Settings you can setup Parental Controls for this TV to limit access and mature content.
In all honesty, I think I'll be using my iPad as a remote much of the time using the Smart Central app for iOS instead of the included remote.

You'll have a lot of fun options for apps to use with the Sharp Aquos Q, but Amazon Instant Video will not be one of them. A major negative for people like me who use it daily, but can be overcome by using a Roku or the Miracast function (Android tablets with an Amazon app).

Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus users will enjoy the integration with the Smart Guide in addition to satellite, cable or OTA broadcast TV programming. Facebook, Pandora, Vimeo, Cycle World, and more, can be viewed side by side with TV viewing in a split screen - which is very handy. Launching apps with the Smart Central iOS app has been easy to do too.

The speed, with which the Sharp Aquos Q opens apps, navigates the Settings menu and provides information and programming, is impressive. There is very little delay when opening things like Netflix, and with a fast internet connection, that ease is made even easier.

Could it be faster? Of course! But by comparison to a 48" Samsung Smart TV that I just purchased for my mother (2013 model), the processor in the Sharp is at least 4x's faster, which to me was a thrill!

The color reproduction is stellar, the rich picture detail amazing, and the smart functions are a joy to use on this TV. The processor and software in this TV make it happen.


Would I recommend this TV?

Absolutely, as long as you're willing to accept and/or deal with the following issues.

1. No Amazon Instant Video as an app, but you can get it via other sources.

2. Need to calibrate to find the `sweet spot' for picture quality to be optimum at your location with your desired programming, all of which is affected by viewing conditions (lighting).

3. Sound reproduction is lacking, thus a sound bar, sound plate or AV receiver to reproduce sound is necessary.

4. Possible dark edges and blotchy blacks in dark environment.

5. No 3D or 4K, but if you get the Sharp Aquos Q+ model you can have those.

6. Possible WiFi connectivity issues with this TV.

This is a feature packed 60" smart TV that has tons to offer the budget minded consumer. Sports, movies, and broadcast TV all look great on it, with Blu-ray playback incredibly lifelike!

The ability to adjust for high speed motion, the MHL port, the onscreen guide integration, smart TV functionality, multiple connectivity options and Quattron processing that adds a BILLION more shades of color missed by other TVs , make it a solid choice at this size of display.

I think most consumers, including gamers and sports fans, will find a lot of enjoyment in this well priced smart TV. Just be aware of potential issues as mentioned, and make a purchasing decision that's right for you.



Screen Size 60"
Refresh Rate 240Hz
Native Resolution 1080p
Contrast Ratio 8,000,000:1

Headphone Jack No
Speakers: Bottom, Down Firing
Speaker Output: 10W x 2

3.5mm Mini Jack (1) Headphone Out; (1) PC Audio In
Coaxial Input (Ant.) Yes
Component Video Input 1
Composite Video Input 2 (1 Shared)
Ethernet Connection Yes

Number of Rear HDMI Connections 4
Number of Side / Front HDMI Connections 0
Optical Digital Output Yes
Photo Card Reader No
USB Input 2
Wireless Connectivity Built-In Wi-Fi (**Reviewer has been unable to get this to connect.)

DLNA Certified Yes
Dual Core Processor Yes
Included Remote Control Standard
Panel / Backlight Type Edge-Lit LED
Resolution Upscaler No
Smart TV / Apps Platform SmartCentral(tm) 3.0 (2014)
Speaker / Surround Processing Virtual Surround
THX Certified No
Web Browser Yes

Power Consumption when off Exceeds Energy Star Standards
Power Consumption when on Exceeds Energy Star Standards

Dimensions (H x W x D) - with stand 33.9" x 54.3" x 14.6"
Weight - With Stand 61.7 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D) - without stand 32.5" x 54.3" x 3"
Weight - Without Stand 55.1 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D) - Shipping 37.3" x 59.9" x 9.8"
Weight - Shipping 80.5 lbs

Labor Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Parts Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

*Extended service plans available on Amazon.


UPDATE: 6/11/14 - Wireless Connectivity (WiFi) Problem Fixed!

(2) calls to Sharp to troubleshoot the Wifi issue resulted in updated firmware and a reset. No Wifi was obtained, so a local service all was scheduled, thinking it must be the hardware (wifi card).

Tonight I connected my WD My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender - universal dual-band wireless network range extender to the 5Ghz bandwidth (I have a simultaneous dual band router) about 3' from the TV. I then attempted to connect via the Manual Internet Setup (entering my password after clicking on my desired network) and low and behold it worked! I now have a Wifi connected Sharp smart TV.

The first Sharp tech had said that the wireless receiver inside the TV is very weak (why she told me this I don't know...) and smartphones, tablets and laptops have much stronger ones. That comment stuck with me, and later it reminded me that I had not connected the extender when setting up the TV, as the Wifi in the house was so good - or so I thought.

SO if you are having Wifi issues, see about a wireless range extender to stuff right next to this TV. I'll be canceling the service call and crossing my fingers that this works for the long haul, but if not I still have a wired connection to fall back upon.

While I think this is a fairly big issue (as I have a small house with a powerful Wifi network that extends beyond my house to the far reaches of our yard which is a 1/2 acre lot) I don't think it's enough to warrant a drop in the review to 3 stars as there is a 'fix' of sorts for the problem.

In recommending this TV however, I'd offer up that you may want to consider adding a SquareTrade 5-Year TV Protection Plan ($1250-$1500) or other SquareTrade warranty - price of the product will determine the price you pay - to cover any issues that may arise with this TV. It's a good thing to consider with any electronics purchase, but especially one that has so many things going on that may require repair.

At the very least, be aware of potential connectivity issues out of the box, and plan accordingly.

UPDATE: 7/2/14

Last night I decided to compare the wired to the wireless speeds on this TV. After switching to the wired connection I could not reconnect to my Wifi connection on the TV. I tried resetting the range extender, and multiple tries resulted in failed attempts to connect to Wifi. I checked for a software (firmware) update - none was available.

I'm back to a wired connection for now, but will continue to play with the wireless to see if I can get it to connect. No other wireless devices on my network are having issues.

Truly, if I'd known I couldn't get the wireless connection back on the TV - I'd have left it alone as it was working fine. However, there should be no issue with the TV at regaining a connection, thus I tend to think it may be an issue with this TV.

A second 'new' issue with the TV is that the right TV speaker now makes an audible 'click' sound when I am changing channels. This is new, and I can turn on the Mute button and use the AV receiver and not hear it, but if the TV speakers are used - it's heard.


I did another reset of the WD range extender and then tried a WPS setup (making sure the Nighthawk router WPS was actively working, and the WD range extender WPS was depressed). The Sharp Aquos TV wireless connection failed.

A second try only seconds later - identical to the first - got both the 5G and 2.4Ghz band Wifi back as options. I selected the 5Ghz (as before) and it connected! I'm not going to mess with success. I shouted 'Thank you1' and called it a day.

I did drop the TV's rating to a 3 out of 5 stars and this is a direct result of internet connectivity issues, and the new speaker noise. If you roll over a 3 star rating it says: "It's OK".

This TV has a fantastic picture when viewing Blu-ray movies and using an AV receiver or soundbar for enhanced sound. It's also amazing when paired with HDX streaming via Vudu. It does a good job with 1080i over air broadcasts, and if you tweak the settings to gain back the soap opera effect, you can make 480i TV look pretty nice too!

The frustration I feel with the Wifi connectivity though, gives me concern about the build quality and the longevity of the 'smart' functionality of this TV. If a Smart TV has Wifi - it should work. It shouldn't be fussy or extremely weak. The wireless in this TV seems to have both of those attributes. Since the installed apps use wired or wireless internet (and no update with Amazon as an app has occurred) this may be a big consideration for potential buyers at this price point.


UPDATE: 7/24/14 - Wireless issues continue, switching to wired connection.

The 'click' issue with the sound seems to have disappeared, but if I change the connectivity of this TV to a wired connection it's still tough to go back to WiFi. That just shouldn't be! Sometimes it will and sometimes it won't connect. 'Wired' is definitely the way to go with this TV for a stable connection. Unfortunately without it, you will have problems with the software updating properly and with the installed apps.

The TV continues to be enjoyable to watch, but it can be frustrating to try and watch Netflix, Vudu or check YouTube videos when using the wireless connectivity.


UPDATE: 8/22/14 - Netflix is freezing via the TV app, but not when using Roku.

Connected via wired internet, I'm still having issues with the Netflix app on this TV. The app forgets that I'm logged in, and will often play for awhile, then stop. Other apps on the TV: YouTube and Vudu, which I frequently use - are not affected.

I've updated the firmware on this TV three times since I got it, hoping each time that the Netflix issue would resolve itself. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet.

I do use a Roku 3, Apple TV and PC connected to the TV for other programming so it's not a big issue as I can get Netflix another way, but it would be great if that big Netflix launch button could be used more often on the remote.


UPDATE: 8/26/14 - Updated firmware on router and reset the network.

Recent issues with my Netgear Nighthawk router lead me to believe that some connectivity issues with this TV could be attributed to the router, thus I've increased the 3 star to 4 star for this review.

I do like the TV, but you'll definitely want a wired connection for the most stable, reliable SmartTv user interface. You may experience software issues, but as with any of these types of TV, make sure to update your firmware as needed across your network. That means the router and TV, in hopes of attaining a happy balance that offers reliable streaming performance.

I was able to watch a Netflix program without issue following a router firmware update and reset of the entire network (PC, modem, and router). This would affect the TV's performance as it's on the same network.


UPDATE: 11/30/14 - Frustrating software performance.

I like this TV, but is it smart? I'm not too sure.

The software and firmware is up to date, and yet I still have issues with Hulu Plus playback. No matter what I do, it plays for a bit, then stops. Netflix is less problematic, but it occasionally occurs with that one too. Vudu works fine.

If I attach a Fire TV Stick Hulu Plus plays fine, as does Netflix, and I gain Amazon video options with my Prime membership. (This TV doesn't have the Amazon app.)

What does this mean?

If it was me, I'd consider this TV an option if it was on sale at about half the asking price, or buy a non-smart TV and add a streaming device for the apps you want. You'll lack the on-screen menu integration, but hey, it's not working right either! It shows the programs, but when selected, they don't launch.

I've dropped a star from my review due to the glitchy software in this TV. Blu-ray, HDX video from Vudu and 1080i over air TV still all look great, but the smart functionality has lost IQ points which for me is no good.

NOTE: I have updated my home network to a stable TP-LINK Archer C8 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router, 2.4GHz 450Mbps+5Ghz 1350Mbps, 1 USB 2.0 Port & 1 USB 3.0 Port, IPv6, Guest Network and have had no issues with other streaming devices using Hulu Plus and Netflix on my network.


UPDATE: 1/24/15 - Software Losing Settings

Time to try another firmware update (if available.) The software issues with this TV have been a frustration, and lately it's losing the User settings and reverting back to a pre-set. I then get the 'soap opera effect' and have to reset to change it. This seems to happen every time I turn the set off and on.

The picture is still beautiful and Netflix is flawless on it. Hulu Plus still dumps whenever I use the TV to watch versus a streaming device.

The Super Bowl should be great though, as have been the playoffs using my Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Indoor Antenna.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Sharp LED 70" Overall great picture for the price., March 31, 2014
jbc1480 (Salt Lake City, UT) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Overall the TV has been great. I am loving all 70" of it. For the price its a great TV.
You do need to adjust the settings. The picture settings out of the box are not satisfactory. The picture seemed very washed out. I tried some settings recommended by another user on last years Sharp 70" model and they were not satisfactory either. I Just tinkered with the settings myself and adjusted it accordingly to my taste and found a great picture. It does take a few days watching different types of programming(cartoons vs sports vs movies) to find the setting that I enjoy. I was able to get the blacks nice and dark that I prefer since I was moving from a plasma to a LED. Also realize the TV came defaulted to 120Hz and needs to be changed to 240Hz to get the most from the TV. The difference in the 120 vs 240 is very noticeable to me.

I mentioned earlier that "Also realize the TV came defaulted to 120Hz and needs to be changed to 240Hz to get the most from the TV."
This is NOT accurate. This is the motion enhancement setting. I have actually changed this setting to 'OFF" to eliminate "image halo" that I noticed while watching golf and hockey
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28 of 33 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars stunning, March 10, 2014
This review is from: Sharp LC-60EQ10U 60-inch Aquos Q 1080p 240Hz Smart LED TV (Electronics)
Amazing picture. Skin tones are very natural and colors are brilliant. Images are sharp and detailed, didnt see any motion blur, black levels were good. Couldnt be more pleased with the tv. I dont care about internet connectivity so I didnt try it. This is not a 3D tv if you care about that but if you just want to watch tv with a great HD pictue I highly recommend it.
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22 of 26 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A great upgrade from our older Aquos, March 21, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sharp LC-60EQ10U 60-inch Aquos Q 1080p 240Hz Smart LED TV (Electronics)
We've had the unit for two weeks now, and are very pleased. Upgraded from an older Sharp Aquos 42 inch to this more modern 60 inch. Our smaller set was on a shelf sticking out from a floor to ceiling bookcase. The base on this one is a bit larger than the old one, so I did away with the shelf and installed an articulated wall mount to hang this one on. Makes for a much more stable install, and it's easier to access the back for cabling, etc.

The picture quality is excellent, and it actually consumes less power than our older model. At first, wasn't sure about the downward firing speakers, as our older unit was front-firing- no problem at all. For our room, there is plenty of volume. I'll get the external amp/speakers connected for when we want that immersive experience...

We haven't really access the "Web-based" features yet, but I have streamed movies from my DLNA server on the PC here, and from a USB "thumb drive". That works quite well.

We watched the price on Amazon after we ordered, and were able to take advantage of a $70+ price drop within the price match guarantee period.

Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase. Recommended.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Impressive out of the box, March 7, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sharp LC-60EQ10U 60-inch Aquos Q 1080p 240Hz Smart LED TV (Electronics)
Very impressed with this TV so far... Admittedly, I've only had it for 24 hours. Setup was very easy, however did notice incorrect instructions on how to setup the stand. Picture quality is very impressive.
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18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Spectacular out of the box (NO CALIBRATION NEEDED), April 22, 2014
Spectacular out of the box(DEFAULT)Standard Energy Star picture setting.This TV didn't need any calibration and the HD cable TV picture was perfect and this TV made my regular DVD,s look like BLUE-RAY.The other pictures options screwed up the picture and make sure the TV isn't in DEMO MODE.The sound isn't that bad after you adjust the audio settings.This TV had the best picture out of all the TV,s I have owned.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous Television!, June 6, 2014
This review is from: Sharp LC-60EQ10U 60-inch Aquos Q 1080p 240Hz Smart LED TV (Electronics)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I watch a ton of TV and I am going to try to touch a little bit on everything that I have experienced and encountered over the past few weeks of using this TV, Given as much TV as I watch I think the couple of past weeks have been rigorous testing for it and I'm really picky about certain things as well. With that said, Let's get to it..

First Impressions:

Minimalistic packaging, Typical brown box with a little bit of color but it seemed to have held up pretty well during shipping. Inside, You will find the TV has been nicely secured in many pieces of thick styrofoam! Included at the top were indents for the remote and all accessories, The stand itself was packaged with the TV and attached to the bottom chunk of styrofoam and was secured with tape and foam wrapping. The TV itself was encased in foam wrapping as well as the middle pieces of styrofoam coming down the box to protect from any "banging around" during shipping. Upon removal from all packaging the TV looks gorgeous and has a nice shine to it.. The frame and stand have a matte like dark black finish which goes very well with my decor. It also has a small energy savings guide sticker on the front that easily peels off, It appears to be coated in a special material that will leave no chance of it ripping and leaving part stuck onto your TV screen (like most stickies of that nature do.) Please have someone else to help you unbox and move the TV around, You run the risk of hurting the TV or worse, Yourself as this set is pretty heavy, I'd say it's true to its 80 pound description!

Stand Setup:

This TV includes a nice and heavy stand to secure it, It includes 8 screws, Half are used to secure the metal prongs to the stand and the other half are used to secure the TV to the prongs. This does NOT come with a cover and the entire backside is just ugly and non-shiny metal so keep that in mind if you are placing this where someone will be able to glance at the back of it. The stand seems very sturdy and required a little bit of "wiggling" on the last screw before it became tight enough to appear stable but it works extremely well.


2 VGA PC Connections
1 USB Connection
1 Hardwired Ethernet Jack
1 Coax Connector (For Antennas or Cable Passthrough)
2 Composite & 1 Component (older devices)
2 Headphone Jacks (One Input & 1 Output)
4 HDMI Inputs
1 Toslink Output (Digital Audio Connection for Sounbars)

TV Setup:

Setup was a breeze, This thing includes so many inputs that I think it would have room for any and everything you could possibly throw at it! I evened hooked up one of my old school nintendo's for nostalgia and that was amazing! (Alot of newer TVs just don't offer the composite options anymore!) Upon first boot the TV looks really good but we are all different and will all think a different setup is "perfect" so I will go ahead and post my changes and how I have all the picture settings setup and show you guys what is my "perfection"..

AV Mode: Energy Star Standard
Light Sensor: Off
Backlight: +7
Contrast: +36
Brightness: +1
Color: +12
Tint: +3
Sharpness: +7

"Under Advanced"

Quad Pixel Plus 2: Advanced
Motion Enhancement: Off
CMS Hue: R -3, Y 0, G 0, C 0, B 0, M 0
CMS Saturation: R +2, Y 0, G 0, C 0, B 0, M 0
CMS Value: 0's Across The Board
Color Temp: High
10 Point: Off
Active Contrast: Advanced
Gamma Adjustment: 0
Film Mode: Standard +0
Digital Noise Reduction: Auto

These settings are what I have found to work best for me when viewing shows via my TiVo Premiere & WD TV Live Media Player. When ever I want to play video games or watch a bluray I switch over to the default Video Game & Movie settings and they work perfectly out of the box for those!! It all depends on personal preference but I know what works for me might looks horrible for someone else so just experiment and set everything to you're tastes.


Let's just get this outta the way, The built in speaks are extremely bad, but that is not a knock against this TV, In this small form factor the speakers stink in all of them! They just don't have the space for good front facing speakers and often have speakers that fire downwards or backwards instead of forwards.. This particular model has down firing speakers. I highly recommend a nice Soundbar for this gorgeous TV to accompany the crisp clean picture and I don't advise on using the onboard sound unless you really don't have an option.. With that being said here are the sound settings that will make the most of the built in speakers:

Adaptive Volume: Off
Treble: +15
Bass: +15
Balance: 0
Digital Surround: Off
Extended Harmonics Enhancer: Low Range
Clear Voice: On
Wall Mount Setup: On/Off (Use On if Mounted or Off on Stand)

This will make all voice sound louder than background noise and will help to drown out some of the high action noise in the background when necessary.. You can tell there is a little bass given the speakers quality but it's not dominant by any means.

Smart TV Experience:

TV startup time is around ~5 seconds, Alot faster than some others I have owned in the past. Netflix and Youtube run extremely well and are snappy to remote presses. Wifi setup was okay but it took a couple of tries, The signal isn't as good as my laptop or phone but it never disconnects and streams content fine. The sound effects when using the built in smart tv functions are nice and classy.


Yup, There are a few things that bother me..

The Remote: It's huge, ugly and feels cheap. I'm not sure how long it will hold up to constant use if you don't have a universal remote.

The Speakers: I mean yes as stated before all flat panel TVs are notoriously known for their bad speakers but of my previous LG and Sony TVs these bring up the rear for the bunch with being the "worst" of the worst.

Screen Glare: This TV is great at blocking natural light when it was on but the opposite is true of man-made light.. This is a problem for me when I want to watch tv at night when it's dark and I have a lamp on that is in screen shot of the TV and it can be really distracting so I have had to make some accommodations for lighting the room at night.


All in all this is an amazing TV for the price, It has anything and everything that a general user would ask for and then some! I would highly recommend it to anyone that can afford it, With a soundbar of course!! You will have countless hours of enjoyment on this set from your favorite shows and movies to crystal clear gameplay, The vivid colors of this set surely won't disappoint and we will be with you for many years to come!!
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Buy this tv!!!!!!!!, April 13, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The tv is exactly what I expected!!! The ONLY drawback maybe the sound quality but I have a sound bar. So to me this was a great purchase and I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this tv.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sharp Sharp, June 24, 2014
Eric T "ejt" (Marion, IA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sharp LC-60EQ10U 60-inch Aquos Q 1080p 240Hz Smart LED TV (Electronics)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Bottom Line:
Nice quality large TV with well integrated smart functionality, good performance.

Large Screen
Good Image (very subjective)
Easy Setup

Slow to change channels on over-the-air (OTA) tuner
Default movie setting was too green (I like "Game" preset much better).
Can be a bit dim in bright room

One reviewer stated stand was difficult to put on. I wanted to address this, it is easy to put on if you get the right direction, but the correct orientation looks like the wrong orientation. It looks like the metal brackets would nicely slide together (sort of C shaped hole and bracket), but they actually go the opposite way. If you get it right it will go on easy. The generic directions are a bit annoying, make sure you find the one for your specific model.

I don't have cable and use only OTA. Channel finding was fine, and it found all the same channels as my previous TV, plus a couple audio only channels I didn't know existed but will just delete.

Works great over Wi-Fi with my setup and haven't had any connection issues. I think I have an Asus wireless router, but will check and add model number when I remember. The router is in the same room. That being said, I mostly use my Fire TV for smart features, but this Sharp is comparably fast for Netflix (which is good, much faster than many devices).

Works fine with the optical audio output and my LG sound bar. I like that I was able to turn off the speaker output on the TV. On my LG TV I had to turn the internal volume down all the way so sometimes it would accidentally get turned up and would have both the sound bar and TV going.

Fine, but typical TV. A bit flat sounding. I much prefer my sound bar, and my TV is in the middle of a room so the TV directs too much sound behind it into the other room, the sound bar does a much better job directing it forward into the viewing area.

Picture Quality:
I left default with exception of changing the HDMI inputs to be "Game" preset, as I much prefer that to the greenish cast it had by default. Viewing angle is good, colors are good, sharpness is about right, and back light is mostly uniform and does well with scrolling text (my previous TV had a bright area running width of screen visible with scrolling text, this one does not). I am happy with the picture quality, but this is very subjective so I suggest trying one in the store if possible. Contrast ratio is good. It doesn't leave me wanting for better picture quality.

TV Tuner:
This is important to me since I watch TV on it. The tuner is very slow to change channels so it is highly annoying. You can't rapidly tune through stations, it is change, and wait 2 or 3 seconds per channel. I almost knocked a star off for this, but honestly 90% of my time is spent using Fire TV/Gaming and the other 10% watching OTA. The other annoying thing is my previous TV would let me look ahead and see which TV shows were on later (all based on content sent by station), and give summary of each show, where this one just shows the title when you change channels. However, the smart functions have a built in TV guide that can work with OTA, so I wouldn't knock off for this, just a difference on how it works (more info on the Sharp, but not quite as easy to use since it is in the smart menu).

Random Features:
I like that the TV automatically switches inputs when a new signal is detected (although this can be annoying when your toddler gets their fingers on the XBox and turns it on while watching Fire TV and it changes to the XBox input).

The remote is too long, it falls on the floor easily because of this (gets bumped off, etc), and is a bit hard to hold.

Honestly, I could go through and tell you how I have my TV setup, but you might not like my settings. I was very happy with the "Game" or maybe it was "Gamer" setting as I liked the natural looking colors and good contrast range it offered. I felt the default for HDMI was too green. If you are going to downvote me for this, please leave a comment and ask me what my settings are and I would be happy to respond.

Overall, I think the TV is a good solid value. This 60" cost what my 47" did a couple years ago, and is better in most ways. Technology keeps improving. I think it works great with my 10-15 foot viewing distance as well. I hate to say it but the 47" was a bit small for that distance. Even though this was a vine review product, I would buy one with my own cash.
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