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on July 5, 2013
The most important fact you need to know about this TV is that it is a matte screen. None of the manufacturers seem to publish this important detail for some reason. You have to see for yourself or read reviews to figure it out. If you have any windows in the room with your TV, this will likely be the most important feature of your TV. Unfortunately, Sharp is one of the only manufacturers still using matte screens on their large tvs. I believe that is because there is a slight penalty to pay with contrast, but if you have windows around, the glare wouldn't allow you to see any contrast difference between matte and glossy screen. I will admit Samsung glossy screens now have a very good filter on most of their models that would rate a distant second to this sharp for reducing glare. I hope manufacturers will go back to matte as most TVs will be placed in a room with light, not a black theatre room.

I gave four stars because I had the exact same impression as another reviewer regarding artifacts. The "soap opera effect" is terrible, especially if you use the ?480 hz refresh. If you bump it down to the lowest refresh, the effect is minimized. I was also aghast at how terrible a golf ball looks flying across the screen. This too was diminished after adjusting refresh but there are still artifacts.

Setting up color, contrast,etc...
I've had some problems here. I used the Disney WOW blu-ray to adjust these settings. Worked like a champ on my old LG (I would have purchased another one, but they are glossy now). However, when I set up this set and go back to HD TV (uverse) everything is way too yellow. I'm not sure if it's a problem with my setup or the television. Maybe we can see good settings published from the other reviewer or cnet soon. For now I'm using the "auto" function and it seems to work reasonably well without too much backlight and other typical off the shelf settings problems designed to wow in a showroom.

Screen uniformity
This sharp outperforms my old LG (47lw5600) in this department. I don't see bright or dim areas across the screen like the LG. Seems to be a higher quality panel. I also had lots of bleed from light and dark areas on the LG which are minimal on the Sharp. That sort of effect used to drive me crazy watching certain movies like star trek or harry potter franchise on the LG.

Oh, there is no Amazon loaded onto the apps for this TV. I have to use my panasonic bluray player to access amazon prime on demand movies. Might be a deal breaker for some. Hopefully, they will add that service in the future.
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on October 18, 2013
January 2015 update:
My unit developed a problem in early October 2014 (just outside the one year warranty from purchase date, but they treated it like a warranty issue), where a fairly large patch (3"x4") of pixels must have only been displaying red and blue, so it showed hues of purple all the time. This problem was reported to Sharp and after sending in pictures of the problem and going back and forth for a week or so, Sharp informed me they would exchange the TV for a refurbished one of the same model.

All good, except two months later they still didn't have a refurbished one with no ETA. The TV was exceedingly annoying to watch, so the week before Christmas, I went out and bought another TV on sale at Costco. Of course, later that day, Sharp offered to upgrade me to a new 4K unit (UD27), to which I agreed. I kept the new one from Costco to move to my game room and keep as a back up just in case of problems when I got the new Sharp. On Dec 22nd they shipped the new unit (via MVC Logistics/wagon train), and on Jan 10th, I got it delivered to my home and installed.

The fact that my TV was just out of warranty and Sharp still chose to replace it is great. The fact they upgraded me to a new 4K unit after the long wait is great. The fact that they took three months to get the exchange done, and I really had no idea when the exchange would occur was really poor and caused me to go out and buy another television. I don't know what percentage of these TVs develop issues like mine did, but you'll want to bear in mind that even under warranty, it may take quite a bit of time to get the matter resolved.

I am not sure which brand if any would treat a customer better on an issue like this. Possibly Sony (the brand I bought from Costco after doing a lot of research). If you consider Samsung do some research on their issues and use of cheap panels in some models, that don't have anywhere near the quality of picture or reliability of Samsung or Sharp manufactured panels. Also, their reported refusal to admit those issues or make them right for their customers.

I would still consider Sharp for future purchases as they did make this right in the end, but Caveat Emptor. Do your research.


February 2014 update:
Everything I wrote about this TV remains true. I would absolutely purchase it again. In a heart beat. But I want to note how important it is to customize your settings from the supplied settings. We recently had a software update to the TV which must have reset to the manufacturer defaults - possibly for a big box store environment, and the TV was almost unwatchable by comparison to the custom settings - colors were way over saturated, contrast was too high and motion artifacts were noticeable in some programming. Use the custom settings at the bottom of this review and then tweak as you see fit, and you should be very happy with this TV.


October 2013 original review:
TV has a bright, crisp picture with great contrast and color reproduction. I watch a lot of sports and it keeps up with fast action perfectly just set at 120Hz Low... doesn't need the additional interpolation used at the higher settings. I have noticed one program from a smaller local station whose sports replays always have motion artifacts and I have not been able to figure any way to remove them, but that is the one exception. All other live and recorded action from all major networks looks great. TV, movies and nature programs all look great too.

Other reviewers have mentioned this fact, but this TV has a matte finish screen which reduces reflections very significantly and helps make the TV viewable in rooms with high levels of ambient light. Mine is in a living room with large windows exposed to sunlight all day long. With my prior set, I had to completely close all shades and turn the room into a "cave" in order to watch TV when the sun was up... even on a cloudy day.

With this set, I'll generally draw the shades on the windows getting direct sunlight right behind the set, or directed right at the set, but leave shades up on the remaining windows so we can enjoy the outdoors. The picture is razor sharp and bright in those conditions, with no issues from reflections. The set is quite viewable for most programming even with shades up on all windows on a bright day, but will be difficult to discern very dark scenes in movies/programs that have them.

The sound is very good for an HD set. Home theater buffs who want to shake the room and get the full surround sound effects will need appropriate sound system to accomplish that, but for most folks, the supplied speakers will do the trick just fine.

The set does a nice job with input management providing plenty of inputs and allowing you to name them, and skip unused sources so even guests not familiar with your setup can quickly and easily switch between sources.

This set has internet "Smart" connectivity which I verified works with my home Wifi, but we just don't use much. Same for the 3D TV... not something we use yet so not anything to say about that.

But I do thoroughly recommend this set as a great 2D HD TV, and a very good value as of September 2013 when we purchased.

You'll want to tweak the set from the supplied settings. I picked up the following recommendations from a google search and they work great for me:

User Menu Settings
* Picture Modes
o Picture Mode : Movie
o Color Temperature : Low
o Aspect Ratio : Stretch

* Picture Setting
o Backlight : +10
o Contrast : 30
o Brightness : 0
o Color : 0
o Tint : 0
o Sharpness : 0

* Advanced Settings
o CMS Hue : Factory
o CMS Sat : Factory
o CMS Value : Factory
o Color Temp : Low
o Motion Enhancement : 120 Hz low
o Quad Pixel Plus : On
o Active Contrast : Off
o Gamma Adjust : 0
o Film Mode : Standard
o Digital Noise Reduction : Off
o Mono Chrome : Off
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on October 2, 2013
I purchased this expensive set back in April and loved the picture and features. About two weeks ago a column of dead pixels appeared on the right side of the screen. I was concerned, but knew it was under warranty and recalled signing up for Aquos Advantage which is supposedly their premier customer support service for high end electronics. What a joke. I spent 45 minutes on hold trying to get an adviser. They instructed me to take a series of photos of the problem send them in and wait. 10 days later, I'm still waiting. I spend another frustrating hour on the phone this morning. First they couldn't find the photos,even though they sent me an email confirmation. Then the supervisor told me that they are on a hard drive that is down. When I offered to resend them, they said they couldn't handle them from me directly.When I continued to press, the support tech told me 'the drive will be down for the next 88 hours'. What??? A huge technology company like this and they supposedly can't get a hard drive working for 88 hours? What crap. I don't like being lied to by customer service people like this.
This is some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Aquos Advantage is a joke. Please save your money and buy another brand.
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on May 8, 2013
When I first turned on this set I thought the picture quality and color saturation were simply stunning...but. While watching our first well-produced drama program and then a golf broadcast, problems soon became apparent. Even though I'm reasonably well versed in TV set-up, were it not for our professional installer, I'm fairly sure I would have put this 140 lb set back in the box and shipped it back.

The problems were all the result of original factory settings that enabled virtually all of the image "enhancement" processing. On drama programming, it gave the image a fake appearance that I initially thought was the result of a guest director using different camera and production methods. When the same problem appeared on all similar types of programming, and particularly noticeable with HD content, It was clear the problem was with the TV.

The problem with the golf broadcast was the presence of motion artifacts, particularly noticeable when the ball was moving rapidly across the screen. Motion artifacts are still more noticeable with LED technology compared to plasma, but a set like this one with its higher (240Hz) processing rate should be very close to plasma. With the factory settings, the motion artifact of the moving golf ball displayed as a trail nearly 4" long ending with a second ball image!.

After disabling virtually all of the enhancements, adjusting the brightness, contrast, color saturation and various other elements, the picture is as awesome as I expected in a set like this, hence the 4 star rating since a TV is really all about the picture.. If I could I'd give it a 5 stars after set-up and 1 for the hassle of doing so. The matte glass of an LED set is still far superior in high ambient light applications compared with plasma sets and I also like the thin black bezel of this Sharp TV better than the silver or chrome bezel of most other sets.
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on December 23, 2013
I purchased this 4 months ago. First of all the picture quality is not as one would expect once you hear the word 'Quattron", meaning 4 engines, meaning fast refresh rate, meaning sharper image. All of a sudden there was bar (black or fuzzy) about 6 inches wide appeared on the right side of the TV, 12 inches from the edge. After calling amazon at first , I was told to call SHARP because the TV is still under warranty and amazon can not do anything about it outside of 30 days. I called SHARP and after talking to at least 3 reps and trying to reset and hard reset and all other tricks, they asked me to take pictures of the screen and send them to SHARP. At this point I can not get an answer from SHARP as to what the problem is, I can't get any help from amazon, I have a TV that is not working right and I am out almost 4k for a TV that could possibly be a refurbished one. This is not the first big screen TV in my house, as I have a Phillips 63, Vizio 55, and Panasonic 65. But this is the first LCD TV as the others were all Plasma. I will update this review if and when I get any resolution to this problem. Beware, you are not buying a sharp picture tv, you are buying a SHARP. and apparently the customer support is not very sharp either.

Part 2
After taking 13 pictures, as instructed by SHARP, and trying to send it to the Email address I was given I got 3 warnings in 3 days from Gmail saying that the recipient's server does not accept the email with attachment, I tried Zipping the files or sending it JPG, or even unsecured to no avail. So SHARP wants you to send them pictures but they don't want to receive them. I contacted Amazon again and much to my surprise they offered a refund or replacement. I didn't want a refund but I also didn't want another SHARP. I ended up ordering the M series of VIZIO. The 240 HTZ has much sharper image than SHARP, but more about that review under VIZIO. Amazon customer service is number one and there is a reason for this company being so successful. It has to do with their customer service. While the same could not be said about SHARP. Just to give you an example, at one point, in order to rest the TV I had to hold 2 buttons , channel up and power, at the same time while plugging the TV. This obviously can not be done with one person, so I wonder what would someone who had nobody else in the house do? Every rep who answered the phone asked me to unplug and plug the TV , as if that would do a miracle. As of this writing, almost 2 weeks after , I still have not heard back from SHARP.
My rating of SHARP stays the same and too bad I can not rate Amazon's first class service in this review.
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on January 16, 2014
BEWARE. Our set died completely. The panel malfunctioned and it can't be repaired. The repairman who looked at it said that this was not an unusual case; he has seen many of these sets die completely.

But the breakdown was only the beginning of a long tragedy. The horrible part was the months of runaround from Sharp. We were promised a replacement TV, a refurbished unit. Only they didn't have one in stock. After several weeks of waiting finally a message on the answering machine; they have our TV. But when we return the call "oh, sorry" we took too long to call back (1 day) so they gave our set to someone else. Back to the end of the line.

Another month later Sharp calls to say they have a set for us, so we provide our credit card information, address, and preferred delivery time. A few days later woo hoo our set has left the warehouse. But several days later we still haven't received the shipping information we were promised; we need to wait a few days. Then it seems the TV hasn't left the warehouse yet after all. A few days later it is learned that the TV never existed. We are back to zero. But "inventory is arriving every day!"

Weeks later another set arrives and it is ready to ship. We will be contacted in two days. But four days later we call and learn that now we need to provide proof of purchase of the original set before they can ship. We immediately send it by email and they acknowledge receipt. A couple of days later we follow up and we are informed that the set will ship soon, but "the manager needs to review our case". Then we are contacted and told that they have changed their minds and are instead offering us a different model, only that model is not currently in stock.

It is now clear to us that we will never get any TV from Sharp. We are Charlie Brown and Sharp is Lucie and they want us to keep trying to kick to football so they can say that they are assisting us. We have wasted 2 1/2 months and hundreds of dollars of cable bills because of this charade.

We will now buy a new TV from anyone but Sharp.

The TV repairman pronounced our Sharp TV set dead on November 6. Yesterday, on March 15, more than four months later, we received our replacement set, a refurbished but newer model. We had already bought a new TV from Amazon, a Samsung, and we were able to return it, but with a net loss of several hundred dollars (on top of the months of cable bills already wasted). Also when I unplugged all the wires before returning the Samsung I missed the tiny wireless USB receiver for the wireless keyboard, so that is gone and we have to replace it.

So thanks Sharp for the replacement TV ... I guess.
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on September 14, 2013
But then you ask why four stars.

1 this tv definitely needs to be tuned
2 when we did the software update the voice and video were out of sync. I saw this was a problem on other sites. I turned it off. Nope still a issue. Unplugged it. Still a problem. Then as a last choice before calling support I went to sound and did a reset. Bingo! Worked
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on October 7, 2013
It's been a week since my TV was delivered, it was a long wait and I had high expectations. Well I can say that the wait was worth it. I just want to say I'm not a tv/audio snob. If it looks good and sounds good, I don't really get lost in the specs (contrast ratio, gamma, etc...)

PICTURE: Let's start with the picture, I had previous Sharp sets and I thought they were leaders in LCD manufacturing. The picture is amazing (color, dark levels, everything really), I ordered the 60", it was the largest that would fit into the spot I needed and it was big. Go as big as you can afford, it's amazing the difference between a 50 inch sets and this 60. The box it comes in is very large, setting this thing up is a 2 person job. Make sure you have large amount of room lay it flat (on couch cushions) to put the provided stand on. I have a PS3 to play video games and Blu rays and the picture is just stunning. I would like to add that people were complaining about viewing angle (this could still be an issue), I can't comment on that since my TV is in a longer than wider room, so direct on viewing is typical. Another plus is the Matte screen, I hate glossy screens, and because I have a window directly behind the TV it helps tremendously. I would still recommend some thick curtains/blinds when in watching mode. Playing video games on this set is incredible, it also has a QuadPixel 2 feature that smooths out jaggies (anti-aliasing) on games, I was surprised but it made a difference on GTA V (a piece of video game art).

Wallpaper mode was a selling point for us on this tv... it's a large screen and having it turned off is kind of an eye sore (lot of black). The wallpaper feature is pretty amazing, for 38W (about $1/mo) your tv never turns off (dims the picture to look like canvas). Also, it supposedly doesn't use the LED back light so it doesn't reduce the lifespan of your set. When you hit the power button, it pulls pictures from the USB drive (not included) and rotates them ever 2 minutes or so. When people walk in they're like what is that? As far as I am aware of, no other brand offers this feature, I love coming downstairs in the morning seeing a beautiful scene on the TV. This feature along adds a lot of value to me. Great conversation starter while the tv is off.

SOUND: Since we have an older home with old furniture my wife didn't want it to look like a A/V setup in/on/around our TV stand. I've read that a lot of TVs have terrible sound. There are plenty of times when my wife asks me to turn it down on this set... I love that fact that I don't need to buy a separate sound bar. The speakers are hidden well in the cabinet (fire downward under the bezel, sub in the back), keeps the thin aluminum bezel with diamond cut edges (kind of like the iPhone5/s) looking clean. Once this thing is setup, you can run the whole entertainment experience from one remote. The design and construction is of high quality, does not feel/look cheap.

SMART TV: setting up the internet connection (wireless) on this was a bit annoying. The first day I tried I got fed up and even considered using the PS3 as my media box. The next day I managed to get the wifi working, glad I did because I love the smart tv. I don't have any experience with any smart tvs so I didn't know if it was good or not, but I love it. The netflix button on the remote is awesome (no cable at home), great being able to control everything under one remote. The same for the YouTube app, i'm a you tube junkie and I have playlists and channels and this tv is great for that, another great thing is that you can pair your ipad/tablet/phone with youtube and beam to the tv (like chromecast) . It sucks that you can't add/upgrade the apps (looking for spotify). I'm sure there are better SmartTVs out there, but for me it has the two biggest ones I use. Don't over look what the Smart TV part of this set offers, you'll be surprised.

I couldn't get the AQUOUS remote app (iOS) to get connected, I guess I'll try again some other time. Not that big of a deal to me, but it's a general theme with this set. Be ready for some initial setup pains with wireless connectivity (this does not include HDMI/USB) those worked flawlessly. Once you have the wireless setup it works great.

3D: I didn't buy this TV because of the 3D, it was actually cheaper with it, than without it... Tried the 3d feature (where it takes a 2d scene and makes it into 3d) on toy story 3 blu-ray. It was ok to say the least... waiting for Avatar blu-ray 3d (PS3 for my 3d player) to show up, if that looks just OK, i will give up on using 3D on this. So far, I preferred watching this set in 2D.

If you're not sure, just go to a store to check it out... but for me, I am very pleased with this TV from the design to the functionality overall a great product. Great value to say the least, you get a high-end set for a budget price.

Why I went with this model:
- sharp LCD/size
- built in sound (subwoofer)
- cabinet design/matte screen
- smart tv (wifi)
- wallpaper mode

Things to look out for:
- viewing angle (check it out in a local store)
- connecting to internet, not the easiest
- 3D is kind of gimmicky
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VINE VOICEon July 14, 2013
A few things first. This set weighs around 100 lbs., white glove delivery consists of unpacking the set to the point where they can plug it in and make sure it is operating properly. You will have to attach the base to the unit, requires only a Phillips screw driver. I strongly suggest two people for the job, we propped the lower edge up with some of the material that the set was packaged with so we could connect the base to the back of the set. It took two of us to get the set on the stand, it is huge, need one person at each end. It comes with two sets of glasses. I thought I was being smart and ordered itreck BDAMS20U because they are around $20 and are described as active 3D glasses for Sharp Aquos models. That is true, except for the new models like this one,they Blue-Tooth technology---big improvement! So do yourself a favor and order the same ones that came with the set---they work! So I screwed up.

I do not have cable or satellite, get all my channels off-air with an antenna and I stream Netflix and Amazon, plenty of choices for us as there are around sixty channels available here in the Phoenix area (agreed, many you probably would never watch) but, there are still great choices available including all of the networks. None of those signals are compressed like some providers do so they can squeeze in more channels, the result is a slightly better picture.

So now we have the TV set up, plugged in, antenna hooked up and ready to go. The first screens are basic set up info, like your time zone, language etc....then, of course, scan for the available digital channels. The picture quality out of the box was excellent, and I will tell you now if you want to tweek, the possibilities seem endless. I did crank up the base and treble a tad, no big deal. The sound compared to our last set, a 60" Samsung, is way, way better! You can see by the specs that it has a sub-woofer and plenty of power. The color, brightness, intensity, hue, etc., like I said, were terrific just the way it came. It does take a bit of time to become familiar with the controls, the remote it was quite different from our old set---and I am somewhere behind on the learning curve.

Last night, for the first time we used 3D, we fired off IMAX Under The Sea 3D blue-ray,
We had sharks swimming around the Barrier Reef and into our front room....Absolutely fabulous. I have seen 3D at neighbors and at several stores but none, to me, had this depth and clarity. My wife and I were really oohing and awing during the entire picture.

I know there are several reviews with gobs of setting changes, but It appears to me that the picture will never be better than that which is being broadcast and we all have different tastes. I did want to make the point that out of the box you will be certainly may want to make a few adjustments but, I really think, for me it's not too necessary. The "AV Mode" button on the remote will give you presets for movies, classic movies, sports etc. just as you can choose sound for like concert hall, echo, etc...all of which is probably more fun than anything...but it is there!

Well, we have only had this set now for about a week and are still impressed every time we turn it on. Picture is brilliant, colors perfect and the sound excellent. I can't say enough about this set----it definitely deserves five stars in my book.
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on October 6, 2013
*** 12/28/2013 UPDATE
Just discovered a cool feature that helps quite a bit with this TV. If you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC then this tip might help. In our review below we call out the rudimentary nature of the on-board music player with this TV. It is about as basic and fickle as they come. However, we discovered that with our Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs and laptops we can turn on the "Media Streaming" feature in Windows Media Player. This allows you to create a playlist on your PC then right-click and select the "Play To" option. If you play the playlist to your Aquos TV you will get a treat. Your Sharp TV will suddenly start playing movies or music from your PC! The Sharp even shows the Album art, track #, title of the song and Album name. You can control the music directly from your PC avoiding having to use the on-board Sharp software or connecting a PC directly to the TV. Any PC on your home network can do it. Very cool feature that works beautifully. *** Upgrade to 5 stars now. :-)

Our family is filled with a bunch of tech geeks. We love gadgets and have invested quite a bit in high-end A/V. Here's my take:

1. If you are looking for a TV that delivers brilliant image quality then this TV is definitely one to consider. The picture is simply outstanding. The images are vivid with deep/rich colors and very smooth motion even with high-speed action in your videos. This is the TV's great strength.

2. If you have a simple setup (use a set top box for your content and plan to use the internal TV speakers for sound) then this TV should be a delight for you. Just plug in the set top box via HDMI and get ready for a great experience.

3. If you are shopping for a TV that has great built-in apps for things like Netflix, Hulu or watching content on your home network (DLNA) then this TV may disappoint you, ESPECIALLY if you are using wireless and DLNA. Being a techie family, we actually rely on features like DLNA quite a bit to enjoy video and music content. The DLNA and Netflix software did not work for the first week. Then the TV received a software update that seemed to resolve the DLNA and NetFlix issues. The DLNA music app is simply horrid. No way to search, does not play WMA files and is fickle. No Amazon Instant Video app. Just Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and a couple other video-on-demand apps. Honestly, the apps are rudimentary. We have a Windows Media Center PC hooked up to the TV to provide a richer experience.

So, I had to stop short of 5 stars for the TV. For people looking for a simple "I just want to connect my set top box and enjoy" experience then I would highly recommend this TV. For folks who want to use the on-board software of the TV to enjoy content I would say the experience will be fair for Netflix, acceptable for Pandora, acceptable for DLNA video and unacceptable for DLNA Music or DLNA Photo. (I repeat ... this TV does NOT have an Amazon Instant Video app. Sigh.)

Net: Awesome picture. Lackluster software, though the Netflix and Pandora apps are acceptable.
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