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on April 2, 2012
I have had this set, Sharp Aquos LC-70LE745U 70-inch 3D, for 1 week now, and am very pleased with it. I had read many reviews on the AVS and other forums about the pros/cons of lcd sets so I was prepared for the possible "worst" before getting this set. Things like "dirty screen effect" "banding" "flashlighting" "clouding" and motion blurring are all known problems with edge lit lcd technology. This tv replaced a 4 year old 52" Sony Bravia which had noticeable clouding. I am happy to say that my eyes do not detect any noticeable problems of this nature with this Sharp 70" set. The picture is great! The black areas are much more black and distinct than my old Sony and they rival a 40" plasma set I have in the bedroom.
The sound is so,so but that is normal for this type tv. I hook mine to a Zvox sound bar with a Sony subwoofer.
I did not buy this tv for it's 3d capability but have used it and it is ok. As I've seen in many reports, so called 3d cross-talk causes blurring and double images at the perimeter of some screen shots. This set was the same price as a 2011 2d model on close-out at Sams at the time I ordered it. So, I felt like the 3d was just an added feature for virtually no additional charge.
Also, the Sharp website and Amazon list this tv as having AquoMotion 240, but it DOES NOT. It is a 120mhz capable set, and I have looked at fast moving sports (NHL, NBA) with this on and off and I do not see objectionable blurring. I had downloaded and reviewed the manual (on Sharp website) prior to purchase and thus was not expecting AquoMotion 240 and not having it is no problem at all for me. I could see this being a point of contention for some people though. Amzaon and Sharp had best get their marketing info corrected.

My set was sold by Paul's TV/fulfilled by Amazon, which meant free delivery and a 30 day paid return policy. It was shipped by ABF from Arizona to south GA, and arrived when promised and undamaged.

In summary, I would highly recommend this tv to anyone looking for a set this size. It is awesome; my wife and I are very pleased with it and the buying experience from Amazon/Paul's tv.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 18, 2012
I did extensive research before deciding to go with this Sharp 70-inch TV. The other options I considered were the Samsung 65-inch and the 70-inch Smart TV's, both of which were significantly more expensive (65-inch was $3100 and a little small for my living room wall, and 75-inch was an insane $9k, compared to this Sharp for $2399). Price and size were major deciding factors for me.

For the most part, the TV is a great choice. The picture quality is great, setting it up wirelessly was a breeze (took no more than 5 minutes), connection to Netflix is easy (the remote has a dedicated Netflix button that connects directly to Netflix), and I was able to mount it comfortably on the Sanus mount that I had previously for my Samsung 55-inch TV. It has plenty of HDMI and AV ports on the back to connect several devices. I have it set up through an AV receiver, so only the receiver connects to this TV and all other devices run through the receiver. When installing, note that the HDMI ports are slightly set to the inside, so before pressing the TV flat when mounting, remember to connect the HDMI cable first and then press the TV flat against the wall. Just a convenient mounting tid-bit.

I haven't bought the 3D glasses yet but I have read that you can use only Sharp 3D glasses with this TV. One neat feature is that it allows you to watch 3D but viewers can choose whether they want to watch in 2D (no glasses) or 3D (with glasses). Not sure if I'll be getting 3D glasses, there just doesn't seem to be a lot of 3D content to make the additional expenditure worthwhile. Just my personal preference.

Another great aspect is that the screen has a more matte finish to it which reflects a LOT less light compared to my previous Samsung TV which reflected a rainbow of colors if the lights were on in the room. The faded reflection is more noticeable when the TVs are powered off, Sharp scores a point over Samsung here. When you first power this baby on, you will definitely be blown away by the sheer awesomeness of this TV and the screen, I think it's the size that makes it a phenomenal experience. This is one device where size most definitely does matter!

Speakers are very average, but then I doubt manufacturers these days focus much on the speakers or surround sound. Picture quality, slim form factor, and connectivity are what seem to be the focus for most manufacturers. I have this connected to an external sound system, so it is a non-issue for me.

Now maybe I'm just being trivial, or maybe I expected the absolute best at this price, but the picture quality of this TV falls short of a Samsung. Pictures feel just a little muted, I guess "softer" would be the more appropriate term. It's still pretty good and I'm sure its a full 1080p, but it's just not as...well, sharp! The Samsung that I had earlier was also a 120Hz, same as this one, so I know I'm comparing apples to apples, but the image on the Samsung was far more crisp and rich. I went crazy the first day trying to adjust the picture quality thinking maybe I just had to set up correctly. But sadly the picture quality is still muted compared to the Samsung. Maybe the matte finish screen is what is causing this. It's also possible that the 70-inch screen size compared to my previous 55-inch Samsung is what is making the difference. I haven't been able to compare this with the 75-inch Samsung which would be the true test.

Again, this TV is great for what it is and the features/picture quality/functionality that it packs, and I would recommend this highly if you're looking for a 70-inch TV. But if Samsung made this size in a reasonable price range, even if it was a few hundred dollars more than the Sharp, I would buy that in a heartbeat.

UPDATE 12-24-12

Another reviewer has mentioned this issue and I have now experienced it three times in the last week - the unit shuts itself off and turns back on for no apparent reason. No clue why this happened but if it continues, it will be frustrating to say the least. Another issue - I use a Logitech universal remote and don't need to use the tv remote. However, every other week I get a message on the tv asking if I want to update the tv software. I updated the first time, but then it happened again after a week. If Sharp is updating software so often, I have no interest updating it each time. I can't use the universal remote to make the dialogue box go away, so I have to go into the closet to dig out the tv remote. None of this has ever happened with the Samsung that we have had for several years now. If this continues, I will have to disconnect it from the wireless network and use Apple TV for Netflix and online connectivity. Will be pointless having a wireless enabled tv in this case.

UPDATE 01-18-13

I had bought this directly from Amazon (not a third party) and saw no mention of a promotion on this TV at the time of purchase. However, I received an email last week that they had credited $48 to my account as part of a HDTV promotion they had at time of purchase. Something you may want to look at when buying this TV, always good to unexpectedly get cash back!

Question (2-1-13) - every few weeks the tv shows a software update notification. I can't select yes/no with the universal remote, so I need to fetch the tv remote from the closet. Inconvenient to say the least. Can't figure out how to turn this software update notification off so that the message doesn't appear again. Any help would be much appreciated.
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on April 23, 2012
Incredible picture, apps work great, built-in wireless hooked up fast and easy. Netflix button makes streaming shows fast and easy. Weighs like 25% less then my previous 65" sharp (LED's are lighter!) Audio out (for my wireless headphones) fails with HDMI in, which is weird cause it worked fine on my previous sharp... will have to play with the settings some more.

Be careful ordering 3D glasses for this TV. Not all glasses work. I called sharp and they only said to "buy the Sharp glasses"

Yea, I think I'll try a few more glasses before I do that. Specifically I'm going to try these:
EDIT - 10/2/2012 - Glasses are now working with 2012 TV's! YAY! Haven't tested myself by seller said they work together.

Also, do NOT mount this with the 65" Cheetah mount, that did not work out well. Spend the extra money and buy a nicer mount that will properly allow you to mount and rotate your TV without feeling like its about to fall off the wall. I'd suggest:

Don't forget you need 3D compatible A/V Receiver (Yamaha A810), HDMI v1.4 cables, and a 3D Player of some sort (PS3 / 3D BlueRay Player). Seriously though, I went and demo'd all the TV's between Costco and Fry's Electronics and this baby is the best bang for your buck.

I wanted to note that I've had my TV for a couple of months now and I STILL LOVE IT. It has more awesomeness then I originally thought.
- new 3D system and glasses give viewers the option to watch 3D movies in 2D so each viewer can decide how they want to watch the TV (2D/3D).
- HDMI 1.4 ARC and CinemaLink (AquosLink as they call it) allows you to have 1 HDMI cable that allows you to control volume on your receiver through the HDMI cable, and also the ARC allows you to pass an audio feed back to your receiver. Why is that cool? Well, NetFlix is built into the TV, but how do you get the sound from Netflix back to your receiver for surround sound? HDMI ARC is the answer. If you have a receiver that supports HDMI 1.4, it should also support ARC, so your NetFlix from the TV will still sound great through your full surround sound system.

...wondering what else the TV does that I haven't even learned about yet! Still looking into DLNA so that I can stream movies from my computer to the TV but haven't tested it yet, also, they have a DIVx registration system so the TV is allowed to decode and play DIVx encoded movies from a flash drive. Yep, the TV can play mkev format 1080P movies just by plugging in a flash drive to the TV. Amazing, this TV has it all.
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on April 21, 2013
When I first turned on this TV the picture was horrible. I was worried for about a day while I did a little research on the Internetz and discovered it only needed a little calibration. My TV did/does not have any ill effects like clouding or dirty screen effect.

Once I calibrated this TV, the picture sparkled and popped. (WOW!) The picture was like looking at a 70" postcard when watching Blue-Ray. Also, it's the best picture I've seen on any TV when watching Netflix and DirecTV channels to date. I bought this TV (LC-70LE745U) four months ago to replace a seven year old Samsung 52" and I can honestly say, the picture quality is far superior. I do not use the 3D portion of this TV (personal preference is all). So I cannot give any opinion about the 3D picture quality. I also, do not use the built in speakers since I have it connected via HDMI to an Onkyo surround sound system. The software updated itself several times over the Internet with no issues at all. Physically, this TV is VERY thin and light. I could've mounted it myself but the size made it a two man job.

Do not shy away from this TV if you are looking for a good priced 70" HDTV.

Here are my calibration settings for my LC-70LE745U. Enjoy!

Backlight: (-4)
Contrast: (+29)
Brightness: (+1)
Color: (0)
Tint: (0)
Sharpness: (+10)

CMS Hue: (ALL 0)

CMS Saturation:
R: (-4)
Y: (-5)
G: (0)
C: (0)
B: (0)
M: (-8)

CMS Value:
R: (-8)
Y: (-5)
G: (-14)
C: (0)
B: (0)
M: (-8)

Color Temp: (LOW)
10-Point Color Temperature: (ON)
1: R(-30), G(+30), B(+30)
2: R(-30), G(+5), B(+27)
3 R(-30), G(+12), B(+30)
4 R(-30), G(+11), B(+30)
5 R(-30), G(+12), B(+23)
6 R(-30), G(+9), B(+25)
7 R(-30), G(+12), B(+30)
8 R(-30), G(+14, B(+21)
9 R(-25), G(+15), B(+19)
10 R(-30), G(0), B(0)

Motion (OFF)
Active Contrast (OFF)
Gamma (O)
Film Mode (OFF)
Range of OPC: (+16 MAX) (0 MIN)

UPDATE one year later 03/2014
Picture still rocks! TV still works! Nothing else to update.
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on August 8, 2012
I bought the 80 inch version of this TV right before the Super Bowl and everyone is amazed how sharp and life-like that LED TV is, especially for such a large TV. Truely the best picture we have ever owned (and we also own a 42" Samsung and 42 inch Panasonic). Since there were so few reviews of this 70" version, I was hesitant to buy it, aftaid that that it could not possibly be as great to watch as the 80" Sharp Aquos. But I had nothing to fear! My title comes from my adult son who texted me while watching it today - "insanely nice." About as great as a complement as a Dad will ever get about an electonics purchase from his son!
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on December 7, 2012
Bright clear picture, I also have a Sharp LCD TV that is 3 years old (52" also 120 Hz) and the LED has excellent picture quality even with lower resolution sources. I bought Sharp 3D glasses and have watched MIB-3 and The Avenger's in 3D and MIB3 was good and the Avenger's was awesome. The TV is Dynamite in 2D as well.
I think the speakers play a bit louder than the 52" did on Blu-ray, don't know why-but DVD's and cable have better source volume than Blu-ray's in my experience. We often had to turn on our surround system to hear dialog on the 52", seems we have to do it less with this set. I reccommend the set-great value for the money.
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on December 26, 2012
Wanted a good 70" TV to replace my 55" plasma (which had mild burn-in from wife watching lots of SD), and after reading the reviews, decided to opt for this.

We've had the TV for 2 weeks. We wall mounted it to a tilting pullout bracket (from Monoprice), and it is intimidating when pulled out, but connections are very easy to get to. I'm not a videophile, but the image quality is definitely great, with no worries about "blacks" or "banding" that I was expecting. The 120hz refresh rate is nice and suits me fine. Sound is good enough for a living room for casual viewing, but would definitely upgrade your sound system if you want a more precise sound from it. I would not recommend the "Wall mount audio" option, as it tends to flatten out the sound. There are also preset video color modes, but the "standard" mode was just fine for me.

I decided to try the Netflix app from the TV, and so far have been pleased with the quality of streaming on it. I did have some difficulty using the WPS method of linking the TV with the router (Netgear 3800), but once I got on manual, and deactivated security, it worked fine. Will have to try it reactivating security. Youtube app is fair--some videos are blocked, some don't come into the search like the ones on a computer. Have not tried the other apps. Nonetheless, if you are a video streamer, I would still recommend a backup option (Roku, Bluray), as I have some fears about "in-builts" in TVs.

I am aware of the 3D aspects of this TV, however I have chosen not to use them at this time. I was also aware that glasses were not included.

In all,
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on March 24, 2013
I was originally looking to buy a Samsung or Sony model and hadn't given any consideration to Sharp. But then I saw this television in a local retailer and was very pleasantly surprised at the picture and the price.

It's got a wonderful picture, built in wireless, streaming apps and plenty of input ports. The Aquos link even works well with the rest of my Sony components. It has turned out to be an excellent addition to my home entertainment system.

Two thumbs up.
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on June 22, 2013
pros: sturdy frame, nice aesthetics, good 2D picture, good adjustability of picture settings

cons: bad crosstalk in 3D, plenty of input-lag makes gaming less enjoyable

mixed: pixel component layout makes natural images less aliased, but makes sharp, fine lines in PC and some console game output look fuzzier
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on November 5, 2012
I really have high expectation in Aquos, but after exchanging for the same TV second time and same problem still persist, I'm getting really frustrated and very disappointed in their quality. We came home and the first thing we did is "3D test" where they show you a still image and see what it looks like with 3D glass, we can clearly see ghost image on some of the balls on the image, we change the depth setting by making some ball looks better, but then some ball start to look worse. Not to mention how bad it looks with regular 3D movies, if the foreground is blurry, background would appear fine, change depth setting to make foreground better, middle and background would look horrible, there's no in-between at all, and I start to get headache, again, I could understand if they left out a defective model and we got it, but we exchange for another new one and same problem still persist. HOWEVER, if you watch a live action movie you won't notice it that much because of the low contrast and color not as bright, but try a full blown 3D animation such as "tangled" or "Puss in Boots" you will see it immediately. We are going to have the guy come out and take a look, if they can't fix it, it's going back to the store and time to look for another good 3D TV :(
We love the overall quality though, nice contrast and all, TV never gets heat up, it's just 3D didn't work that good at all.

*and no, we don't just see ghost image when objects are moving, we see it even if it's very little movement, we know what we are doing.
*I watched the same DVD on my friend's 3D TV(other brand), it's PERFECT!!!, meanwhile, I also go around the store trying to figure out if I was that unlucky to get two lemon, apparently, I tried at the store and their TV has dual images too in either foreground or background, the store associate told us it's KNOWN problem for active TV, REALLY?? apparently all these years of bragging about the 3D technology turned out to be just a false advertisement in the end, what is going on with the quality control now a day???? I'm not getting a 3D TV till all the TV manufacture fix that issue.
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