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This book purports to assist you, O Baby Boomer, to remove 10 years of aging in only 10 weeks. This book has no schematics to build a time machine, instead it's a guide to vitamin supplements, health issues such as sexuality, diabetes and heart disease, how to preserve your mental accuity and much more. I was surprised to find some interesting nuggets of information that, taken together, form a good blueprint for healthful habits. Some of the habits (quitting smoking) are a given. Others, such as finding supplements like bilberry to ward off eye problems, are not so well-known.
This author is not on the low-carb bandwagon (recommends the more usual lower-fat, whole-grain diet) but this is in keeping with such books as "South Beach Diet."
What's valuable to me are lists of supplements and what degenerative processes they help deter, and a general plan for good health in your middle age and beyond. This is a readable, useful book.
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on January 3, 2001
What Whitaker and Colman say is that we have two choices: we can either accept the aging philosophically, or we can intervene and take steps to help our bodies overcome these new challenges. We can actually slow down the processes of aging and reverse some of the damage that has already begun. And we can begin before we reach the age of forty, without a doubt.
I was so impressed with the changes brought about by following the regiments in this book that I bought one each for my parents and my brothers. Definitely an eye-opener and a great way to learn that beauty definitely comes from within (and it's deeper than the skin)!
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on September 12, 1999
I am a nurse who has researched this wonderful book. I have all the reccomended supliments and take them as directed. I feel great! Had complete physical done recently: My physician remarked that she hasn't seen such outstanding bloodwork in her entire carreer!! Also my colesterol is now 138!!! Thank you Dr. I will follow your advice til my 120th birthday.
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Filled with practical, well researched information this book contains the distilled knowledge of the most recent studies on aging. The book is organized in a way that allows you to go to the areas that concern you most and read that section without having to read all the preceding chapters.
The chapters cover such topics as getting rid of fat, regaining lost muscle, boosting your brain power, getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, recharging your immune system and others. Julian Whitaker and Carol Colman have created an interesting book that puts information you would normally have to search across many reference articles to find into one easy to read book.
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on May 2, 1999
Have been following the recommendations on skin care for 6 months and my face looks better than it did 20 years ago. No longer look pale and old but pink and fresh. Recommended treatment is inexpensive and takes very little time. Book is well worth purchasing.
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on January 2, 1999
Dr. Whitaker demonstrates his vast knowledge of the best of the latest when it comes to how to develop better-than-disease free health. As a physician I salute his courage in taking a stand for what is right for the patient rather than being bowed down by the criticism that comes to every physician who takes a stand in the area of drug-free therapies. His therapies work and he knows how to work his therapies. One of the great men of medicine.
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on February 16, 2004
When a dieter seeks to reclaim youth, health, and vigor, he or she would most likely turn to the newest trend: human growth hormone. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with that as there is a clear place for HGH as a tool for health, but before one goes that route, it might make more sense to go back to the basics of a balanced diet and food supplements. In SHED 10 YEARS IN 10 WEEKS, Dr. Julian Whitaker and Carol Colman urge the health conscious to reappraise their diet so as to eliminate harmful foods and increase beneficial ones. The approach of the authors is bedrock common sense mixed with the knowledge that each brings to the table, he with his years of expertise in diet and nutrition and she with her own contributions to Melatonin and hormone research. What separates these two from other more widely known authors is their ability to take complicated issues related to diet and supplements and make these issues ring with clarity. Whitaker and Colman divide their book into 10 steps or chapters, with each step focusing on one aspect of dietary advice. For example, in step 2, called "Lose A Decade's Worth of Fat," they outline a 10 week program that urges the reader to do all the right things: eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables; establish an optimum intake of carbohydrates, protein, and fat; cut down on red meat, add soy to the diet, recognize that some fats (like Omerga-3 fats) are necessary for cardiovascular health; choose which phytochemicals might help be useful; be aware of the importance of soluble and insoluble fibers. Now all this is what your Granny might have been telling you for years, but Whitaker and Colman manage to punctuate Granny's sage advice with the absolute need to listen to her and to them. The major focus of this book is on diet and supplements. It is interesting to note that if one were to follow their advice prior to adding human growth hormone to a health regimen, then the results of that HGH might likely deliver the fancy promises of the hype. SHED 10 YEARS IN 10 WEEKS is highly recommended in that it takes a complicated subject and breaks it down into easily manageable chunks.
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on January 20, 1999
My skin looks so much better. I'm really enjoying eating the food. Very credible author. I'm definitely agreeing with her ideas!
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on October 17, 2007
Just the chapter on Skin Care is worth the read.

Unlike other books, this one leads you into the recommended changes very gradually, so you don't come away after reading it thinking you cannot possible remember everything you are supposed to do and give up before even trying.

My recommendation is not to think about this process as a 10-week long program.

Just take it one day at a time, in week-long blocks. Mark the changes on your calendar. Don't look at the whole 10 weeks. Just look at what you will do during the first week. Then you look at what's on schedule for the following week when it starts. And so forth.

If you are consistent, you'll see dramatic changes.

I needed quickie proof that something in this book works, so I began the skin treatment first. Since you see your face every day when you wake up and before you go to bed, your face is a good place to start seeing changes. When your complexion shows improvement even after a couple of days, you'll think...."Wow...I ought to do those other things in the book."

Before you realize it, Voila! You'll have lost a few pounds, and the people at work will ask you what you've been doing with yourself.

I'm on week four. It must be working because my clothes don't fit as tightly and my skin looks GREAT.

Since the pig-out holiday season is starting up, don't punish yourself if you fall off the wagon. Pick up where you left off. One binge isn't going to result in total failure...just a little set-back from which you can quickly recover.

And if it takes you 12 weeks or 15 weeks, just keep doing this program. It worked for my husband, and it is working for me.
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on March 22, 2003
I began reading this book after I quit smoking hoping for a healthy new beginning. It is absolutely a delightful understanding of how you can reverse past mistakes and embark on a fresh start to reverse aging. I have basically purchased many of the suggested items and have seen a remarkable change. Alot of the items were somehow difficult to find such as the high potency multi vitamins without iron which was suggested but I am searching vigorously. I think anyone who reads this will understand when I tell them to purchase this for friends and loved ones. Awesome reading!
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