Customer Reviews: Bar Mitts Cold Weather Road Bicycle Handlebar Mittens fits Shimano Shifters with Externally Routed Shift Cables, Black, Medium
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on November 29, 2012
These keep out all wind that I've encountered over the last 2 winters. Easy to install...non-trivial to remove and reinstall on a daily basis if the weather is marginal...but worth it once you are in sub 40 degree weather for real. Seem to be durable and such. I have what I think are average sized adult male hands...I typically wear 'large' sized gloves. I bought the mediums based on one review that said you wanted them to be very snug around your wrists and thus you did not have to wear anything other than regular riding gloves inside them...but I find the mediums a bit too small. It's harder than I'd like to use the shifter/brake handles because I really cannot get my hands fully over. If I had gotten the larges, it would be great. As for wearing just riding January? In the upper midwest? Not something I want to risk. And on longer rides I cannot be on the hoods for more than maybe 25-30 miles without needing to switch it I need to be able to move outside them. I can just wear the summer gloves riding at 20 mph in 32 degree weather and be comfortable (well my hands anyway) for shorter rides, but it just seems too much of a risk...get a flat...hands fall off before you could fix it...not my prefered risk.
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on December 10, 2012
Yes - these are ugly. Yes - children will point and laugh when they see you. Yes - your hands will stay warm.

Out of those three statements ... only the last one matters.

These are great - buy them.
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on December 21, 2012
These mitts work great for me. I wear light wool gloves under them and have been comfortable down to temps of 25F. Unlike when wearing heavy gloves, it's easy to pull your hands from the mitts to grab food or water bottles. I tried the medium size first, but exchanged for large which gives my hands more wiggle room and allows thicker gloves under them for even lower temperatures. The side zipper in the design for older Shimano shifters is convenient because you can partially open the zipper to avoid hot hands when the temperature rises to 40-50F during the day. They are easy to peel off the handlebars when the temperature goes above 50F. The main disadvantage is that you can only reach the brake and integrated shift levers quickly when your hands are on the brake hoods. The tops and drops are still available, but you can only safely use them when you know you won't need to stop or shift quickly (like when slowly climbing).
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on January 29, 2014
I really wanted to love these, but there's a number of problems that cause me to only use them when it's really cold (single digits or below). The first and biggest problem I have is that these only allow you to ride on the hoods. I tried flipping them over and using the drops, but that caused a lot of discomfort in my wrists during my relatively short (45 minute) commute. The frustrating part is that these could have worked for drops and hoods with small changes. Hopefully the manufacturer will redesign them. Even if you are willing to accept them in the hoods or drops position, they don't allow switching positions without removal.

Second, the mitts suffer a fundamental problem - they are essentially a flat mitt created by stitching together two flat pieces of neoprene, however human hands have width when you grip the drops or hoods. I ordered a medium, thinking that would give me a little more room (I usually wear a small glove). I have no idea why there is a size on these, they should only sell the large, there's no reason to get a smaller fit. I'll probably modify these, since I already discarded the packaging. These would be very easy to make with some thread, needle and neoprene.

Overall I'd recommend these if you ride on the hoods and I'd recommend getting the largest size possible.
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on January 26, 2013
I live in Seattle and have been wanting these for a long time. These work very well and are and easy install. I leave them on my handlebars full time, but it would also be easy enough to remove them each time you get off of your bike. One problem with these is they aren't waterproof, so while they shield your hands from the wind and elements for the most part, water will eventually soak through.
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on January 6, 2015
I installed these mitts on my road bike and my wife's last week. We rode 5,000 miles in 2014, and decided to go colder this winter. So far we have been down to 35 with the mitts, and this review is based on 72 miles on the saddle.

A monkey could install the mitts in five minutes. After reading the reviews (does anyone else start with the one-star reviews?), I bought large. If there was extra-large, I would have bought that. I also bought large for my wife, who takes a woman's medium glove. She says she would not have wanted them any smaller.

Before these mitts, I could ride only 9 miles in mid-30's weather without stopping and warming my hands. That was with Pearl Izumi lobster claws and Manzella runner's gloves worn underneath as liners. With the mitts, I use Pearl Izumi Cyclones which are good down to only about 45 without mitts. So far we have been out only down to 35, but I think with the mitts my Cyclones will be good down to 30. The mitts showed me that almost all of my cold-weather finger discomfort was caused by my forward speed. I don't have to worry about my fingers if they are out of the wind.

I also considered Arc'teryx Alpha gloves. They were $275/pair, and no guarantee that they would be warmer than my lobster claws. The mitts were a lot cheaper.

Pay attention to the types of mitts. I bought for Shimano external cables. Works fine.

Before mitts, I put my thumbs through holes in my hoodie, so my hoodie sleeves would tuck into my lobster claws and the wind wouldn't blow up my sleeves. My hoodie is made for that. With the mitts, no way is any wind going up my sleeves. The first mitt-ride, I forgot to put my thumbs in the hoodie-sleeve holes. I learned that I didn't need the sleeve-holes anymore.

That's the good news. The reason for only 4 stars is that your hands must stay on the brake hoods. That's not my normal position. In that position, my hands ache. I shake them every few minutes. Still, it's better than freezing fingers. I can ride with my hands between the mitts, on the top bar, but my fingers get cold, and I have to dive back into the mitts to warm up. I could try thicker gloves, but there might not be room in the mitts for the lobster claws. With your hand and the break/shift levers and hoods in there, real estate is precious. Maybe I will get used to the position.

I saw a question about whether you can get your hands out of the mitts in an emergency. I doubt that it is a problem. I got used to them right away. Plus you never know in a crash, you might be better off taking the whack on a shoulder with your fingers protected.

Could we use a fairing, like a motorcycle? What would it weigh? The rest of the bike is only 20#. And what about wind resistance? With the mitts, look out for wind gusts from the side. The aerodynamics are greatly affected by having that much fabric that high on the bike.

Bottom line, this is work in progress, but you can ride pretty darn cold in these mitts.

Update: 350 miles later, still no opportunity to try these mitts under 35 degrees. We remove them when the temperature is high 40's or higher; removal is quick and easy.

One year later (January 2016): We are riding down to 32 degrees. For cold protection, these mitts still beat any glove I have tried, easily. With the right gloves we could ride a lot colder than 32. Also the mitts show no wear, even though I often remove or remount them. Which is quick and easy to do.

Which returns me to the one drawback. I remove them whenever the weather allows, because to use them I must keep my hands on the brake hoods. That position is painful for me. I have to lean too far forward. My hands and elbows ache. The position limits my mileage range. So when the air gets warm enough, the mitts come off.

A few days ago the weather was right in the middle, and I was okay for a while with my hands on the bar inside the mitts. I came to a street crossing; a car snuck up on me from the rear to turn across my path, and it was too late to insert my hands in the mitts and pull the brakes. I was dead if the car didn't stop.

Also, the mitts significantly increase side-wind resistance. We have not been out in 20 mph straight crosswind, but it doesn't take near that much to make the front wheel squirrely.

1 week later: I should have mentioned that I have the mitts on a road bike with drop bars. Today I noticed that the hands-on-hoods position was more comfortable if I kept my elbows bent. That requires leaning forward, but it helped.
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on August 22, 2015
The material is thick and it maintains its shape. However, I couldn't installed because my bike's shifts cables were lower than the zipper allowed it to. It didn't fit as it was mentioned in the description. I was able to return it. But just be careful that it might not fit as the description says. They also only cover the brake levels. I bought other pogies that allow me to ride on any position and perfectly fit my bike.
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on January 25, 2013
I was surprised at how easy to use these Bar Mitts were. They help block out the wind. They don't keep your hands toasty, but do help prevent your fingers from getting really frozen. I was able to go down from wearing my bulky ski gloves to my regular biking gloves and was probably a bit warmer that way too.
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on February 10, 2012
These allow me to wear my warm weather, half-finger gloves during cold rides down to at least the mid 30s. I haven't tried them in below-freezing weather with summer gloves.

I'm currently using them on a bike with Sora brifters with the shift button + lever. This combo makes it a little tight with larger hands since the button takes up some space inside. I suspect that with double-lever Shimano brifters, they'll be a little roomier inside.
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on September 4, 2015
These are really warm. I also did not believe these could protect my hands in freezing conditions but I have used them two winter already. The difficulty sometimes is not that they do not protect but that they make your hands feel too warm. Let's say you leave home in a good day with temperatures around freezing. These will work well if you have some fall gloves on you. Something you wear when it is in the 50s. If temps go up during the day and go above 40 you may want to have light gloves handy because you hands will feel really warm. Of course the downside of these are also clear: they limit the movement of your hands inside the handle bars, they do not protect you when your hands are on the flat and they make the drops unusable. A small price to pay to ride when it is really cold.
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