Customer Reviews: Shiva Rea: Fluid Power - Vinyasa Flow Yoga
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on November 18, 2006
This is my favorite of all Shiva's DVD's, I continue to be astonished at each new offering she brings ~ there seems to be no end to the creative inspiration!

There are 20 segments here, enough to challenge us all, 6 pre-set practices, some 30-40 minutes and the longest being 108 minutes, this one may be a problem for the time constrained but it is a thorough, liberating workout. I know many people will criticize this DVD as being too difficult for beginners just as they did with Yoga Shakti but Shiva clearly states in the booklet that came with the set that there are many yoga DVDs out there for beginners so she made this one for beginner-advanced to more intermediate practitioners. In this particular situation, I would say "beginner-advanced" does not mean someone who has dragged their yoga mat to class a couple of times a week for a year but instead someone who has had a devoted, daily or at least several times weekly yoga practice for at least a year. Some of the arm balances and knee workouts are intense so I would recommend healthy knees and some upper body strength for the intermediate pre-set practices called "Backbend Flow", "Hip Opening Flow" and "Creative Flow". The only criticism I would bring to this workout DVD is that some of these sequences are rather complex and full of new material that most of us have never tried in a yoga pose and so may be a little confusing to some people ~ therefore I would recommend that you watch first before trying them. (This is really a minor gripe and not enough to take away a star)

A few of these sequences can be found on the Yoga Trance Dance DVD and the Creative Core Abs DVD but don't worry, they blend beautifully and there is plenty of new stuff here to keep us all interested.

Thank you again, Shiva for all you do to make our lives rich and beautiful
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on November 17, 2006
I already have this DVD for 2 months (bought it from Acacia)and I love it , I use it regularly along with her "yoga shakti" . This style of yoga is a little more creative and fluid than "yoga shakti" (hence the name) but it's definitely more "normal" yoga unlike "yoga trance dance" . On this DVD you also have lots to choose from , it has 6 preset practices :

Backbend Flow - 108 min (a tough one!)

Hip Openers Flow - 77 min

Creative Flow - 63 min

Beginning Flow - 43 min

Lunar Flow for Flexilibity - 41 min

Meditative Flow - 25 min

all of these practices are made from 20 segments you can choose from "Matrix" such as 7 new sun salutations (no traditional boring salutations!) standing pose flow , 2 great backbend flows and a long hip opening flow which I really love and includes some great stretches , some I've nver seen before ,there's also a handstand , a core segment (that is also on her "creative core abs") and opening and closing meditations, the bonus disc includes some interviews and some tips for practicing.

If you have wrist problems this DVD might not be for you since there are a lot of planks /side planks and pushups otherwise go get this DVD!
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on February 14, 2007
From a DVD quality stand point this video is tough to beat. The camera work is beautiful, the locations are great, and the yoga is top notch. Shiva found a way to actually improve upon the Yoga Matrix (i.e. you can choose specific yogic segments and practice them in any order you want). This is a bigger, more stylistic, and better put together DVD than Yoga Shakti. However, bigger is not always better. I am not a dancer and I only wanted to practice yoga. Shiva Rea has some dance and some martial arts aspects to almost all of the practice routines (hence fluid power), that puts me off a little bit. I tried to get into it, but just couldn't. That is why I am not going to trash Shiva's DVD, because it is very nice, but just not my taste. If you want to try something that offers a very different take on yoga, then this DVD is a 5 star production. If you don't think you will like the dance elements of this DVD then you may want to try her previous DVD Yoga Shakti.
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VINE VOICEon July 24, 2007
I have to tell you, I have tried about every yoga DVD out there. From Baron Baptiste, to Bryan Kest & David Swenson. I've done them all, and I'm a yoga teacher. So I just had to do a review of Shiva's new DVD. It's just simply the BEST. Not only is it what I consider "true" yoga, but it's also an amazing workout. I'll sweat a little with other power yoga DVDs, but with Fluid Power by Shiva, the sweat pours off of me down onto my mat!! She keeps you constantly moving, and gets your heartrate in your target zone. So, it's yoga and cardio all in one!! In fact, I was so impressed with the sweat I was producing, I wore my heartrate monitor to see how many calories I was burning. Compared with other power yoga DVDs, that only burn about 200 calories an hour, Fluid Power had me burning 300. That's quite a big difference.

The other things to love about this DVD are the fact that the flows are so beautifully done. You will move all around your mat in a circular fashion, doing lots of downward dogs, chatarungas & updogs. Depending on the flow, you'll throw in some warriors, yogic squats, lunges, side angles & triangles too. It's really a comprehensive program. And the fact that it comes with several pre-programmed sessions is great, but you can create your own with the yoga matrix. That's what I love to do, so I can match my practice to my mood.

You've got to buy this!!! (I love Shiva's Yoga Shakti too, but this one is even better in my humble opinion.)

Namaste, & Happy Yoga to you.
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on January 8, 2007
I had this brought down to Jamaica at the same time as "Yoga Shakti" and I made no mistake there. It continues the spirit of that DVD, with some wonderful additions.

The whole concept of adding of circular and fluid wave motion took each vinyasa to a whole new level. The sometimes abstract flow was a delightful departure from normal asana movement and i was thrilled at how easily I could release the creativity I have within. I haven't done every sequence combination yet, but already I'm a huge fan of the Mandala Namaskar, the Dancing Warrior and the Mandala variation of Upward Bow (PLEASE, PLEASE, approach these poses with gentle respect for your limitations...these will fall away with precious time)

Ooooh, one thing i preferred with "Fluid Power" over "Yoga Shakti" was that in the Yoga Matrix (like the best DVD feature EVER!)you can navigate back and forth, up AND down - with "Yoga Shakti", I could only go back and forth, which was a little frustrating at times)

Very challenging sequences at times, like the handstand practice, which I'm new to, but see as a great guide as I evolve.

This DVD, even more than "Yoga Shakti", is NOT for the neophyte - Shiva explains this in the attached handout (priceless for customising your practice) and again in the introduction Shiva exhorts you to watch the flows at least once through before you "dive in". Much Sanskrit is used for pose names and the Backbending sequences are quite challenging, from "the splits" to Natarajasana or 'cosmic dancer'. I'm someone who gets bored easily, but i don't think it's possible with this DVD, what with the level of focus needed and the vast possibility of practice combinations, limited only by you, the practitioner.

A beautiful, thoroughly enjoyable way to develop a home practice.

Another "gift" from Shiva.

Wonderful stuff, I can't wait to see what else Shiva develops
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on April 28, 2007
While all great teachers impart something unique and beautiful to yoga by virtue of how they alone embody it, Shiva Rea is called to do something radical for the evolution of yoga.

Fluid Power captures, more than any of her other DVDs, what her work seems to really be about, which is, dissolving all moldy or rigid conceptions about yoga, and flowing with and rebirthing it anew each moment.

There are many subtle yet powerful evolutions in this DVD compared to previous ones. Working with spirals and free movement, sacred chanting and OMing through the body, Kalari-based (Kalarippayattu, an ancient Indian martial art) movements, and helping us to comprehend and revere the miracle of the body, as in the Fluid Systems meditation.

There is a strong focus on Fluidity, regeneration, and creativity. The DVD shares some miracles about how our bodies function, helping us to understand why movement and breath are so integral to health. (EG: Our vascular system is 50 thousand miles long and could be wrapped around the Earth 2.5 times. And except for the heart, the only pump for our fluid-filled body is that of movement.)

Shiva's energy and strength are so formidable, I find I often prefer a slower or more static pace, to calm and balance the high flowing circular energy. A nice yin practice, or a traditional linear practice, help to keep a nice balance.

Two interviews on the bonus disc are not to be missed: Sally Kempton and Daniel Odier.
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on February 9, 2008
I was drawn to this DVD, but afraid of the word "Power" in the title. What drew me in was reviewing a clip of Shiva's introduction about our fluid natures, the tides of our breath, the rhythmic approach of the practices, and particularly her promise that the sequences are therapeutic for circulating synovial fluid through the joints and spine.

"Synovial" was the pivotal word for me. Joint health is a concern of mine, as are releasing stress and undoing the damage of sitting over a computer all day. While you can undisputedly stretch, strengthen and release with the traditional schools of yoga, I thought this unusual approach - away from static holds - might very well facilitate a lubrication of the joints.

To my delight, performing these fluid movements delivers Shiva's promise. It takes your yoga and literally pumps it through you. The program is beautifully filmed, with colorful delights to take our minds into the practice - orange glowing sunlight, azure blue skies, white sands, dusk reflecting on the desert. There is an amazing segment where Shiva performs a vinyasa practice while "standing" on the water - how did they do it? Shiva's voice is soothing, and the music brings your practice into the realm of auditory pleasure. In fact I will play the DVD in the "music only" mode while doing household chores for a mood enhancer.

Innovative core strengthening sections are incorporated to assist with gaining strength for harder poses. Some moves involve rolling from side to side on the floor like a kid, or reclining on the mat and waving your bent knees in the air as you are invited to return to the womb and swim in amniotic fluid. There is a nice variety of moving prana - it's so much nicer to be physically moving while breathing, which encourages deeper expansion and release, than sitting on a pillow and forcing yourself to breath in a resting pose.

I would not recommend this practice for very new beginners or people with physical problems. That said, I find great benefit from it despite joint problems and my own bad back - but I have a good foundation in yoga and know my limitations. I'll never be able to perform the full backbend flow but this DVD has so much material I can use, the balance of usable outweighs the overly challenging (for me).

You have to have an open mind or a playful spirit to enjoy this offering from Shiva Rea. Dancers, swimmers and beach people will most likely embrace it; playful and creative people, check it out. Traditionalists, Fluid Power is not for you. I embrace the innovation and snub my nose at the office desk, e-mails, rules and regulations every time I indulge in this DVD, like dipping into a yogic box of Godiva chocolates, and savor every moment.

My one complaint for which I'd take off half a star - during the Savasana, there is a loud reed instrument playing which should have been dubbed down. It detracts from a perfect ending.
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on March 3, 2008
I would tend to agree with the reviews that stated that this wasn't yoga....Not at all what I expected. While the cinematography is beautifully breathtaking, the movements are rather abstract and extremely hard to follow. I was hoping for some poses, or perhaps fluid transitions between poses, but I got completely lost in the "whirling dervish" aspect of it all. It contained nothing solid I could base my practice on, even though the introduction seemed very interesting and engaging. Also - unless you're doing this in a huge ballroom, it is very difficult to do if you have limited space.
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on November 7, 2009
I really wanted to like this DVD and over the past year I've tried to incorporate it into my exercise regime unfortunately I just can't get into Shiva's free-flow interpretive style of Yoga and FLUID POWER sits on the shelf (in favour of Rodney Yee) unless I'm feeling very creative (and a little drunk).

I've been practicing Yoga for many years now and would consider myself to be an intermediate to advanced Yogi who mostly practices at home so I've done my fair share of Yoga DVDs and although this is a great workout it's just not for me. On the positive side though there is a ton to discover in the 213 minutes contained here all easily accessible through the awesome Yoga Matrix menu which allows you to `create your own custom practice' (this feature should be included on all workout DVDs). The music is really good too with audio options for instruction or music only, although personally I don't know how this workout would be possible without instruction. This has also been beautifully filmed with amazing scenery and there are tons of special features included on the bonus disk.

Shiva Rea is a fantastic instructor (once she stops free-flowing) unfortunately most of this practice is un-traditional and I couldn't follow or get into her original, innovative style. Finding myself lost unless I could see the TV (at all times) continually facing the wrong direction or using the wrong arm or leg and straining my neck to see what she was up to next.

I would also consider this to be an advanced workout and beginners should be warned that Shiva flows quickly from one position to the next with some very challenging and complex bindings and poses and unless you're fluent in the ancient language of Sanskrit or a Yoga instructor you'll be lost with the amount of Sanskrit used here without translation.

This is a really popular workout and I envy those that appreciate this style, I guess I'm just a traditionalist when it comes to my Yoga practice.
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on May 3, 2007
Shiva gets better and better. My only complaint about this DVD is that there is no shoulderstand sequence, but there are so many wonderful other sequences, who cares? Don't expect a traditional ashtanga-based class, this DVD charts new territory and allows you to focus your practice on specific themes of energy flow, body awareness, etc. The cinematography IS lovely, but you can't see it alot of the time because you will be facing away from the TV. To overcome this, I sometimes indulge myself by sitting back and watching the DVD while eating some cantalope, so as to fully appreciate (and better understand) what Shiva has given us.
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