Customer Reviews: Shiver of the Vampires (Remastered)
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on March 20, 2012
Recently, I received a catalog which featured works by the late director Jean Rollin. I had not heard of Rollin before, but the films looked like they might be interesting. I read quite a few of the reviews on Amazon and decided to sample Fascination. I enjoyed it and soon, I was watching more Rollin films and was hooked. He does have a way with the genre and at his best, he knows two qualities that a good horror film should have. There should be a sense of fun, the sort you might also experience on a scary amusement park ride, and it can make you feel some empathy for the creatures involved. Think King Kong or The Bride of Frankenstein. The Shiver of the Vampires succeeds on these counts. It has campy fun with two foppish male vampires, a pair of rather odd bisexual young women who are their servants and the just-married cousin of the vampires who comes to visit them at their castle. The husband of the cousin has to put up with quite a bit as they are told her relatives are dead (and obviously, his bride is in no mood to consummate the marriage upon learning this news). Not only are the cousins alive and well (relatively speaking) but there is a female vampire named Isolde who is putting the moves on the wife and turning her into a vampire. The husband feels more frustrated as the story progresses (the romantic image aside, your spouse becoming a vampire is really going to mess up your marital life). Isle, the bride, and Isolde have a bizarre conversation one day while Isolde lies in her closed coffin, sounding a bit miffed at being disturbed. I will not spoil things by revealing how it all ends, but one does feel sympathy for the vampires and most viewers should enjoy how matters work out for the servants. I'm glad I discovered Rollin's work; it has a wonderfully quirky style. While I could argue that the first two Rollin films I saw, Fascination and The Iron Rose, are stronger in story, The Shiver of the Vampires' slight daftness gives it a quality that makes for a scary but fun night viewing.
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on January 28, 2012
If you've never seen a Jean Rollin film this is as good a place as any to start. His films are no doubt an aquired taste. Story is not important. Mood, composition and style is what a jean Rollin film is all about. This is one of my favorite Rollin films and if you want to wet your beak I suggest this one or Lips of Blood. Be warned! There are many people who absolutely HATE these films. I find them hypnotic and moody.

For those of you who have seen the film and are wondering if this Blu-ray edition is worth dropping $20.00: YES! For one thing you get the English dub, which I had never heard before. It's quite different from the French version, and almost turns it into a film you've never seen before. When it comes to foreign films I usually like to watch it with the original language soundtrack with English subtitles. But, I always get annoyed because no matter how fast you can read, you have to take your eyes off of the actors/action even if it's just for 2 seconds. Now you can watch in French or in English. Secondly the film has never looked this good. It isn't perfect. The original 35mm negatives had scratches on them and it appears that a great effort was done to remove them, but there are times when they couldn't get them all, especially (I'm guessing) at the beginning of each new real. Colors are much more vivid on this edition than on any other version I've seen. The film looks very good on a 16x9 T.V. I have the last dvd release and it wasn't even enhanced for 16x9, so finally we get to see the film fill the screen without being stretched or cropped.

So, for the Rollin fan this is worth picking up. If you are curious about Jean Rollin, give it a try, but know that this is NOT anything like a modern American vampire film, or even like a 70's American vampire film, or even a 50's/60's Hammer vampire film. Rollin is truly one of a kind, and that's one thing, like him or not, we can all agree on!
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on March 6, 2012
"Shiver of the Vampire" (1971) is directed by Jean Rollin. The movie is about a recently married couple that decide to visit relatives in Italy. But upon reaching the town where their cousins live they find out that they have become deceased. As a director Jean Rollin seems at times a bit amateurish in the way he handles timing, framing and editing of his movies as well in the lack of strong plots or characterization. The cast appears to be a mixture of naive and experienced actors. Still I can't help but find things intriguing and interesting about his films. With Jean Luc Godard films it is said that there are at least 20 minutes of interesting ideas in his films when most films have nothing of interest. The same thing might be said with Jean Rollin's films. Like a voyeur I still find myself fascinated with his films and images even when they seem lacking in sophistication at times. This film holds up well along with other Jean Rollin films like "Requiem for a Vampire" and "Fascination".

This film has evidently been remastered but there are still many instances of dust showing. In the special features there is included a two minute introduction as well as a 39 minute interview with Jean Rollin. Also included is a 20 page booklet with an essay by Tim Lucas, editor of Video Watchdog.
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on June 23, 2000
This film, like all of Jean Rollin's films, is not for everyone. He has a style all his own, which is on display in this movie. This film is notable for the hippie cousins, who are funnier than any other Rollin characters in any of his films. The DVD transfer is very clean and clear, some peopl have remarked that they couldn't believe it was made in the 70's. If you're a fan of this type of horror film, and keep in mind this isn't normal horror, then this one is quintessential.
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on March 17, 2001
No one makes movies like Jean Rollin, and this is his masterpiece. Like most of his visions it seems to be about innocence and corruption, the attraction Evil has to Good,(and vice versa,)and the discovery of beauty in the unlikeliest of places. This movie is very sexy, very slow, very weird. The music, lighting, absurd dialogue, and slow pacing help create a more poetic and imagistic type of film than we're used to here in the go-go States. If your taste in vampire movies runs more toward the Alyssa Milano variety then you'll probably not like this--it has more in common with Pasolini's Arabian Nights than The Hunger. And the DVD edition is terrific, with a trailer, photo gallery, and Redemption's trademark gothed-out lesbo introduction (which rates five stars all by itself.)
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on February 27, 2012
I bought this because I am interested in films, and this was a director I hadn't heard of. I find the genre entertaining: soft-porn vampire films with a lesbian overtone. Although the acting is a bit marginal, the film is fun to watch. To quote Lincoln, just the thing for people who like that sort of thing. I use it with the subtitles turned off to practice my French: it's slow theatrical clearly enunciated French (but I wouldn't recommend that a French HS teacher show it to a class for that purpose).
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on December 8, 2012
Le Frisson des Vampires
French Subtitled - 1971

So incredibly euro in its homo-erotic sensualism and beautifully divine in its madness, I have no idea how this flick, let alone the director, has escaped me before last night!

Dripping in the musical acidity from a mind so brilliant, this French flick is rich in an austere realm of atmosphere and is as heavy on melodrama as it is on lack of actual verbal content.

Definitely a trip for the senses, we've got a beautiful virgin (who spends most of the film naked but is as incredibly delightful to look at in clothing), her handsome husband (brilliant guy though never sure if he is hallucinating or not), two very European, velvet pant wearing, artistically satanistic looking, previous vampire slayers who enjoy hamming it up and have been turned into bloodsuckers, themselves, by a nipple piercing (yes! she wears these pointed studs in her nipples that pierce other's nipples!) lesbian 'vamp of the ages' who loathes men ... and is eventually raped by the two former VanHelsings, above. We also have two nubile and young female servents, who run around in sheer, purple gossamer chiffon cape/dresses and a plethora of groupie-style clothing showing off their french-girl assets. They don't seem very bright but who really needs them to be?

Two young newlyweds show up at her cousin's castle on their way to their honeymoon in Italy. Upon their arrival, they found out that her cousins have died. They choose to stay in the castle overnight and while there, our young virgin heroine, so distraught that her cousins are dead, insists on not consumating her marriage that evening.

Enter Isolde - the lesbian vampire who looks like she smells every bit of the heroin wasted, decayed-rock magnificence that the early 70's could produce. She emerges from the inside of a grandfather clock that has struck midnight and lays down her cadaver-chic seduction charm all over Isle, the beautiful cousin-less virgin who, by the way, responds quite positively.

Later, our protaganists, Isle and Antoine, find out that the cousins; formerly famed Drac hunters now vamps; are seeking to turn their only living family member into one as well, in an effort to *what I could deduce in this mind-blowing haze of a film* produce vampire offsprings ... or to just have crazy vampire sex with their beautiful cousin since Isolde nipple-pierced their only living girlfriend to death in order to shatter their last living remnants of any mortal visage. Plus we can't get past the fact that the comely girlfriend really got off on their vampire hunting prowess but now that they are the hunted, there isn't much for her to get off on. So ... let's just pierce-her-deadly and call it a night.

There's not a lot of dialoque but you don't need it in this type of film. After streaming this flick online, I've already ordered the Blue-Ray version to add to my ever burgeoning library of incredibly cool Classic Horror flicks.
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on June 16, 2013
I must admit I rented this based on the hilarious plot description. I found it to be overall fairly enjoyable and inspirational. I didn't really know what to expect and was pretty surprised at every corny plot twist. I do not watch a lot of movies in the first place, so if you are a seasoned old foreign vampire movie watcher, then this is probably par for the course. But I do love all these old vampire movies with the scantily clad ladies and the intense eyelashes and creepy old castles.

I would probably not watch this again because a)I don't really watch movies and b)there is an implied rape scene towards the end of the film that really did not sit well with me. Nothing is explicit and the case could be made that she overpowered the other two vampires - the situation is never mentioned again - but I doubt it. It was the stain on an otherwise hilariously enjoyable film.

There are a lot of reviews talking about some bad acting but this movie is in French! I don't speak French and so I happily ignored any terrible acting that there may have been! I was actually stoked that it was in French so I wouldn't have to ignore terrible acting hahahaa. So if you like cheesy horror with the fakest blood you have ever seen, this might be for you, if you can ignore some creepy implied rape D:
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on July 2, 2010
I have not yet seen this release but I own the Image entertainment DVD and if Redemption is behind it, this release will definitely be a better upgrade. Jean Rollin's third vampire opus is a rollicking good time mixing eroticism, surreal horror, and eccentric humor throughout its running time. A couple on their honeymoon decide to go the brides castle homestead and finds her siblings have become vampires. They naturally want her to join them. The female vampire responsible for the mayhem frequently emerges from a grandfathers clock in a bone chilling image not easily forgotten. The film emerges as one of Rollins most enjoyable films and a great prerequisite to his vampire masterpieces still to come. Highly recommended to vampire fans who think that the 'TWILIGHT' saga is the new wave of vampire horror. Be prepared to be blown away by a film maker from the sixties who never ceases to amaze me no matter how many times his films are viewed. Rollin is an absolute genius.
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on February 12, 2016
I've seen many of Rollin's films, and this ranks up there as one of the most entertaining, and well-made. Gorgeous sets, beautiful lighting, and of course uber-hot women getting naked for most of the film. The story and dialogue are almost superfluous in a Rollin film, as it's the mood, and imagery that carry the weight. Having said that, i found this to be one of the better plots, and i was surprised t how much i enjoyed the soundtrack- it really added to the film.
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