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on March 7, 2011
There are probably some gems scattered within the text of this book, but they are hard to find. The book is a collection of contributions from various consultants. You know how it goes . . . "shopper marketing" is a hot topic right now, just like "customer relationship management" was at one point, so consultants rush to re-label whatever they are doing so that it fits under the hot topic.
There seems to have been little quality control, beyond copyediting, and not much in the way of a unifying vision. If you really want to learn about "shopper marketing," like I did, you probably won't learn much from this volume. Even the section headed, "What is Shopper Marketing?" doesn't actually define shopper marketing. Overall, this volume was really a disapointment to me.
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on May 14, 2011
A lot of blood and sweat goes into maximizing a store's consumer appeal. Designing a store that both attracts shoppers and makes them buy is practically an art form.

It's a crucial art, at that. Shoppers actually choose most brands not as a result of advertising or brand awareness efforts, but at the point of purchase--the store display, studies show. If you master the point of purchase, you make the sale.

This is why spending on shopper marketing has doubled since 2004. Proctor & Gamble alone spends $500 million per year on it. Still, shopper marketing, which has taken the retail world by storm in recent years, defies easy description. It refers to the conglomeration of things that retailers need to consider in putting up a store, from design to packaging, layout to pricing, shopper behavior to creating the right sample counter.

Markus Stahlberg and Ville Maila have compiled the first book on the topic. After 20 months of what Stahlberg calls "relentless correspondence and face-to-face meetings" with more than 300 experts around the world, the authors compiled the 35 shopper marketing essays that define the essence of the discipline.


Because Shopper Marketing is a collection of essays, it's not a cover-to-cover read. There's a lot in here, from shopper heat maps to case studies on corner displays. The most memorable essays revolve around:

* Where shoppers go once they're in a store.
* How to cut through shoppers' immunity to their surroundings.
* Incorporating the five senses into shopper experience.
* The patterns of customer behavior.
* How to offer shoppers more value with in-store media.
* What motivates customers to buy.
* How marketers sometimes make it hard for a customer to make a purchase, and how to override that.

Shopper marketing is complex and necessary--and doing it right isn't easy. That's why essays covered so many topics, with case studies, charts, research, tips, and analysis mixed in.


The whole book is rather heavy on the analysis and light on anecdotes. It is not light reading, but the in-depth essays are satisfying and educational. Shopper Marketing's strongest asset was that it teaches a shopper-centric mindset, helping you understand how shoppers think and behave. This is crucial for attracting and retaining consumers in a hypercompetitive retail environment.

I would recommend Shopper Marketing to any retailer for a big-picture overview of how shoppers think. As a consumer, I also found it fascinating to learn just how much time, effort, and money goes into making people like me buy.

(Book review by Drea Knufken)
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on December 22, 2009
Brands are chosen at the point of purchase and that's where you need to focus your marketing efforts. You can invest a lot of money on advertising and brand awareness, only to see the competition lure the consumer away at the last minute with clever packaging and cost efficient promotions! This is the key message of the Shopper Marketing book, driven home with facts and studies about real consumer behavior.

If you want to get smart about your marketing investments, you cannot ignore the power of shopper marketing strategies. Shopper Marketing provides you with the understanding and practical toolbox to improve your sales.

But what is Shopper Marketing? It is a relatively unknown area of marketing with the purpose of converting shoppers into buyers the very moment they make the purchase decision - at the point of purchase on the shop-floor of a supermarket or a convenience store, for example. Since consumers make most of the purchase decisions in the store, Shopper Marketing with its various promotional strategies and innovative tactics has a huge impact on which brands the consumers actually end up choosing.

With over thirty contributors, covering complete span from strategy to implementation, the Shopper Marketing book is destined to become the standard reference work on this new field of marketing.
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Shopper marketing is a rapidly growing concept in sales promotion, but how can you put it to work? Marketing consultants and editors Markus Ståhlberg and Ville Maila, and 35 other shopper-marketing experts, offer almost three dozen essays that detail how this tactic works, outline its benefits and explain how to implement it. getAbstract strongly recommends this definitive shopper-marketing resource. Its mix of savvy insights and suggestions from those on the front lines of retailing will appeal to product and brand managers, packaging experts, display designers, merchandising specialists, retail and manufacturing marketing and sales executives, as well as students of marketing, merchandising and selling.
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on May 31, 2012
This is one of the few books I regret having spent money purchasing it.
It's a recollection of very shallow articles. I could not get a singlee good idea out of it
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on May 11, 2010
The book is a collection of definitions, and insights on shopper marketing provided by the masterminds behind the top US retail marketing and advertising agencies. The chapters are totally disconnected, there is no link or continuity between one and the following. I personally don't mind it at all...but clearly this is a book for mktg experts.

Ilaria Barion Author of 'Set the Stage for a Sale: Secrets to make your city dwelling irresistible, attract home shoppers, and sell fast in any market!'
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on October 25, 2014
Great reference
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