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on March 31, 2010
Overall I LOVE this new Siemens cordless phone. I had to update a couple 5.8ghz phones due to old age. I first bought and kept a new ATT model..that was just $59 with an additional handset and answering machine. The ATT is actually quite good, though WAY boring and too simplistic for my taste. This is where this Siemens S795 comes in. I wanted a phone that had to sound GREAT both on my end, and to people I call. This S795 answers THAT call..sounds fantastic.., great range too!

I wanted a phone I could "customize". This is where Siemens blows away all the other companies in my opinion. You can go so far as to silence the ringer between any hours you choose so you no need constantly flip on/off the ringer each night.

What I like most though is you can assign different pictures AND ringers for your callers. When my brother calls for example..HIS REAL picture shows up on this a custom ringer I gave ONLY to him. This to me is actually very useful..much better than the Martian sounding talking caller ID on some Panasonics etc. You can even customize the general ringer.. this is not so amazing when you consider just about every new cell phone can do this stuff but NO Cordless phones can be so customized..other than these Siemens phones.

I drop this 1-2 stars for the 40 minute answering machine. It works just fine..actually sounds rather GOOD thru the handset..but "listening direct from the answering machine..sound is just a bit muddy." On a phone that costs over $100 this is an insult in this day and age that we can't get a super clear sounding answering machine,I'm sure all these companies are using a small audio chip, and using a very low sampling rate. That being said at least this phone gives you the OPTION at least to switch to high quality sound (answering machine) But drops total time down to just 6 minutes...that's crazy. That being said I don't even use the answering machine but it should be of higher quality for this price!

All told though, I LOVE this uses regular aaa rechargeables so batteries will NEVER be costly or a problem. It has side buttons for VOLUME how no need take the phone away from your face to change STUPID that is!! HellO PANASONIC/Uniden etc..!! :(

Overall considering quality, SO much freedom to customize, battery type, side volume controls, picture/and custom ringer caller ID..GREAT audio quality (except the answering machine..just 3-4 stars for that) This phone is a real stand out..and is actually fun and a joy to own! If you want a GREAT phone with a little EXTRA you can't beat this phone...
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on July 11, 2010
I have this phone for 3 months. Every thing was great until the answering machine stopped working. I contacted customer service by phone more than 5 times. and every time, I got a different answer on how they are going to address the problem. However, every time I call, they ask me what is the problem with phone. As if they don't keep a log of what is going on. Every time you call they tell you we will get back to you within 24-hours after we contact the hotline to fix this urgent problem. Then they disappear. You call again. Its groundhog day all over for the past month. Basically the phone is great until you have a problem with it. You are stock with 130 phone that does not work and no customer service help except for aplogies. Its seems their customer service personall have been told to keep appologizing for inconvenient until the customer goes away.
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on March 23, 2010
I love this phone, except for one thing. I own an older Siemens Gigaset, and this is a vast improvement. Lighter, great colors, great features,great music for ringers, and the Eco-Dect low radiation option is the real reason I purchased. The only problem is that for some bizarre reason, they did not build in a way to answer call-waiting calls. They do show up both visibly and audibly, but there's no button (hard or soft) that allows you to accept the call. I called Siemens customer service twice, only to learn that this feature (pretty basic, no?) isn't available on this model! It does work on an internal intercom call, but not on external calls. What a design goof! So if you see a call come in from someone to whom you wish to talk, you have to end your first call and then call back the other person. Otherwise, it's a great phone.
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on April 10, 2010
I am very impressed with the quality of this product. It is well built, has a full feature set, looks good, upgradable and every option/feature is easily configurable. This set is way ahead of typical consumer models (it has low radiation mode, eco mode, super sounding ring tones, time control to disable rings at wee hours, firmware updatability via usb, sync to PC software downloadable from website and a hundred other features). It is a Mercedes Benz/BMW of home phones. I had an old Gigaset long ago (2.4GHz days) and it was indestructible and had well designed feature set, then something happened and I could not justify the products that followed, until this generation of Gigasets. Well done Siemens!
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on November 15, 2010
It's about time cell phone features became available on home phones, such as being able to download ringtones, attach photos to contacts, view complete call logs, calendar, appointments, downloadable screensavers, alarm clock, contacts with multiple numbers. But for the price of this phone you should also be able to send text messages and have bluetooth capability (there is a standard headset jack), features available on the more expensive Siemens Gigaset Sl785. For the price of this phone there are a few other disappointments: 1)While it's nice to have buttons on the side of phone to control volume, you can't adjust the volume while the phone is ringing or while you hear dial tone and you have to save the new level. It is rather cumbersome and it need not be. 2)If you have call waiting you can not put the person you are speaking with on hold while you pick up the other call, you have to drop the call you are on to take the other call. 3)As options in the menu can take several steps one would think that you would be able to create more than just 2 short cuts. It would be nice for example to go directly to the feature that allows you to turn the ringer off between selected times, which is a great feature. 4)Caller ID only works if the person calling is in your directory!! 5) Sinking your phone to your computer and Outlook works well but you have to make sure that the numbers in your contacts include the long distance access codes and if you have a Mac, you're out of luck. 6)for the price the body should be made of metal like an Iphone.

I originally bought this phone because it has a low transmission power function, an important feature if you want to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Apart from the above complaints the sound is fantastic (much better than my old Panasonic) and I love the display and extra features.
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on May 6, 2011
This is a fantastic phone, but it is horribly slow with DTMF tones, making it virutally useless for checking third party voicemail or other applications that require DTMF.

When I first opened the package, I was a little disappointed, as the phone felt extremely light and a bit plasticky. Also, it is much smaller than I expected, and I didn't like the small buttons for dialing numbers.

After I used it a bit though, it quickly grew on me, and I cannot say enough good things about what a high quality phone this is---much much better than the vaunted Panasonics. Voice Quality is excellent. The speakerphone in the handset is fantastic--its true full duplex with plenty of volume, and excellent clarity. The sound quality of the ringtones is amazing.

This phone is a little complicated to set up, and it has oodles of features that I'm sure I'll never use. But for basic cordless phone use, it is the best quality phone I've seen--its worth the extra money. Battery life is excellent, range is excellent.

My only complaint, and it is a small one, is that the font on the screen is a bit too small, making it difficult to see without reading glasses.

I've gone through three different sets of Panasonics in the past few months, returning all of them because they are not true "full duplex" speakerphones. (Panasonic uses something called "digital duplex" which, although it sounds good, simply is not the same as having true full duplex).

Unfortunately, the inability to use DTMF makes the phone unacceptable, so I'm returning it. Too bad, as voice quality on this phone is the best I've seen.
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on November 28, 2010
This phone had all the features I wanted, or so I thought. One site described the phone as wall-mountable. I purchased only to discover, after receiving the phone, that it was not. Otherwise, this would have been a good choice as reviews from users were very favorable across different sites selling this phone.
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on July 14, 2011
I had such high hopes for this phone. It was supposed to be "solid"--as in metal case, made in Germany, etc. Turns out not much of that was true.

Only had the unit for a few days. Phone itself worked fine. Liked the color display, dialing, features.

The reason I returned it was because of the Made in China power adapter. It literally started squealing/screeching..

I also didn't like how the phone realistically couldn't be placed on the wall.

All in all really let down by the quality of the unit. Realistically worth ~$50. Picked up the 4 unit from Panasonic and have been very happy with it. Granted it doesn't have the color screen, and "coolness" to it--but it works and works efficiently and *quietly*. Plus I'm not afraid of the power adapter exploding.
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on May 27, 2012
This is a great phone, has everything you need including a headset connector. The phone can be connected to a computer in order to upload ringtones or images (mini USB). DTMF works as well (another buyer said it would not work but it does, probably he has the settings wrong). The graphics and ringtones are great. Also the quality is very good and FINALLY a phone NOT Made in China!! Except for two Panasonic phones I always head Gigaset phones and there is a reason that they are market leader in Europe. I definitely would recommend this phone.
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on August 19, 2012
This is a very nicely designed, lightweight, phone that is sleek and elegant. Best of all, it seems to be quite resilient. After about a years use, I left it outside on the terrace one night in the rain. The next morning, I took out the batteries, shook out the water, and left the phone to air dry. The next day, with only a bit of moisture visible on the front transparent panel, I put the batteries back in. It sprang back to life and even had the precise time and all my saved directory numbers. I am very satisfied with this phone.
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