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on November 3, 2006
I've bought many UV filters for my cameras, from Hoya and B&W to Promaster and I must say that the Sigma EX MC is the best one. Although most companies claim that their UV filters cut down haze, in reality my experience has been that they really don't. However, I found the Sigma UV filter to noticeably cut down haze and produce very clean, sharp images without altering picture quality in any way. I strongly recommend this filter to protect your camera lens and reduce haze that can ruin your pictures.
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on January 4, 2008
My previous filters from a cheap set I purchased off ebay. They did the job just fine, but had obvious reflections and all at times. When my Sigma arrived, I held it in the light beside my previous filter. There were practically no reflections on the Sigma!

Do yourself a favor, get a decent filter! Multi-coated is the way to go. Eventually reflections will disrupt your photos.
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on September 21, 2009
Flat-out, the Sigma EX DG ultraviolet filter is hands-down the best UV filter I have ever used. I've had a handful from Hoya, Tiffen, and Zeikos...and always truly believed that it was just to protect the lens, and the clarity of picture was changed in such minute ways, that it was more or less unnoticeable. However, just holding this lens up next to any of my other UV lenses side-by-side, and you can genuinely see the difference. While $20+ does seem just a little on the steep side for just a UV filter when there are so many out there for less than $5, it's good knowing that unless something tragic happens to this one, I'll never need another. I fully intend to buy one in each diameter I need to cover all my lenses.

+ Amazing quality UV filter
+ Excellent finish on the entire product
+ Reduces haze noticeably by simple sight, as well as in all pictures

- $20+ may be more than some people are willing to pay for a UV filter
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on September 8, 2009
This Sigma is better at dispersing reflections than the Tiffen UV filters I've been using. Just looking at a reflection on both filters shows the difference: the Tiffen shows a bright white reflection of a window, while the Sigma shows a dim green reflection, much like the lens of a camera. The threads also seem to be better machined, as the filter goes on and off more smoothly than the Tiffens.

Any sort of cleaning seems to remove part of the multi-coating. There was a dust-like spot on a brand-new Sigma, and when neither a Rocket Blaster nor a Lens Pen could remove it, I tried ethanol lens cleaner with both a cleaning cloth and a Pec Pad. Some of the multi-coating came off and smeared: I bought three of these filters, and could compare an untouched one with the cleaned one. The untouched one has a "greener" reflection than the cleaned one. Both are still a lot better than the Tiffen.

Turns out that cleaning the second Sigma filter with just a Lens Pen also removed some of the multi-coating, so maybe it wasn't the ethanol. I could try water or soap-and-water on the third one, but am not anxious to do so until necessary.
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on July 8, 2010
Very clear. Looking through the filter straight on, it's basically invisible. (Reflections show at shallow angles, of course, but that's not relevant.) What is interesting is that I could tell it filtered UV without even putting it on the camera! Our office has coated windows to cut down on infrared and visible light. (We're in Tucson, it's hot in the desert.) It is obvious that ultraviolet light is still coming through at full strength, since some white things are visibly fluorescing.
The filter casts a yellow "shadow" when it blocks window light from fluorescing paper, but when I move the filter aside from the paper, so I can still look through it at the paper, but it doesn't block window light from the paper anymore, the paper is completely purplish-white, not yellow at all. Cool!

And it's nice that it has a metal ring threaded on both sides, instead of a plastic ring. I just had to make sure I threaded it carefully when putting it on my Canon 50mm 1.8f II (plastic).
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on November 30, 2009
This UV filter is multi coated. Dont bother with non coated filters because they ruin your photos. My only complain about this filter was that it came dirty with lots of specs stuck on the glass. I cleaned it up but there is still one little dot left but since it was near the edge, I let it be. Didnt want to deal with returning it. Used it with my f1.8 35mm nikon lens.

Edit: It looks like the Coating on the glass comes off very easily with cleaning. I changed my rating from 4 stars to 3 stars because of this. I use this filter with a hood to protect my protection filter!
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on November 16, 2011
It is a thin and real multi-coated filter. The best quality filter I have seen. I bought other generic filters like Massa, Zeikos etc; but they are just a plain piece of glass no matter what their description says.

Sigma is a real filter. How do I know? If you tilt the filter in light reflection, the light bulb's reflection should appear green or blue. This filter reflects the light bulb with green tint, so it has multi-coating.

It is very good and offers lens protection. I kept it on my lens all the time and will never take it off. Worth the money and do not go for cheap imitations. Sigma UV filter is the best for the money.
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on September 2, 2010
A photographic filter installed on a lens becomes an optical element in that lens system. This filter by Sigma is multicoated like all the other elements in the lens, and does not introduce any reflections into the lens system.
It also has the best and most practical finish I've ever seen on a filter. The metal band surrounding the glass is TEXTURED. Really grippy. Wow, does this ever help in screwing the thing on and off. Very helpful.
Given the anti-reflective coatings on the glass and the grippy texture of the band, I would always look for Sigma filters in the future.
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on April 19, 2015
One might think that UV filters for camera lenses are basically the same. Not true at all. This Sigma
filter is outstanding and actually improves picture resolution and ability to focus (used on Nikon FM2). My
Nikon FM2 35mm camera (a classic) had a Quantray filter, which I thought was good enough. My pictures
never looked sharp ( Fuji ISO 100 fine grain slide film) with this filter. I thought it was a faulty 50mm lens
and then tried using one of my B&W UV filters on my 50mm lens. I noticed an immediate difference in focusing.

Then I spotted this Sigma DG 52mm MultiCoated UV filter and ordered it. What a difference it has made on my
picture taking. What looks alike isn't alike. Not all filters are the same. Some filters can have a slight distortion
or warp that you can't see when looking at the filter but do notice when focusing and looking at your results. Getting
a top quality filter like Sigma DG makes a huge difference. Worth buying and trying. Very good filter.
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on October 26, 2013
This is a great UV filter for my 50mm lens; it gets the job done protecting the lens (which was the primary reason I purchased it) without interfering with the quality of my photos. The only down side I found is a slight difficulty in removing fingerprints or smudges - it takes several passes with a lens cleaning cloth to fully clean - the coating on the filter seems to want to hold on to the oils from your skin or anything other than dust. Not really a big deal at all, especially for the price and the overall quality otherwise. Would definitely buy again.
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