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on November 24, 2009
I've waited so long for the rest of this series! I have to say that part 4 is my favorite simply because of Screaming Mad George's FX work! He does an amazing job at creating the most nastiest bugs I've seen on film to this day! Step aside CGI. S.N.D.N. part 5 is cool too! can't go wrong with killer toys, plus, you gotta see the ending! I would mention part 3 but I don't remember that one. Part 4+5 are well worth the price. It's gonna be a great Christmas!
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on December 2, 2009
I love these movies and have waited a long time to see them get a DVD release. LionsGate's release of these three sequels to the classic originals leaves a lot to be desired. First, they are NOT in widescreen. They are 4 x 3 standard only (there is no widescreen edition offered according to the LionsGate website). The transfers are not restored and have quite a bit of dirt and some print fade. I suppose it is possible that this release presents the films in their original aspect ratio as they were all three made straight for video by Live Entertainment. I don't know, all I've ever seen are my VHS copies. Still, Amazon lists them as being widescreen. The soundtracks are stereo only. There are NO special features. Zero. Too bad Anchor Bay couldn't have released these and did a job like they did for their release of parts 1 and 2. Anyway, thats what you get with this edition: parts 3,4 and 5 in unrestored versions and nothing else. Also, this is in no way a BOXED set as claimed. It looks like any other DVD release in a standard case with one of those flippy things in the middle. The DVD's all have the same grey paint job, making them difficult to tell apart and they all have the same annoying LionsGate advertisements at the startup and they all have the same (non-animated) menu design (which consists of play and scene selection). The DVD comes in a cardboard slipcase with excellent new cover art.

Amazon has also dropped the ball on shipping these things. I pre-ordered mine so I would have it on the street date and the day after the street date they sent my an email saying they were unable to get copies and it would be another couple of weeks wait. I went to BestBuy and bought mine off the shelf the same day. What's the deal?

So how are the movies? Part 3 tries to keep the original plot of the first two going by having Ricky in a coma at the beginning of the film. He soon wakes up and starts his killing spree again. This is a strange entry in the series. It's very slow paced and having Richard Beymer and Eric Da Re from Twin Peaks in the cast is also sort of surreal. I suppose the most frightening thing about it is seeing Eric Da Re looking like a wet Sasquatch in a bubble bath. Casting devil's reject Bill Mosley as Ricky was just the wrong choice. His emaciated frame just dosen't come close to the beefy musclebound Eric Freeman from part 2. The dome on the head is pretty lame as well. Also in this film is Elizabeth Hoffman, a great actress (from FEAR NO EVIL). Robert Culp is also wandering around in this one. While this film uses far fewer flashbacks than part 2, it lacks the exploitative charm of the second sequel, and of course, it's missing the bug-eyed Freeman performance.

In spite of the presence of PHANTASM'S Reggie Banister, part 4 is a complete shambles. There are a couple of nasty sequences in it but a cult of lesbian bug worshipers is not my idea of a great Christmas horror film. The grotesque, pumpkinfaced Clint Howard is also a revolting addition. While this film is often repulsive, it is never scary and never whips up any Christmasy atmosphere.

Part 5 is probably the best of all the sequels and the one that comes closest to the quality of the original film (in tone and execution if not in storyline). Micky Rooney chews the scenery and is quite good in his role as Petto.
Clint Howard is back for an appearance in this one as well but he looks a bit more human in this one in spite of his unfortunate face. When all is said and done, this one is just another killer toy movie, but it IS a pretty good one and while it will never be the classic that part 1 is (Part one being one of the greatest slasher films of all time) it is certainly a worthy addition to this franchise.

Curiously now that parts 3,4 and 5 are at long last available, Anchor Bay has pulled parts 1 and 2 from distribution and they are now commanding ridiculous prices. Crazy.
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on December 24, 2009
The picture quality of the films in this set is just better than vhs, full frame, no extras. Part 3, despite boasting Bill Mosely and two actors from Twin Peaks, is a dull, ridiculous waste of time. It's not so bad it's good, it's just a poor conclusion to the killer santa story from the first two films. Part 4 is my least favorite Brian Yuzna film, but it's got some great bug/monster effects around the half way mark. It's also got Clint Howard being repugnant as usual, which is a bonus. Part 5 is fun and inventive with the best kills of the three films and some excessive silly looking gore. Overall, I'm glad I bought this set, and Lions Gate should be commended for releasing a set of catalog titles at a nice price.
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on December 13, 2012
I remember watching this movie for the first time, it was christmas eve with a girlfriend. Being a horror fan it was great. Now it has also made the big time it is on blu ray, but you know something some movies arn't made for HiDef or Blu-ray this is one of them. I saw it in blu-ray and couldn't wait to get back and see it either on reg dvd or the VHS copy... the graininess, the texture everything was still there , you know sometimes "better" is the best. Just like 1970 gas prices were a heck of alot better then when i filled up today.....................just something to think about
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on December 23, 2014
SIlent Night Deadly Night part IV deserves a better fate. It is a hilarious Lovecraftian cult movie, not really about Christmas at all, directed by Brian Yuzna. Does not fit into the "Silent Night Deadly Night" mythology a bit, and is sort of the "Halloween III" of that series. WATCH IT.
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on December 27, 2012
This was a blind buy for me, having never seen "Silent Night, Deadly Night" parts 3 and 4 before. I had seen Part 5 on HBO when I was about 12 years old but barely remembered it. Part 3 continues the storyline from the first two movies with a comatose Ricky Caldwell (Bill Mosely replacing the irreplaceable Eric Freeman from Part 2) awakened by a blind psychic teenager (the beautiful Samantha Scully). The writer of this mess seemed to have Ricky confused with Billy Caldwell, the Santa Claus killer from Part 1. Ricky was never shot in the head and the flashbacks to the first film only show Billy, not Ricky. This sequel had potential but wastes too much time on long, meaningless shots and bad acting. Most of the kills happen off screen which hurts the entertainment value. After a while, I found myself checking the clock to see how much time was left before it was over. Yeah, it was pretty dull and boring.
Part 4, although unrelated to the previous films, is actually quite interesting and unique. It stars a gorgeous actress named Neith Hunter as Kim, a newspaper reporter who takes it upon herself to investigate the mysterious death of a woman who fell off a rooftop and "spontaneously combusted." Kim becomes entangled in a strange cult of witches who seem to have a weird lesbian relationship with one another. There are some gross-out special effects courtesy of "Screaming Mad" George and a memorable appearance by Clint Howard as Ricky (not the same Ricky from the previous films). "Silent Night, Deadly Night 4" has little to do with the Christmas theme established by its predecessors, but as a standalone flick it's quite good.
Part 5 is subtitled "The Toy Maker" and stars Mickey Rooney as Joe Petto (get it?) who runs a toy store along with his strange, freaky son named Pino. Kim (Neith Hunter) returns in a small role as a neighbor along with her adopted ward Lonnie (Conan Yuzna) who she saved at the end of Part 4. Part 5 is also quite good despite being unrelated to the first three movies in the series. It also has some memorable special effects courtesy of "Screaming Mad" George and a bit of a surprise at the end.
I highly recommend this 3-disc DVD set if you can get it for $15 or less. These movies have now become annual Christmas viewing for me. Enjoy!
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on December 25, 2014
Ok... I bought this cause I already have the 1st two... the first one... "Better watch out"... it was pretty good.. And Robert Culp is the star in this one... it was pretty cool... " Initiation" was ok... Had nothing at all to do with "silent night deadly night" movies at all... Clint Howard stars in this one.. and Screaming Mad George did the special FX... That alone is what made this movie watchable... "The Toy Maker" ... again had nothing to do with the 1st three silent night deadly night movies... but it was a little better than ok... Mickey Rooney stars in this one, and Clint Howard is back again in this one... but a different role. not in it much this time. And Screaming Mad George did the special FX in this one also... All 3 movies in this set are on 3 separate disc's... But there are no Special Features on any of these... It just feels nice to own all 5 of these movies...
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on December 19, 2013
I know I should know better than to expect much from sequels. Movie 3 was ok. At least it had something to do with the first two. 4 was a what in the world is going on? In addition to not being part of the series it had nothing to do with anything...I mean a burning female cult has what to do with Xmas. The 5 wasn't much better but at least they had Mickey Rooney. I certainly saw the puns of Geo Petto and Pinoch (Pinocchio).
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on December 8, 2014
Love hacker movies even during the holidays
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on December 30, 2009
This year we've seen plenty of older films finally make it to DVD. Night of the Creeps, Trapped, Choke Canyon, and finally the last three SNDN sequels. The one thing that sets this release apart from the others, however, is how this one was handled. It's safe to say that a few of those other titles are better known than "The Toymaker," but would it have been so difficult to throw a trailer or poster gallery onto one of the discs? Instead we get three identical discs with three identical title menus along with three of the same LGF trailers.

More than extras though I'd just have preferred better transfers and for the film to be in the correct aspect ratios.

As far as the films go if you're reading this chances are you know what you're getting into. The only sequel that continues the story line from the first two movies is SNDN 3. The other two films have nothing to do with the original two, in fact part 4 has nothing to do with Christmas at all.

If you're a completest like myself this is a necessary purchase. If you're not my best advice is to stay away unless you can find this set for under ten bucks.
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