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Silent Hill HD Collection - Playstation 3
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73 of 80 people found the following review helpful
on May 25, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
The Silent Hill HD Collection should have been a love letter to fans, but instead, it turned out to be a technical disaster on many levels. Missing textures and crackling audio was just the tip of the iceberg. What went wrong?

Senior associate producer on the project, Tomm Hulett, has revealed to 1UP that Konami's porting crew had to work off a beta build of the original source code. Apparently, Konami couldn't find the source code belonging to the original gold master. Whoops.

"We got all the source code that Konami had on file -- which it turns out wasn't the final release version of the games," noted Hulett.

He added, "So during debug we didn't just have to deal with the expected `porting' bugs, but also had to squash some bugs that the original team obviously removed prior to release, but we'd never seen before."

On top of fixing bugs and other oddities in the pre-release code, the beta build wasn't complete asset-wise, either. Hulett says Konami had to rip textures and sound straight from the original discs and import them in. While it's an unfortunate situation, it's still no excuse for the crippled state the HD Collection was released in, we think. Konami should have bit the bullet and issued a delay, or canned the project altogether.
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on March 24, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
Silent Hill has garnered a massive fanbase from lovers of Survival Horror games, and with good reason.
The games are extremely dark and atmospheric, with lots of fog and very little light to get by with.
Strange creatures and bumps in the night can be heard constantly, no matter where you are. Every moment
is fraught with tension. The stories are character-driven, the music is sublime and emotional, yet appropriate,
and the graphics are clean, especially when they're dirty as a bloody mop in a rusted toilet stall.
The reviews are in, and they have been for the last 6-10 years. Silent Hill 2 and 3 are the core of the
Silent Hill experience.

What Konami has given us here is unacceptable. There are lag, framerate and audio loop issues that were
present in the original version of Silent Hill 2. The framerate on the PS3 is actually worse than it
ever was on the PC. My PC could handle it when it came out so there was no framerate issue,
(but there was still that audio loop). I have hardly played either of these two titles and I am already
disgusted at the level of disrespect Konami has for its own titles, as well as its fan base. Cut-scenes are
out of sync with audio by over five to six seconds to the point your mind thinks the game itself has crashed.
I am studying to be a game developer and designer and I am sickened by this business practice of milking a series without
putting in the hard (simple) work of properly coding a title to run on the console. If you can't be sure
you can make it run with old code, get into the code and fix the problem, or better yet, just don't make
any announcements. Come on.

There are three good things about this release. The cover art is very sensual and erotic. There is a beautiful
cover song during their "credits" on the front screen, and the new audio recordings are surprisingly good. The James
character feels very natural and as if he could have done the original voice. But unless these things are just absolute
"must-haves" for a collector, my advice is to just play the old games on the computer at a fraction of the cost
and render them at their highest settings.

Please don't support this product if you are a fan or thinking about becoming a fan. You don't deserve this,
Konami doesn't deserve your money, and Silent Hill itself sure as hell doesn't deserve this treatment.

EDIT: There has been a recent update for Silent Hill Collections and now I fully recommend playing both these amazing games through multiple times! Please enjoy! I take back 90% of what I said, but I still believe Konami owes it to their customers not to release broken products at the time of release.

Extended Edit: I've changed the score at the request of someone who read this review. These games are fantastic--some of the best, the finest of survival horror. Do not miss these games. They will chill you, touch you, or at the very least, take you to another world where you will ponder the nature of your existence.
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33 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on March 25, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
Let me start by saying the actual games are amazing. By this I mean the playstation 2 versions of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.

However, this HD collection is AWFUL!!! This game is nothing more than a big pile of problems and glitches. There are horrible frame rate issues, character slowdowns where your character starts running at half his normal speed, glitchy controls, horrible sound because the lip syncing is way off. When characters mouths stop moving you can still hear them talking. The colors are washed out in this version, and many effects that were in the originals are now missing, such as rust effects and fog.

There is literally nothing good about this collection. How Konami even allowed this horrible game to be released is beyond me because it feels like an unfinished product. Do yourself a favor and skip this game. We don't need to be supporting Konami for this horrible game.
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on March 21, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
The PS3 version of this game is completely broken.

In the two hours I have played the game I have encountered these issues

* The game struggles to keep a solid framerate. It constantly chugs and freezes for several seconds in a row, I thought the game had froze several times but it was just the awful framerate. This happens on both games.

* The sound is completely broken on both games, audio is constantly out of sync and half the time the audio cues simply do not work.

*The controller often seizes up on Silent Hill 2 and stops working until I let go of the control stick and let it reset. I can not walk in a straight line for more than 10 seconds because of this.

* The Textures constantly flicker and in a few cases failed to load at all.

* Silent Hill 3 has froze on me twice during a cutscene

This is simply unacceptable because they delayed the game several times and still had the gall to release it in a completely broken state. It is obvious that Konami does not care about the fans.

I did some internet research and this seems to be happening to many other people who have this game on PS3.


March 22nd, 2012.

I downloaded the update and then re-installed the game and I am still experiencing every single issue I originally encountered without the update. The update does not seem to have changed anything at all.
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on March 28, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
Got the patch installed, and, IMHO, the game (Number 2, anyway) is very enjoyable to play again.

VERDICT: If you were waiting (wisely) to buy this collection, now is the time!

What I have seen fixed by this patch:
-Fog is at the right levels, so scenery is no longer seen to just disappear in the distance.
-James's breathing is back to what a human sounds like. <--This was extremely annoying.
-No more random game freezes.
-Almost completely eliminated performance issues in fights.

What still remains:
-Overall speed seems to not be 60fps. Still totally playable, but it's not...well...butter. It's now on the level of maybe Dark Souls Blightown once in a while. Nah, it's not really that bad. But considering it's a PS2 port, this keeps it from being a 5-star product.
-One key scene played out strangely, missing a sound effect (spear in flesh, anyone?).

So, kudos to the developers working on the port, who brought beta source code from the original games up to speed for the PS3. And many thumbed noses at the publishers or whoever had the gall to release this thing four months ago as a "working" product.

Original Review Below
(I am leaving out any subjective thoughts on changes from the PS2 versions so I can focus on the purely technical issues)

The technical bugs on the PS3 version are, sadly, not exaggerated in the least. I inserted the game disc, waited 10 minutes for the 297 MB patch to download and install, and experienced the following issues in 2 hours of SH2 gameplay:

- Slow framerate when baddies are around - This is intermittent and seems to generally occur when there is a baddie onscreen with you. Game slows to about half-speed. At first I thought there was some kind of stamina penalty for running around too much, since it can look like you're running through molasses. After 2 hours of play, I realized there was no rhyme or reason to it. This also affects combat, where your attacks occur very slowly about half the time. The rest of the time, they're quick and snappy. Again, no rhyme or reason.

- Jitters and freezes - This seems to occur when the slowdown is not enough to save the "poor" PS3. I have experienced these freezes of up to about
1.5 seconds when running from baddies. Just a straight up game-stopping pause.

These issues occured consistently through my two-hour play session. I played up until the point where you use the six-pack, taking my time with things to enjoy the upgraded graphics.

I want to love this game, so please fix it KONAMI/Hijinx, because it clearly is broken. I truly wish I could return the game until these issues are fixed. I feel tricked.
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16 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on April 16, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
I'm a huge Silent Hill fan so it really hurts to give out one star to this long-awaited HD collection, it just makes me wonder: "What went wrong"? I already finished SH2 and I'm halfway through SH3, I'm actually trying to ignore the stuttering, sound glitches and ridiculously slow frame rate because I just love the early games of the series, but I feel like an idiot standing by this abomination when I can pop up my still working SH3 copy on my still working PS2 and blaze through the same areas where my PS3 is having such difficulties to render, why does it have to run so slow on a more powerful machine, why on Earth does it have to install 4GB's of data and what was that useless patch for? None of my other HD collections install data and they work fine, seriously Konami, you should consider bringing back Team Silent before you can even consider another franchise release, it's a punch in the nuts for all of us fans everytime you release a stinking pile of garbage like this with the Silent Hill brand on it.
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18 of 23 people found the following review helpful
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
If you are a fan of the original games, you might buy this, and, excusing the bugs (for which there is no excuse), you might say, "ah, it's not as impressive this time around, but it's an old I guess nostalgia was just affecting my recollection of it." However, it's to the point where objects and textures just abruptly 'end' in the background, making the game look more like an unfinished fan game than an actual released game. Also, if you were to take a look at the original games, or any other prior port, you'd realize that it's this particular port that's introduced all these graphical problems/missing effects.

On to the bugs. Often, they are game-breaking. My first time playing this version of silent hill 3 resulted in a black screen crash after the first area, and an audio file played that was not supposed to be played until near the END of the game. For someone who has never played before, this would spoil the entire plot for them! It also required me to hard power cycle my ps3. Essentially, it crashed my console.

The next time I played, I was able to make it to the first puzzle, in which you line up a series of books to see a scrawled number overlaid upon their spines. Well, the graphical 'layer' with the scrawled number was MISSING. Therefore, I could not solve the puzzle or proceed with my game.

As for the gameplay/performance bugs, let's see. There's an unsteady framerate, often dipping into the single digits as an enemy 'loads'. This freezes the 'noise/static' effect too, ruining the intended effect (as if the lack of fog, proper lighting, and new terrible textures didn't already do that). There's also a strange 'slo-mo' effect that I haven't seen since the NES days where you feel as if you're walking underwater. Then, there's the 'halting' controls where your character will just take a half step stop every now and then as he's running down the street. It's long enough to make you let go of the button and start again, but too short for that to help.

These ports have ruined the games. You are better off with the originals or ANY other ports. I am playing the PC ports on my television at 1080p, thus creating my own 'HD Collection' that's infinitely superior than this garbage.

Oh, I forgot to mention the bugged looping/missing music and sound effects, and new voice acting which (in the case of SH3) you HAVE to use. Oh well, I am sure the other negative reviews go into these problems more in depth.

NOTE: I'm returning my copy to Amazon as the game can be literally classified as 'defective'.
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16 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on March 30, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
This is well-worn ground at this point, but seeing this HD collection with even 2.5 stars is enough to make me want to try to get the score down even lower. These ports are plagued with issues that plenty of the other reviews have detailed (terrible framerate drops, sound glitches, missing fog, missing post-processing effects, mismatched lip-syncing, missing 5.1 surround if you've installed the patch and are using optical cables, dodgy controls that cause the character to pause every few steps), and the whole thing just seems shoddily thrown together.

I'm not even going to bring up the new voice acting and things like that; I firmly believe that, whether I like them or not, these things are subjective and are NOT the issues we should be focused on with these ports.

The whole thing is a real shame, because the parts that DO still work right look nice in HD. Silent Hill 2 and 3 looked fantastic for their time, and that really comes through when you can see it at high resolution. It's too bad that so much is missing or broken.

Good HD Collections like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, the God of War HD Collections, the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection, and the recent Devil May Cry HD Collection have established that gamers will gladly rebuy older games if it gets them better support for current technology (widescreen, current resolution, surround sound, etc.) or even just gives them the chance to finally mothball their old consoles. However, game developers should PLEASE take note that even if people are big enough suckers to re-buy something they already own, it's kind of reasonable of them to expect that the new one will be at least as good as what they already have sitting around. I would have rather had an emulated PS2 Classics version for digital download on PSN than an amateurish port that breaks more than it improves. If this was at least patched to fix the lip-syncing and some of the missing effects (the fog, especially) and make the framerate and controls stables, a lot of people would really warm up to it.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on October 20, 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Verified Purchase
PLEASE NOTE: I bought this game 2 years after it came out. I don't care to purchase games when they first come out. Anyway...

First and foremost: I am so glad Konami made this available for the newer consoles. Saving this most classic game from being lost amongst the nexus of "Old Game Obscurity" in the event Playstation 2 consoles become "non-existent" (or you're like me and your PS2 Disc is dying and I was NOT about to buy "SH: Homecoming" for my SH fix). I have never played Silent Hill 3 for myself but Silent Hill 2 plays just the same as the PS2 version (with the exception of the "soft-quit"). At first I was a little put off about purchasing the HD version due to what I have heard or read about it. But then again, my PS2 SH2 disc was starting to look as if it needed to be retired. So I went ahead and bought it. Man was I both relieved and surprised. I guess its because I ordered this much later after SH2 Fans rung Konami's ears with complaints into oblivion possibly... But here's my take to two the loudest complaints I heard:

For one: there was a lot of *ahem* "complaining and whining" about the new voice actors for the HD version. Personally I think the new voice acting truly emphasized the level of desperation, despair, sadness and irrationality/madness each of the characters possess. (Even going so far as to highlight how pathetic each one of them is trying to grasp control or sanity upon their circumstances). Although I will say that I think they were better off sticking with the voice actors for Laura and Eddie from the Original cast. But if you enjoy the "B-Movie" quality of the original cast: there's an option provide for the "New" or "Original" at the start of the game.

Secondly, if you're a SH 2+3 fan but you're not sure about purchasing the HD version because of all the complaining about the game "not looking HD": ignore these people. It's a friggin' PS2 game that came out in 2001, I'm going to assume that in order for an "overhaul update" to the graphics to happen, the whole game would've had to be redone from scratch and then there would probably be WAAAAAYYY more to complain about. I'm going to assume a crap ton of updates came out to redeem the HD Collection since it's debut. The way I see it, it could've done a lot worse.

The HD Collection doesn't take away from how much Silent Hill is still one of the most fascinating and pleasantly horrifying gaming experiences of all times. I'm Just happy it's available for play on my PS3. But you be the judge for yourself.
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15 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on March 26, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3
This game is broken. It barely runs on PS3, the frame rate is awful, the fog that the game is known for is barely present and replaced by darkness that makes the game barely visible. The audio is frequently out of sync, and there are tons of other glitches here and there. Konami clearly put as little work as possible into this port, and merely tried to get it out as quickly as possible as a cash grab. This kind of behavior from a gaming company is unacceptable. DO NOT buy this until they patch this up, if they ever do.
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