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on July 9, 2001
First of all 2 Thumbs up and 5 Stars for this totally, TOTALLY veracious book! WE all must commend Mr. Findley for having the courage, the valor, and the indefatigableness to write indeed such an eye-opening book! I was hesitant at first, like many people to pick up and read this book. At that moment, I don't think I was ready to smash and break my old prejudice about Islam. But after reading the back of the book and the author I knew this book had something to offer. And after finally finishing the book I can proudly say that indeed now my eyes are opened and I hope, I SINCERELY HOPE this myth-shattering, very well articulated book is read by ALL of my fellow Americans. If we really consider overselves fair and open-minded, this book will be our test. IT SURE WAS MINE!! I mean there was an old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover!" And no where in my life has this saying applied more than NOW. I don't know May be, just maybe, WE will be able to judge more fairly and objectively one of the largest faith in the world after reading this book. Then we will also be able to answer "Is this great religion and its followers a bunch of terrorists?" more fairly.
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on August 2, 2001
Before I read this book, all I had thought was that many muslims were terrorists or supported terrorism.(I got most of these ideas from watching movies like Executive descision and others) After I read this book I was stunned, such a rich, diverse and extraordinary religion, the Veil or Hejab that women wear in my opinion was wrong I thought at the time, no more I see it so much differently after I read this book. It's about respect, I also read other books after this one about Sharia(Islamic Law) and I found more examples of respect towards women, such as rape, in Sharia a rapist is swiftly given death, no man can touch a woman without her consent. It got me thinking afterwards and I also read up on religions and world statistics, Islam is the second largest religion in the world today with 1.3billion followers, it is also the fastest growing, and soon will be the largest. Most of the converts in the U.S. are women. in the past 2 years there have been many great documentaries that clear up misconseptions of this religion. The most notable was Islam: Empire of faith, excellent film. I urge people not to judge this religion based on what you see in the movies, look into it, talk with muslim people, read the english translation of the Quran if you can. Get this book, it will teach you alot. I'd like to thank Mr. Findley for this excellent book.
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on June 11, 2001
As a Muslim growing up in the USA, it has always been hard for me to be named a terrorist everytime I read the paper or turn on the television.
Although many of these facts are known by the Islamic community, which has written about the prejudice and bias against Islam, no book until now was available for all Americans to read. In his book, Paul Findley, described as "First class" (Christian Science Monitor) and "Straightforward and valid" (Washington Post), confronts, as well as explains the false images of Islam and Muslims in America throughout the past few decades.
I certainly believe this is one of those books that must be read, not only for the Muslims that are desperate to get a brake, but also for the Americans who think to themselves after Headline News; "How can this religion have over one billion followers if it's about blowing up everything they see?"
Hopefully, this book will have great positive effect on Americans and their idea of Islam...
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on September 17, 2001
I recommend reading this book with an open mind. It is a real challenge to put the years of media and political bias aside and actually accept information that is different from the steady diet of pro-Israeli rhetoric that we are exposed to daily. We learn that Muslims are relatively new in the US and prior to that the only Muslims in the US were the black Muslims and perhaps that is why we know little to nothing of what is really going on in that part of the world. The Pro-Israeli Christian fundamentalists and the Israelis have had a huge head start to spread their views, virtually unchallenged until now. The book is excellent in explaining why this situation will take time to change but more importantly it presents very constructive and acute ways to expedite this needed change...otherwise seemingly normal headlines or words that were read or heard from the media will be exposed for what they really are, unjust and hurtful towards our fellow Muslim and Arab brothers and sisters. Unfortunately the major events of this last week has made time a luxury that no one can afford. An important and worthwhile book!
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on January 12, 2002
As an American Muslim, this book is a much needed resource for Muslims and Non Muslims in seeing the truth behind the constructed anti-Islam/anti-Muslim hysteria prevalent in America and the West. The best thing to combat misinformation and stereotypes is through correct knowledge and resources regarding the subject. This book written by a former Congressman of 22 years, has personally talked to and been in the political circle of United States with regards to Foriegn policy and other aspects. He tackles the Media, government's, and educational negative bias toward Islam and refutes it remarkably.
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on January 24, 2002
Mr. Paul Findley examines the false images of Islam and Muslims that linger in American minds by the Electronic Media. It is the most informative, factual and fair book that I ever read. Every American must read this book in order to learn the truth about Islam. The fastest growing religion in the World including the US. The religion of Islam is practiced by more than 8 million Americans and 1.6 billion people World wide.
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on July 15, 2004
The importance of this book cannot be overstressed. Nowadays, when distorted and inaccurate images of Islam so strongly pervade the West, this highly momentous contribution provides a valuable antidote to islamophobia. Why is it that when mainstream media describe Islam, they only use the word in conjunction with some of the following nouns: fundamentalism, terrorism or extremism? Why do they focus only on certain minority groups within Islam that by no means are representative of the entire Islamic community. There is and there always will be extremism in Christianity, Judaism and Islam but as it stands today, the entire focus is on Islam. Why has no one spoken of Orthodox Christian fundamentalism when Bosnian Serbs were committing abhorrent crimes against Bosnian Muslims in Bosnia? Bosnian Serbs destroyed every single mosque (approximately 600 in Serb-controlled areas) while almost every church remained intact in the areas controlled by Bosnian Muslims. Almost 90% of Bosnian Muslims have been expelled from Republika Srpska while many Serbs still live in Sarajevo, Tuzla etc. In 1995, Bosnian Serb forces committed one of the worst massacres in Europe since World War II killing approximately 9,000 Muslims in Serbrenica. Many Muslims report being called "bloody Turks" by Serb soldiers even though all such links are preposterous let alone completely groundless. What connection can there possibly be between Bosnian Muslims and today's Turks? None! If these acts are not indicative of Orthodox Christian fundamentalism then I do not know what is. Before the war in Bosnia began, Serb intellectuals frequently portrayed Muslims as intractable fundamentalists who belonged in the Middle East. Islam was and still is considered by the majority of Serbs an abberation. Even the recipient of the Nobel Prize, Ivo Andric, described Muslims in his book The Bridge on the Drina as atavistic people whose views were reactionary and completely incompatible with those of the Westerners. Andric also asserted in his book that Bosnian Muslims in fact were treacherous and cunning converts who betrayed their Christian brothers. Another highly influential writer of Serbia, Vuk Draskovic, urged the Serbs to annihilate all Bosnian Muslims as they allegedly posed a threat to "Greater Serbia". Similar views are constantly voiced through Serbia. During the course of the Bosnian war, Russians and Greeks never condemned Serb atrocities in Bosnia and they sought to prevent a military intervention in Bosnia against their Orthodox Christian brothers. Once again, a clear and unequivocal example of Orthodox Christian fundamentalism and yet no mention of this fact in mass media. Secularized, Bosnian Muslims were and still are much less religious than their Serb and Croat counterparts. Even though Serb nationalism has been extremely well documented by many eminent Western scholars, none has shed light on Orthodox Christian fundamentalism. Similarly, there is no discussion of Jewish extremism in the Western media in spite of the flagrant Israeli violations of human rights. When Isrealis kill the Palestinians then it is in self-defence but when the Palestinians kill Israelis then it is a clear act of terrorism. When Israelis assassinate civilians who happen to be in the vincinity of the so called terrorists then it is collateral damage. The abominable acts perpetrated by the Israelis are always somehow justified in the corporate media, the opposite is never true of the deeds committed by the Palestinians. Thus, the corporate media rarely if ever account for Christian or Jewish extremism. Furthermore, in a study conducted by the Wall Streed journal, prominent Arab Americans were asked what they thought fuelled the Arab hatred for the American government. The answer was unanimous: UNCONDITIONAL U.S. SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL. In order to be able to obliterate terrorism we have to examine its roots. Given the results of this study, it should not be so difficult or is it? Highly recommended!!
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on January 7, 2003
I thought this book was really great for several reasons.
As always, because of the horrific acts done by particular groups or people under the name of Islam, Islam has been greatly misunderstood. I realized it's time for me, and any person who believes in understanding each other correctly, to rise out of the darkness the media has placed us in, and find out for ourselves what Islam actually means.
Every religion has radical people who use the beliefs to their own advantage. However, this does not mean we can judge the religion by the actions of this one group. Should we judge Christianity by looking at how the Nazis used Christianity? Should we judge Judaism or any other religion or group by what some minority radicals do? Of course not!
This book is really recommended for anyone to who realizes it's time to to move away from sterotypes of each other and to think of our similarities, not our differnces.
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VINE VOICEon October 28, 2001
Buy this book and loan it to everyone you know. Make sure your kids read it, and your spouse.
Current events make this book more significant in inter-cultural understanding. If our press read it before writing their copy, perhaps they'd be more cautious about labeling terrorists as "Islamic Fundamentalists" and creating more hate and more misunderstanding. Terrorists are no more Muslims than Jerry Falwell is representative of mainstream Christianity.
Make it your business to educate yourself about the billion Muslims we share our world with, and make sure this book is part of your education. Without it, your understanding is incomplete.
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on May 22, 2002
I found Paul Findley's book as timely as any publication could be at this time. I commend Mr. Findley for first, having the courage to present a positive view of Islam/Muslims in these trying times. I also commend him for pointing the finger at us (Muslims) for not taking charge of our image and teaching others about what we truly represent...
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