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on January 4, 2004
Doctor Death is back. The serial killer Michael Bekker aka Doctor Death is back. After being arrested and beaten up by Lucas Davenport in a previous novel, Bekker escapes prison and sets himself up in New York. Bodies start turning up, and Davenport's ex-lover New York cop Lily Rothenburg calls to Davenport for help. He is not working with the Minneapolis Police anymore, but uses his time developing computer games. He welcomes the chance to work with Lily, and goes to New York. He soon finds out that Lily and her chief of Police O'Dell hsa a hidden agenda. Davenport is not called to New York only to solve the Bekker case, there is a "Robin Hood" on the loose in New York, killing "bad guys" and everything points to someone inside the police department. Davenport is asked to figure this mystery out, while he officially works solving the Bekker case.
The story is great, and the plot smart. Although you know who the killer is from page one, you keep guessing almost to the end, how does he do it, how does he manage to keep hiding? And who is the Robin Hood? Is it Lily herself, killing off bad guys from the streets of New York? There are many layers in this story, but it never becomes boring, and the characters are likeable or realistic. A good read in the Lucas Davenport series.
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VINE VOICEon April 19, 2005
I've read maybe half of the "Prey" series by John Sandford and one of its biggest strengths is Sandford's ability to create new, unique plots each time out. Based on reading other authors, it seems sometimes a series can be difficult to keep fresh and new. Silent Prey is one of two books that I know of that carry over a villian from one book to the next.

Michael Becker is the evil surgeon who Lucas Davenport mutilated but didn't kill at the end of Eyes of Prey. Becker escapes from prison and moves to New York and begins killing again. Lucas is called to consult on the case by ex-lover NYC cop Lily Rothenburg. Lily also wants Lucas to investigate some cops that are killing bad guys one the side. These guys went overboard and killed Lily's friend who was investigating them.

So, Silent Prey is somewhat repetitive with the Becker case but Stanford mixes in the police case equally well. This is another solid thriller by Sandford with believable police work and sustainable suspense.

Like all books in the series, the word "Jesus" is used more than in the bible and the "F-word" is used more than 99% of all R-rated movies. I don't know how realistic this is but it must be what Sandford's world is like. Still, this is a fun series and this entry doesn't disappoint.

One final note; Eyes of Prey ended with a sudden revelation of who Becker's wife's lover was. In Silent Prey the action ends then Sandford writes 3 more chapters filling the readers in on some of the unanswered questions. I appreciated that because many authors leave clues then fail to conclude them at the end.
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on March 2, 2001
I have read five "Prey" books. I have liked all of them fairly well, some more than others. but this was the worse one to me. Dr. Bekker is back after a break out from the place where his trial is going on. I figured he would be back as Eyes of Prey ended like it did. Davenport is called to New York to help find him, at least that is the reason first given. Then there is a story in the story, about the possiblity of Cops killing people. They want Lucus to try to find them as well as help on Bekker. Was very confusing to me, hard to keep the two seperate. Lucus is his usual bed hopping self. That I don't care for but I guess if I don't, I don't have to read them. The ending is good, but I just never got a good feel for the book. First one of Sandford's that I almost had to make myself finish.
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on November 15, 2004
John Sandford's Silent Prey was an entertaining read. The most interesting thing about Silent Prey was the complexity of the plot. The plot in Silent Prey was complex because there were actually two cases of serial murder happening at the same time. One serial killing was by Dr. Michael Becker, a brilliant but insane pathologist; the other was by a group of vigilantes killing petty crooks and criminals. Lucas was called in by Lily Rothenburg (old friend) to help work on both cases. The rest of the story involves Lucas`s attempt to solve both cases and contains a nasty breach of trust.

I disliked the fact that Lucas Davenport seemed amoral in this story. Lucas showed no qualms for killing other people. At the start of Silent Prey, Lucas wanted to get into a bar fight just for fun. He threatened and physically abused people to get information. Bekker was also simply too good at committing crimes and escaping capture. And the fact that Bekker appeared almost supernatural reminded me that I was reading fiction.

Silent Prey was a fun read. I recommend it to people who like detective novels and thrillers.
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14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on September 23, 2000
What is going on with the Prey series? Granted I haven't read them in order, but i read Mind Prey first and I wanted the rest of them to be as brilliant as that one, but slowly, as I pick up yet another Prey book, I get even more disappointed.
This one starts brilliantly - excellent opening scenes in (& out) of the courtroom bringing the reader up to speed with the main character Bekker and the guy who is going to get him, Davenport. Now, I really like Davenoprt as a character, he is great but the rest of the story left alot to be desired. It basically introduces Bekker as a pathologist-turned-psycho and what he has done in the past Prey books to get Davenport so intent on hunting him down but unfortunately, it just goes on and on and there is nothing in there that I haven't read before. The only redeeming feature of this one is the fact that Bekker is a complete nutcase (Sandford has done very well here) with a penchant for women's clothing, but apart from that, it is really not an interesting story at all. Infact, I gave 1 extra star for the psycho who likes collecting eyelids and eyes from his victims (good variation on the usual run-of-the-mill serial killer).
I am sorely disappointed with the Prey Series and I am really considering not reading any others. If you are after a heart-grabbing sensational crime thrillers try Dennis Lehane or read Mind Prey, if you want to stick with Sandford, otherwise, don't bother with this one.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon July 5, 2005
After being forced to resign from the Minneapolis Police Department in the previous Prey novel, "Eyes of Prey," we find Lucas Davenport bumming around the wilderness in northern Minnesota/Wisconsin. Enter Dr. Becker, the not-so beautiful (anymore) criminal who was captured in "Eyes." Becker escapes and flees to New York, where of course the NYPD has trouble tracking him down. Lucas Davenports former lover, Lily Rothenberg, asks Davenport to freelance for them and come to work for the NYPD to help catch Becker. Simple enough storyline, similar to the recent Prey novels, except that there is a rouge group of police officers who are killing evil people on the streets (similar to Robin Hood - which is exactly why they get that name).

"Silent Prey" is another great Sanford novel, but is extremely similar in fundamental nature to "Eyes of Prey." I would have liked to see maybe another book in between the two Becker novels, but I know that this is not really possible since another serial killer being captured during Becker's trial would be a little too much in the world of Lucas Davenport.

I also didn't like how Lucas was supposed to primarily work on the Robin Hood case, while keeping a media friendly front on the Becker case. However, the Robin Hood case was mentioned very infrequently and seemed to be solved quite quickly at the very end of the book (of course Davenport is a clever guy, and very good at mind games and puzzles).

However, on the positive side, I really liked the change in Becker from the last book to this book, since he is a fugitive with a torn up face (thanks to Davenport). The telling of his lifestyle and how he remains hidden is very interesting and cleverly written.

All in all, I would recommend this book, especially to fans of Sandford. The serial killer formula is wearing a little thin which is why the Robin Hood plot line was included, but as I mentioned, it gets very few pages devoted to it. Three stars on this one because it is average in scope compared to the other Prey novels, but worth reading none-the-less.
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on August 19, 2000
A killer from one of Sandford's earlier books, Eyes of Prey, escapes. He's quickly back in business and isn't easy to find. Silent Prey brings the reader and Minneapolis Police Investigator, Lucas Davenport, to New York City in the hopes of finding serial killer Michael Becker. While there, Davenport is also asked to look into some serious police corruption within the department. An exciting addition to the Lucas Davenport series. Read Eyes of Prey first and follow it up with Silent Prey.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
HALL OF FAMEon August 4, 2004
To me it's getting harder and harder to remember what differentiates one Sandford novel from another. I used to go by the titles, but since they all have "Prey" in them, I depend too much on whatever the other word is. The first novel in which Lucas whipped Bekker was easy to remember, because of Bekker's obsession with eyesight, vision, eyelids, and the sightless gaze of the dead, so I can see why John Sandford called the book "Eyes of Prey."

So far so good, and when I heard that Bekker had escaped from police custody, I was thrilled, and worried of course, for I assumed that he would seek revenge on Lucas. And when I saw the book was called "Silent Prey" I thought perhaps he would change his MO and cut out the tongues of his victims, the way he had previously severed their eyelids. Was I ever surprised to find out that there's really no reason that the book is called "Silent Prey" at all! But, it was nice to have the wonderful and alluring LILLY back in another Lucas book. One of these days, I hope Lucas settles down, he is getting too old to be playing the James Bond part, and even Sandford probably knows it by now LOL.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 16, 2001
I don't want to start out by saying I was disappointed by this book in the "Prey" series, however, after "Eyes of Prey", reading "Silent Prey" was a bit of a let-down. The amount of characters was a bit confusing in the beginning (I couldn't tell who was going to be "important" and who was just a "filler"). Also, the author seemed to jump around with the story line. Towards the end, the characters balanced themselves out and the story was wrapped up nicely. Having just discovered the "Prey" series, I will definitely continued to read along in order.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 29, 2005
In this installment of the Prey series, Lucas Davenport finds himself in New York City chasing his old foe Michael Bekker. Having had his fill of Minnesotans, Bekker is now killing New Yorkers, and Davenport has been enlisted by his friend Lily Rothenburg to help find the monster.

Of course that is not the only story unfolding within this book. Plot twists and subplots abound, as is Sandford's way.

How can Bekker remain at large for so long with everyone looking for him? The answer to that question sends the reader spiraling toward an ending that resolves everything beautifully.
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