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on August 4, 2001
Wow, whenever someone will dare try and tell me that a book about vampires can't be powerful, I'm going to just hand them this book and say "read this and just try saying that again." This book is truly a beautiful, moving piece of writing. Zoe's life seems to be falling around her. With her mother battling life-threatening cancer, her father seeming not to truly listen to her anymore, and her best friend moving to Oregon, things just don't seem to be looking up. Then Simon walks in. Strange, mysterious, silver-haired, beautiful Simon. Simon. The Vampire. Who will change her life forever.
The characters in "The Silver Kiss" are well developed, easy to identify with, and completely unforgettable. Every tear, laugh, surprise and kiss, you feel along with them. The language of the book is so beautiful and lyrical, sometimes you catch yourself thinking... wait... THIS is a vampire novel?????
I don't care if you don't like vampires, or if you don't like reading romances, or teen dramas, or if you don't like reading books at all.
You won't be able to put this book down, and like a good kiss, you won't want it to end.
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on December 11, 1999
It's been a while since I've read a book that wasn't for school. So when I was at Barnes & Noble looking through the Young Adult section two days ago, something just kept drawing me back to the book. The fact that it's won several awards and had wonderful reviews on the inside cover also convinced me into getting it. I started reading it that night, and I instantly fell in love. The characters were so awesome, and the pages were going by so fast. I never wanted the story to end, and especially not the way it did. Even though the author may have stretched some details about how vampires are, it doesn't matter. It's her book and I love the way she wrote it. I wouldn't change anything. The way the author used imagery, suspense, and foreshadowing kept me hooked the whole way. It's action packed, romantic, and absolutely a beautiful story. By the time I got to the end this afternoon, I was in tears. Not just because of what happened, but because the story was over. I'll never forget "The Silver Kiss." It will always have a special place in my heart. And I plan on reading it again. I would recommend this story to anyone.
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VINE VOICEon March 24, 2008
I picked up The Silver Kiss because I enjoy young adult fiction as well as fiction that incorporates vampires. A slim novel, I thought it'd be a nice filler for my weekend reading. It turns out I was right, but even better than that, it was a wonderful story of love, loss, and coping wrapped around a paranormal theme.

Zoe is an emotional teenager whose mother is dying of cancer. Her well-meaning parents have shut her out of the process, keeping her from the hospital and leaving her to manage herself while the endless waiting occurs. To top it off, her best friend is moving. So when an odd but attractive young man begins paying attention to her, Zoe finds herself drawn to him. As the story evolves, Simon, the mysterious stranger, learns to trust Zoe enough to share the fact that he is a vampire with her, and he is tracking his evil vampire brother, Christopher. Christopher not only killed their mother, he turned Simon as well. Not sure what to do, Zoe must decide if she should help Simon fight back, and what will happen if she does?

The vampire theme, while interesting enough in itself, is a terrific metaphor for the battle and loss Zoe is feeling as she sees her mother slowly disappearing from the cancer. As Zoe's feelings for Simon grow, she realizes that perhaps it's not best to live forever, but it is best to know when to let go. I found this novel to be an inventive way to press two ideas, and I felt the ending was what it needed to be. While not a love story in the traditional sense, The Silver Kiss is evocative in a way young adult fiction should be. Recommended.
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on February 11, 2005
Poetic in its own right, with a small, almost-slice-of-life story captured in its pages, this was indeed a lovely book, and a must-read for fans of the darker stories. The two protagonists balance each other, making for an interesting reading experience: lost and lonely Zoe: whose mother fights cancer while she fights her own darkness, and ereatheal Simon, the forever-child. (In other words, the vampire.) Clause takes the world of cliched vampires and molds it into something she can work with, which in the end is more believable than any Bela Lugosi. (Spelling?) And the questions Clause addresses: whether immortality can be greater than a soul--- are handled skillfully. One would have to read it to fully understand why I, among many others, enjoyed it so. And yes, I am thirteen. X3
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on January 31, 2003
Zoe is going through the hardest time in her life right now. Her mother is dying from cancer, her best friend is moving away, her father won't pay any attention to her, and she's stopped sleeping. Late one night Zoe goes for a walk in the park and see's a boy standing in the bushes. Zoe thought nothing of it but night after night she kept seeing him. Finally, he talks to her. She finds about a lot about him like his name is Simon. Oh, and he's a vampire. After learning Simon's past Zoe realizes she can help his future. That is where I shall leave you at. This book has comedy, tradgedy, romance and horror all in one! The book is a real page turner and keeps you glued to your seat. Your actually sad at the end because you don't want the book to finish! I give the books 5 stars because it's one of the best I have ever read.
Happy Reading!
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on December 18, 2000
Half the vampyre books I read are trite and the characters stereotypical, but this is not your ordinary book. Immediately you meet Zoe. Her world is falling apart, what with her mother's cancer and her best friend moving away. The recent murders in town aren't helping either. Enter Simon, a fair, angelic-looking, "teenage" vampyre on a quest for vengance. The two meet and share histories, and their futures become twined together as they help each other. Zoe helps Simon get his revenge, and Simon helps Zoe deal with the fact that her mother will die. The author's description of the night and the antics of the two are realistic as anything, right down to the sparring between friends. I don't know how to say it exactly, but the story just captures you. My only complaint is the plot seesaws severely between Zoe and Simon's point-of-views, which can be confusing at first. I read it from start to finish in one blow, and then felt sad because it was so good and there was nothing left to read! If you like vampyres, or you just want a really good read, check this out. NOW!
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on July 16, 2003
Could have been better. To all Annette Curtis Klause fans, please, hear me out here. Don't get me wrong. I thought that Blood and Chocolate was such a fantastic read that it's on my top ten list. However, The Silver Kiss, really could have been better.
The story itself was so nice that you can somehow forgive how the sad ending worked out. That I must admit. You have learned to love the characters and have come to respect their decisions by the end. And, to add on, the characters weren't the only perks to this book; the visualizations and descriptions were surprisingly good as well. However, something seems to lack...
I honestly did enjoy this book to an extent. I must say that Blood and Chocolate is a better book that Annette Curtis Klause has to offer. I recommend Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde as an option to a better vampire story.
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on April 20, 2000
You know its kind of sad that I can remember the guys name, which is Simon, but I can't remember the girls name that the story is supposed to be about. But then I'm bad with names too. Anyways This story is about a young lady who is going through some hard times because her mom is sick and meets a young atractive vampire who is fasinated by her. But there is a twist. The twist is the reason the book made me cry. When I finished the book I felt like throwing it against the wall. It does bring out every emotion that you can think of off the top of your head. Joy, sadness, grief, relief, nervousness. This is an excellent book and you should definately read it. Its filled with a lovely bit of romance not to sound superficial but, for we girls the guy sounds hot. Oh by the way I lent the book to a couple of friends and the keep telling me how great the book is and that they don't want to give it back. So, read the book yourself and tell me what you think... please.
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on November 11, 2003
I first read this one as a bona fide young adult (if I ever was such a thing), but it's become all the more resonant in the years since. (Warning: Spoilers may follow.)
The book's gift is its atmosphere: sad, yearning, wistful, afraid but passionate, passionate but afraid. Young Zoe, haunted by her mother's illness, is alienated from peers, family, and best friend; some of the Klause's best moments describe Zoe's inability to communicate, even with those she loves most. Simon is stagnant, locked in the same battles he's been fighting for a century, forced to live an unlife that holds no happiness for him. Both are alone; both are searching. Each sees in the other the possibility, at last, of feeling something beautiful. The result is a work that is alternately desperate-hunted and misty-hypnotic; not all writers could pull this off, but for Klause it's absolute cake.
*The Silver Kiss* combines languid gothicism with the creeping thrill of a stalker drama and the angst of a John Hughes film, letting us be in love, in danger, and in high school all at once. Total wish fulfillment. And because it's written at the teen/YA level, it slips past the critical mind that ruins self-indulgent fun. Most important, though, is the hope it offers -- that even the most isolated can find community, that even the most lost can be found.
A real treat for the gothically inclined, best read late at night or on a sad afternoon. If it doesn't bring peace, chase with Ann Radcliffe or Thomas Mann.
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on September 26, 2011
After I was done reading this book I told my friends that before there was Edward Cullen, there was Simon. The same way Edward stole Bella's Heart, so did Simon stole Zoe's heart. The thing about this book is that the love plot between the two main character is not the main them of the book I believe is that book seeks a deeper meaning, is more about the loosing someone you love and being able to let go and move on. Death is a imminent thing that happen to any human sooner or later we are meant to it.

I read this book after I read Twilight so I found that Simon had many qualities that Edward had or I better said Edward is very alike to Simon because The Silver Kiss was published almost 20 years ago. Simon is very charming, handsome and he worries a hell of a lot for Zoe and of course he's a vampire with conflicts but the one thing that makes him VERY different from Edward that in the end he had to made a choice and believe me he is WAY different.

Even though the book was written many years ago and there's no such a thing as cellular phone or dvd or anything like that you don't feel the story to be outdate and one thing that would shock you is the antagonist of the story, you never see that one coming and never thought this person could be the one person who is in a killing spree.

This is not an outstanding book but is a good one. It has very touching moments and even though the ending was something I had not expected or liked I believe it was necessary.

So if you are into YA vampire story this one is nice, short and sweet.
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