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on December 13, 2011
First in the Raveneau series, this wonderful story is set in the late 18th century, mostly in the waters off the coast of America in the time of the Revolutionary War when the French were allied with America in fighting off the British and the privateers were an important part of the young country's defenses.

Young Devon Lindsey grew up in in New London, Connecticut and dreamed of adventures at sea borrowed from the stories of her sea captain father. She meets the famous French privateer, Captain Andre Raveneau, when she is only 12, and he mesmerizes her. At 17, he steals a kiss in a carriage. Though he quickly forgot it, she never did. A year later, the British attack New London and while the whole town is burning, Devon is saved by a lecherous sailor who steals her aboard Raveneau's ship, the Black Eagle. There she again encounters the famous captain. This time he steals more than a kiss.

This is a superbly told, well-written complex tale. I can't do justice to it in a short review, but I can say it held me captive for 341 pages. The hero, who has a low opinion of women from his father's mistress, is a cad who seems to flit from one woman's bed to the next for the entire book. Devon is a guileless 18-year-old innocent who seems to have bad judgment for most of the book as she seeks adventure and is enthralled by the man of legend she cannot resist. How they come together and the twists and turns of the tale of the war raging around them is a great story. It was my first by Wright but I have since bought all in this series. For the lover of classic historical romance who is tired of the light fluff so frequently offered today, this is the book for you.

Please note: I read the paperback (original) version; I understand the eBook has only minor changes.
The Raveneau Series:

SILVER SEA (originally released as BARBADOS)
TEMPEST (to be released in 2012)

If you like to read in time sequence, as I do, here are the intertwined Raveneau and Beauvisage series in chronological order:

1814 - NATALYA
1818 - SILVER SEA (originally BARBADOS)
1903 - TEMPEST (to be published in 2012)
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on February 26, 2012
I started reading this book, got 40% of the way there, and stopped for a couple of weeks. I picked it back up and finished it. I will summarize and hit the highlights so you don't have to suffer through.

*****************************WARNING SPOILERS*******************************

Premise, a young girl (initially she is 13 when she first sees him), develops a crush on the dashing privateer (pirate) when he is 30-ish. At 17, she meets him and shares a kiss. He doesn't remember.

This story is set during the American Revolution with our allies, the French helping us gain our independence. We have a town (New London) attacked and in the span of a few hours, Devon's mother is raped, Devon is almost raped, the shop is burned with her mother in it. Devon escapes her attacker before she is raped, sees Benedict Arnold talking to someone about plans and is found by a sailor who works for the privateer Devon has a crush on. The sailor sneaks her aboard the ship to save her from rape at the hands of British soldiers.

While onboard within the first few days, Devon is almost raped by one of the other sailors and even Caleb the one who found her and brought her onto the ship. Additionally, Andre hates the fact that he is attracted to her and she has lots of attitude.

Andre allows her to stay onboard as she wants to go to VA to find her fiancé who joined the Army. She's not attracted to her fiance, in fact he grosses her out, but she plans to marry him anyway because they grew up together and are good friends. Andre hates the fact that she has this fiance when it's obvious there is something between him and Devon.

They finally find her fiancé and he turns out to be the scumbag of the earth. Andre wants to help them out by planning and paying for a wedding for them. Devon decides to skip out on the wedding as the more time she spends with Morgan (the fiance) the more repulsed she is. Andre runs into her before she can leave so she ends up going through with the wedding.

Andre kisses her at the wedding and no one seems to notice or care. Devon retires early and later in the evening someone shows up (she assumes it's Morgan) and makes love to her. She realizes it's Andre instead and he shares that the wedding was a hoax and he paid Morgan to go through with it.

Well, the rest of the story is about the affair Andre and Devon have and Andre's ultimate marriage to Devon after he deserts her on his private island. Devon does solve the mystery of his father's mistress while on the island.

Let me say, neither the hero nor heroine are particularly likeable. You would think that after the near rape by a British soldier and on board, she would learn her lesson. No, she does not! She did demonstrate some bravery, but that's because of her love of the sea more than anything else. She's weak and whinny as she spends her time talking about a fiancé she does not love and does not find attractive.

The hero allegedly has a moral code when it comes to women, but he leaves a swath of mistresses in every port. His treatment of the heroine is deplorable at best. She's a sex object to him once the finally start having an affair and despite the fact that he took her virginity, he still views her as someone who invites the attentions the men give her. When she slapped him and he slapped her back, I had had enough. In the end, he does right by her (after she gives birth to his daughter) and marries her, but there is still a scene when he treats her like crap.

The highlight of the book to me is when we learn her mother did not perish in the fire and married one of the wealthy upstanding men in New London. For a book described as "swashbuckling and action packed" there truly was a loss of both action and swashbuckling. The original copyright for this book is 1979; perhaps that is why the treatment of women was so bad. In closing, skip this book; there are better ones out there. The only positive I can give I didn't see any typos and that it brings to remembrance the aid the US got from the French.
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on August 6, 2011
I originally read Silver Storm as a young teen in the early 1980s and I fell in love/lust with Andre Raveneau and sailing ships. I re-read Silver Storm on my Kindle today. Started in the morning and didn't put it down until it was done! I just love this story and its characters.

The dashing Captain Andre Raveneau is a libertine of renown in the privateering community of the American Revolution. His silver eyes, raven locks, French accent and rakehell attitude lure ladies happily to their dissolute desserts.

Devon Lindsey is a star-eyed vixen, torn between her childish dreams of adventure and romance and the harsh reality of a land in revolution. When the war come to her home, it forces her to made desperate decisions. One of those choices brings her to the unlikely haven of the `Black Eagle', Raveneau's privateer.

Through the epic background of the American Revolution, Andre and Devon both grow as human beings and as a couple, even as they fight their ultimate fate.

This is a 5 star read. Highly polished and well paced.
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on December 15, 2003
Cynthia Wright's legendary series of American Colonial romances culminates in this perfect gem of a book.
Devon Lindsay is a delicious little patriot with a perky smile and bouncing red-gold curls who just happens to think that French sea-captain Andre Raveneau is to die for!
Unfortunately Andre is so used to bedding scores and scores of eager and willing beauties that it takes time for him to realize that his bouncy little stowaway is really the love of his life.
Devon begins the book "engaged" to a childhood playmate who is not really worthy of her -- but out of loyalty she stows away in Andre's ship in a desperate attempt to rescue her weak fiancee! Don't miss what happens when the two of them finally get together in this fun, touching, and inspiring tale of true love and American patriotism.
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on July 3, 2014
Enjoyed the historical setting. By far, the best part of the story.

However, I couldn't get into the characters for several reasons. 1- the age gap I between the H and the h. The H was in his 30s (very worldly) at the first encounter with the teenaged h. That immediately conveyed the H having a creepy character and mentally flawed. What decent or heroic early mid-30s man would begin to mess with a trusted friends teen-aged tenant? Ewww! 2- The h acted like a spoiled petulant tween when she was supposed to be late teen/early 20s. This made the H's attraction even more bizarre.
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on January 16, 2012
Devon Lindsey and Captain Andre Raveneau are wonderful characters with great chemistry. Andre is a French Privateer with a reputation of a womanizer. He has ex-lovers showing up everywhere you look, which puts Devon in some unusual situations. You will laugh. You will cry. You will enjoy this one!

Cynthia Wright tell a stormy love story with a rogue who fights his destiny at every turn.
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on July 10, 2012
This book was the first historical romance book I've read and I am hooked. I fell in love with the characters and the story kept me wanting to stay up all night to continue the story. Ive learned that you can't go wrong with a book by Cynthia wright:)
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on January 16, 2012
This is my ALL-TIME favorite historical romance. I've read hundreds upon hundreds of them and it simply doesn't get any better than Silver Storm. When I saw that a new "author's cut" was released, I couldn't resist reading it again. What a beautiful, enduring romance! Each time I read it I find something new to love.

The first thing a reader will notice about this, as well as the author's other novels, is the tremendous amount of historical detail and real people woven throughout. Silver Storm is set in the coastal port town of New London, Connecticut beginning in 1775, and travels through the American Revolution. The heroine's school master is the famous patriot Nathan Hale. Her town is attacked by Redcoats under the direction of traitor Benedict Arnold. Even George Washington makes a cameo. This is one romance novel that will leave you a little smarter in American History by the time you've finished it. If only it were taught this way in school. :)

Besides the bonus of a gentle history lesson, this story truly tells of an epic romance for the ages. No matter how many times I re-read this book, it never fails to take my breath away.

Notorious and devilishly handsome French sea captain-turned-privateer Andre Raveneau first crosses the lovely Devon Lindsey's path when she is 13 years old. She becomes fascinated by the daring captain of the Black Eagle, who is known for always seeming to be able to escape seemingly impossible situations. Their paths meet again a few years later and the dangerous and magnetic Raveneau shocks her by giving her a teasing kiss that turns her world upside down.

The daughter of a sailor herself, Devon is fascinated by those who call the sea their home. Her original plan of marrying her childhood friend, Morgan, begins to fall apart when she realizes that his kisses have the opposite effect of those of the handsome Raveneau. There has to be more to love than feeling comfortable. She is certain, however, that a man like the Captain would never be interested in a plain colonial miss like her.

Then one horrible day the British attack the town of New London, burning buildings and leaving a path of destruction. Devon barely escapes with her life and fears she has lost everyone dear to her. She runs into a sailor from the Black Eagle, who secretly smuggles her on board disguised as a cabin boy. Of course, she is discovered by the all-seeing Captain Raveneau although not until after she attends to his bath....

I love this book and know you will too! Captain Raveneau will always be, for me, the gold-standard of fictional heroes. He is positively, deliciously perfect in every way. With his devastatingly handsome good looks, adventurous nature, charmed success, and strength, he is truly a man to make you swoon. The only way he could be more perfect would be if he were REAL... and married to ME.
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This is one of those books that I kept reading in-spite of disliking many aspects. I generally enjoy Historical reads, this is unique because it is set during the American Revolution. It has a great mix of true history in this action packed fiction.

The main problem I have with this book is the immaturity of the main character, Devon. It is only slightly more annoying than the overbearing attitude of the male lead Andre. I hate to compare books but this feels like 50 Shades during the Revolution, minus the BDSM. The girl is all innocent virgin taken with the controlling powerful Captain. People who enjoy that dynamic will love this book.

Despite my issues with the main characters, I was still intrigued by the story. It has a great pace and a lot happens to keep the reader engaged. The story telling is great, it just was not a theme that I adored. Devon was too immature and Andre felt manipulative. I really was not buying into the love story. More of a girlish crush on an egotistic guy. The end did have a touch more romance, I just wished it had flowed through the story.

The narrative is mixed, it mostly switches between the leads POV, but there are a few supporting cast's thoughts. This style helps to make the story fuller and gives insight into the characters.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Emily Beresford. She does a lovely job with the voices and keeping things consistent. She has a great feel for Devon, really makes her far more like-able. She has a terrific pace in the read, it makes the story move along. I am definitely going to look for more of her readings.

Overall, this was a interesting story and I was entertained in-spite of myself. The combination of a unique genre, the American Revolution, and a great narrator made the book a solid good read.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings were my own.
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on January 6, 2012
I read alot of books so it is really hard for me to be impressed with some of the free kindle releases, I often don't feel the need to even finish some of them. This book is a 180 degree change! I found it breathtaking. The historical weave of the story is enjoyable as my son and I are currently studing this for his school studies. The heroine is passionate and believable and you just end up wanting the best for her. She is a survivor and while she could do it on her own probably, you just root for her and the hero to figure it out and get together in the end. He is amazing, a strong pirate like/military/privateer/rogue type, I think that says it all and appears to be invincible. Their travels together and individually are great fun to read. I listen to most of my books with all the school taxi I do each day for an hour and half both ways all days and often listen while cooking, I couldn't put it down. I had a new book that I ordered but I could not put this book down. I love this author and will mark her as a new favorite! Thanks amazon for this introduction to an author, I probably would never have known about.
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