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on April 28, 2009
John Ritter passed away after only three episodes of season 2. The series proceeded with a two part episode in which his character, Paul Hennessy, also died. The episode is very sad but is a fitting tribute to the great John Ritter. One can see the tears are real, they're not really acting; A testament to just how well loved he was by his castmates and everyone he met. Afterwards, the Hennessy's once again go about the business of making people laugh. It isn't the same without John Ritter. But, the addition of James Garner and David Spade to the regulars Katey Sagal,(Cate), Kaley Cuoco,(Bridget), Amy Davidson,(Kerry), and Martin Spanjers,(Rory), helps to fill the void. As a fan, I highly recommend season 2.
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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2009
John Ritter was one heck of an actor, and his death was too premature. Rest in peace to a wonderful man, but his performances will live on forever.

The first season of "8 Simple Rules" makes it a fantastic family show, and with the second, I thought ABC would drop it because of John's death.

Much to my surprise, they incorporated John's death INTO the show, rather than just ending it. Whether they thought the show could go on, or felt it was time for a sitcom/drama to present death in a real light, I don't know. Except they did, kept a straight face, and re-tooled the show, and the excellence remains...

After a period of mourning, for which those episodes do not have a laugh track, they continued and brought in veteran actor James Garner, who proved to be an instant hit with the audience. His presence adds a new chemistry, which clearly works.

Then they added David Space, a move that surprised me, who turns out a BRILLIANT performance to a cast that already had genuine chemistry -- a show that lost John, but rebounded with James and David. It was thought out well and it showed. Plus, the show being a 'family' show presented a topic that does happen in real life. Big kudos.

This show is well-written and well-acted. By all. There is substance, depth, and wit that transcends what could have been sloppily-written, cornball comedy. It's that wit that also helps to elevate what is already a great series.

My favorite episode from this season is a tie, between "Get Real" (David Spade's introduction where he's set up as being an irresponsible oaf), and "Consequences" (the very special drug use episode). As with the season in general, those two episodes are very sharply written but stand out because they transcend "typical" sitcom moments. No easy task.

Highly recommended to all, it's a shame ABC canceled this show after its third year (by placing it before a REALLY bad show on Friday nights), but that's another story...
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on March 2, 2009
8 Simple Rules is a popular Family Sitcom that begun in 2002. Season 2 Episodes are as follows:

1) Premiere
2) Sex Ed
3) Donny Goes AWOL
4) Goodbye: Part 1
5) Goodbye: Part 2
6) No Right Way
7) What Dad Would Want
8) The First Thanksgiving
9) Merry Christmas: The Story of Anne Frank & Skeevy
10) YMCA
11) Get Real
12) Consequences
13) Opposites Attract: Part 1
14) Opposites Attract: Part 2
15) Opposites Attract: Part 3 - Night of the Locust
16) Daddy's Girl
17) Mall in the Family
18) Let's Keep Going: Part 1
19) Let's Keep Going: Part 2
20) C. J.'s Party
21) Mother's Day
22) The Principal
23) Final Part Un
24) Final Part Deux

John Ritter stars in the first three episodes of Season 2. Katey Sagal sing's in episode 16 "Daddy's Girl."

Thank you
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on May 28, 2014
Season two is when the show excuse this saying "grew a beard".

John Ritter's untimely death greatly affected this show, putting it in a three week hiatus.
As a result of killing off Paul, Tracy Gamble and ABC brought in James Garner and David Spade and made sure Cate (Sagal) wasn't the only one who was taking care of the children. I am not saying season two is god-awful, I think it's on par with season one.

The characters have started to develop more, Bridget is more of a character than a stereotype, Kerry goes from a bitchy sarcastic redhead to a more nicer person, Rory goes from a tattling pain in the butt to an oddball child. Cate herself goes from the stereotypical working mother, to a mother who actually has time for her kids. James Garner is hilarious as Cate's father Jim Egan, a Korean war veteran who can be just like Paul (Ritter). Jim often butt heads with C.J. (played hilariously by David Spade) who is a wise-ass and a man child. Among this season you will see Jim often trying to swing at C.J. with his cane. The idea of adding Spade and Garner to the series was to give it a more comedic atmosphere compared to the long one hour dramatic episode where we learn Paul has died.

Now for the problems I have with the set
Video: 10/10
Audio: 10/10
Bonus: 0/10
My big issue with the bonus features being blank is we have no tributes to John Ritter and No Audio Commentary and not even a segment with David Spade or James Garner.

Final thought: The release is great if you want the show, but if you're looking for bonus features nope you will be disappointed. This set probably had terrible sales and that's probably why Lionsgate cancelled season three's DVD release.
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on August 8, 2009
8 Simple Rules is an excellent show, unfortunately this is the season where John Ritter passes away. There are essentially three different shows here, the one with John Ritter - that we all came to love, the one where the family (and us, really) deal with John Ritter/Paul's death, and the show after they move on - with James Garner & David Sapde. The show was different later on, but still a good show. James Garner was a brilliant addition of both comedy and heart, and nobody could have been a funnier addition than David Spade.

The DVD is OK. All episodes are uncut, but the introductions to John Ritter's final episodes are missing. There are no special features, which is disappointing.
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I really loved this show. Season one was incredible. The chemistry built by the actors in this series was outstanding, and John Ritter nailed the tortured father in every respect. His delivery always made me laugh out loud. All the actors meshed perfectly. Stories were funny, often touching. Writing was great. All the cast did a great job playing off of each other. You could see a real bond and it came through in the show.

The passing of John Ritter was a great loss to show business overall, but was a death blow to the series. I thought they did a fantastic job with the episodes dealing with his passing, was both funny and heartbreaking at the same time. A very fitting tribute. And the DVD is worth it just for the beginning of the season that had the episodes with John and the episodes that dealt with his death. But unfortunately they weren't able to recover well.

James Garner was a good addition, did a enjoyable job of the father/grandfather trying to help bring a male presence to the family, but the addition of David Spade for me was the death knell. I've never been impressed with his "acting" and it was not at all good here. They spent too much time focusing on him, and the series suffered terribly for that. It was no longer a great show, but became just another TV series.

But the first episodes in this season were as outstanding as the first season, and a great tribute to the talent that was John Ritter.
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on February 5, 2013
Season 2 is another good one; it's packed with laughter, sadness, growing and changing, and some new people in the cast. John Ritter passed away after collapsing in the studio during a rehearsal for this season. He was apparently loved, and his death was added to the season, as was mourning and paying respects (it was worked into the plot). Kate's father (James Garner) ends up moving in after the passing of Paul (John Ritter), and he adds to it nicely. Kate's nephew, C.J. (David Spade) also joins the cast, and he can be funny, though his humor and role in these last seasons can be controversial. But this is a really good season, especially considering the loss of a main character in the series. Most series don't hold it together as well after losing a main character.

This, like the first season, is also in a decent box set and has separate places for each DVD.
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on February 25, 2013
What can you say about a show that had an unfortunate change of events. I think they handled it as well as they could of with adding David Spade and James Gardner to lighten the show up with the untimely loss of John Ritter.
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on July 2, 2013
The first couple of episodes, sadly John's last, are funny as ever. The five after his passing are touching and a wonderful tribute to his comedic and acting talent. The worst thing they did was to bring in David Spade. Simply put, this was not his niche, and he just didn't belong in this series. Otherwise, I love this season and the remaining cast.

I was great to see how everyone reacted to their husbands/fathers death. Just like real life, everyone reacted differently. Just like real life, there can be laughter among the tears.
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on December 24, 2014
I love this show. I'm just really sad that season 3 isn't released on DVD. I was unsure how good the show would be without Ritter, but David Spade and the grandpa make great additions to the cast. It's still really funny!
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