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on December 16, 2005
From the inventor of step aerobics. You know that Gin knows what she's doing and how to do it. She invented Step Reebok so she does know a thing or two. I love this workout. It's all the step classics here. She doesn't use fancy dance steps, but the intense moves you do in this are designed to maximize results. She makes this fun with tempo variations and directional changes. It's really well designed and her cueing is clear and precise as always. There are straddles and repeaters etc etc. All the good moves to make you sweat and fit. Enjoy. You'll feel this for a day or two afterward.
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on September 14, 2006
Don't let the "simple" fool you: Gin's choreography may be straightforward, but this work out is anything but "easy." By the end, you will be fully energized, and drenched -- just in time for Gin to joke about whether your "hair and makeup" still look good - LOL! This DVD is an excellent refresher if you're re-joining the step world, or if you want a break from all of the dance-y intricate choreography other instructors provide. That is NOT to say that this workout is boring -- far from it! It includes all of the classic step moves, and some great floor work (get ready for jumping jacks and other good old fashioned cardio). Also: Gin provides plenty of explanation and opportunity to "get" the steps; repetition of one move in this routine provided and "A-HA!" moment -- I was able to master a step that showed up as and "Add-On" in another routine. This will be a fine workout to add to your step rotation. Master this classic work out, and then see if those dance-y workouts don't come a bit more quickly! Highly recommended!
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on November 9, 2006
Ok, this DVD is worth the money. It kicked my butt today! It is 51 minutes of cardio with separate warm up and cool down time. I was about 8 minutes into the beginning (already sweating) and Gin Miller says ok, now that we're warmed up, let's get started. Then I knew I was in for a great, challenging workout. Don't be fooled by the's a definite work-out. Loved it!
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VINE VOICEon December 1, 2008
At my age, 53, I have seen the fads...floor aerobics, stepping, running, walking. Stepping, so 80's, did get the heart rate up. With extra weight to loss and limited space to work out, I bought the DVD to find out if I could learn how to use my step. Yes, you CAN! There is not too much fancy footwork. moves well-cued. Gin shows modifications for beginners and advanced and leaves it up to you to get that burn. No chatter and no funny camera angles. A classic and will get you on the weight loss wagon.
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on March 13, 2007
After completing physical therapy for a 2-yr old ski injury to my hip & leg, I was hoping this might be a good workout - and I was right. It's a no-frills, easy-to-follow workout that allows you to make it as intense or low-key as you like. I went simply on Gin Miller's reputation, already owning a number of her workouts. Her cueing is faultless and her commentary keeps it fun - she had me smiling the whole way through. The workout is rated intermediate/advanced, so a true beginner may not be happy with it. It does, as Gin suggests, help quite a bit to watch the entire workout at least once through to familiarize. I dumped all my Karen Voigt workouts after her "Hollywood" makeover (new breasts, hair, make up) and am sending back the first Denise Austin tape I've ever ordered (her goofy, breathy voice makes it sound like she's trying to seduce someone - and her class has better moves than she does) and sticking with GIN MILLER - cuz she's the real deal, baby!
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on February 14, 2011
I remember taking step classes in the 90's and really taking for granted how good the workout was. While I waited for this DVD to arrive I did some research and found that they burn between 400-680 calories per (which is comparable to a run). I recently have not been able to run due to my flat feet (major shin splints and lower back pain) but I needed to get some pure unadulterated cardio in so this was my big hope and it delivers. I will say that I feel more comfortable with this workout because by all accounts Gin Miller created the step programs we are familiar with today via Step Reebok. The workout is intense but if you monitor you exertion level with the scale on the screen you can make it through the entire thing (you will be dripping with sweat however :). The warm up is insufficent though for such a vigorous workout so sadly you will have to make other arrangements then start her video to prevent injury. Caution: if you are like me an do a lot of workouts at home this is old school all the way and is NOT 30 MINUTES. Its more like an aerobics class at the gym for 60 minutes. This can be good if you really want to get maximum results but be aware you will be working longer and harder than other cardio DVD's on the market. Happy stepping!

Oh and by the way, the moves are all classic step so if you have ever taken one before you'll be amazed how much you remember. Newbies def start with 1 step or none at all and focus on endurance. Mu ha ha ha!
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on January 12, 2007
She does it again with this video. Basic moves, lots of repetition and her funny commentary to go along with it. It's over an hour long but you feel great afterwards. Some of transitions from each move gave me a little trouble (I am a seasoned stepper) but once you get the hang of it, it's great. And, though its over an hour, not boring and dragging on. She keeps you moving and that heart rate up. I own several of Gin's videos/dvds and rotate them throughout the week. I recently had a baby and not only did I lose my baby weight but I am in better shape than before. She is consistently good and gives good instruction. In this video she is alone in a studio, I liked it way better than her being in a warehouse with all the TV monitors, the band, etc. Lets you concentrate on the step and keeps you motivated. Would highly recommend!!
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on April 12, 2009
This is supposed to be a back to basics video. And it is. But it's too basic! I found myself checking my watch almost every minute hoping I was closer to being done. The steps are simple and have many, many reps. It would be nice if it started like this and then sped up, but it's the same thing the whole time. It never mixed things up more quickly or did anything to keep me interested. I think this is for beginners with a lot of stamina who don't need more fancy choreography to keep them from getting bored out of their minds. It's a good workout and will keep your heartrate up if you don't give up out of boredom.
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on November 18, 2006
I am a new step aerobics instructor and I have been studying different aerobics DVDs to prepare for my classes. This was my first DVD by Gin Miller and it will definitely not be my last. Her teaching style is very refined and the workout is well designed. She maintains a high level of intensity while delivering an interesting choreography based on classic moves. This DVD is excellent for beginners or anyone wishing to revisit the fundamentals of step. It is also a great idea for new instructors who would like to observe refined techniques for teaching step aerobics.
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on February 25, 2011
I am 51 and hadn't stepped in years, (was a runner) and was worried about knee issues. I tried other step workouts but they were more "dance" workouts to me and I'm not a very coordinated person. I never really sweat with them either and they were intermediate.
When I bought this workout, I thought it might be too easy...was I wrong! I had pink cheeks and wet hair afterwards and felt it was basic in step moves but not beginner in endurance. I was a few paces behind toward the end but think I will do this one more often and get better.
I like that she is a "real" looking woman and not a model-type and although she speaks to you about the steps, isn't overly chatty like some DVD's. I hate hearing the same comments over and over again.
I am glad I took a chance with this one and will look into others she has.
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