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on November 13, 2012
Seasons is the Sims 3 expansion I've been anxiously awaiting. I purchased every expansion up through Pets. Pets was a letdown for me - odd because I enjoyed it so much in Sims 2. I was let down to the point that I stopped playing Sims for months. I was ecstatic when I heard they were finally releasing Seasons, and after a 2 hour Origin dowload process very early this morning, I'm happy to say that I'm hooked again. (BTW, I'm very sorry to see so many people are having trouble with Origin. I did not get any error messages when I downloaded, but I did feel like every time I thought I'd finished the process, there was something else to do. My first step was to update Origin. Then, I followed the Amazon instructions. My final step was an update of the launcher, and then it was good to go, and I was able to play the game from my Origin library. I have not yet gotten the Ice Lounge pre-order bonus to install, but I'll worry about that later.) Now back to the game...

Seasons 3 has all the features we loved in the previous version, along with new features like seasonal festivals (in the fall they can participate in apple bobbing and pie eating contests), trick or treating, and my favorite so far: snowboarding. It seems like the developers put more focus this time on including events that emphasize community and relationship-building. So far, I'm enjoying fall and winter the most, as those seem to add the greatest enhancements, with the most fun activities, to the base game. One cool feature in winter is that you can see Sims' frosty breath outside. Oddly, vampires also have frosty breath. Developers, if you're listening, take this feature away from vampires!

On the options menu, you can set the length of each season individually - anywhere from 3 to 28 days, and you also have the ability to skip a particular season(s) altogether. One of the things I like about shortening the seasons is that there are more opportunities for festivals, which occur the last day of each season. You can also throw seasonal parties. My Sim family hosted a gift-giving party at home with around 12 guests. You can host it like a normal party by ordering pizza, buying a buffet table, hiring a mixologist, etc. The special part was the pile of gifts that were automatically set on the floor of the living room. At any time, your Sim has the option to gather everyone to open gifts. When I did this, all the Sims gathered in a pack in the living room and started complaining because they were stuck. After a couple of minutes, they sorted themselves out and sat on furniture or else upon the floor. Each Sim took a turn selecting and opening a gift from the pile. We can see from their thought bubbles what the gift was and whether they liked it. When your own Sims open a gift, it will be placed in the family inventory. One of my Sims received a very cool gift - a Sno-Cone machine!

I don't have Supernatural, but apparently there are some special fetaures that tie Seasons into that expansion. Now that I'm finally enjoying Sims 3 again, I might have to pick that one up!

Tip - buy your Sims umbrellas and parasols right away (available in the Outdoor Activities section) and store in their inventories. They don't like getting rained on, and they will use the umbrella automatically. Likewise, parasols will protect them from the hot sun.

Glitches - a few so far, but not bad. During the gift-giving party, the game started to freeze up. Perhaps because I had so many Sims on my lot? All the noise continued, but the Sims froze in place, and the clock stopped. The freeze lasted quite a long time - maybe 30 seconds. It unfroze by itself, but froze again a couple of seconds later. It repeated the process until I finally restarted the game. I have not experienced the problem again.

Occasionally outside, my cursor turns into a swirling circle that is difficult to locate. This also eventually corrects itself.

The only crash I experienced was when I installed the Ice Lounge. One restart, and I was fine. BTW, although it appears in the Launcher as though it's correctly installed, and I can see the file in the game folder, I cannot find the Lounge to place it. I've looked under the Edit Town function under Lots. Does anyone know if it's located somewhere else? I've searched online for a solution but haven't found one yet. UPDATE - Well, the Ice Lounge was there all along in Lots. I didn't recognize it because it was just called "Community Lot," and it did not even have have the Seasons icon. Now that I have it placed in the neighborhood, I can say that it's pretty underwhelming.
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on October 26, 2015
I'm not sure why people were having trouble downloading it through origin. My game works like a charm. Just make sure you actually download the game after putting in the access code. You with have to click on the Sims 3 in the my games section and there will be a tiny symbol underneath it with the seasons logo. Make sure you click on that and download it into your game. Hope this helps someone. I know I was a little confused at first.
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on June 26, 2013
Had I known the game was actually coming from Origin instead of Amazon I NEVER would have bought it. Amazon couldn't help me and Origin makes it next to impossible to get answers. The person who answered the phone wasn't even familiar with the Sims game! So then I bought it directed from the Origin site and still no go. I had to buy the disk after spending $80 between Amazon and Origin. I hope to heaven Island Paradise is a better download experience or I just wasted another $40. So disappointed in Amazon's lack of support for products they sell...
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on November 13, 2012
I been a huge fan of the series since forever and currently I only own the base game and town life stuff, which I am fine with.. and NOW Seasons.. To me if feels like it completes the game..
Yes you have to download through Origin which I didn't know either, but looking back at the product page it tell you in bold letters Origin required to activate, but once I got everything situated and downloaded, it was fine, the download took me around 3 hours or so, but I was ok with it because I had some last minute stuff to do.. But once installed immediately started looking around the new stuff, there isn't a lot of clothing though, and I do believe only 2 hair style for woman without accessories and a ton of hair with accessories with hats and shells an things..
The festival lots are really neat, if your playing Sunset Valley the festival lot will replace central park.. But you have to place the lot on there, and wait a few sim days like maybe 2 and a pop up will come up and say the summer or whatever season your in is starting.. The calander for the sims in the summer time have a red circle around Monday which they are calling Leisure Day..
You can't change the seasons in any other order but you can turn off which seasons you don't want and you can turn off Hail and rain and etc.. You can also set the seasons for as long as you want, I believe 28 days or for as little as 3 days..
I haven't yet seen an alian and I hope I don't lol... But they are in the game and you can not make them in CAS.. Basically if you ignore them, they will go away..
I was [playing through the summer season and everyone was sleeping and my screen flashed and heard a loud bang, bought jumped out of my seat lol.. It felt very real the thunderstorm.. Really excited to get to fall and winter ( I think I am gonna set that one for 28 days because I love winter!) The skating rinks are a nice touch.. The rafts are cute and you can nap on them in the pool or in the ocean! You can also get the weather now on tv but that thing lies lol... It told me 90 degrees and sunny, so I decided to take my teenage girl and her high school boyfriend on a date to the beach and just as we got there, it started to pour rain! So, don't always believe the weatherman lol.. But by your sim theres a sun that you can mouse over it tells you what degree it is outside and how many days til the next season.
When I had played The sims 3 my clock, I could never get it to speed up, then I did an update and bought town life stuff and my clock, I could speed through the time like when they are sleeping, and I noticed a little lag within the game, with seasons, I no longer have a lag and runs better than it did before, I am also on a laptop with minimum specs, when I did the can you run it for the sims 3 base game, it told me I failed, but I bought it anyways and it works just fine, but when I used that to check for seasons it told me I passed with flying colors and was over the required specs, I found it some what odd, but I am not gonna complain!
I hope that the rest of you can get your game to work, it is worth it, it won't disappoint, just try and be patient, I know it's hard!
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on November 7, 2015
Ok, I love the SIMS 3 games, EPs, and SPs, but I have come to not be such a fan of EA. EA creates games with the most bugs I have ever seen. Back in the day, on Playstation 1&2, there games were revered as a thing of modern gaming beauty! I am not sure if they have had a recent change in staff or over the past 10 years; however, I only plan to buy one more SIMS 3 EP, since I have a few others, and after that, I am cutting ties with EA forever! Their customer support is absolutely ridiculous beyond words, and they fail to see the error of their gaming enterprises. Who wants to buy products from a company whom never wants to make their games better. I am well aware that games, in general, come with maybe a glitch or two here and there, but EA's seem more willfully intended than most other game creators. Otherwise, wouldn't the games have less problems?
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on April 25, 2016
Seasons add fun variety to the game. After attending the festivals for each season I did grow kind of bored of that and didn't really go anymore. It's nice that you can control how many days the seasons are in your options menu. When you first start, I put it down to 3 days so that I could cycle through them all quickly, just because I was excited!
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on December 14, 2015
Seasons is honestly my favorite expansion pack. I just can't play the game without rain, snow, and holidays. Having to rake up leaves is tedious, but it's worth it for the rest of the seasons. Added moods and learnables is also worth it. I do wish the occasional penguin would stop by as they did in The Sims 2, but I'm still extremely happy with this pack. It's the first thing I install after the base game.
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on December 31, 2013
I wish I would have read reviews before I bought it.... I figured since Origin (an EA company) had it for download, it would be compatible with the base game I purchased and already installed.... No dice.

All my other expansions/the base game were installed via disk, and EA informed me that to play this, I must uninstall ALL my games, PURCHASE (again) the base game on Origin and download it... Deleting all of my save games to add one expansion.

Bad move by EA, to kick all of us who buy their games physically... People who downloaded from day 1 got to buy this game for $17, but those of us who don't want to spend more money to buy what we already have must pay up to $40 for a simple expansion.

Was wondering if it was a good game, but now I'll never know. Thanks, EA.

Amazon is great for getting the order fast, and I'll always remain loyal to them.... But EA just shot my loyalty to bits.
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on July 13, 2015
This is a needed expansion in my opinion if you want your sims to be just like us, you can't have good weather all the time in real life can you? I love extending the winter time because skating looks so much fun and the pictures, and gift giving its all wonderful. You get a lot of stuff with this to make it your own. The kissing booths, the sports Games for your parks.
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on January 4, 2014
I am an absolute Sims fanatic.

Personally this game was a nice little addition but definitely not worth the price. I think this game is worth the price of a "Stuff" pack...not an expansion pack. I would definitely hold off until the price decreases if you really want this game.

It just wasn't that exciting.

In other news, I had no issues downloading with the online code. My origin is up to date and original Sims game wasn't through origin. If this is the case, you have to re-download it, which origin makes really easy by not requiring your game code again. My ONLY complaint about downloading online Sims games, is the speed is ridiculously slow. I bought the game and couldn't play for like 2 more hours waiting for origin. :/ My laptop is brand new, and my wifi is strong. Origin is just buggy.

Hope this helped!
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