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VINE VOICEon April 12, 2007
Single White Female is a pretty decent early 90s horror-thriller. Although most of the action and dialogue seems kind of cheesy now, I'm sure it was surprising and intriguing at the time.

Jennifer Jason Leigh really creates a psychologically frightening character that definitely increases the scare factor of the situation overall. Her character is scary to think about and very well developed in her portrayal of psychoses.

The amount of nudity and sexuality involved in this movie is kind of amazing. Every 10 minutes either Jennifer Jason Leigh or Bridget Fonda is getting out of the shower and walking naked across the apartment, or there's an extended sex scene between Bridget Fonda and her fiance. We can either say that the premise of stolen identity crosses into the most secure areas of our lives, like our sexuality, and that we are naked before these terrors... or we could just say that sex sells thrillers when plots are lacking.

Either way, Single White Female is obviously from the 90s and the clothing is the most obvious reminder of that, although Fonda's haircut is a dead giveaway too.

The DVD doesn't have any special features, except for a theatrical trailer, so that's kind of disappointing. But it helps remind you of the early 90s. Remember when VHS just had the movie on it and that's it? Yeah, that's back when films like Single White Female were coming out.
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on October 20, 2003
Jenninfer Jason Leigh is totally out of control while Bridget Fonda fears for her life in this psychological thriller. Allie Jones (Fonda) puts an ad in the newspaper for a room mate wanted, a single white female. She quickly gets a response from Hendra Carlson (Leigh) and has Allie convinced. She moves in and seems like the perfect room mate. But Allie begins to notice some of her belongings missing and Hendra's style and personality changing. Before long, Hendra's obsession with Allie's life proves it's self when Hendra gets a complete make over and looks exactly like Allie. And to top it all off, Hendra tries to seduce Allie's boyfriend! When Allie finds out and confronts her about it, the film takes off into violence, mild gore, insanity, and murder. Allie tries to uncover Hendra's dark past before Hendra's increasingly violent behavior targets her. The worst scene is where Hendra becomes crazy-jealous after Allie leaves with her boyfriend. The dog is bothering her and she's so upset and irritated she throws it out the window! Allie and her boyfriend return to hear screams and the horrific mess on the pavemant. This film goes to great lenghts to terrorize the viewer!
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on June 17, 2006
I love this movie. It is so funny and over-the-top.

The basic plot is that Allison (Bridget Fonda) gets a roommate for her Manhattan apartment (has anyone ever seen an apartment this large in NYC??) after her skirt-crazy live-in lover Sam (played by "Wings" star Steven Weber) runs around on her. It's Headra "Hedy" (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to the rescue!

Allie thinks she found the best thing since sliced bread in Hedy. Although she is somewhat meek, and no fashion magnet she seems kind, and eager to befriend the lonely and hurt Allie.

Sam reenters the picture which really ticks Hedy off. You see, Hedy is actually a kook that is infatuated with Allie. She soon starts dressing like Allie, and acting like Allie. And Allie soon finds out that Heady has some dark secrets.

When Sam comes back from a business trip Hedy goes to his hotel posing as Allie (she cut and colored her hair the same color and style) to perform oral sex on him. Once Sam figures out it's crazy Hedy he tries to get her off him.

The next day there's a climactic scene when Allie finds out what Hedy did to Sam. They fight in the apartment basement prompting Hedy to scream, "DON'T MAKE ME COME GET YOU..."

The movie ends with Allison reflecting on what happened, she tries to forgive Hedy...

FUN FACT: Bridget Fonda was in another movie that came out a month after "Single White Female" called "Singles
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on March 3, 2015
This is one of my favorite suspense films. The setting is amazing, an old spooky apartment building but a gorgeous sparsely furnished apartment within. The main character Allie Jones, is looking for a new roommate and finds the plain & awkward Hedra to move in. Soon strange events occur, at first innocuous but later horrifying, as Allie learns more and more about her roommate's past. An obsession with both Allie and her boyfriend develops. Allie's puppy and good friend are also involved as Hedi metamorphoses 'into' Allie to discard her own troubled past. The climax of the movie is suspenseful, and the aftermath calm yet tainted. If you watched this in the 90s and liked it, I would recommend buying it and looking closely at all the nuances and details-it's a well-made film.
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on August 19, 2013
I think Bridget Fonda was made for this role. She plays a fashion designer in NYC who needs a female roommate for her apartment. She has just broken up with her fiancee (a wonderful performance by "Wings" actor Stephen Weber), and claims she will never reconcile with him. Enter Jennifer Jason Leigh, who Fonda chooses. Bridget Fonda is entirely cute in this movie. She has just the right haircut, and the greatest outfits featuring short, short skirts that puts this "look" of entirely chic to her every move. No surprise that JJ Leigh wants to copy her, even down to the haircut and color ... Being overly friendly to Fonda's fiancee ... Butting in with one of her fashion clients ... Leigh goes to any lengths to try to get Fonda to like her; to need her. When Fonda does reconcile with her fiancee (who could resist?), JJ tries to make sure she keeps her spot as roommate and questionable best friend.
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on July 2, 2015
The first half of the movie moves pretty slowly. Starts moving along at the midway point and then turns into a fun adventure at the end. What's not to love about Jennifer Jason Leigh going batshit crazy on Bridget Fonda?
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on April 24, 2009
Here's another film I really enjoyed on the first viewing but lost its impact on subsequent viewings.

This interesting story was quite a topic of conversation when it came out 17 years ago. By now, it's probably considered fairly tame, and nothing that shocking or special. Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh star with Leigh getting the juicier role as the wacko, "Hedy Carlson." Character studies of people like her are usually entertaining. Leigh has made a career of playing totally immoral women. She also shows a lot of skin in this movie, something else she likes to do in her films.

Fonda's character, "Allie Jones," is no Mary Poppins, either, or should I say Fonda isn't exactly Shirley Temple. The movie shows several scenes of her having sex with her boyfriend.

The movie starts building its suspense about halfway through when Leigh - the roommate and admirer of Fonda - begins to lose her girlfriend to that guy....and decides to do something about it.

There really isn't a lot of violence in this movie, mainly just at the end. It's a good suspense movie, though, which builds and builds. Tha's why I gave it four stars because it does keep your attention, big-time, if you've never seen this movie.
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on May 23, 2012
I told my daughters about this movie bc I loved it back in the late 80's. I grew up in the 80's and can relate to the movie characters. They watched the movie w/ me and Loved it. Jennifer Jason Leigh is incredible!
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on January 31, 2016
One has a plot to take over a friends lively hood. Watching this movie I did pay close attention. A scene in the very beginning of the movie 2 twin girls when they were little could prove they were related. I can't say if it was supposed to be the same ones that became enemies. But theirs really no actual proof of it. You know what part of the movie I'm talking about? One of them was looking at stuff & saw a picture of 2 girls at infant age. Whether or not they were sisters we'll never know. All I know was that Allie told Hendra at the end of the movie is that we're not sisters anymore. These 2 meet after one girl feels necessary to search & find a roommate. So Allie (Bridget Fonda) finds the one she thinks is okay. She introduces her to her boyfriend & the 2 do everything together, they go shopping, wear the same clothes, & then after a while Hendra (Jennifer Jason Leigh) gets herself a makeover to look like the other one, now they look like twins. Wasn't a bad idea. But I think Allie was right. She should of asked first. What can you expect when someone wants to have something in common with you? Too much as a matter a fact. She becomes sneaky & borrows a little bit too much. & also destroys Allies & Sam's future wedding.
Just when it looks like they're going to live happily ever after that's when we start seeing some strange behavior from Hendra. & before too long Allie becomes a hostage. Hendra hugs & kisses Allie even after she becomes dangerous, acting like she still loves Allie & that's she's still her friend. All Allie can do is try to escape the plot & the terror. One of the things she does while being tied up in a chair is turning up the TV to get attention, so that she can tell someone the desperate need of the situation. Well that didn't work! She almost pulled it off. But not quite. I will call the movie half drama half horror. About like that. The terror doesn't kick in right after the beginning of the movie that's why.
The only way for Allie to escape Hendra's grasp is through a brutal confrontation between the 2. Alright! This movie does lack a little action. But it finally starts getting interesting during the last 45 minutes. I'll leave it at that!
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on April 17, 2002
When a Young Attractive Cultivated Carrer Woman (Bridget Fonda) is Recovering from the Betrayal of an Unfaithful Boyfriend (Steven Weber). When she decides to look for a Roommate for her Large Apartment, She accepts a Mysterious Odd and Shy Woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh) as her New Roommate.
Directed by Barbet Schroeder (Barfly, Before and After, Murder by Numbers). From a Novel by John Lutz from an Screenplay by Don Roos (Boys on the Side) is Well Written. The Film is Stylish, thanks to Luciano Tovoli (Suspiria) Cinematography. Fonda and Leigh give Strong Performances in this Box-Office Hit. This is a Underrated Thriller, which is Surprisngly Clever Movie. Grade:A-.
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