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on December 5, 2013
As one reviewer pointed out this piece of detritus clocks in at 85 min rather than the 120 listed, I am not sure that I could have endured that much more of this student film project rejects. Those glowing 5 star reviews must have some payola or debt collector incentive. Not not one of these shorts has any redeeming quality. I got it used for about 5 bucks and this was a ripoff especially when I could have spent the time watching paint dry. Caveat emptor
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on September 27, 2013
This film consists of 5 separate horror film shorts. Unlike recent Redbox rentals, these are NOT part of longer films cut to fit shorter time periods, but rather complete stories within themselves. The claim that this film is 120 minutes long is incorrect. It is 85 minutes including credits. Yes, 5 films in 85 minutes, you do the math.

The back of the DVD describes each episode, although they tend to have a twist. The second feature is a dark comedy zombie film which will remind the viewer of "Fido." The special effects and acting are acceptable for this type of feature. The main problem I have with this film is that it turns horror into pornography. One of the things that has happened in our society, reflective in our films, is the instant gratification. Both adult films and action films have essentially eliminated plot, drama, characterization, theme, metaphors, and cinematography for the sake the continual climax scene. In this regard, the features in this film go straight to that horror scene. "A Woman Scorned" epitomizes this as it opens with a nude woman tied to a table. She dared to date a woman's former husband. There was no build up of any kind. The films are for people who desire instant horror gratification, those who want to watch the shower scene in "Psycho" but nothing leading up to it....still the features weren't bad, just short. Good make-up job on the Succubus. "Genital Genocide" was a waste.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Tori Montgomery, Pamela Ricardo, Kat Herlo, Mette Løvendahl, Andrea Santos,)
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on March 13, 2016
Why did I watch this" Cuz obviously sanity packed it's bags and left. Example of DUMB-1st one 2 female in another country archaeologists digging one finds an egg like thing. a distance from the site rebel shooting breaks out her friend comes into the tent to warn her they have to leave fast. She drops the egg shaped thing on the table it breaks dark mist rises up

Does dummy back off run away leaving everything behind and save herself like the rest of us would do? No instead stands there picking up the pieces putting them inside of the half that was left while breathing in the mist passes out. Back home again she finds out she's possessed by a succubus with a voracious sexual appetite. On the upside major props on the succubus character the makeup special effects all awesome and the amazing wings really added to it
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VINE VOICEon April 4, 2016
Not sure why, but the Amazon streaming version of this film is MISSING one story. As for the 4 included, the first, "Succubus" is not much of a story, and ends with a woman turning into a succubus that looks like a club kid dressed up like a fierce demon for a Halloween party at a rave. "My Undead Girlfriend" is the best story here, providing both humor and some gross out moments. "Mother Knows Best" offers a familiar tale--mama's boy messed up by his mother's negativity takes it out on women. "A Woman Scorned" is a pretty bland, average, dialogue-heavy story of a jilted chick who kills her cheating boyfriend and his side piece. Perhaps the missing story, "Genital Genocide," would have closed this anthology a bit stronger than this weak final tale.
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on March 10, 2016
This movie is just terrible. I tried to find something positive to say but I couldn't make it more than 15 minutes into the movie. I had to turn it off and just read instead. I'm glad I just watched it through Amazon Prime and I didn't pay for this.
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on May 25, 2015
“Sinister Visions” is a 50/50 experience for me. The stories and visual aspects of the directors seem a bit misogynistic. The characters in many of the short films read more cold and empty than one wants in their characters. There was no wrap-around or framework to the anthology that you want to find to lead the collection of short films from start to finish. That is the things I found wrong with the collection. The things I liked about “Sinister Vision” was the fact there was some series attempts to tell really chilling tales with a three stories really standing out as notable short films (My Undead Girlfriend, Mother Knows Best, A Woman Scorned). The effects and graphic elements, when displayed, where delightful to my blood thirsty nature. I like blood and guts in my anthology. Over all “Sinister Visions” is one of those films that I would say see it if you really want to, and for Kim Sønderholm fans, there is plenty of him available in this collection of short films. This anthology however doesn't really offer anything knew as far as original concepts but the actual plot lines and stories are creative. "Sinister Visions" has some good moments and then there is some bad ones in this collection. That is why I am split about my feelings.
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on October 7, 2013
Stars : David C Hayes and Kim Sonderholm.
Anthology filmed in - Denmark, Sweden, US states of Ga. & Az.
SUCCUBUS - Great look of a female Indiana Jones finding the ` wrong ` possessed relic and it turns her into this nigjht club - hopping winged/fanged creature with a taste for blood of men.
Retro Homage to NOTLD - Very amusing experiments in a lab that go awry with zombies and doctors.
HOLDCARE - caregiver appliance for handing your zombie at home.
MY UNDEAD GIRLFRIEND - Probably the longest segment and well worth the character development.
Very funny courtship of undead girlfriend and asking her normal parents for her hand in marriage and having to control her ravenous appetite for brains.
MOTHER KNOWS BEST - Yikes,PSYCHO influenced `Mother Issues' and a bevy of beauties not good enough for Madre.
A WOMAN SCORNED - This begs for a sequel of what SHE would do next on her hurtful, insane journey .
GENITAL GENOCIDE - Leave it to David C Hayes to do a tribute to the SCANNERS `Blowing Up Head' iconic moment in only way Hayes knows how, With bathroom humor.Actually there is even a moment form NOES with Freddy Kreuger ` Meeting The Parents'.
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on March 28, 2016
I didn't make it past 15 cannot give a true review. I tend to give every scary movie a fair chance but this one did not seem worth the time.
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on April 4, 2016
Nothing impressive. I hoping for some good T & A, but not much there. No real scares or compelling stories.
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on February 16, 2016
bad, but then I was expecting it to be...whew...really bad.
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