Customer Reviews: Sins of the Flesh (Sin Hunters)
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VINE VOICEon October 27, 2009
Caterina "Cat" Shaw was a fighter to the tips of her toes and nothing was going to knock that out of her. She had overcome a painful childhood to become a concert cellist and was determined to recover from the brain tumor that had left her blind and unable to play. The fight would be a tough one but she trusted the doctors who offered the cure but when the treatment turned into a drug induced, experimental nightmare it was the fighter in her that saved her from doom.

A terrible accident at the lab she was being held at resulted in Cat being accused of murder so she started running. She ran for her life with only a minimum of herself functioning and found herself being chased by the police and the doctors' hired mercenaries. The police want to find out what happened that night and the other doctors want her back to eliminate her as evidence but evidence of what even Cat is not sure. The cure turned into an experiment which resulted by making her a person that can blend into her surroundings literally by her skin color taking on that which situation she finds herself. While this helps her stay alive the doctors' mercenary, Mick Carrera is very, very good at his job and only a few steps behind her. Before long Mick has located Cat but within a heartbeat he decides something is not right with the story he was told about her and before he turns her in he will find out what that something is. Cat is physically damaged and mentally not logical so Mick brings her to his safe house and calls upon his sister, Liliana, a physician herself to help him get to the bottom of all this mystery and help Cat recover, if they can. Mick tries to remain impersonal but there is something about this beautiful woman is calling him deep inside and the only answer seems to be to let himself believe that she is not the killer and could be so much more if he let her. But there are a number of distractions including Mick's nemesis who has nothing but revenge in his plans for Mick and Cat.

Cat soon discovers so much pleasure can be derived from such pain and Mick is providing all the pleasure she can handle. What a wonderful surprise to discover that he may be tough on the outside and all muscle and firm talk but inside he has the soft heart of poet that is warming her up with a fever from love not infection. They share an Hispanic heritage and come to discover that there is so much more to life than just the few pieces of happiness that can be had - what an amazing eye opener for two people so different yet so much alike when it comes to trying to find the other half of their soul.

What a wonderful story and a great book for not only the paranormal genre but also a touch of mystery as well as suspense. You may think you know what is going on and who the bad guys are but turn the page and discover that nothing is as it seems and the people that you were convinced were the evil doers may just not be after all.

Mary Gramlich ("The Reading Reviewer") [...]
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on October 27, 2009
World famous cellist "Caterina `Cat' Shaw" consents to undergo risky experimental gene therapy at "Wardwell Biotech", to treat an inoperable brain tumor. She is considered a terminal case. Caterina is under the care of physicians "Dr. Raymond Edwards" and "Dr. Rudy Wells", co-founders of the Wardwell program. When Dr. Wells is found brutally murdered in the Wardwell laboratory, and Caterina is nowhere to be found she becomes the number one suspect and is hunted by authorities.

Dr. Edwards hires mercenary "Miguel `Mick'Carrera", well known for his success in solving client's `problems' by completing assignments discretely through whatever means necessary. Mick has developed a thick skin, the eldest son of a close Hispanic family who endured tough times; he honed his special skills through years of military training and experience providing private security. Despite the nature of his current work, as a reader I knew early on that Mick possesses an inner sense of integrity and honor. When something doesn't quite ring true for Mick with respect to Edwards' story about Caterina Shaw, a seeming delicate, demure cellist being a cold-blooded murderer, the red flags begin to fall.

Caterina Shaw is terrified, weak, and desperate. She has escaped confinement and her tormentors but her thoughts are muddled, she is experiencing difficulty focusing, remembering. Lost in a forest, naked and alone, one memory does surface, a place where her music brought her peace of mind. With what little reserve she has left she strikes out for this destination.

Through careful investigative work Mick tracks Caterina to the Academy of Music and what he finds completely unnerves him. Another mercenary hired by Edwards has found Caterina first and wounds her. Mick discovers bright droplets of yellow-green phosphoresced liquid along a corridor in his search for her. Further inspection reveals the liquid is blood, and when he does find Caterina, all that is visible is the clothing she is wearing, and her eyes when she opens them. Caterina, you see, is like a chameleon, in times of stress, her skin turns the same color and texture as whatever she is next to.

Mick takes the wounded, obviously abused and malnourished woman to his `safe house' and enlists the help of his physician sister "Liliana" to treat her. Liliana is an orthopedic resident at the local hospital and through connections is able to have Caterina's unusual blood secretly analyzed.

Along with the obvious signs of abuse on her body it is also discovered that Cat has a significant genetic DNA abnormality, and she has been pumped full of medication that induces disassociative behavior, hallucinations etc. At this point the alarm bells are screaming in Mick's mind with respect to the good Dr. Edwards and Wardwell Biotech.

Mick is a strong, handsome man with an air of danger that attracts the kind of woman who enjoys a quick affair and moves on. He has never been involved in a long-term relationship and given his line of work, he compensates by telling himself it's probably a good thing. Mick convinces himself that `Cat' is his `mission', `captive', `target', even to point of subconsciously referring to her as "Shaw".

However, as the days go on and the drugs wear off enabling Caterina's true personality to emerge, Mick cannot deny his developing feelings for her. Caterina Shaw is a beautiful, sensitive, delicate, refined musician who has been used in a medical experiment which has given her unusual "powers", at a huge cost. She also possesses a determination and strength that belie her other qualities.

In the setting of danger and suspense Caterina and Mick's unusual relationship develops into a deep love. The love scenes in this story are special and sensuous but not erotically graphic.

"Sins of the Flesh", is a fast paced page-turner, the narrative packed full of action and suspense with number of surprising plot twists. Ms. Piñeiro also developed strong supporting characters including some pretty nasty antagonists.

The one thing that niggled me is Liliana, Mick's sister. There is a sub-plot written into the story concerning her abusive relationship with staff physician "Harrison Edgar Williams". While it showed Liliana's strength of character in her management of Harrison's abuse, and reinforced Mick's love of his sister I didn't quite understand its necessity. I also felt Liliana being a physician was a little too convenient. However, the story was riveting and I was therefore able to overlook these small issues.

"Sins of the Flesh", is the first of a series Ms. Piñeiro is writing and I will look forward to reading her next book "Stone Cold Sins".

My Rating: 4.5 stars
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VINE VOICEon November 11, 2009
Author Caridad Pineiro is a NY Times and USA Today best-selling author of more than twenty novels and novellas. Other titles include: Fury calls, Death Calls, Darkness Calls, Danger Calls, Temptation Calls, Devotion Calls, and Blood Calls. Caridad is also a wife, attorney, and mother.
Caterina Shaw had only one chance for recovery after being given a terminal cancer diagnosis--Agree to enter a trial for a highly experimental gene treatment. With no other options, she willingly agrees, but now she doesn't recognize herself. She has memory lapses, strange things are happening with her body, and she has terrifying powers. Worse yet, she's being accused of the murder of one of her doctors. Mick Carrera was hired by the medical team under the table to bring in Miss Shaw before she can hurt someone else, and before the police can get to her. But after finding her, Mick isn't so sure this woman is a vicious killer, and he's not only finding himself attracted to her, but he's discovering a web of lies that leads right back to the very medical professionals who hired him. With time running out for Caterina without treatment, and Mick to get to the truth, they must work together to fight the wrongs done to her, before it's too late.
I'm not sure if this is intended to be a series or not, but by the way the epilogue reads, I believe it is. There is also an excerpt for the next book, Stronger Than Sin. My reason for mentioning this is because the only fault I found with the book was the lack of closure medically speaking for Caterina. I won't say any more to ruin it for future readers.
This book was a fascinating blend of science, romance, action, and mystery. With experimental gene therapies, cloning, and stem cell research expanding in real life, the possibilities this book incurs and what already is made this hard to put down. The romance and heat between the hero and heroine was stirring, the action was fast-paced, the characters believable, and the plot intriguing. What's not to like? The secondary characters were likeable, making the reader fall in love with Mick's family, especially Lilliana, who has her own little side-story in the book. Most of all, Caridad has a very conversational tone to her writing, which makes her stand out from the rest and tell a riveting, memorable story. A highly recommended read!

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer
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VINE VOICEon August 16, 2011
This felt amateurish. Some lines felt thrown in, for example, when the couple makes their declarations of love for each other. Some parts felt thrown in, for example, two guys are having a shoot-out and then they both throw down their guns so they can hand-fight each other. This happens twice. If you make an outline of the plot and events, it sounds very good. But the writing had a formulaic feel. It felt like a made for tv story. Most of the things happening are without internal development. I'm not sure what was missing, maybe something to do with the character development or the dialogue.

Dr. Wells and Dr. Edwards are doing genetic experiments on people who are dying. Caterina (Cat) is dying from a brain tumor and agrees to their experiments. Unfortunately she doesn't know that she will then be their prisoner. A fellow prisoner kills Dr. Wells. Cat escapes. Dr. Edwards tells the authorities that Cat is the killer so they will look for her. He also hires three different hit men to get her and bring her back to him, dead or alive. Mick is one of the hit men. When he finds her she has a gunshot wound. He takes her to his safe house to care for her and tend to her wound. He keeps her tied to the bed until he can figure out if she is a killer or a victim. There were a few sex scenes - not very hot - just there.

A secondary story involves Mick's sister Liliana who is a doctor. She helps care for Cat and has lab tests done on Cat's blood. Liliana has an abusive fiancé causing problems for her.

Story length: 313 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 3. Total number of sex scene pages: 7. Setting: current day mostly New Jersey with some Pennsylvania. Copyright: 2009. Genre: romantic suspense.
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on October 27, 2009
Caterina Shaw is fighting for her life.

A talented cellist, she is quickly going blind. With no options left to her, she agrees to undergo a highly experimental gene treatment. The treatment restores her sight and turns her into someone she barely recognizes.

The experiment also turns her into a supposed murderer. Accused of a viscious murder she knows she didn't commit, Caterina takes her life into her own hands.

On the run for her life, Caterina tries to piece together what happened to her and come to grips with her new life. She knows that she will have to prove her innocence, that she will have to fight for her life, if she has any way of figuring out who the murderer really is.

She doesn't know that someone has been hired to find her.

Mick Carrera is a mercenary and has been hired to find and capture Caterina Shaw. He's been told that she is a vicious killer and that she must be stopped at all costs. But when Mick does track Caterina down, the description of her he has been given does not match what he sees.

Caterina is wounded and vulnerable and an incredible mystery. She heals quickly, more quickly than a normal human should. And her skin can take on any hue to camouflage herself. Mick knows that something horrible has been done to Caterina and before he can decide if she is a murderer, he must first find out what was done to her.

Normally he stays emotionally distant from captives in order to finish his mission, but there is something about Caterina that pulls at him and at his heart. Soon, the two are giving into the passion that consumes them even as a dangerous group is plotting their next move, with Caterina as the pawn...

Sins of the Flesh is a flat out incredible read. I was pulled into the story from the first page and kept enthralled until the last page was turned. My meagre plot summary can't even come close to the emotion, thrills and passion that Sins of the Flesh contains. It only scratches the surface.

Sins of the Flesh has something for everyone: passion, lust, romance, science fiction plot lines that tangle the reader up in its spell. It has engaging characters with depth and emotion and more thrills than a novel three times its size.

It takes a very talented writer to find the perfect balance of all these elements and Caridad Pineiro manages this with aplomb and flair. She has created the beginning of a series that can only get better. And that's saying something as Sins of the Flesh is the best romantic suspense novel I've read in years. It truly is her best book yet.

What I love most about Sins of the Flesh is that nothing is what you think its going to be. Caridad keeps the reader constantly on the edge of their seat with more twists and turns, thrills and chills than a roller coaster. Sins of the Flesh is a wild ride from start to finish that leaves you wanting more.

Caridad's strength lies not only in her writing, but in the incredibly real characters she creates. You become emotionally involved with Mick and Caterina and the secondary characters of the novel. These are people you care for, people you root for.

It's sometimes difficult in the romantic suspense genre for writers to create believable characters with depth, but Caridad has created a whole cast of characters that seem to live and breathe off the page. By the end of Sins of the Flesh, you know these people. She has created a world and its people that you would swear really exist.

Thankfully, Sins of the Flesh is the first in a series. The book had a satisfying ending but it did leave a few strings dangling to tempt me with more. I can't wait to find out what happens and what sinfully delicious story Caridad will give us next.

This is the best romance I have read in years. If you read one good book this fall, make it Sins of the Flesh by Caridad Pineiro. After the first sinful bite, I can guarantee you'll want more.
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VINE VOICEon July 23, 2010
I am very excited to write this review. I wish to advise anyone who is a Reader of ANY genre, to pick up a copy of this book Immediately!!!!

Our heroine, Caterina Shaw, a renowned cellist, has been stricken with a life threatening brain tumor which has blinded her and will eventually kill her. Her only hope is to illicit treatments in a medical facility that work with only those who have no hope.

Our hero, Mick Carrera, ex- military, who works in "private services", is hired by one of the Doctors at that facility to find her. It seems that Cat has escaped, and is being blamed for the murder of the doctor's partner. Mick is given a dossier of Caterina Shaw, her picture and a very large check with many zeros to find her as quickly as possible.

This excellent well written story takes us to the pine barrens of New Jersey. Here our hero has set up a "safe house" in the town where he was raised and where his family owns one of the town's best Mexican restaurants. The Hispanic flavor of Micks family, his mami, brothers, his sister Liliana who is just happens to be a doctor at the local hospital is wonderful. At first this is just a job, to bring Cat in, possibly dead or alive. Mick's research into the crime scene, puts some doubts to the truthfulness of the man that hired him and then he finds Caterina, sick, wounded drugged and has Bright Green Blood oozing from her wounds. Life is forever changed for them both.

To say the story was exciting, sensual, well thought out, and just a good ole fashion page turner would be just the right thing to say to size up Sins of the Flesh ....But wait....we have a Sequel (thank goodness) Stronger Than Sin due out November 2010!!!!

reviewed by
Gloria Lakritz aka grammy
Paranormal Romance Guild
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Sins of the Flesh is an unusual thriller - and combines science fiction, romance, and suspense. Caterina Shaw is a complex and sympathetic character trapped in because of her experimental medical treatments. Mick Carrera is a strong leading man - essentially good but tortured and with a complex past. Sins of the Flesh reads a bit like well done science fiction films and television shows - fast-paced and full of twists. If you enjoy watching Doll House, Fringe, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Dark Angel, I think that you'll thoroughly enjoyed Sins of the Flesh.

Publisher: Forever (October 27, 2009), 336 pages.
Review copy provided by the publisher.
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on November 10, 2009
Caterina makes a difficult decision. The only way that she can survive is by hoping a new, experimental gene treatment will save her. After receiving this treatment, she is changed in ways that she had never imagined. When she is accused of murder, she does the only thing that seems logical, she runs.

Mick is searching for a cold-blooded killer, little did he know that Caterina is nothing like he was told. The two have a magnetic attraction toward each other. Giving in to their desires may cost them their lives.

Loved it! I love the characters and I couldn't help but root for them. I'm looking forward to more of Caridad's work.
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on July 6, 2011
Dynamic! Imaginative! Beckoning! Sins of the Flesh is an amazing mastery of science, action, and romance! Mick Carrera is the embodiment of an alpha male, with the added bonus of being deliciously Latin. Caterina Shaw is a courageous heroine that brings the story to life. Together they create a marvelous story filled to the brink with adventure, intrigue, and romance. Caridad Piñeiro has launched us into a unique world of paranormal occurences, filled to the brim with a flavor for every palate. Caridad Piñeiro brings a new voice to paranormal romance, the picture she draws with her captivative storytelling skills are above and beyond par. I look forward to reading Stonger Than Sin (Book 2 in the Sin series).

~Copy Author Provided
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on January 5, 2013
I found this book just by browsing around, searching for a good romance. When reading I usually get bored fast. Many times the author over describes in so many areas, the pace is slow. Not in this book.

I loved this book for many reasons. I felt the ambiance. I felt the heat between the two. Catarina was soft and vulnerable as well as brave and spirited. Mick is hot and tough.
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