Customer Reviews: Sin's Iniquity
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on May 31, 2011
I purchased this book based on the oodles of positive feedback it has gotten. I can see that the author is trying to create a love story that is also a thriller and a mystery but it comes across as a big, giant mess. This dismal little number is convoluted and filled with drama that is even too cheesy for soap operas. Anything that could happen to the characters in this book did happen (identity theft, poisoning, murder, getting shot, amnesia, traumatic childbirth, stabbing, and getting beaten for no particular reason to name a few). I did a lot of laughing and eye rolling while reading this turkey. None of the characters are likeable and that includes the hero and heroine. I could see no reason for him to be attracted to her but her obvious low self esteem and daddy issues seemed to be reason enough for her to be attracted to him. The heroine had a disturbing/annoying/creepy habit of negatively talking to herself in a disassociated voice inside her head that comes across as schizophrenic. Naturally this sad self abuse is due to her mommy issues. The heroine also had some serious mental health issues that manifested themselves physically. Speaking of characters, there too many characters to remember but most of them had names ending in "Heart". The relationships in the book are also hard to keep up with, it's difficult to keep up with who is brother and sister and who are cousins and whether the relationship is actually incestuous. I seriously considered not finishing this book but I'm too cheap for that. So if you like your stories grounded, somewhat, in reality with characters that you like and can relate to stay away from this one.
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on May 25, 2011
This book had great potential but I felt like it was written by a child. The grammatical errors were astounding. The author kept calling one of the characters by 2 different names (Christian and Christopher). This is the worse written book I have ever read. I cant believe the editors let it out in the public. I will not buy another one of her books because usually I can make exceptions to the errors but these were so bad...I was left speechless. Not worth it. I kept wanting it to end but it just kept going and going. And the premise that the lead character gets shot in the head and everyone thinks he died and then they find out he didnt die and has amnesia..farfetched.
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on May 30, 2011
I wanted to rate this book higher, but I don't think it would be fair to the authors that really deliver. Yes, it was an interesting story. A bit over the top at times and quite predictable in others. But I was constantly pulled from the story as I often had to reread sentences that made absolutely no sense due to grammatical issues. A few typos and misspelled words can be overlooked, but when close to every paragraph is filled with confusing errors, it makes it hard to want to finish the book. A good plot. Just poorly written...
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on August 1, 2012
Please pay attention to the reviews. I hate to give negative reviews because I believe everyone deserves a chance. The book was unclear, unrealistic and unfocused. Her writing style needs drastic improvements. Hopefully, she will read these reviews and listen to her readers and improve her style. She has good story concepts but bad execution.
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on May 22, 2012
Ok, when I saw the rave reviews of this book I was hooked. Unfortunately, the hook turned into a dagger because this was one of the most inappropriate romance books I've ever read. I guess the author was trying to say that thugs, even rich, handsome thugs, need love too.

Aside from what everyone else has written about the poor grammar and confusing sentences, not one character seemed happy or all that likeable. Everyone was either irritated, cold hearted, or just plan evil. Some of the storyline was so unbelievable I had to re-read it just to make sure I read it correctly. For example, I never knew that by simply hugging one woman you would be able to guess-ta-mate the breast size of another woman. Really??? That little gem of a technique is something that should be on "As seen on tv", the Home Shopping Network or have its own infomercial. It would make millions, I tell ya! Millions!

Anyway, there were so many seedy things going on in this book that I had a hard time finishing it; it literally took me months. I'm sorry Ms. Hubbard (well, not really) but I just don't find a man who molested a 14 year old (which was glossed over), another with a Woody Allen complex, soulless semi-do gooders, and a heroine who was suppose to appear innocent and always taking the high road but actually came across as more of a doormat, all that romantic. And why any of the 8-10 characters stayed around each other is a mystery because all they did was cuss and growl at each other. I won't even go into the authors "Heart" fetish and who was related to whom and if there was incest going on. It's too confusing and just not a place I'd like to go.

I completely missed the point of this book and it will be deleted from my romance collection ASAP. Sorry Ms. Hubbard (well, not really), I will not knowingly be giving you anymore of my money.
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on July 15, 2014
I just read this book for the second time and was very glad that I did. I like this book for a couple of reason. The main one being its a full length book. This is such a rare thing lately all these authors whether they are published or independent seem to be releasing pieces of a book to have a series when the series can be one complete book. This book is a perfect example of how to keep a story as one instead of the three ms Hubbard could have gotten from it.

I loved the main character Sinclare. She was so lost and confused because of the mental abuse she suffered and continued to suffer by the hands of the person who should have loved her the most. But even with that abuse she was thriving in her life with a couple of bumps to it. I liked how caring Dwight was with her from the beginning even without knowing what truly plagued her. By the end of this book you have a true appreciation for what love can over come.
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on July 17, 2012
I like Ms. Hubbard's vivid imagination. She comes up with unusual plots (e.g., The Stealing Innocence series) that are highly unrealistic and improbable, yet entertaining. However, isn't that the point of a romance novel -- to be swept away by an extremely, almost impossibly gorgeous man who is rich, powerful, a titan of industry, well-endowed, charming, intelligent, compassionate, and a great lover capable of awe-inspiring mythological love. Spoiler alert -- I just can't get beyond how the male lead slept with the female lead and the female lead's aunt. He would have also slept with the female lead's mother had she not been killed. Let's be real -- that's damn near incestuous and truly a twisted example of 'keeping it in the family.'

My biggest problem with Ms. Hubbard's books is how poorly written they are. They are filled with grammatical errors (e.g., incorrect subject/verb agreement, misuse of singular and plural nouns, incorrect use of possessives and commas, etc.), extraneous words, incomplete sentences, and misused words. One of Ms. Hubbard's biggest offenses is her tendency to use homonyms (a similarly spelled or sounding word that is incorrect for the context). Despite all of this, I still enjoy her work. Nonetheless, Ms. Hubbard would be well served to use the services of a copy editor and/or proofreader and not just rely on herself for editing. This is why I'll never rate her work higher than three stars. I also wouldn't recommend it to a friend because of what I've stated above.
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on May 24, 2011
I am so ashamed that I spent my precious time and $1.99 on this farce of a book. There are no words to describe this tangled mess of words that is being passed off as literature. How this got published, I have no idea and how anyone could rate this above 1 star is beyond me. If a negative value rating were available, that is what I'd choose.

The concept, the writing, the nonexistent plot and stupid heroine and hero are all a hot mess. I won't even mention the absurdity of all the extra hundred or so other characters. Without a doubt this is the worst so called book I have ever read.
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on July 25, 2016
Okay I am the worst at reviews because I don't give the writer a break but here I am with another Sylvia Hubbard book and this one while there was lots of errors they were small and getting better woosaw so imagine I was so happy because she always has great ideas and the way she makes the story come together I so loved this book well done highly recommend even though there are errors you will love this book
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on November 3, 2012
My God, to keep reading this book is like constantly hitting one's head against the wall. It is RIFE with grammatical and typographical errors. It positively teems with it. The heroine is certfiable and Lord love a duck, it is a trial to read this story. AAAGGGHHH!!! Give me back my money Amazon.
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