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on November 12, 2003
When abrasive New Yorker Robin Monroe (Anne Heche) and her boyfriend Frank (David Schwimmer), head out to an idyllic Polynesian island for some R&R, all is well until Robin's boss in New York calls her and begs Robin to fly to neighboring Tahiti to take on an urgent assignment. Reluctantly, Robin agrees and approaches the local island-hopping pilot, Quinn (Harrison Ford). Quinn agrees to fly Robin to Tahiti, but during the flight, they are beset by a thunderstorm and forced to crash-land on a deserted island. Shipwrecked, two completely opposite personalities clash and come together in a series of highly entertaining and enjoyable adventures, including basic survival, a run-in with off-shore murderous pirates, and overcoming the odds to set about escaping from the island. The scenery is gorgeous, offset by a great soundtrack, and Ford is at his comedic best playing a tipsy, laid-back playboy whose South Pacific laisse-faire is a perfect foil for Heche's highly strung city-girl character.
Ford and Heche do wonders with the standard stuck-on-a-desert-island plot, and instead of being mundane it shines with real humor and unexpected twists and turns. Both actors display a true affinity for hilarious one-liners and unsuspected tender moments. A delightful movie. Highly recommended.
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on December 19, 2002
Okay, I admit, I was skeptical before seeing this movie. Harrison Ford has ceased to be a turn on for me since his "Sabrina" days, as I'm not really attracted to men over the age of 50 or so. And I was not familiar with Anne Heche's film work and didn't know what to expect from her in terms of acting ability. I thought, okay, Ford is archaic and Heche is, well, a lesbo, so how on earth could they have chemistry? They proved me dead wrong. "Six Days Seven Nights" (get the quirk in the title?) was an enjoyable gem. Ford played the romantic lead better here than he did in "Sabrina" almost a decade ago, and Heche totally blew me away. Her comedic timing and delivery were impeccable, and in my opinion, it was her performance that made the film work. What I liked the most were the interesting character and gender-issue developments that you rarely see in romantic comedy adventure flicks these days. The characters that Ford and Heche play, Robin and Quinn, respectively, develop a relationship that is tried and true. They start off very much "of this world," (Robin is a tough New York executive who depends on her cell phone like it's her oxygen tube and the shallow Quinn hits on women and drinks too much), but after crashing on a deserted island with no immediate way to escape, their distinct man/woman instincts take over. This was a pleasure to watch. Major highlight: When Heche's Robin says to Ford's Quinn, "I need you to be my confident captain," and he responds in the affirmative. He steps up to the plate and becomes "da man," and she shows her feminine, vulnerable side. It was a beautiful moment in the movie. It's tough to initially believe that the adorable Robin would fall for old, weathered Quinn. But after he saves her life again and again, we begin to understand. Women, basically, want to know that when the stuff hits the fan, the physically stronger of the sexes is going to be there to deliver. Right, ladies? This movie embraces this concept, rather than denying its existence. At the film's end, we can see why Robin decides she'd be better off with Quinn than with her ex-fiance, played by David Schwimmer. The character of Robin is no dummy: She wants to be with someone who will pick up his mat and walk. The only problem I personally had with the movie was that it left me wishing for more bantering/falling in love between the two lead characters. Oh, and I also was left with a strong desire to know where the film's costume designers got that little black dress Heche wore at the end of the film, so I could go pick one up for myself. All in all, an enjoyable film. I gave it 4 stars out of 5, because I don't think a movie necessarily has to be Oscar-caliber to do its job of entertaining.
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on December 27, 2002
Starring Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) and Anne Heche in Six Days Seven Nights, WILL entertain you moviegoers very much. This movie is Action, Comedy, and Drama in one. (other star(s) worth mentioning are David Schwimmer (Ross Gellar in the T.V. Series Friends)
First, these two incompatible people, Quinn(Ford) and Robin(Heche) gets (like) shipwrecked on an island. They continously argue with each other but also try to survive on the island.
This movie shows great stuff that you probably would not find in another "survival on an island" movie which I will not spoil here.
As for the Acting, it is FANTASTIC. Ford and Heche really brought their character personalities to a MAX on this one.
You will laugh, you will cry, you will smile, and your heart will race. This movie will entertain all!
The music is "great!" and blends seamlessly into the movie!
I recommend this Movie to all island survival fans, movie lovers, to couples, to yourself, and to families and friends "alike".
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on February 13, 2007
This is a well-cast movie. The actors and actresses work well together; they were perfect; there were no weak points.

This movie is so much fun to watch, that I'm surprised not to find Harrison Ford and Anne Heche playing in other movies together. The chemistry they emit is refreshing. Anne Heche seems to have an innate ability for her timing with humor. She's good, very good. The viewer can't help but be roped into the action segments. You are there.

Also, it was wonderful to watch the athletic prowess that Harrison and Anne showed at work, play, and in the adventurous portions of the movie.
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on September 26, 1999
I've read a bit about what Anne has gone through in Hollywood, and I will admit that she was right when she said some people would let their view of her personal life get in the way of her acting abilities. But from the very moment she met Ford as a bumbling, seeminly-inept island-hopper pilot, I saw some chemistry beginning to happen and the cloud of her personal life slowly dissipated and cleared away. Ford has already established himself as an actor with many sides, and probably called upon his Indiana Jones' days to pull off the same goofy, scatter-brained act as Quinn. Heche has got comic, inept and klutz written all over her from the moment she takes the Xanax in that turbulent, storm-tossed ride in the deHavilland Beaver (which still is one of the best bush planes ever made). You could ask many questions about the reality of the events that occur in this movie, but I think you'd be missing the point. This is a movie made for laughter, romance and Ford and Heche's acting capabilities. Heche captivated me with her oh-soooo-blue eyes and drew me in with her acting ability. She really is very good and I hope others see that. Ford is always fun to watch, whether in dramatic or comic roles. David Schwimmer pulls of being, well, David Schwimmer from 'Friends'. He's got a lot of work to do to make himself believable as anyone else. Final assessment: Ford, 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up; Heche, 2 thumbs and 1 big toe up (You are great!); Schwimmer, 1 thumb up for almost making himself believable. Good flick!
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on July 4, 2015
This may be the first time Harrison Ford played a caricature of himself, even surlier than usual, a characteristic which no one but him can use in such a comical way. He’s always an interesting actor to watch, and somehow feels real even when he’s clearly exaggerating his typical rugged persona. He’s one of my favorite contemporary actors, but even an interesting story and his charisma couldn’t win me over, as this movie has some moral elements that bother me a lot. The story has him as a pilot in the South Pacific, Anne Heche as a woman who’s engaged to an overanxious man, and a love triangle which results from her having to fly with Harrison’s character to Tahiti to supervise an event for her fashion magazine. The plane crashes in a storm, and then she and he have typical hostility toward each other which gradually turns into fondness, and then pirates find them and pursue them. There are snappy lines of clever dialogue which seem a perfect match for Harrison Ford, but there is too much profanity for me to enjoy it. There’s also a subplot of the overanxious fiance (the man is the fiance; the female is the fiancée with 2 e’s) despairing about whether she and the pilot (Harrison Ford) will be rescued, after they fail to arrive back by the expected day. The anxious character is named Frank. In his despair, Frank has a sexual affair which he feels extremely ashamed of afterward, and the movie depicts him as an idiot in some ways, including his reaction of shame. There’s a short portion of dialogue in the movie which I find very offensive regarding him, because he’s made into a “straw man” of people who are ultra-scrupulous about sex. He gets told to rationalize his immorality as “just what guys do” because he “can’t help it”. This is the Playboy philosophy, and it created in me more dislike for the movie which had some authentically good comedy. Too bad so many movies have to mess up badly after they’d started making me like them.
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on April 12, 1999
I have read the bad reviews here and I must say that I think that some people are taking this too seriously. This is a light and relaxing film about two widely different people who find themselves and each other stranded on a breathtakingly beautiful island and during their stay they learn to love what's different about each other. Ford and Heche have a wonderful chemistry between them. This film is fun, makes you feel like you're among friends and will leave you with a smile on your face. This can even be looked at as a light character examination, but before I get all full of myself let me say that I loved this film, I watch it often and if I ever had to move somewhere, this DVD would be one that would go with me.
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on July 20, 2004
I saw this on cable many moons ago and laughed my butt off! I went out and bought it the next day. I still watch this movie and enjoy it even though I know the plot. Favorite bit: Harrison Ford strangling the bush! Clever dialogue, sharp performances and an all around fun adventure! Check out the soon to be Jango Fett as the leader of the pirates! The only liability is the always annoying David Schwimmer, but he does a good job in this one (and isn't in it as much as the leads, thank God)Anyway rent it buy it or whatever, I did.
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on February 9, 2004
I was very sceptical about Anne Heche as an actress in a romantic comedy role but, her quick feisty wit is the perfect foil to Ford's more deadpan humor. This movie is so much fun that my wife and I now watch it at least 3-4 times year. The south seas setting feels mighty good too on a MN winter movie night.
If you enjoyed movies like; Romancing The Stone, Crocodile Dundee, Hopscotch, and The Electric Horseman then you'll love this movie too.
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on February 15, 2010
Taking a romantic tropical island week off with her boyfriend, an ambitious, decisive New York girl agrees to help her magazine out by covering a story on a neighbouring island. The only plane available is piloted by a laid-back heavy drinker with whom she shares a mutual dislike. But she has no choice and he can't refuse the money. When the plane crash-lands on an uninhabited island with little chance of rescue they both wish they had made other arrangements - at least to start with. It's a very, very good romantic comedy with a funny script, witty direction, great tropical locales, and an eclectic but engaging supporting cast.
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