Customer Reviews: ShoppeWatch Skeleton Pocket Watch Mechanical Movement Hand Wind Full Hunter Silver Tone Engravable - PW20
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on January 20, 2012
I searched through Amazon's complete offering of pocket watches limiting myself to watches under $50 and watches having both mechanical and visible internal mechanism.
I tagged about five and this one was the one I singled-out.
I'm very happy with my selection!
I work in a place where I have access to stereoscopic inspection microscopes. I took the liberty of inspecting the workings of this watch. Having windows on both sides of the workings allows inspection of all the internal parts. There are solid plastic (Mineral) windows protecting both sides of the mechanism even with the covers open. The small parts are fun to look at and the moving parts fascinated me for several minutes. With the exception of truly microscopic dust, the internal workings of this watch look like they will last for years. The external casing is solid and uniform with no blemishes or scratches. I however will most likely mess that up :)
The chain is long enough for me to attach at my belt, carrying the watch in the purpose-made pocket of my jeans, with length to bring it close enough to my face to enjoy the innerds and see what time it is. This thing is a fingerprint magnet which might sound like a bad thing but it leads to polishing and handling which is actually entertaining!
So far, the time keeping has been accurate when compared to my Casio atomic-time wristwatch. the pocket watch is very much a "toy" for me as yet.
As this is my first pocket watch I'm very happy that I "got a good one" as they say.
Thank you very much Shoppe Watch and
update: Be careful of the chain. The link at the clip attached to the watch might be lose. Mine separated and my new watch bounced off the carpet. It's acting weird but I think it'll be ok. I have it apart and am looking at it.
update: The watch lives! If it had been any more expensive I would not have tried to fix it myself... if it was any less durable I would have screwed-up trying to fix it myself :) Beware the chain but please do enjoy the watch!
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on May 13, 2012
I've been looking for a decent mechanical ("wind-up") pocket watch for some time, and was encouraged by the customer ratings here to go ahead and order one of these watches.

For this price range, the watch is surprisingly solid and well constructed. The stem was a bit stiff at first, and took a bit of effort to pull up in order to set the timepiece. After working it up and down a few times, it seems to be a bit easier to adjust. The movement appears to be made out of a brass alloy, and under medium magnification has an above-par fit and finish, with no discernible burrs or machine marks. The mainspring, wheel train, oscillator and escapement are all clearly viewable through the front and back crystals. The hour and minute hands are ornate black indicators, while the second hand is a simple straight indicator. The face is plain white with black Roman numerals for each of the twelve major segments. There are no minute pips between the numerals. The second hand is of a sweep variety versus a discreet interval type.

The case is silver-tone and is likely steel or steel-aluminum alloy. The front and back covers are both spring-loaded and both are released simultaneously via a button at the top of the stem, above the crown. The outside of the case proper as well as the outside surfaces of the front and back covers are flat and appear to me to be slightly burnished. They seem to be somewhat resistant to fingerprints, but an occasional cleaning with a lint free cloth or handkerchief should be all that is required to maintain a good finish. The inside of both back and front covers has a simulated "hammered" texture. Either/both covers look like they would take an engraving well if you were to present this as a gift to someone.

According to the item description, it indicates that the main crystal is "mineral" (i.e. glass or lead crystal), however it has a plastic-y feel to it. With the covers in place, is should resist scuffs and scratches while in your pocket, but a little extra care is always a good idea.

The mainspring can be wound via the crown atop the stem, and there is sufficient tactile feedback to prevent you from over-winding the device. The movement has a satisfying old-timey "tick-tick" sound which is often muted or missing altogether in quartz movements and digital watches. The accuracy for a mechanical piece of this price is amazingly good, and has only lost around a second or two over three days (that falls within "acceptable" accuracy for me.)

My only real gripe with the watch is the hands, which to my middle-aged eyes are a little difficult to make out against the background in low- to medium room light conditions. I would have been happier if a small white dot had been placed near the tips of the hands for higher contrast and easier viewing. You may want to keep this in mind if you'll be purchasing this for an older person or someone with less-than-optimal eyesight. It's the only thing that kept it from being a 5-star review, and I can still highly recommend this watch if you're looking for a good quality, low-cost mechanical timepiece.
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on March 10, 2012
This is my first pocket watch as well, and I mostly bought it for the novelty of having a mechanical pocket watch.
It works as expected, and winds up well. I haven't had it long, but it seems to keep time accurately so far. It comes with some plastic covers to protect the metal and 'glass' windows from scratches during shipping or whatnot. I say 'glass' because the windows actually seem to be made out of a plastic. Glass would have been much classier, but I suppose that's what you get from an actually affordable pocket watch.
I did have a few problems with the piece: One is that it is actually somewhat difficult to read what time it is. The black hands blend in far too well with the gold and silver background, making it near impossible to read in low-light environments. Even when it's sunny and nice out, it takes a second to find where the hour hand is. The minute and second hand are easier, because they reach to the white section, but the hour hand is completely in the gearwork part. Another problem is that both sides of the pocket watch open, which is fine itself, but the problem comes from the fact that neither side is marked in anyway. You will often open the pocket watch to check the time, and you'll be looking at the wrong side. The third is that when you are closing the pocket watch, the oval shaped piece that connects the watch and chain will very often get in the way of closing the watch.

It's a very interesting looking watch, but it may leave you disappointed if you actually want to read the time.
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on December 10, 2012
I bought this as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend. The watch looks great and so far, works great. At first, I had some problems getting the front to open, although the back would open easily. However, he seems to have gotten the hang of it. I thought he would wear this more on special occasions, but he is enjoying it so much that he has been wearing it daily.
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on May 31, 2013
I got this for my husband thinking it was going to be awesome. Boy how I was disappointed. It is really cheesy and cheap. Clasps do not work right doesn't look nearly as nice as photos show it. I am returning it. If I wanted something cheap and cheesy I would have gone to walmart and I probably would have gotten a better product for my money. I'm very sad about my purchase. Very disappointed.
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on October 11, 2012
I purchased this watch because I wanted a wind up watch for hunting that wouldn't break the bank but still be reliable. I am definitely satisfied so far, this is to be an everyday watch. It has some weight to it so you know you're holding on to a "real" product not plastic. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it hasn't let me down. I am afraid of over winding so I give it a few twists a cpl hours every day but for testing wound it to full capacity copiously just to see how long it would run. I have done this a cpl times, best I can tell is between, on avg, about 30-36 hours but Like I said prefer 4-5 twists every few hours and at bed time maybe a cpl more to make sure it makes it til morning. I am not sorry for this purchase in the least. The best test will be if it survives my current hunting season and I will let you know if it does come the end of February.


Well the watch has survived hunting season with only 1 small glitch. Even though I thought I wasn't over winding I managed to do just that. Since I wasn't able to find a watch repair guy it took me a month of mostly frustration to get it going again. I noticed it wouldn't run for more than a second or 2 before stopping. It would start again once it was tapped witht the edge of my closed pocket knife but stopped again out of frustration I shook it pretty vigurously and has been working great after letting it completely run down. now I only wind it about every 8-12 hours for about 10 twists. been working great again for the last 2 months after a down time of about a month.
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on October 24, 2013
Not a great watch, but just fine for a daily carry watch. Compares well to several antique 'economy' pocket watches in my collection.
The quality seems adequate, it is a inexpensive watch after all. Casual testing has shown good time keeping provided you wind at about the same time every day.
The packaging would make it fine for presentation and the case appears to be suitable for engraving.
I am satisfied that ShoppeWatch delivered what was advertised.
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on March 11, 2013
I bought this for my boyfriend. I have looked and struggled over what I thought he would like for months. This was one of my favorites for the price and meeting what he wanted for an everyday watch. The only thing I was disappointed in was that it is a shinny finish verses a satin finish. Other than that we were both very pleased with it. He has had it for a little more than a month and he wears it all the time.
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on March 15, 2015
Nice looking watch but it stopped working within several days of receiving it. The hour hand did not seem to line up correctly
and the time would jump all over the place It was disappointing as most of the reviews if not all had given it the thumbs up.
I have returned the watch by Regd Mail.
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on July 2, 2014
Garbage! This watch looks good until you try to open it. Both sides come open at the same time and the back opens first, making it useless to just open for telling the time. Also, the opening mechanism is so stiff that you'll hurt your fingers trying to get it to open. Mine even came with a crack in the glass.
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